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Strategic perspectives for the Zumtobel Group

in the “International Year of Light”


Zumtobel Group: Background information


Facts and figures


Board spokespersons


Project / product references




Strategic perspectives for the Zumtobel Group in the „International Year of Light“

Light is essential to all life and is vital to humankind in all of life’s situations. To underscore the enormous importance of light for people as well as for the sciences, business and the arts, the UN has proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies (IYL 2015). Under the guidance of UNESCO and with the support of more than 100 partners from 85 different nations, numerous events are planned throughout the year to promote understanding of the many facets of light. The aim is not only to demonstrate the key role that light plays in our lives, but also to show how global challenges can be met with the help of light.

For the Zumtobel Group, IYL 2015 represents an important year of strategic realignment. With the mission of blazing new trails and showing people what light can do above and beyond its familiar applications, the Company’s goals go hand in hand with the central ideas behind the International Year of Light. Under the leadership of CEO Ulrich Schumacher, the Austrian lighting group has adopted a coherent multi-brand strategy – a “lighting ecosystem”, as it says in the new corporate vision – to create unique value for its customers.

As Zumtobel Group CEO Ulrich Schumacher explains:

“For us, people’s needs are always the primary focus. Light doesn’t merely give us security and guidance or boost people’s performance. Light is emotion – it makes us feel good and brings out the best in buildings, rooms and public spaces. Light is communication, light is adaptable. Light is everywhere. And given the new technological possibilities, we see many new functions of light that we want to use for the benefit of our customers and, of course, other users.

With our differently positioned Zumtobel and Thorn lighting brands and our “electronic brain” Tridonic, we have everything we need under a single roof to be a pioneer, setting the pace in the international lighting industry.

Our employees are our three brands’ most important assets. Their expertise and passion for light form the cornerstone of our culture of innovation – together with our ongoing exchange of knowledge with our long-standing partners from different disciplines and our deep-seated understanding of our customers’ requirements. Paired with our multi-brand strategy, this makes it possible to leverage synergies while at the same time optimally serving the needs of our customers.

In a highly competitive market characterised by shifting technology and increasingly short innovation and product life cycles, new business models are more necessary than ever. This is why we must continue to move our business in the direction of services in the future. With this in mind, it is important to build an interdisciplinary structure that will allow the Company to meet the needs of our modern society and take specific advantage of opportunities presented by the technology shift.”


Outlook: Further activities in IYL 2015:

The Zumtobel Group will kick off its International Year of Light activities in April with an international customer event in Bregenz, Austria. This will feature prominent speakers such as internationally renowned artist Olafur Eliasson, neuromarketing expert, Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel, Bernd Werner, member of the management board of Nymphenburg Consult AG, co-founder of the Sustainable

Living Urban Model Laboratory (S.L.U.M. Lab) Hubert Klumpner and Internet-of-Things expert Karl

Jonsson of Silicon Valley. The program will again underscore the many facets of light in a wide array of forms and disciplines. The Group’s three brands, Thorn, Tridonic and Zumtobel, will take also advantage of the event to showcase their latest products, solutions and innovations.

The Zumtobel Group will be conducting a variety of activities in different regions throughout the

International Year of Light. All upcoming events are listed at events.htm. The latest information on the Zumtobel Group and its activities can be also be found on Twitter at

Zumtobel Group: Background information

Multi-brand approach drives success

Platform strategy boosts cost- and process efficiency

The Company

The Zumtobel Group is a leading global player offering innovative, high-quality lighting solutions and lighting components. The Group pursues a multi-brand strategy that allows it to provide its customers – with many of whom it enjoys close, long-standing relations – with a comprehensive range of products and services.

The product portfolios of the Thorn and Zumtobel brands, which are positioned differently within the luminaire sector, are marketed by a single sales organisation. This allows customers to profit from a very broad spectrum of products across the full range of applications in professional indoor and outdoor lighting, including lighting control components and systems.

In the components sector, through its Tridonic subsidiary the Zumtobel Group applies proven electronics and software expertise to create innovative system solutions that incorporate the latest technology trends. Tridonic supplies luminaire manufacturers across the globe with control gear, lighting management systems and LED modules. Within the Zumtobel Group, Tridonic follows a platform strategy, using the same components in Thorn and Zumtobel luminaires and thereby boosting both cost and process efficiency.

The Group has set itself the goal of continuously expanding its portfolio of services. The idea is to offer customers a full-service experience, starting with a needs analysis and continuing through planning and financing all the way to installation and maintenance of the lighting solution.

A pioneer that sets the pace in the lighting industry

Above all, the mission of the Zumtobel Group is to create unique value for its customers, taking lighting beyond illumination. And to focus on improving the quality of life through the vital element of light. With its many years of experience, the combined expertise of its workforce, and its global network of leading technology partners, lighting designers, architects and artists, the Zumtobel Group sees itself as a pioneer, setting the pace in the international lighting industry.

Presence in 90 countries

Zumtobel AG is a listed company with 14 production plants on four continents and sales offices and partners in about 90 countries. With a workforce currently numbering approximately 7,291 employees, the Group posted revenues of EUR 1,246.8 million in the 2013/14 financial year. The

Zumtobel family remains the largest single shareholder with a stake of 35 percent, providing stability and continuity. The Group is based in Dornbirn in the Vorarlberg region of Austria.


Zumtobel Group: Background information

Market position

One of the few global players in the lighting industry

With production plants and sales activities around the world, the Zumtobel Group is one of the few global players in the lighting industry. Some 80 percent of the Group’s revenues are generated in Europe, its most important market. The professional lighting sector in Europe is highly fragmented; the ten largest European luminaire manufacturers cover only just over 35 percent of the total market. With its Thorn and Zumtobel brands, the Zumtobel Group is the market leader in this fragmented environment.

R&D collaboration between Group brands creates synergies

Expansion of market position in times of shifting technology

In contrast, the global conventional component sector shows a higher degree of consolidation. In the

LED module and LED converter segments, however, many new suppliers have been pushing into the market for several years now, primarily from Asia. The Zumtobel Group’s Tridonic brand is a global leader in control gear and lighting control systems.

Due to synergies generated by R&D collaboration between the lighting and component segments, the Zumtobel Group can take advantage of significant economies of scale that are not available to smaller competitors. With its multi-brand strategy, comprehensive product portfolio and multichannel market access, the Zumtobel Group is well placed to continue expanding its market position during the technology shift to LEDs. In addition, the Group profits from its strong technology position, long-standing customer relations and combined expertise in lighting applications.

Revenues in the LED segments have grown dynamically in recent years across all brands, and have recently crossed the 50 percent threshold for the first time across the Group.

Brands structured in business divisions

Thorn is an international brand with a focus on reliable performance

The business divisions

The three brands – Thorn, Tridonic and Zumtobel – are organised as business divisions. With the objective of strategically developing their product portfolios, sharpening the brand profiles and offering customers tailored solutions, the business divisions have been assigned product management, development, marketing and quality assurance functions. The heads of the business divisions are responsible for profit and loss as well as for the entire logistics process, from customer specifications to delivery of the finished product.


Thorn is a leading premium-quality supplier of professional indoor and outdoor lighting. The

Thorn brand stands for high-performing, cost-effective and, above all, easy-to-use lighting – including lighting control systems. The Thorn brand sells its luminaires and lighting solutions to a variety of customers worldwide, from wholesalers and contractors, through to public and private specifiers and end-users. Thorn’s energy-efficient luminaires are used in buildings and their surrounds, cityscapes, sports facilities, tunnels and roads. In the indoor lighting segment, the brand also offers highly functional products for a whole host of applications ranging from offices, retail outlets and industrial buildings to schools and health and care facilities.


Tridonic is a specialist in operating, controlling and managing light

Zumtobel Group: Background information


Tridonic is a globally active brand providing solutions to make lighting smart, connected and efficient. The brand offers a holistic architecture of high quality, reliable and energy-efficient hardware and software. In addition to producing components and system solutions for the Group’s Thorn and Zumtobel brands, Thorn serves as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) supplier to luminaire manufacturers worldwide, generating around 80 percent of its sales outside the Zumtobel Group. Customers appreciate Tridonic‘s ability as an innovative and competent partner to make their lighting smarter, more exciting and more sustainable. More than 2,000 patents testify to

Tridonic’s innovative strength. Most recently the components manufacturer has further expanded its expertise, particularly in the fields of lighting management systems, software and the Internet of



Zumtobel is an international premium brand for holistic lighting solutions

As an innovation leader in the lighting world, the premium Zumtobel brand offers a comprehensive range of high-quality, unique luminaires and lighting control systems across the full range of applications in professional indoor lighting. The mission of the Zumtobel brand is to empower everybody to experience and enjoy light in the best possible quality. The ongoing development of the Zumtobel product portfolio is driven not only by the latest advances in research and technology but above all by the brand’s long-standing collaboration with leading international architects, lighting designers and artists in its project business. Zumtobel products represent a harmonious blend of outstanding design and innovative technology, allowing the brand to create lighting solutions which enrich human life with lighting that is purposeful and inspiring. The brand has tightened its focus on strengthening its international market presence, continuing the forward-looking development of its product portfolio and expanding its range of smart lighting management systems.


Zumtobel Group: Background information


Growth since 1950

The present-day Zumtobel Group originated as Elektrogeräte und Kunstharzpresswerk W.

Zumtobel KG, which was founded in Dornbirn, Austria, in 1950. In the decades that followed, the

Zumtobel family – represented initially by the founder Dr. Walter Zumtobel then by his two sons

Jürg and Fritz Zumtobel – pursued the continuous expansion of the company‘s business, particularly in the German-speaking markets, through a mixture of organic growth and minor acquisitions.

Conversion to joint stock company

From an early stage the Zumtobel organisation was geared to achieving profitable growth. As early as 1976 this family-owned company was converted into a joint stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft), before in 1991 the two divisions – luminaires and lighting components – were restructured as legally autonomous subgroups.

Acquisition of Staff and Thorn

The 1990s were marked by further growth: Key milestones during this period were the acquisition of the German luminaire manufacturer Staff in 1994/96 and the takeover of the UK-based Thorn

Lighting Group in 2000. These steps enabled the Zumtobel Group to almost double its revenues, as well as strategically enhancing its market presence.

LED lighting ushers in new era

The new millennium brought the beginning of a new era for the Zumtobel Group, as LED technology was first used in smaller areas of application and then throughout the professional lighting industry. As early as 2001, Tridonic in Jennersdorf began development and production of

LED components and modules. Today the plant serves as a centre of competence for LED technology for the entire Zumtobel Group.

Initial public offering

After decades of expansion that had transformed this former family-owned company into a global player, the next logical step was to obtain a listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange. The Zumtobel

Group’s initial public offering on 12 May 2006 followed the decision of U.S. private equity firm

Kohlberg, Kravis and Roberts (KKR), which had acquired a stake in the Group during the takeover of Thorn Lighting, to sell its shares.

New organisational structure creates synergies

In December 2013 Ulrich Schumacher, the new CEO of the Zumtobel Group, rolled out a new organisational structure which built on synergies and led to improved market cultivation based on a multi-brand approach. Since then, the Thorn and Zumtobel lighting brands have been marketed by a single sales organisation. The Tridonic components subsidiary allows the Zumtobel Group to follow an internal platform strategy, using the same components in Thorn and Zumtobel luminaires.

This maximises synergies in production, sales and development, reduces costs and boosts innovative strength.

Strong foundation for dynamic growth

In 2014/15, an important transitional year for the Zumtobel Group, a strong foundation for profitable growth is being laid. The new culture of brand collaboration has already allowed the Zumtobel

Group to establish a strong market position. Today the Group is focused on expanding its competencies in smart controls and data management, continuing to develop its service portfolio and leveraging innovative business models to drive international growth.



Facts and figures

Our business:

• Professional indoor and outdoor lighting (Zumtobel and Thorn)

• Lighting components, management systems and modules (Tridonic)

• Innovative LED technologies (all brands)

What sets us apart:

• A consistent focus on technological innovation

• Well-established market access in the professional project business

• Close collaboration with leading international architects and designers

• Our employees’ knowledge and expertise

Facts at a glance:

Founded in


Market position

Worldwide presence

1950 as „Elektrogeräte und Kunstharzpresswerk W. Zumtobel KG“

Dornbirn, Vorarlberg (Austria)

One of the few global players in the lighting industry

The European market leader for professional lighting

A global leader in control gear and lighting control systems

14 production plants on 4 continents

Sales companies and representatives in about 90 countries

Key financial indicators (FY 2013/14, 1 May 2013 to 30 April 2014):

Employees, incl. incl. contract workers (full time equivalent, FTE)



Adjusted EBIT

Net income

7.291 FTE of which 1,880 FTE in Vorarlberg of which 147 apprentices worldwide

EUR 1,246.8 million

EUR 12.1 million

EUR 47.6 million

EUR -4.8 million

Net debt

Equity capital

EUR 126.2 million

EUR 327.6 million

Zumtobel Group AG listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange:

Legal form

Shareholder structure

Stock corporation: Zumtobel Group AG, listing: Vienna Stock Exchange

Zumtobel family: approx. 35.4% remainder in free float

Trading abbreviation ZAG


Management Board

AT 0000837307

Ulrich Schumacher, Chief Executive Officer

Karin Sonnenmoser, Chief Financial Officer

Board spokespersons

Ulrich Schumacher

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Zumtobel Group

Ulrich Schumacher

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Zumtobel Group

Ulrich Schumacher has been CEO of the Zumtobel Group since October 2013.

“Our new corporate structure and our comprehensive multi-brand strategy have allowed us to establish a new culture of collaboration. This is essential to our role as a cutting-edge innovation leader that is shaping the technology shift in the lighting industry. Examples from the computer and mobile communications industries provide good illustrations of what is possible when you leave the beaten path and blaze new trails instead. The Zumtobel Group is also undergoing a paradigm shift, focusing on new business models, an expansion of our portfolio of services, and applications that take lighting beyond illumination.”


Ulrich Schumacher was born in 1958 in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. He took up his post as Chief

Executive Officer of the Zumtobel Group in October 2013. In 1986 Ulrich Schumacher launched his career at Siemens, where he was responsible for the semi-conductor business starting in 1996.

In 1998 he was appointed to the managing board of Siemens AG. Between 2000 and 2004 he took the carved-out Siemens Semiconductor Group public, renamed as Infineon Technologies AG. On leaving the company in 2004 he became a partner in Francisco Partners, a U.S. private equity firm.

From 2007 to 2011 Ulrich Schumacher was CEO and President of Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation in Shanghai. Since then he has held several board positions and provided consultancy services to technology companies.


Ulrich Schumacher studied Electrical Engineering at the RWTH Aachen, Germany and completed a

PhD in this field. He also studied Business Administration.


Board spokespersons

Rogier van der Heide

Chief Design & Marketing Officer (CDMO) of the Zumtobel Group and UN Ambassador for IYL 2015.

Rogier van der Heide has been Chief Design & Marketing Officer of the Zumtobel Group since December 2014.

Rogier van der Heide

Chief Design & Marketing Officer

(CDMO) of the Zumtobel Group and UN Ambassador for IYL 2015.

“The International Year of Light aims to explore our fascination with light, provide unexpected experiences and open our minds to new ideas. Knowledge transfer and cooperation across disciplines are two of the key pillars of IYL 2105. The Zumtobel Group sees this as an important opportunity to show how light improves people’s quality of life. Now is the right time to prove that we are pioneers, setting the pace in the international lighting industry and rising to the challenges facing the sector.”


Rogier van der Heide was born in 1970 in Bennebroek, a town in the Netherlands. He became

Chief Design & Marketing Officer (CDMO) of the Zumtobel Group in December 2014. Rogier van der Heide can look back on more than 25 years of experience in the lighting industry. He is internationally recognised as a leading lighting design specialist and has won numerous prestigious awards, including the Lighting Designer of the Year Award, the International Association of Lighting Design

Radiance Award and a number of Red Dot and iF Awards, for his product designs. Before joining the Zumtobel Group, Rogier van der Heide was Vice President and Chief Design Officer at Philips

Lighting. In his previous position with Arup Lighting, he grew and led the world‘s largest independent lighting design practice.


Rogier van der Heide studied Stage Lighting at the Amsterdam School of the Arts as well as Cinematography and Photography at the Sint-Lukas art school in Brussels. He later completed a degree in Economics.


Board spokespersons

Klaus Vamberszky

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Zumtobel Group

Klaus Vamberszky

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Zumtobel Group

Klaus Vamberszky has been Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the Zumtobel Group since October 2013. He started his career at Zumtobel Licht GmbH in 1985.

“Together, the brands of the Zumtobel Group form a lighting ecosystem. The luminaire and component segments collaborate in research and development, which creates synergies and economies of scale for us. The Group follows an internal platform strategy, using the same components in different Thorn and Zumtobel luminaires. This boosts the power and speed of our innovation during the technology shift. And going forward, it positions us to apply our competencies and sharpen our focus on software, connectivity and the Internet of Things.“


Klaus Vamberszky was born in 1961 in St. Pölten, Austria. He began his career as a luminaire designer at Zumtobel Licht GmbH in 1985. Since then, Klaus Vamberszky has held various positions in the areas of research, development and marketing within the Zumtobel Group. He was appointed

EVP Technology for the Zumtobel Group in October 2009 and subsequently named CTO of the

Group. In this function, Klaus Vamberszky is responsible for the ongoing technological development of the Zumtobel Group and the coordination of the technological approaches followed by Tridonic as a manufacturer of components and Thorn and Zumtobel as producers of luminaires.


Klaus Vamberszky holds a degree in Mechanical and Process Engineering from the Technical University of Vienna.



Zurich, Switzerland

Museum Jumex

Mexico City, Mexico

Spar flagship store

Budapest, Ungarn

Project / product references


The state-of-the-art Toni-Areal university campus in Zurich was illuminated by Zumtobel. Formerly, the area was one of Europe‘s largest dairy processing plants. In autumn 2014, the 24,435 m²

Toni-Areal was transformed into the new central location of

Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and Zurich University of

Applied Sciences (ZHAW). The light for the contemporary college campus is provided by a modular luminaire system with 5,000 units of Zumtobel‘s TECTON continuous-row lighting system.

Lighting solution:

TECTON continuous-row lighting system

In close cooperation with the design teams of Arup and Zumtobel, the studio of David Chipperfield Architects has developed a lighting concept for the Jumex museum in Mexico City. Specific lighting scenarios for the most varied exhibition situations have been worked out. On the ground floor and the first floor, special

ARCOS LED spotlights were inserted in the ceiling. On the one hand, they facilitate a discreet homogeneous installation, on the other hand they allow for specific illumination of individual areas.

If, in addition, exhibits or three-dimensional objects such as sculptures are illuminated temporarily, it is possible to replace LED downlights with ARCOS luminaires. The respective adjustment of the luminaires is effected through the LUXMATE BASIC lighting management system.

Lighting solution:

ARCOS LED spotlights,

ZX2 continuous-row lighting system,

LUXMATE BASIC lighting management system

For the new market hall of the Spar supermarket chain in Budapest, Zumtobel has implemented an efficient LED lighting concept. In close cooperation with the architects, Zumtobel has installed an efficient LED lighting solution that merges completely with the interior design and sets the stage for the goods by means of accent lighting. Thanks to the VIVO LED high-performance spotlights and the CARDAN recessed luminaires, the goods are presented to optimum effect. The uniform ambient lighting of the market hall is provided by the TECTON LED continuousrow lighting system. By using LED luminaires, at least 40 percent of energy can be saved, as compared to a conventional lighting solution.

Lighting solution:

VIVO LED spotlights and CARDAN recessed LED luminaires with tunableFood and stableWhite,

TECTON LED continuous-row lighting system


Wembley Stadium

London, Great Britain

Forth Valley Hospital

Larbert, Scotland

Toven tunnel

Nordland, Norway

*Photographer: Jan Fredrik Eliassen,

Statens Vegvesen

Project / product references


Thorn has been a lighting partner of the Wembley Stadium already since the 1970s. Overall, Wembley incorporates some

41,000 luminaires – the majority of them manufactured by Thorn.

In 2014, Thorn replaced the lighting of the iconic Wembley arch with a customised LED lighting system that offers a full range of colours as well as special dynamic lighting effects. With the new lighting, the 133 m high Wembley arch now boasts an unlimited range of colour compositions. The heart of the lighting solution is the lighting control system that allows for full use to be made of the manifold options of LED luminaires.

Lighting solution:

Arch: Customised RGBW

LED floodlight

Pitch: MUNDIAL floodlight

Façade: CONTRAST R floodlight

Public areas: TROIKA, AREAFLOOD floodlight

Access driveway and parking: HIPAK

PRO LED street luminaires

Parking: AQUAFORCE LED moisture-proof luminaires

EE Lounge: CHALICE downlights

Lobby and reception: CHALICE

LED downlights

The Forth Valley Royal Hospital is the largest hospital of the Scots government health service, featuring 4,000 rooms and 16 operating theatres. The hospital is illuminated by more than 15,000

Thorn luminaires that meet the demanding hygienic requirements of a hospital environment and support specific visual tasks.

The lighting concept involved minimising the number of different luminaires and wattages in order to make the lighting installation less complex and simplify relamping in future.

Lighting solution:

INVINCIBLE recessed luminaire,

CRUZ downlights, IndiQuattro modular recessed luminaires

The Toven tunnel in Nordland, Norway, is the longest tunnel in the world (10.7 km) fitted with a 100% LED lighting solution.

In order to ensure optimum energy efficiency and high safety standards, LED luminaires by Thorn were used. The powerful

GTLED tunnel luminaires are especially well suited for tunnel lighting. Their clear white light provides more lighting comfort and good visual conditions for drivers without causing glare. In addition, the entire lighting concept was optimised through the use of special presence detectors and daylight sensors.

Lighting solution:

GTLED LED tunnel luminaire



Project / product references

TRIDONIC connecDIM is a lighting management system solution for industry and trade that can be easily integrated into any environment.

The system consisting of connecDIM Gateway and connec-

DIM Cloud combines cost efficiency and user friendliness with decentralised lighting monitoring and control options from anywhere in the world. Smaller applications with only a few DALI devices benefit in the same way as complex lighting systems in large buildings and properties. ready2mains

With Tridonic‘s ready2mains interface, luminaires can be controlled and dimmed directly via the mains network without any additional wiring. Accordingly, manufacturers can use ready2mains to configure their luminaires flexibly and even save time in the process, thus reducing the costs of production and installation as well as eliminating possible sources of error.

TALEXXenginge SLE G4

Featuring a service life of 50,000 hours, this LED module for spotlights offers a wide range of applications with different white light colours. For applications in art and culture, SLE ART provides a new comprehensive technology. SLE FOOD is the ideal module for presenting foodstuffs. With the new brilliant white light SLE FASHION version, the LED module is a trendsetter in the sphere of fashion lighting.


Project / product references

Reference projects with combined brand offer

King Abdulaziz Int. Airport

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

With a combined product offer from Zumtobel and Thorn including Tridonic components, the infrastructure of King Abdulaziz

Int. Airport in Jeddah is ready for the requirements of the 21st century. For Zumtobel and Thorn, the airport is a joint success story. Among others, 50,000 units of the Thorn X-Force moisture-proof luminaire were used. Hence, this was the biggest single contract for this product so far. In addition, PRISMA and COL-

LEGE surface-mounted and pendant luminaires as well as TITUS industrial luminaires by Thorn were installed. The lighting solution was rounded off by TUBILUX luminaires and LED emergency luminaires by Zumtobel. The contract volume of the Jeddah Airport project amounts to some 7 million US dollars.

Lighting solution: combined product offer from

Zumtobel and Thorn including

Tridonic components

Kv. Hästen / Mästerhuset financial centre

Stockholm, Sweden

A combined package of Zumtobel and Thorn products provides for the lighting system of the ten-storey Mästerhuset financial centre in Stockholm. The heart of the lighting solution is formed by more than 1000 Zumtobel MELLOW LIGHT V office luminaires.

Other Zumtobel products used include KAVA wall-mounted luminaires, CARDAN LED recessed luminaires, DISCUS evolution spotlights as well as an emergency lighting solution consisting of RESCLITE and COMSIGN. From the Thorn portfolio, PRISMA surface-mounted and pendant luminaires as well as OMEGA LED recessed luminaires were chosen.

Lighting solution: customised offer comprising

Zumtobel and Thorn products

AZ Damiaan

Ostend, Belgium

The cooperation between Thorn and Zumtobel has enabled the

Zumtobel Group to implement a comprehensive lighting solution for indoor and outdoor lighting of the public hospital AZ Damiaan in Ostend, Belgium. In collaboration with the artist Luk Van

Soom, an artistic outdoor lighting concept was implemented using

Thorn luminaires. For indoor lighting, Zumtobel products were used. The contract volume of the AZ Damiaan Ostend project amounts to some 835,000 euros.

Lighting solution: artistic outdoor lighting by Thorn, interior lighting by Zumtobel



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