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The world is moving into a new era, and now more than ever the Tribes work for the progress and the evolution of their
community. Everyone tries to find new ways to improve their lives, new means to grow their lands and new constructions and
Artifacts that create an easier life.
In Anatolia you must prove your quality through three different Achievements: creating a Water Supply System for your village
so the water can reach your land, creating the best Fest in the valley, and, finally, building two Artifacts!
10 x Artifact Meeples (2 per player)
25 x Drops counters (5 per player)
10 x Progress Counters (2 per player)
24 x Fest tokens
1 x Progress board
To have a balanced game, play this expansion using all the rules and components of the basic game.
Before the game begins, each player places his Tribe’s Progress Counters on the Progress Board, on two of the three
Achievements. The players place one Progress Counter at a time beginning with the starting player and proceeding clockwise.
Place the Fest tokens next to the game board and separate them by their icons.
Next, place your Tribe’s two Artifact meeples in front of you.
Place the remaining components as usual following the basic game rules. (This includes the components from the medium and
advanced rules, too.) NOTE: When you play this expansion you are not permitted to activate the Abilities of your Tribes!
A player cannot perform more than one Achievement at the same time. Only when you have completed an Achievement can
you move on to the next one.
When you perform an Achievement, you cannot cancel it in order to choose a different one.
You cannot complete the same Achievement twice.
You cannot change which two Achievements you have chosen to perform.
When a player completes two Achievements or builds his 25th House, the game ends at the end of the current round. Players,
including the player who built his 25th House or completed two Achievements, may continue building other Elements (Shrines,
Pens, Ovens, etc.) until the end of the round.
Scoring: At the end of the game, follow the scoring rules from the basic game of Hoyuk, including the medium and advanced
rules. The only difference here is that players may score additional Victory Points (VP) through the Achievements.
When a player completes an Achievement, he scores VP at the end of the game. Usually only a complete Achievement will give
you VP. In some cases, a completed Achievement can be undone before the end of the game.
NOTE: Do not mix the Obstacles expansion with Anatolia. You can play Anatolia only with the basic game including all the rules
and components.
Achievement I: Water Supply System
This Achievement uses the Drop Counters:
To complete this Achievement you must place all of
your Drop Counters on your Houses. First, you
must place at least one House tile on one of the
squares of the board that include the water element
(river or lake). You can see those squares in the
image on the left. The House you place is really the
beginning of the Water Supply System.
How to place the Drop Counters
Each Construction cardboard has three Elements:
two Houses and another Element that is different
(Shrine, Oven, Pen, etc.). You can choose not to
build one of the three Elements during the
“Construction Phase” and instead place one Drop
Counter on the House tile you placed to begin the
Water Supply System.
You can place only one Drop Counter on each
House tile. Each of the next four Drop Counters
must be placed in four different Houses in the same
Block you started, and all the Houses must be
connected to the original House you placed in order
to begin the Water Supply System. It does not
matter if you create a row of Houses or any other
shape. See the example image on the right.
When you place a Drop Counter on a House, you
cannot place any other Element (Shrine, Pen, etc.)
except Villagers.
If a Catastrophe hits the Block where you built your
Water Supply System, and that Catastrophe affects
the “House tiles” and you are forced to destroy one
of the Houses that has a Drop Counter on it, then
you lose the House and place the Drop Counter in
front of you. You can rebuild that House or build a
new House but remember that all five Houses with
Drop Counters must be connected each other. That is a rare case though. Make sure to build more Houses in this Block where
you build your Water Supply System, so if a Catastrophe affects that Block, then you will be able to choose Houses without
Drop Counters or other Elements.
When you complete this Achievement, you score 15 VP at the end of the game as you can see on the Progress Board.
NOTE: As you know from the basic game, there are two ways to use an Aspect card: discard it in order to build the Element it
represents or discard it in order to score VP. When you play this expansion, you cannot discard an Aspect card in order to use it
as an Element and place a Drop counter on a House.
You cannot destroy your own Drop Counter in order to build another House on top of the House that was equipped with that
Drop Counter.
Achievement II: Valley Fest
This Achievement uses all of the Fest tokens:
Now is time to improve your social status and prepare the best Fest in the valley. To do that you must offer five different Fest
tokens to Mother Earth as a token of appreciation for the goods you enjoy.
You collect the Fest tokens using the Aspect cards. Each Fest token contains an icon. These icons are also the main images on
some of the Aspect cards. There are only eight different images on the Fest tokens, but there are many Aspect cards with other
images, so it can be challenging to collect the Aspect cards needed to complete this Achievement. See the following examples
of matching Aspect cards and Fest tokens:
You already know how to collect Aspect cards from the basic game rules, but you will probably want to change your strategy:
While the images on the Aspect cards didn’t matter in the basic game, they are important to completing this Achievement.
When you have collected five Aspect cards that match five different Fest tokens, wait until the Construction phase. During that
phase, you may choose not to build one of the three Elements of your Construction cardboard and instead discard the five
Aspect cards and place the five corresponding Fest tokens in front of you. You must discard all five Aspect cards at the same
round. You do not need to have five families in the village to do this. This is the only case where you use the Aspect cards in a
different way.
The Fest tokens remain in front of you until the end of the game. This is the only Achievement that does not affected by any
means because there is no way to lose the Fest tokens.
When you discard the Aspect cards to take Fest tokens, choose an Aspect card base and
place your discarded cards all together at the bottom of it. Remember: If an Aspect card
base is empty, then you cannot place any cards on it. That base must remain empty.
The Metal Aspect cards act as wildcards. You can discard each one in exchange for a Fest
token of your choice.
NOTE: The Fest tokens you must collect must all have different icons!
When you complete this Achievement, you score 18 VP at the end of the game, as you can see on the Progress Board.
Achievement III: Build Artifacts
This Achievement uses the Artifact meeples:
To complete this Achievement you must build two Artifacts. You can build them in either the same Block or two different Blocks.
You can build an Artifact only during the Construction Phase by choosing not to build one of the three Elements on the
Construction cardboard. In other words, you build a House, then you build another House on top of it and then you build an
Artifact on top of this two-story House.
When you place an Artifact on such a House, you cannot add another Element (Pen, Shrine, Oven, etc.) except Villagers. You
can place a Villager meeple on this House.
It is relative easy to build an Artifact but is equally easy to lose it. If a Catastrophe hits the Block where you have built your
Artifact, then you lose it and must remove it from your House. You can rebuild your Artifact in another round during the
Construction phase as described above. All Catastrophes affect the Artifacts without exception. The only condition is this Artifact
hits the Block where you have built your Artifact.
If you have built your Artifact in a Block that is been protected by the Shaman, then your Artifact is saved and you do not lose it.
As you will see on the Progress Board, the Artifacts Achievement is the only one that gives you VP even if you do not complete
it fully. At the end of the game, you score 5 VP if you have built one Artifact and 10 VP if you have built two Artifacts.
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