Technical notice
Class 2 transformer (TBT) Low Tension
16 Vac, 50 - 60Hz
Conform to EN 60742
50 Va min. 250 Va max
Rechargeable battery
12 V, 7AH
Protection A LED turns ON when the regularized tension becomes lower than 15 Vdc
A LED turns ON when the current exceeds 1 A at the 14V output connector
An energy management system is activated at the time of a power failure and when the tension of the
battery becomes lower than 10V
The battery input is protected by a POLYSWITCH and a diode protect from all accidental conversely of
Inputs defined as NO, NF or with resistor of end of line of 2.2 KOhms.
Detection of loop at variable 50 to 990 ms per 10 ms sequence.
The power of the siren is limited to 600 mA
Protection The output 12 Vdc is limited to 1A overall protected by a POLYSWITCH and a TRANZORB
All the inputs are protected from statics, RFI, transients and lightning with a low-pass TRANZORB and
12 Vdc or 12 Vac max. typical 10 mA @ 10 Vdc
The power must be conform with EN60742 and have a maximum of 250 VA.
Protection Protected by a optocoupleur
(handshake system), compatible with the majority of the central
stations of alarm of the type 3/2 or 4/2.
10 pulse/sec @ 1400Hz or
20 pulse/sec @ 2300Hz
Use a RJ45 connector who have the necessary approvals
The electronic automatic dialing unit is preprogrammed for one of the base codes
The automatic dialing unit is also programmable from the screen
Protection Protected by 2 POLYSWITCH and a SIDACTOR
A function of dissuasion prevents any possibility of telephone intrusion; the telephone line is cut after 3
erroneous attempts.
Output relay
NO type contact 6 A maximum at 28 VDC
Protection All the relays are protected by a MOV from 35V
Digital key
Protected by a low-pass filter
Cardio II Bus
Cable of 2 pairs of twisted wire type category 5, NOT-SHIELDED.
The protocol owner SECANT is used on a bus RS-485 with compatible CARDIO appliances
Protection Protected by 2 POLYSWITCH
7 kg (15,43 lbs) with packaging
Touch panel ( 203,2 x 135,7 x 50,8 mm) (8’’ x 5.345’’ x 2’’ )
Main unit (265 x 457,2 x 79 mm) (10.43’’ x 18’’ x 3.11’’)
Lighting and Electrical outlets
16 security inputs that can be programmed to suit all
detection needs.( fire, auxiliary, 24hrs, etc.).
Control of up to 160 lights and 40 appliances ( X-10
compatible modules sold separately)
8 different access codes ( up to 6 digits in length)
Compatible with the X-10 protocol
1 panic code and 1 easy exit code
0% to 100% intensity level.
100% compatibility with common alarm detectors
motion, fire detectors, contacts, etc.)
Lighting can be a function of sunrise/sunset
On-screen logbook containing the last 100 events of the
Control from the touch panel, schedules, motion detectors
and contacts (occupancy), macros, telephone and X-10
compatible controllers.
Programmable beep for each security input
3 wired low voltage switches (relays).
Automatic dialer in case of fire alarm, intrusion, medical
emergency, freeze and overheat
Control by telephone
2 numbers available for a monitoring station and 4
numbers for alerting neighbors
A digitized human voice guides through the different
functions and provides information.
Programmable entrance and exit delays.
Direct control from any inside telephone and from
anywhere in the world (Touch-Tone only).
Possibility of bypassing one or several security inputs.
• Controls security, temperature, lighting, appliances and
On-screen button ( fire, intrusion and medical emergency)
with possibility of canceling an alarm in progress
Programmable flashing lights in case of intrusion or fire.
• Automatic dialing when in alarm state either to a monitoring
station and/or up to four neighbors with alarm description.
Gives the home a « lived-in » look whenever the system is
armed ( lighting)
Control either from the touch panel, digital keys, schedules, Miscellaneous
macros or telephone (inside or outside the home)
• Up to 10 reminders ( with beep and on-screen message
Heating and Air-conditionning
One built-in thermostat inside the touch panel control 5
zones; the first zone controlled by Cardio, and at the
choice, another zone controlled by a RCS or 4 other zones
control by Enerstat.
Control electric baseboard heaters, central heating, HVAC
and heat pumps
Direct control from the touch panel, schedules, macros,
personal computer or telephone (inside or outside the
Lights flashing when phone or doorbell rings
Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes
Possibility of creating 42 macros (scenes) controlling many
functions at a time (lighting, security, temperature,
appliances, etc.)
Scenes can be activated from the touch screen, from the
telephone or upon conditions, from digital X-10 codes,
schedules and security inputs.
Possibility of activating and deactivating 11 functions
(schedules, etc.)
No loss of programming in the event of prolonged
EKRe model (European) shown, identical connection for the EKRa (North American).
NOTE: Use twisted pair from a CAT-5 ou CAT-5e cable to wire the SNet Bus.
NOTE: If an answering machine or an ADSL internet connection is present on the same telephone line as cardio,
refer to the CARDIO manual for details about proper connection and configuration.
NOTE: For more details on the cable for the PC connection or to download the PC Cardio software, go to the following address:
Provided 4x #4-40 Hex machine screws.
Provided 4x #6 5/8 Wood screws.
Provided 4x #6-8 Wall anchors (for use in drywall).
Use either the provided 4x #6 3/4 or the 4x #6 1”1/2 wood screws depending of the wall type.
Only use the pre-cut knock-out for the wiring inside the box.
Wire the system to earth using the #6-32 nut to be connected with a #14AWG wire leading to a water pipe.
Suggested touch panel height from the floor (at eye level for customer’s convenience).
EN 55022 (1998), EN 61000-3-3 (1995), EN 55024 (1997), EN 50130-4 (1995),
EN 61000-3-2 (1995) A1, A2 ET A14 (2000), EN 60950 (2000)
Controller UPEA C0080038, TBR-21,FCC PART 15 PART 68
Ekey UPEA C0080037
TP2 UPEA C0080036
Secant Home Automation inc. warrants the hardware on which the software is furnished to be free from defects in material and
workmanship under normal use and service for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase except for the LCD/touch
screen combination for which the period is one (1) year. If warranted goods are returned to SECANT during the period of coverage,
SECANT will repair or replace, with its discretion, and without charge those items it finds defective. This warranty does not cover the
costs of displacement as well as the costs of labor to withdraw and reinstall any defective component; this responsibility falls to the
installer. The transportation charges of the product are the responsibility of the owner. For all details on this limited warranty, refer to
the Cardio Manual.
Copyright © Domotique Secant inc. 2009-05-21
C2e-TN-En Rev4
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