Evolve IP Handset –Polycom 32x/33x

Evolve IP Handset –Polycom 32x/33x
Evolved Handset Quick Reference – User
Evolve IP Handset Key:
1) Corp Directory
2) Call Log
3) More
4) Phone Lines
5) Hold
6) Headset
7) Speaker
8) Volume
9) Mute
10) Menu
11) Navigation
12) Dial
Evolve IP Handset –Polycom 32x/33x
1) Corporate Directory
(a) Press the “Corp Directory”
(b) Use the up and down arrow to
select to search by last or first
name and hit the check icon.
(c) Using the dial key pad, enter
the first few letters of the name
you wish to search.
(d) When finished push the down
arrow to select “Search
(e) If a match is found, it will return
a list of names with the letters
that you entered.
(f) Once person is selected, press
the “Dial” icon button on your
screen to make the call.
(g) If you want to see all of the
caller’s phone numbers select
the “Details” button.
2) Call Log
(a) Press the “Call Log” button to
view all of your Received or
Placed Calls.
(b) When you have selected the
call log you wish to view, the
call information of each call will
be displayed.
(c) Select a call and press the
“Dial” button. You can also
Delete the entry, Save the
contact information or see Info
about the call.
3) More (Call Park/Retrieve)
By pressing the “More” button you will be able to view
the Park/Retrieve and Redial button.
To initiate a transfer:
Parking A Call
(a) When on a call, press the “More” button and select
the “Park” button.
(b) You will see a display that will ask you what
extension you would like to park the call on.
(c) Enter either your extension or the co-worker the call
is for extension and press the “Enter” button.
(d) You will hear a recoding that says your call has been
*After 60 seconds if the call is not retrieved, the call
will ring the original phone saying “Recall” in front of
the caller id and will open up a line to answer.
Retrieving A Call
(e) To retrieve a call, on any Evolve IP phone, press the
“More” and then the “PkRtrv” button.
(f) You will see a display on your screen that will ask
you what extension the call was parked on.
(g) Enter the extension the call was parked on and press
the “Enter” button. You will immediately be
connected with the call that was parked.
Conferencing (3 Way Call)
To create a three-way conference call:
(a)Connect to the first party.
(b) Press the “More” soft key and then the “Confrnc”
soft key to create a new call (the active call is placed on
(c) Place a call to the second party.
(d)When the second party answers, press the “Confrnc”
soft key again to join all parties in the conference.
When on an active call, press the “Transfer” button.
This will automatically put the calling party on hold
and open an additional line to place a call.
There are 3 types of transfer: Consulted, Blind
and Voicemail.
(a) Consulted Transfer: Allows users to consult with
the third party before completing the transfer. To
perform a consulted transfer, press the “Transfer”
key on the handset display.
Dial the extension or 10 digit number of the party to
whom you want to transfer the call. When the last
digit of the phone number is entered press the
“Dial” button. Once caller is announced hit the
“Transfer” key again and the transfer is completed.
To pull call back, hit the “Cancel” button and you will
immediately be connected back to the original caller.
(b)Blind Transfer: Transfers a call without
consultation. To complete the transfer without
consultation, press the “Transfer” key on handset
display and then the “Blind” key. Dial the extension
or 10 digit number to whom you want to transfer
the call to. When the last digit of the phone number
is entered, press the “Dial” button and the call is
immediately transferred.
(c) Voicemail Transfer: Transfers a call straight into
When on a call press the “Transfer” button. Dial *55
and the extension of the party’s voicemail the caller
would like to go to followed by “#”.
*This will automatically send the caller into
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Evolved Handset Quick Reference – User
4) Phone Lines
9) Mute
11) Dial
Each user receives 2 phone lines:
(a) Press the “Mute” button to mute your phone.
(b) Press the button again to take your phone off mute.
Press the “Dial” button to make calls
10) Menu
(a) The “Redial” button will call the most
recently dialed number.
Answering a call; Pick up the
handset. Press the Speakerphone
button or Headset (optional) icon.
Incoming calls may be ignored by
pressing the Reject soft key during
5) Hold
(a) When on a call, put the caller on
hold by pressing the “Hold” button.
(b) By default, music will be played
for the caller when you press the
hold button.
(c) To take a caller off of hold, press
the line that the caller is on or the
“Resume” button.
6) Headset Setting
For frequent or full-time headset
users, there is an option to default
all calls to the headset.
To enable Headset Memory Mode:
(a)Press the “Menu” button and
select Settings followed by Basic,
Preferences, Headset, and Headset
(b) Scroll down to Enable and press
the “Select“ soft key.
To activate Headset Memory Mode
(if enabled)
Press the “Headset” button twice.
7) Speaker
(a)To activate the speaker button,
press the “Speaker” button.
(b)To end speaker, press the
“Speaker” button again.
8) Volume
(a) Press the left volume button on
the phone to decrease the volume;
press the right volume button to
increase the volume.
(b) This will adjust your ringer,
handset, or speaker volume
depending on which state you are
The Menu button allows you to select several options.
Some of the options include but are not limited to;
(a) Voicemail –Press the More soft key on the phone and
select Vmail OR go to Menu and select
Features>Messages. Press the connect soft key. You will
first be asked to enter in your 6 digit pass code provided
by your group administrator. Once default pass code is
entered you will be asked to enter in a new 6 digit pass
code. This will be your permanent pass code when
checking your voicemail. Follow the prompt to set up
your greetings.
*Please consult the Voicemail Quick Reference guide for
further assistance
(b) Distinctive Ringing/Call TreatmentYou can set distinctive incoming ringing tones for
different contacts in your local directory: Press the
Menu button and then select Features>Contact
Directory. Search for the Contact Directory. Press the
Edit soft key and scroll down to Ring Type and press the
check mark to edit it. Using the left and right arrows,
select the desired ring tone. Press the OK soft key to
accept the change, and then press Menu to return to
idle screen.
(c) Ring Type – You can select different rings to match your
preferences and distinguish between calls on lines. To
change the incoming ring, Press Menu and then select
Settings>Basic>Ring Type. Scroll to highlight the desired
ring type. Press the Play soft key to hear it. Press the
check or Select soft key to accept the highlighted ring
type, and then press Menu to return the idle screen.
(d) Call Forwarding - Press the Menu button and then
select Features> Forward. Select a Forwarding Type:
Always, No Answer or Busy by using the check mark in
the middle of the phone.
-For all types, first select the check mark and then enter
an extension or 10 digit phone number to forward all
future calls to (for No Answer, enter the number of rings
before forwarding).
To Enable:
Press the down arrow and check off the “Disabled” key
and move your left arrow key until it says “Enable”.
Select ok (follow same steps to Disable).
To Save:
Scroll back to the phone number using the up arrow key
and then press the left arrow key where it will ask if you
would like to save.
Visit the following our Evolve IQ Knowledge Base to view
Quick Tip Videos on the functions of the Evolve IP phone:
More (Redial)
Speed Dials
Setting up speed dials using the Contact
(a)Press the Menu key, and then select
Features>Contact Directory.
(b) Select the up navigation arrow key until
<New Entry> is highlighted. Use the check mark
to select.
(c) When First Name appears on the screen use
the check mark to access.
(d) Begin to type in the name by using your
keypad. Select “OK” when finished.
(e) Use the down arrow to get to Last Name
option. Repeat steps c and d.
(f) Use the down arrow to get to the Contact
option. Select the check mark and enter the
extension or 10 digit number of the contact then
select “OK”
(g) When finished select the left arrow key and
press the “Yes” key to confirm the changes, then
press “Menu” to return to the idle screen.
To View Speed Dials:
Press the “Up” arrow key in the center of the
To Edit:
(a) Go back into Menu>Features>Contact
(b) Select the contact you wish to edit by
checking it off.
(b)Press the “Edit” soft key and make the
necessary changes.
(b)Once changes have been made, select the left
arrow key and press the “Save” key to confirm
Adding a contact using the Call Log:
(a)Press the Call Log soft key
(b)Use the up and down navigation arrows to
select Received or Placed Calls
(c)Once selected (highlighted), hit the check
mark in the middle of the navigation arrows
(d) Press the “Save” soft key
(e) The contact will now appear as a Speed Dial
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