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WORCESTERJCC.ORG | 508.756.7109
Worcester JCC - A vibrant, diverse community center keeping participants active, engaged, and
connected through fitness, education, and friendship.
To Our JCC Friends and Family:
The Worcester JCC is a family community center at its very finest. We offer the best of fitness,
health, social, educational, and cultural programming for all ages. For over 70 years, the
Worcester JCC has been a place for Worcester County residents to meet new people, participate
in a wide range of activities, and develop lifelong friendships. We focus on building a welcoming,
happy, and healthy community and we invite you to join our family.
George D. Pins
Here at the Worcester JCC, our members, program participants, and staff are our greatest assets.
We strive to provide our members and guests with the best services and programming possible.
The Worcester JCC is a place where you can open your mind through one of our classes or
programs and test your limits by starting a solid workout program. We make it possible for you
to develop new pursuits as well as rekindle former interests.
Membership at the Worcester JCC is open to everyone. The JCC is a strong community eager
to bring people together from all walks of life. Regardless of your cultural background, all JCC
members and program participants share a common goal of building a strong community and
caring for one another. We invite you to become a part of the JCC family to enhance the lives
of all participants and to strengthen and build our community.
Emily G. Holdstein
Executive Director
We welcome your feedback and suggestions as we seek to adapt to our ever-changing
environment and strive to meet participants’ evolving needs.
To provide the Greater
Worcester Community with
the highest quality
educational, health, wellness,
social, and recreational
programs for people of all
ages guided by Jewish values
and culture in an environment
that is safe, welcoming and
respectful to all.
The Worcester JCC is a grant recipient of the
Board Of Directors 2017—2018
George D. Pins President
Dan B. Shertzer Treasurer
Mary Jane Rein Vice President
Billie Kenyon Secretary
Shannon Nolley Vice President
Emily G. Holdstein Executive Director
Doug Arbetter
Rayna Keenan
Liza Petrone
Joe Stabile
Mark Borenstein
Rachel Lemansky
Deanna Richmond
Andrea Sullivan
Phil Connor
Chris Levenson
Susan Ritz
Patty Vairo
Dan Fins
Sue Miller
Katherine Robertson
Gary Wolf
Kris Geenty
Ann Molloy
Ron Rosenstock
Alan Yoffie
David Geist
Liz Murphy
Claudia Ross
Wendy Wong
Susan Horwitz
Tim O’Malley
Andrew Schiller
PAST PRESIDENTS *of blessed memory
Jewish Federation of Central Massachusetts.
Jay Z. Aframe
Affiliated with the Jewish Community Centers of
Nancy K. Berley
North America. A Living Memorial to the Jewish War Veterans
of America.
The JCC is open to all regardless of race, color, religion,
national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or
Henry H. Botuck
Stephen D. Burwick
Micah Chase
economic condition. The Center is handicapped-accessible.
David I. Feingold
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Saul Garshman*
Executive Director
Dr. H. Maurice Goodman
Jonathan Radin
Howard E. Stempler
Joel N. Greenberg
Samuel Rifkin
Abee Talamo*
Roma K. Josephs
Howard S. Rubin
Wayne M. Ushman
Robert Mack
Edward L. Sherr
Wallace Wolf*
Ina Mason*
Dan B. Shertzer
Francis Hiatt*,
John Ostrow*
Herbert Sherwin*
Honorary Vice President
David Persky
Morton H. Sigel*
Abraham Persky*, Founder
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
Membership is open to people of all races, religions, and ethnic
backgrounds. The JCC is a place where dedicated volunteers and
professional staff work together to help shape the foundation and
guide the direction for the JCC. Get involved. Join us for a class,
exercise your mind and body, enjoy a cultural event or holiday program,
become a volunteer. It is all here for you at the JCC.
Hours Of Operation
Activities End
Table of Contents
5:15am (pool 5:30 am)
Fitness Center
5:15am (pool 5:30 am)
5:15am (pool 5:30 am)
Group Exercise
5:15am (pool 5:30 am)
Personal Training
5:15am (pool 5:30 am)
Early Childhood, 10
Youth/Grades K-6
Teens/Birthday Parties/Born to Move
Summer Camps
*Pool closes 1/2 hour before building
Holiday Schedule - 2017 / 2018
Labor Day
Open 8am – 1pm, Monday, September 4, 2017
Rosh Hashanah
Close 4pm, Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Closed Thursday, September 21, 2017
Closed Friday, September 22, 2017
Yom Kippur Close 4pm, Friday, September 29, 2017
Closed Saturday, September 30, 2017
Thanksgiving Day
Open 8am – 1pm, Thursday, November 23, 2017
Open December 12 – December 20, 2017
Christmas Eve Close 6pm, Sunday, December 24, 2017
Christmas Open 8am – 1pm, Monday, December 25, 2017
New Year’s Eve Close 6pm, Sunday, December 31, 2017
New Year’s Day Open 8 am – 1pm, Monday, January 1, 2018
Passover Close 4pm, Friday, March 30, 2018
Closed Saturday, March 31, 2018
Memorial Day Open 8am – 1pm, Monday, May 28, 2018
Independence Day
Open 8am – 1pm, Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Cultural Arts/Adult
Activity Registration Form
Sample Fitness/Pool Schedules
General Information
Administrative & Program Staff
633 Salisbury Street
Worcester, MA 01609
P 508.756.7109 | F 508.754.3373
Follow us on Facebook
and Twitter!
*Pool closes 1/2 hour before building
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
Membership Benefits
Free fitness classes
Free water fitness classes
Free babysitting
Discount pricing on programs and events
Unlimited use of fitness center
6-lane, 25 yard indoor pool
Outdoor pool
Outdoor wading pool
Open gymnasium use
Locker rooms
Racquetball court
Outdoor tennis courts
Outdoor basketball courts
International squash court
• Your JCC membership card is recognized
at many JCCs in North America and Israel.
Policies vary by location.
• Current active members of JCCs out of our
area who are visiting may use our facility
for up to 2 weeks free of charge per year.
Proof of current membership including your
current JCC ID and a letter from your home
JCC is required.
Visit! Contact Membership by phone or email for a customized free tour. Valid photo ID required.
Pay in Full
Membership Type
Draft 12
6 month**
Pay in full
Two Adults & dependent children up to age 26
Two Adults (age 27 - 64) living in same address
Ages 27 - 64
Young Adult
Ages 23 - 26, no enrollment fee
Teenage (parent signature required)
Ages 13 - 17, no enrollment fee
Ages 18 – 22, no enrollment fee
Sr Adult Individual
Age 65+
Sr Adult Couple
Two Adults living in same address, 948
at least one adult Age 65+
Spa Adult Locker Room Options
Ages 18+ Add to membership price above Individual
1 user per unit
2 or more users per unit
Locker Rental
Available in spa adult locker rooms only
effective thru 06/30/2018
*Based on a 12 month commitment
**Based on a 6 month commitment, payment plan available
New member enrollment fee $100
Reactivation fee $75
Monica Maher
508 756 7109 X 236
Kristina Haynes
508 756 7109 X 226
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
Upgrade your membership to Spa for only $19/month individual
and $23/month for couple/family!
Classes Begin:
Spa Adult Locker Room Option* | Ages 18+ dry sauna | steam room |
cable TV | free towel service | massage therapy* | spacious lounge with free
coffee | grooming supplies | hair dryers | full-time lockers* | day lockers
Massage Therapy* Massage therapy is available to the entire membership
and non-members. With regular sessions you should begin to experience
positive changes! Our qualified therapists will help determine a schedule to
best suit your needs. Specializing in: Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage, Trigger
Point, Post-Operational Therapy, Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage.
Available to:
Spa Members
Non-Spa Members
Non-JCC Members
$33/half hour
$43/half hour
$53/half hour
Optional: Buy 5 get 1 free:
Spa Members
Non-Spa Members
Non-JCC Members
$325/hour $375/hour $165/half hour
$215/half hour
$265/half hour
Refer a Friend and Save!
Your referral is the greatest form of compliment! When you refer a friend who
is new* to the Worcester JCC, we give you both gift cards as a special thank
you. *Not previously members of the JCC.
• There is no limit to the number of new memberships you can bring to the JCC.
• You will get rewarded for your new 12 and 6 month membership.
• Offer does not include new Senior Adult club, teen or college memberships.
Bring a Friend Sundays
Every second Sunday of the month, all members are invited to bring a friend
with them as their guest for free. Bring your BFF to your favorite class, swim
laps, or have them spot you during strength training! Limit one guest per
member. Restrictions may apply. To complete guest registration at the front
desk, a photo ID is needed and waiver must be filled out.
Insurance Reimbursement
Some health insurance plans reimburse participants for fitness membership
fees! Check your plan for details. Email Kristina at khaynes@worcesterjcc.org
or fill out the form at the front desk to request an insurance letter that you
can send to your insurance company.
Guest Passes
FALL / Monday, September 11, 2017
WINTER / Sunday, January 7, 2018 dates subject to change
SPRING / Sunday, March 4, 2018 dates subject to change
Code Key:
M = Member
NM = Nonmember
SCM = Senior Club Member
How To Register:
On-line: To obtain login credentials to utilize
the online registration system email eaustin@
worcesterjcc.org or download the registration
form from worcesterjcc.org.
Turboroster: Register for spin bikes and small
group training classes via www.turboroster.com
In-person: Fill out the class registration form
and register at our lobby kiosk.
By Mail: Fill out the class registration form
and mail to Worcester JCC, 633 Salisbury St.,
Worcester, MA 01609.
By Fax: Fill out the class registration form and
fax to 508.754.3373.
Call Us! We are happy to answer any questions
you may have and will mail the necessary forms
to you. No phone registrations.
To receive membership rates for classes,
membership must be in good standing at the
time of registration and through the final date
of the program.
Erika Austin, Registrar, 508.756.7109, x 276
See refund/payment policy on page 22.
Sorry, no phone registrations!
No transactions will be conducted on Saturdays.
We encourage members to introduce their friends and family to the JCC.
• Members must accompany guests at every visit. Guests may use the same privileges as the member. Photo ID and waiver required.
• Guest pass fee: $15 per day per person or $35 per week per person
(7 consecutive days)
• Kids guest pass fee for children age 14 and under: $5/per day/per child
or $25 per week per child (7 consecutive days). Kids up to 10 years old must
be accompanied by an adult. Require adult signature on waiver.
• Please purchase Saturday guest passes during the week prior to use
(No business transactions on Saturdays/ Shabbat).
* additional fee
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
Fitness Center Equipment
Our Fitness Center has a full line of Cardiovascular Training and Strength
Training Equipment. Complimentary 1 hour fitness orientation available.
Individual Viewing Monitors 50” Plasma Screens
Icarian AB Benc
Concept II Rowers
Climate Control
Precor All Motion Trainer
Precor® EFX Elliptical Trainers
Spinner® Star Trac
Precor Stretch Trainer
Star Trac™ Recumbent Bike Precor All Motion Trainer Cybex® Arc Trainers
Precor Treadmills
Precor Icarian Line: Pull Down
Precor Icarian Line: Long PullPrecor Lift Cage
Power Lift Cage
Precor Chest Press Bench
Precor Ab Bench
Precor Calf Raise
Precor Preacher Curl
Precor Benches
Precor Gravitron
Precor Roman Chair
Cybex Smith Machine
Nautilus Ab Machine
Precor Inner/Outer Thigh
Troy DB
Precor Sealed Leg Curl
Precor Leg Extension
Precor Leg Press
Precor Upright Precor
Recumbent Bike
Precor Chest Press
Precor Shoulder Press
Precor Rear Delt/Rec Fly
Paramount Zone
Star Trac Recumbent Bike
Star Trac Treadmills
SciFit Recumbent Stepper w/Touch Screen
Paramount Functional Trainer, FT300 / XFT-300
Speed Bags, Jump Ropes, Heavy Bag
Nordic Track® Incline TrainerPrecor® Dual Action Total Body and Cross Ramp
Aerobics Studio
Pilates Studio
G.R.I.T. Training Boxing Fitness Training
TRX Suspension Training Studio
Small Group Training Studio
Free Aqua Aerobic Classes:
Aqua Challenge
Deep Water
Water in Motion® Waterworks
H.I.I.T. The Water
Junior Fitness Center Training Course (ages 11-15)
Free Group Fitness (60 min. & Express 30 min.):
Step Interval
Cardio Interval
Tai Chi
Senior Fitness Muscle Mix
Chair Exercise
CXWORX™ Tone/Spin
Spinning® Les Mills RPM™ BollyX
Small Group & Individual Personal Training
Sessions Available:
Tai Chi
Aqua H.I.I.T. Bootcamp
TRX Suspension Training
Boxing Circuit
Hills, Climbs, Sprints
Training Performance (Grades 8-12)
Les Mills G.R.I.T. Series; Plyo, Strength, Cardio,
Fundamental/Balance Training
Training Studio
Our small studio features 7 TRX suspension straps,
heavy bag, speed bag, jump ropes, dumbells,
battling ropes, tubes, plyo boxes, lateral slide
trainer, mini trampoline.
visit www.turboroster.com to register for small group
training and spin bikes
Indoor Group Cycling - Spinning® and Les Mills R.P.M.®
Stages Indoor Cycling
Ride our new Stages Indoor Cycling SC3 Studio Bike. It is a smooth riding, easy
to adjust, state-of-the art and bike equipped at Stage Power Meters, which give
you the same accurate, motivational metrics that the best riders in the world
rely on to improve. All classes are led by Johnny G Spinning and Les Mills RPM
trained and certified instruction. Free to all JCC members.
Spinning Policies: In order to serve our members, these rules have been established:
• Members may reserve a spot in a Spinning class.
• Please plan to be early. For your safety, a proper warm up is essential and will allow the
class to begin on time.
• If you arrive after the start of the class, your spot may be released to a waiting member.
• If you need to leave early, please use a bike on the outside row.
• If you need to cancel a reservation visit turboroster.com.
• Please be respectable of others during their ride and keep talking to a minimum.
visit www.turboroster.com to register for small group exercise & Jonny G
50+ Fit enhances quality of life!
50+ Fit fitness program delivers structured, high quality and integrated fitness
and social programs designed to meet the special needs of our mature
population. Members receive focused and individual support and assistance in
developing a fitness program.
• Designed and supervised by professionals.
• Dedicated to the fifty and over population.
• Mixing fitness and fun.
• Brings rapid improvement in strength, balance flexibility, range of motion,
and sense of well being.
Elaine Drawbridge, Fitness Director x 230 I edrawbridge@worcesterjcc.org
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
Your exercise regime can be enhanced with group exercise. Our programs
provide ideal cross training tools for all fitness levels. Instructors are Nationally
Certified and stay abreast of changes in the fitness industry. Classes are held
in a beautiful aerobics mirrored room with suspended maple wood floor for
cushion and support; sound system; climate controlled environment.
Bodycombat™..High energy cardiovascular class combines moves from
a range of martial arts. Increase fat
burning and improve muscle coordination, strength, flexibility and agility.
Bodyflow™...Mind/body training that
will change the way you feel. Stand
straighter, feel stronger and be more
flexible and more physically aware. It is
designed to increase your endurance,
reduce stress and relieve pain.
Bodypump™...the original barbell
class using the Les Mills Smart Bars.
Works every major muscle group using
barbells and adjustable weights.
Bodystep™...Simple, athletic workout
with high intensity intervals followed by
muscle conditioning tracks to shape
and tone your lower body.
Bodyvive™...Low impact, 55 min. class
integrates aerobic exercise for heart
fitness, resistance training for strength
and stability, stretching and mobility.
BollyX ...the workout is a Bollywood-inspired dance fitness program
that combines dynamic choreography
with upbeat music.
Cardio Interval...30 minutes
of cardio exercise (dance, step)
followed by 30 minutes of mat work,
standing resistance and weight work,
abdominals and stretch.
CXWORX™...30-min. core class
using tubes, weight plates and body
weight honing in on abs, glutes, back
obliques and “slings”.
Chair Exercise...gain strength,
flexibility and endurance with exercises done while seated in a chair.
Standing work beneficial for those
with mobility problems includes balance, while using chair for stability.
Les Mills RPM...is a cycling workout
that delivers maximum results. Music
takes you on a journey of hills, sprints
and flats. Register on Turboroster.
Muscle Mix...An intense interval workout
increasing your heart rate and lose fat.
Senior Fit...a 45 minute class designated but not limited to the over
50 fitness enthusiast. This format
includes light cardio work, muscle
conditioning, balance and stretching.
Step Interval...alternating intervals
of cardio training using the step with
muscle conditioning, weights, bodybar,
flexible tubing and bands, abdominal
work and stretching.
Spinning®, Johnny G...a group
cycling class for all fitness levels.
Water bottles mandatory. NO FEE but
must register at turborster.com.
Tai Chi...One of the worlds oldest
forms of martial arts. Tai Chi is based
on forms of movement utilizing a
balance of mind, spirit and body. It
will strengthen the heart, muscles
and mind, as well as improve your
balance. Tai Chi is suitable for all ages.
Yoga...Vinyasa (Flow) is a traditional
form of Yoga using breath to
transition between poses. All levels
Join our aquatics fitness classes for a workout
gentle on the joints and a great cross training
tool. Our six-lane, 25 yard indoor pool with
natural lighting, is perfect for an effective
workout using water - not your body weight as resistance. Free to all JCC members.
Aqua Challenge ... a 45 minute water class
with minimal impact on your joints. Tools are
used to increase the resistance of the water
leading to a satisfying yet very effective class.
A challenging cardio and strength workout in
the water, improves endurance and flexibility.
Deep Water ... a 45 minute class that is done
while suspended in the deep end of the pool with
the use of a flotation belt. This is a non-impact
exercise that will suit most people, including
those with weight or joint problems. Work on
building strength in your core muscle groups
(abdominal/back). It’s a real calorie burner!
H.I.I.T. the Water ... Short bursts of intense
effort followed by periods of recovery in the
water! Boost your metabolism without the stress
on your body.
Hydrorider Aquabikes ... Cycling in an
aquatic environment provides an excellent
cardiovascular workout while taking
advantage of the many benefits of water
training. Buoyancy allows those suffering
from joint, muscle or bone pain to exercise.
Spin-on-Water ... A 60 minute deep water
class just like a spin class on a spin bike except that you will be in the water!
Waterworks ... a 45 min. minimal impact class
that focuses on basic movements and patterns
designed to gently condition muscles, improve
range of motion. You do not need to know how
to swim.
Water In Motion™ ... the newest aqua workout
providing low impact/high energy challenge for all
participants, all ages, skills and fitness levels
choreographed to music. A 60 min. water workout.
Elaine Drawbridge, Fitness Director x 230 I edrawbridge@worcesterjcc.org
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
Work 1 : 1 with a JCC certified Personal Trainer to develop a
program that best suits your fitness schedule (day or night)
and needs. When you meet with your trainer, your health
and workout history will be assessed and your goals will be
discussed. Based on those goals and your schedule, a fitness
plan will be developed including cardiovascular exercise,
strength training and flexibility training.
The Trainers at the JCC are nationally certified professionals
with extensive experience. Sessions are available in the
following specialties: Strength and Fitness, Water, Pilates,
Athletic Performance, Postrehab, Balance and Mobility training.
Stott Pilates® PT - Reformer Or Mat Ages 15+
Aqua Personal Training
“The goal of any Pilates program is to rebalance the muscles
around each joint and restore the optimal level of postural
stability and functional movement.” STOTT PILATES®
Why train in the water? The buoyancy of water reduces a person’s
weight by about 90% decreasing stress on weight-bearing joints,
bones and muscles. Hydrostatic pressure aids aching joints,
making aquatic exercise beneficial to those who suffer from
inflammatory disease. Contact Elaine regarding the J’s certified
aquatic trainers through Dr. Igor Burdenko, the leading authority
on Aquatic Exercise and Therapy.
STOTT PRO REFORMER - is suitable for all types of clients from
athletes to rehab participants, to older adults and to regular
fitness enthusiasts. Reformer work will enhance torso stability and
strength, joint stability, flexibility, balance and coordination.
MAT WORK - Apply STOTT PILATES® principles of core stability,
breathing and alignment to all exercises. Modifications for specific
body types, postural issues and conditions. Small equipment added
for variety and specific needs.
Youth Fitness: Ages 11 - 15 Jr. Fitness Center Training
The JCC offers a two hour supervised program to prepare teens
for proper training with specific strength conditioning and
cardiovascular exercise in the Fitness Center. A Fitness Center
membership is required and upon successful completion of
this course, teens can use the Fitness Center and a marker will
be added to the JCC membership card indicating completion of
this course. To make an appointment contact Elaine Drawbridge,
Fitness Director, x 230. 2/1 hour sessions...$70.
Athletic Performance Training: Grades 8 - college
This program will focus on sports specific training for speed,
agility, power and strength enhancement. Athletes will participate
in a combination of exercises to improve athletic performance.
Youth Personal Training: Ages 11 - 17
This program is offered either 1 : 1 or 2 : 1 with a personal trainer.
The Youth Fitness-Personal Training program offers an individual
fitness program for young adults (ages 11-17). The program
includes strength, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, and
injury prevention. Whether the goal is to improve overall fitness or
a sports related goal, a personal training program designed under
the watchful eye of a JCC trainer allows for a successful experience.
The Pink Program
Several personal trainers skilled in the needs of breast cancer
survivors are available. For patients, surgery can damage muscles,
leading to weakness in the shoulder, changes in posture and
limited range of motion. Chemo drugs can affect balance and bone
density, elevating the risk of fractures. Pink Program personal
training offers a way to progressively increase strength, flexibility
and mobility. Survivors can experience significant decrease in pain
and depression through gentle, progressive exercise.
Free Fitness Assessment
As part of your JCC membership, you receive a MicroFit
state of the art fitness and wellness evaluation along
with an orientation to the JCC Fitness Center and suggestions for your participation in JCC fitness
programming. MicroFit’s “State of the Art” Fitness and Wellness Evaluations will measure your Lifestyle
Choices, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Body Composition (% Fat), Aerobic Fitness, Strength and Flexibility.
We call this the SmartStart approach. Call Elaine to make an appointment.
Elaine Drawbridge
Fitness Director x 230
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
Small Group Training is free with your JCC membership. A monthly
schedule will let you know what we are offering in our 30+ Small
Group classes. There is a maximum class size from 6 (Boxing) to 16
(RPM) and registration is required through Turboroster to secure
your spot. You will be notified of your spot when you register,
or when your name is selected. Class type varies in length 30
minutes – GRIT; HIIT the Water; or 60 minutes - Spin/TRX; Boxing
Circuit. This type of training is free to all members. It should not be
confused with “customized” Small Group Training where you pick
the type of training and the day and time that works for you and
you’re small group. All that is needed is a few people!!
Elaine Drawbridge
John Dietel
Sharon Dwelley
Brenda Germain
Slavka Johnson
Sharon LaPointe
Stacie Lavine
Mary MacAdam
Sue Manero
Cheryl Mita
Peltier Bender
Sandy Seale
Customized Small Group Training With a minimum of four “like minded people” the JCC can schedule a weekly small group training session.
TRX® Suspension Training® was created by Navy SEAL Teams trying
to stay fit while deployed to places where time is of the essence and
gyms didn’t exist. Suspension training bodyweight exercise develops
strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. 1 hour class, 1 x/week.
Les Mills G.R.I.T.™ Series Research proves that the GRIT H.I.I.T. workout
delivers accelerated fat-burning and hormonal benefits that enhance
health and wellbeing. They recommend 2-3 G.R.I.T. classes/week to
maximize benefits.
TRX / SPIN 30 minutes of strength based TRX moves followed by 30
minutes of cardio on the spin bike.
TRX for Seniors Increase stability, balance and gain a stronger core
with exercises performed on the TRX suspension trainer.
Hills, Jumps & Sprints / SPIN
30 minute session will include hill climb w/sprint bursts.
Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a technique that helps
people maximize the effectiveness of stretching without causing the sort of discomfort that keeps a lot of us away from it.
Postural Alignment Pilates-based class integrated with stabilization tools like the half foam roller, stability balls, therabands, and light weights. The class is designed to lengthen
Hydrorider Aquabikes Cycling in an aquatic environment
tight muscles, mobilize the hips and shoulders, and challenge
provides an excellent cardiovascular workout while taking
advantage of the many benefits of water training. Buoyancy allows core strength and stability. Participants must be able to get
up and down off of the floor.
those suffering from joint, muscle or bone pain to exercise.
Aqua H.I.I.T. H.I.I.T. techniques utilized within a 1/2 hour class.
Training in the water delivers accelerated fat-burning and hormonal
benefits without the impact on joints.
Boxing (gloves & wraps required) 1 hour class implementing
drills, jump ropes, heavy bag, speed bag, mitts and core! Build
cardio endurance, muscle tone and relieve stress!
Yoga Reduce stress and build strength, flexibility and balance
in this gentle Kripalu yoga small group session.
1:1 or Semi Private Personal Training Rates: Functional I TRX I Aqua I Pilates I Youth
Member Rates
Non-member Rates
Private: 1 session (1 hr.).... $60
5 sessions ........... $290
10 sessions .......... $580
Private: 1 session (1 hr.).... $68
5 sessions ........... $330
10 sessions .......... $660
Semi Private:
2 people in the same time slot
1 session (1 hr.).... $96 ($48 pp)
5 sessions ........... $456 ($228 pp)
Semi Private:
2 people in the same time slot
1 session (1 hr.).... $110 ($55 pp)
5 sessions............ $520 ($260 pp)
Elaine Drawbridge, Fitness Director, x 230 to schedule an appointment
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
Toddler Child Care - 7:30am—5:30pm
The program is designed to meet the emotional, social, cognitive,
and physical needs of children from 15 months to 2.8 years. The
quality curriculum includes art, music, story time, dramatic play,
gross motor and fine motor activities.
K’tonton Program - 9:00am—11:30am
Extended lunch option - 11:30am—1pm
Age 2 by December 31. K’tonton provides a safe and nurturing
part-time “first classroom” experience for toddlers. The
curriculum includes free-play, gym, art, music and story time.
Preschool Core Program
3 year olds: 9am—11:30am
4 & 5 Year olds: 9am—1pm
Extended options available from 7:30am—5:30pm
The program provides a comprehensive classroom experience
for 3 to 5 year-olds (children must be 3 by December 31).
Separate classrooms insure an age-appropriate environment and
curriculum. We emphasize the social, emotional, physical, and
cognitive development. Children engage in gross and fine motor play,
art, science, reading readiness, and dramatic play. Weekly swim, gym,
cooking, music sessions, and BORN TO MOVE™ Kids Fitness Classes.
Pre-K Building Skills for Kindergarten 9am—1pm
• Continuing development of cognitive, social, and emotional
skills through more in depth investigations and project work
• Pre-math, pre-reading and motor skills
• Music Class, Swim Instruction, Cooking
Interim Care / Vacation Programs Additional fee
Child care is available during school vacations and holidays.
*New this year! - discounted rates available for preschoolers
enrolled for 40 weeks.
Sandy Scola
Early Childhood Director, x 258
Robin Burwick
Associate Early Childhood Director, x 225
Our complete array of licensed Early Childhood
Programs are designed to provide a loving,
Accredited State of the Art
supportive, fun and secure program where
Early Childhood Center
children can learn and grow. We are accredited
by the National Association for the Education of Young
Children, a national agency whose accreditation is based on a
rigorous evaluation of staff qualifications, health and safety,
environment, child-staff interaction, and curriculum.
Schedule Options:5 days: Mon.—Fri.
3 days: Mon./Wed./Fri.
2 days: Tues./Thurs.
Extended Preschool Modules
Extended day modules provide additional preschool experience for children and greater flexibility for parents in scheduling child care. Choose days/modules to fit your schedule.
7:30—9:00 am - Early Morning
11:30 am—1:00 pm - Lunch option for 3 year olds
1:00—3:30 pm - Rest and Fine Motor Activities
3:30—5:30 pm - Late Afternoon Enrichment
• Full and Part-Time
• Certified, Professional Teachers
• Gross & Fine Motor Activities
• EEC Licensed
• 2, 3, 5 Day Options
• Small Class Size
• Music
• Gym
• Dramatic Play
• Storytime
• Art
• Cooking
Born To Move™
Building a healthier future setting up the new generation for a
life of good physical health,emotional well being, and positive
self-esteem. Children will fall in love with music and movement! Preschoolers participate once a week in Born To Move™.
Preschool Summer Camp
This amazing summer experience is designed for young children. Your child will explore and share many adventures including Red Cross swim, music, sports, arts, cookouts, Israeli
culture and nature. Preschool staff is composed of licensed
preschool teachers and experienced counselors.
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
Our EEC licensed after school program is for children (grades K-6) and meets after
school, Mon.—Fri. until 5:30pm with an extended care option from 5:30—6pm, Sept.
to June. Trained staff provide low child to teacher ratios. Children engage in daily
enrichment activities, supervised homework help and use of our state-of-the-art
facility including pool, gym and playground.
The program follows the Worcester Public School calendar and makes every effort
to accommodate Holden elementary schools for days when these schools are open
and the Worcester Public Schools are closed. Transportation is provided from:
Worcester Schools: Chandler Magnet, Flagg St., May St., Midland St., Nelson Place,
West Tatnuck, Tatnuck Magnet, Norrback Avenue, and Abby Kelley and Holden
Schools: Dawson and Davis Hill Elementary.
• Homework Support • Daily Snack • Swimming on Mondays
• Basketball Courts • Indoor Sports • Rock Climbing Wall • Arts and Crafts
• Science Projects • EEC licensed
• Learn New Skills • Sports
• New State-of-the-Art Playground
School Vacation Programs 2017—2018 Grades K-6 (members &
nonmembers) on days that the Worcester Public Schools are closed. Details
and pricing available online prior to scheduled dates.
October 6 (Fri.) October 9 (Mon.)
November 10 (Fri.)
November 22-23
December 26—January 1
January 15 (Mon.)
February 19—23
March 30
April 16—20
Staff Development
Columbus Day
Veterans’ Day
Thanksgiving Break
December Vacation
Martin Luther King Day
Winter Vacation
No School Day
Spring Vacation
Snow Camp The JCC Snow Camp is for grades K-6 when Worcester Public
Schools are cancelled due to weather. Camp is 8:30am—5:30pm
(extreme weather conditions may alter the schedule). Children do activities
such as swimming, gym play, art and more.
Holden Days Off In addition to the vacation dates, we
offer a program for Holden children with transportation
from Dawson, Davis Hill and Mayo:
An early payment fee of $105/M, $132/NM is payable by Friday, November 3, 2017
for the first 3 snow days.
Sept. 21 (Thurs.) JCC closed March 8 (Thurs.) 1/2 Day
After November 3, 2017, $114/M, $138/NM for the first 3 snow days.
Oct. 26 (Thurs.) 1/2 Day
March 29 (Thurs.) 1/2 Day
Nov. 9 (Fri.) Full Day
May 14 (Mon.) Full Day
Additional snow days for full season participants will be billed at the rate of
$40/per day/members, $50/per day/nonmembers.
Nov. 10 (Fri.) Full Day
May 25 (Fri.) 1/2 Day
Drop-ins will be accepted on a space available basis at the rate of $53/per
Megan Catlin
day/members, $63/per day/nonmembers.
After School Program Director x 238
SNOW CAMP POLICY: If your child stays home on a snow camp day for any reason,
you cannot carry forward a credit or receive a refund for the day not used. Should there
be fewer than 3 snow camp days run by the JCC, you will receive a refund for the
number of days paid that snow camp is not in session. No refunds for unused snow days.
Snow Camp is free for children enrolled in the 5-day after school program for the full
school year.
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
Ben McCue
Assistant Youth Director x 231
The Teen Department is dedicated to providing fun and meaningful programs for
students in grades 7-12. Our caring and qualified staff helps develop educational, social,
and leadership skills.
Teen Events Watch for notices of fall pool party, apple picking, dances, and more.
Visit our Facebook page or sign up for our teen email notifications of our social and
community service event.
Teen Lounge Play games, watch movies or hang with your friends at the teen lounge!
Open Tuesday—Thursday from 5—7pm. Free of charge.
Community Service Program Prepare your teen for college and applications! We
partner with South High Community School. Teens (Grades 10-12) work to supply South
High’s food and clothing pantries. Teens participate in activities and learn supply chain
creation, management, proper budgeting, negotiation, and problem solving. In return,
Teens may be offered letters of recommendation, team building field trips, possible
stipends, and more.
Tali Mugg, Teen Director, x 245, tmugg@worcesterjcc.org
Pool Party • Born to Move • Sports Party • Design Your Own Party
All Parties $195/M, $240/NM. 90 minute staff supervised parties for 15 children.
Additional guests $6/M, $7/NM
All parties September—May
Megan Catlin, Youth Director, 508-756-7109 x 238 , mcatlin@worcesterjcc.org
Building a healthier future through BORN TO MOVE™ setting up the new generation
for a life of good physical health,emotional wellbeing, and positive self-esteem.
Children will fall in love with music and movement! They will experience the joy of
moving to choreography that lets them master moves quickly with a certified Born
to Move instructor. It’s original, it’s fun, it lets them shine! Classes start in September.
Elaine Drawbridge, Fitness Director, x 230 to schedule an appointment
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
Preschool Summer Camp Ages 2 - 5
Preschool summer program is an amazing summer experience designed for young
children. As part of the JCC’s Early Childhood Department, it provides an exciting and
developmentally appropriate program for each age group.
Day Camp...Lower Unit: Grades entering 1 & 2 in fall 2017
Day Camp...Upper Unit: Grades entering 3 - 6 in fall 2017
Day Camp immerses children in a variety of enriching camp experiences and
provides happiness and smiles on campers’ faces! Our curriculum focuses on
activities that enable children to grow, build relationships, and develop selfesteem. Sports, swimming, climbing tower, an art program and much more!
Day Camp offers 1 week sessions of summer day camp: June—August 2018.
Transportation offered from the Westboro/Shrewsbury area round-trip.
Extended day modules: Monday—Friday from 7:30-9:00 am and 4:00-5:30 pm
Summer Sports Camps
The Sports Camps provide expert instruction in a supportive atmosphere of fun and
camaraderie. Our primary emphasis is on skill and technique complemented by an
appreciation of teamwork and strategy. Campers enjoy outdoor ball fields, basketball
and tennis courts, 25 yard indoor and outdoor pools, and gymnastics studio.
All camps are co-ed. Summer Sports Camps include Thursday lunch cookouts.
Teen Travel Camps - Entering Grades 7 - 10 in the fall 2017
A week long travel camp. Local day trips to Boston, Six Flags and more!
Stay tuned for details in February!
TAF Junior Triathlon Camp - Grades 3 - 6 and Grades 7 - 10
The TAF Junior Triathlon Camp is designed to introduce kids from grades 3-10 to
the exciting sport of triathlon.
LIT - Leaders In Training Program - Grades 7 - 8
Designed to bridge the gap between Day Camp and the CIT program, this is the
first step towards becoming a camp counselor. LIT offers 8 - 1 week sessions of
day camp: June through August. Monday-Friday, 9 am—4 pm.
CIT - Counselor In Training Program - Grades 9 - 10
A program designed to teach skills in working with younger children, as well as peer
relations, child development, and leadership. Prepares teens to be camp counselors.
CIT offers 4; 2 week sessions, June—August. Monday—Friday, 9 am—4 pm.
Camp JCC Teen Internship High School Juniors & Seniors
A volunteer community service internship. You will learn about being a role
model to campers, develop leadership skills and acquire tools for working
with children and peers. Interns work directly with groups of campers, under
the supervision of camp staff and the Assistant Camp Director. An interview is
required for entry into the program. Teen Internship offers 4 - 2 week sessions,
June through August / Monday-Friday, 9 am—4 pm.
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
The JCC facility includes two pools, indoor and outdoor with a separate
wading pool, and a comprehensive schedule of programs and classes. Take
the plunge into our six-lane 25 yard indoor pool! It’s perfect for a leisurely
swim or an effective workout using water, not your body weight as resistance.
Adult Swim Fit
Workouts focused on stroke technique and development without
overwhelming intense training, utilizing drills and group workouts.
Adult Beginner Swim Lessons
Do you have water insecurities? Do you not know where to start? Do you
want to restart your swimming? It’s never too late to learn to swim!
Aqua Personal Training
The Aquatics Department offers courses such as:
• Lifeguard training courses and recertification
• WSI courses
• Aquatics employment opportunities
• Sports specialty camp swim program
• Preschool Program and Day Camp Red Cross
swim programs
Private/Semi Private Lessons
When group lesson times don’t fit your schedule
or one-on-one instruction meets your needs, we
offer private/semi private lessons. We can teach
you to swim at any age and specialize in lessons
for those who have “water issues”.
Private Swim Lessons
$35/M $40/NM ....... 30 minutes / Aquatics Staff
$40/M $45/NM ....... 30 minutes / Aquatics Director
Member Package Special: 5 lessons $165 ....... 30 minutes / Aquatics Staff
5 lessons $190 ....... 30 minutes / Aquatics Director
Semi-Private Swim Lessons (2 students)
$50/M $60/NM ......30 minutes / Aquatics Staff
($25/M swimmer)($30/NM swimmer)
$60/M $70/NM ......30 minutes / Aquatics Director
($30/M swimmer)($35/NM swimmer)
Elaine Drawbridge, JCC Fitness & Group Ex. Director offers personal training
in the water and on land. Elaine is certified by Igor Burdenko, the leading
authority on Aquatic Exercise and Therapy. Elaine leads clients through an
Aquatic based workout customized to the individual’s needs and abilities.
Aqua Aerobics
Our fitness classes are gentle on the joints and a great cross training tool.
Group Lessons
We offer the American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program for preschool
through grade 6 as well as a Parent/Tot swim class for children 6 months–3
years and their parents/guardians. Our staff of experienced and certified
instructors are ready to provide swimmers with the skills to be safe in the
water and improve swimming abilities and technique. Our lessons range
from preschool classes through Levels 1-4. Group lessons are offered during
the week, after school and also on the weekends.
Summer Swim Weeks
• Prepare your children for a summer of fun and a lifetime of safety
•Preschool programs focus on water exploration, comfort,and water safety
• K-6 programs use the Red Cross progressive swim program
Wahoo Swim Club
A noncompetitive technique based swim program that will focus on technically
and proficiently developing the components and skills in all four racing strokes.
Two levels are offered, developmental level and advanced technical level.
Developmental level will build on skills learned in the JCC instructional
program. Various drills and activities will provide technique correction on all
four strokes and introduce proper form for flip turns, racing dives in noncompetitive, fun and rewarding atmosphere.
Advanced technical group will include drills and that will provide critical
stroke technique correction in all four racing strokes, flip turns and racing
starts. Increased strength, endurance and reviewing of rules and regulations
on competitive swimming as a stepping stone for high school or other competitive swim programs.
Kelly Sampson, Aquatics Director, x 235, ksampson@worcesterjcc.org
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
Little Dribblers Ages 3-5. This class teaches the fundamentals of passing,
dribbling and shooting on our adjustable hoops. Session available in fall,
winter and spring.
MASH - More After School Hoops Grades 1-6. Mash works on skills,
contests and scrimmages.
Jr. NBA Youth Basketball 5 years & grades K to 8. Youth Basketball
teaches a combination of fundamental skill work, fun contests, and weekly
organized league games. Preseason fall 2016, regular season winter 2017.
Teen Grades 9-12. Winter 2017.
Stronger Team Basketball Performance Training Grades 8-College.
3 sessions September, October, November.
Adult Basketball Leagues Open division for 18+, B Division. Men’s,
Women’s and “Over 30” leagues available participants must 18 years and
older. League available winter, spring, summer and fall.
Sunday Morning Pick-Up Basketball Games Ages 15+ 7am—9am.
Core Strength And Conditioning Pre And Post Seasons
Baseball Ages 3-5. T-Ball teaches basic baseball skills such as throwing,
Micro Soccer Ages 3-5 Emphasis on skills, team
play, and fun. An active introductory program.
Super Soccer Stars Ages 12 months - 7 years.
Super Soccer Stars is a Boston-based company.
Their goal is to teach soccer skills in a fun, noncompetitive, educational environment. Their
philosophy is to use soccer to nurture, to build
self-confidence, and to develop teamwork in
every class. Their specially designed curricula use
positive reinforcement and a low child-to-coach
ratio to ensure that each child improves at his or
her own rate while having endless fun.
hitting and base running.
Summer Sports Camps
(grades prek-12)
Fencing Ages 7+. The Blackstone Valley Fencing Academy trains fencers to excel
All Sports I Basketball I Rich Gedman Baseball
both in the sport and their personal life promoting self confidence and self
reliance. They’ve helped students reach their goals competing in local, regional,
and national levels of fencing; and also as NCAA fencers. Learn the language of
fencing; en guard, attack, parry, rispote, touchez, in a friendly environment.
Gymnastics Ages 3-5. Preschool Gymnastics will introduce tumbling and the
apparatus appropriate for their age and development.
Karate Ages 8 to adult. JCC Karate Club offers traditional instruction in the
Japanese art of Hirano Wado-ryu Karate. Classes are taught by Ronald Teixeira,
Sandan. Training is highly cardiovascular incorporating Kihon (basics), Kata
(forms), Kumite (sparring) and aikido/ju-jitsu based self-defense.
Gymnastics I Soccer I TAF Junior Triathlon
Our camps provide expert sports instruction in
an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie. Emphasis
is on skill and technique complemented by an
appreciation of teamwork and strategy. Our camp
is a coed, safe, and productive place. Sports
campers make use of the JCC’s athletic facilities:
Outdoor ball fields, outdoor basketball and tennis
courts, 25 yard indoor and outdoor pools, dance
studio and cardio kickbox room.
Pre-school Gym Programs Ages 3-5. We offer children their first organized
sports experience in a wide variety of sports and activities. Children learn in
this age-appropriate program through movement exploration using sports
as a vehicle to grow. Classes Monday—Friday; 1:15—2:00 pm.
Bob Berman, Health & PE Director, x 233, bberman@worcesterjcc.org
John Dietel, Asst. PE & Fitness Director, x 243, jdietel@worcesterjcc.org
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
JCC adult programs offer opportunities to engage your mind,
pursue new hobbies, sharpen skills, reduce stress, and tone and
strengthen your body. We provide many ways to help members
come together, meet new friends or meet up with old friends
and socialize. We offer a variety of programming from discussion
groups and classes, to author and film events, day trips, concerts,
lectures, kosher lunches and Jewish holiday celebrations.
JCC Author Series*
Literary events featuring an eclectic line-up of both emerging
and prominent authors. Free and open to the public. Book
signing and dessert reception follow each lecture.
Film Events*
See our newsletter, “CenterNews,” for information on the Central
Mass Jewish Film Festival (CMJFF) and other film showings.
*Programs made possible by a generous grant from the Jewish Federation of Central Mass.
JCC Gallery
The JCC Art Gallery is located in the lobby and main corridors.
Each year features exhibits by local artists. Work that has been
displayed includes, painting, collage, sculpture, black and white
and color photography, and even an occasional JCC members’
show. Most art is for sale and a portion of the proceeds benefits
the Cultural Arts Department ... you can purchase art while
supporting the Arts at the JCC!
Information & Referrals
Nancy Greenberg, Adult Director, is available to you for
information and referrals to local resources, including housing,
health, and social issues.
Volunteer Opportunities
We need occasional “subs” to fill in at our congregate lunch
program. Please contact Nancy at 508.756.7109 x 232; ngreenberg@
worcesterjcc.org about this and other volunteer opportunities.
Senior Adult Lounge
Our comfortable lounge is used for programs, lunches, holiday
celebrations and more. Stop by during other hours and have a
cup of coffee and kibitz with friends. Walkers and a wheelchair
are available for those with limited mobility.
Lunch Out
Supervised by the Worcester JCC, a hot, delicious home-style
kosher lunch is served every Tuesday and Thursday at 12 noon at
Bet Shalom Apartments, 475 Chandler St., Worcester. Suggested
donation $3.50. Transportation available. Register by 12 noon the
day before by calling Nancy Greenberg.
Van transportation is provided through the Gery & Emil Eisenberg
Assisted Living Residence (EAL). Transportation is available during
the week for medical appointments. For information, please call
the Gery & Emil Eisenberg Assisted Living (EAL) Residence at
• Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm by calling 508-757-0981.
• The van runs within a 15 minute (not mile) radius of the JCC
• One-way fee is $3. To attend Lunch-Out and/or a program at the JCC, the one-way fee is $2.
• You must have an affiliation with an organization or agency in the Jewish community.
• WEDNESDAY Grocery Shopping is a free service, thanks to
the Lorraine Fay Linder Grocery Shopping Fund. The shuttle
currently runs 2 Wednesdays a month from 1—4 pm, to Price
Chopper on Park Avenue or Shaw’s on Gold Star Boulevard in
Worcester. Schedule is subject to change. Reservations must
be made by the previous Friday, 508.757.0981.
Nancy Greenberg, Cultural Arts & Senior Adult Director, x 232, ngreenberg@worcesterjcc.org
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
Staff Receipt
Worcester JCC
633 Salisbury Street
Worcester, MA 01609
508.756.7109 • worcesterjcc.org
Last Name of Participant
Home Mailing Address
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Work Phone
Other Phone(s)
E-mail Address
Parent/Guardian Name (if participant is under 18)
Emergency Contact (Other than parent if participant is under 18.)
Emergency Contact Relationship
Emergency Contact’s Phone
Allergies/Medications/Limitations (Please list and explain.)
Please check all that apply:
 JCC Member
 Non-Member
 Senior Non-Member  Senior Adult Club
 Full-Time JCC Staff
 Part-Time JCC Staff
How did you find out about this program? (Please be specific.)
Participant First Name(s)
Additional person(s) allowed to pick up my children
Program Name
Program Code
If you are submitting this form as a modification of a previously submitted form, please add $25 to your total.
Please consider a gift to the JCC Scholarship Fund to assist others with financial hardships.
Pick Up/Drop Off Instructions (if applicable):
 Cash
 Check made payable to the Worcester JCC
 Visa  MasterCard
Check no. _________
Name on Credit Card
Credit Card Number
Credit Card Expiration Date
3 or 4-Digit Security Code
Authorized Signature
Waiver of Responsibility
I wish to participate and/or give my children permission to participate in the Worcester Jewish Community
Center (“JCC”) activities and/or use the JCC equipment and/or facility. I understand that even when
every reasonable precaution is taken, accidents can sometimes happen. Therefore, in exchange for the
JCC allowing me to participate in JCC activities and/or use of the JCC equipment and/or use of the JCC
equipment and/or facility, I understand and expressly acknowledge that I release the JCC and its staff
members from all liability for any injury, loss, or damage connected in any way whatsoever to my (or my
children’s) participation in JCC activities and/or use of the JCC equipment and/or facility, whether on or
off JCC’s premises. I authorize JCC staff to act on their best judgment in the event of an emergency;
including transporting myself or my child(ren) to the hospital and authorizing treatment by a physician.
I understand that this release includes any claims based on the negligence, action, or inaction of the JCC,
its employees, independent contractors, directors, members and guests. I have read and am voluntarily
signing this authorization and release. I understand that the JCC is not responsible for personal property
lost, damaged or stolen while members and/or program participants are using JCC facilities or are on JCC
premises, including all lost, damaged or stolen property caused by the negligence of the JCC, its employees,
independent contractors, directors, members and guests. I understand the JCC does not offer medical
insurance relating to all accidents and/or injuries that may result from my or my family’s participation in JCC
activities. I will be responsible for maintaining any appropriate medical insurance for myself or my children.
Payment & Refund Policy
• All classes and activities must be paid in full prior to the start of the activity.
• Activities dropped or changed prior to the first scheduled class will receive a 100% refund, less a
$25 processing fee.
• No refund/credit if participant withdraws or makes changes after the starting date of the
• Credit will not be issued for days missed.
• Registration will not be confirmed without payment.
• Your payment is your reservation.
• The JCC reserves the right to cancel an activity due to low enrollment or other factors. In
these cases, full refunds will be issued.
• A $35 service fee will be issued for insufficient funds.
• A $25 administrative fee will be issued for any changes made to your registration.
I give my permission to the JCC to use without limitation and obligation, photographs, film footage, or tape
recordings which may include my (or my family’s) image or voice for purposes of promoting or interpreting
JCC programs.
I have read and am voluntarily signing this authorization and release. I accept and acknowledge all terms described above.
Signature (Must be 18 years of age or older.)
White Copy: Registrar | Yellow Copy: Program Office | Pink Copy: Participant — Updated 7.22.2016
Sample of a monthly small group schedule
6:30am GRIT Cardio
9:30am GRIT Strength
9:15am Spin/TRX
6:00am GRIT Plyo
8:00am GRIT Plyo
6:00am GRIT in the Pool
8:00am Hydrorider
6:30pm Hydrorider
6 7
6:00pm GRIT Plyo
9:30am GRIT Cardio
9:15am Spin/TRX
6:30am GRIT Plyo
6:00am GRIT Plyo
6:00am GRIT in the Pool
8:00am GRIT Strength
8:00am Hydrorider
6:30pm Hydrorider
6:00pm GRIT Strength
6:30am GRIT Strength
9:30am GRIT Plyo
9:15am RPM
6:00am GRIT Plyo
6:00am GRIT in the Pool
8:00am GRIT Cardio
8:00am Hydrorider
6:30pm Hydrorider
6:00pm GRIT Cardio
21 22 23
6:30am GRIT Cardio
9:30am GRIT Strength
9:15am RPM
6:00am GRIT Plyo
8:00am GRIT Plyo
6:00am GRIT in the Pool
8:00am Hydrorider
6:30pm Hydrorider
No Group Classes August 27 - September 4
Customized Small Group Training
With a minimum of four “like minded people” The JCC can
schedule a weekly small group training session. Contact
Elaine Drawbridge x 230 or edrawbridge@worcesterjcc.org
Register for classes on Turboroster.com
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
Sample of a monthly small group schedule
Body Step
8:00 AM
(Lisa KG.)
(Joe & Sharon)
(Elaine, 30 min)
Just Dance, Dance, Dance
RPM (Debby)
Deep H2O
(Elaine, 30 min)
Athletic Step
(Stacie, 30 min)
BodyVive Active [SG]
(Mary, 30 min)
Chair Exercise
(Brenda) [A]
(Stacie, 30 min)
11:15 AM
Senior Fit
HIIT Spin (Dana)
Deep H2O
Senior Fit
BodyVive Active
(Mary, 55 min.)
Aqua Challenge
Spin (MaryKate)
Zumba (Alina)
BodyVive Active
(Heather, 55 min.)
Water In Motion
Senior Fit
Muscle Mix
(Deb, 30 min)
Spin (Heather)
CX Worx, 30 min
8:00AM, 30 min
Step Interval
(1 hr.s with Cheryl)
HIIT the Water
Chair Ex
(Sandy) [A]
Peak Spin
Chair Exercise
(Brenda) [A]
BodyVive Active
(Heather, 55 min.)
(Cheryl M.)
Water In Motion
BodyVive Active
(Elaine, 30 min)
(Lisa T.)
(Cheryl & Sharon
will alternate)
CX Worx
(Sharon, 30 min)
Muscle Mix
Senior Fit
Aqua Challenge
CxWorx (Shanna)
Spin (MaryKate)
Times and classes subject to change. Watch for
JAlert for any changes. 30 minute classes can be
taken alone or in combination with other classes.
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
Adult Lap Swim (6 Lanes Open)
Lap Swim
(6 lanes open)
Lap Swim
(6 lanes open)
Lap Swim
(6 lanes open)
Lap Swim
(6 Lanes Open)
Indoor Pool Adult Lap Swim
Open & Lap
(*2 lap lanes open)
(*2 lap lanes open)
Deep Water
(*2 lap lanes open)
(*2 Lap Lanes Open)
9—12PM Open & Lap
Open & Lap
Open & Lap
Summer Camps
(1 lane open 9:30—12)
(no lane on rainy days)
Summer Camps
(1 Lane Open 9:30—12)
(No Lane On Rainy Days)
Summer Camps
(1 lap lane open)
(no lane on rainy days)
Senior Swim
(1 Adult Lane Open)
Open Lap Swim
Summer Camps
(1 Lap Lane Open)
(No Lane On Rainy Days)
12— 2PM
Adult Lap Swim
Cari Lynn
(*2 Lap Lanes Open)
Summer Camps
Open & Lap
(1 lane open 9:30—12)
(no lane on rainy days) 9:30—12:00PM
Summer Camps
Summer Camps
(1 lane open 9:30—12)
(1 Lane Open 9:30—12) 12—12:55PM
(no lane on rainy days)
(No Lane On Rainy Days) Senior Swim
(1 adult lane open)
12—12:55PM 1—2:30PM
Senior Swim
Summer Camps
(1 adult lane open)
(1 Adult Lane Open)
(1 lap lane open)
(no lane on rainy days) 1—2:30PM
Summer Camps
Summer Camps
(1 lap lane open)
(1 Lap Lane Open)
(no lane on rainy days)
(No Lane On Rainy Days) Open Lap Swim
Swim Lessons
(*2 lap lanes open)
Swim Lessons
(*2 lap lanes open)
Swim Lessons
(*2 lap lanes open)
(*2 Lap Lanes Open)
5—6PM Open & Lap
Aqua Challenge
Marje (2 lanes open)
Aqua Challenge
(2 lanes open)
7pm—9PM Open & Lap
Open & Lap
5—6PM Open & Lap
Adult Lap Swim
Open Lap Swim
For opening/closing/class
cancellations call 508.756.7135
See separate schedule for outdoor pool
*2 lanes available subject to change
NO CHILDREN in the pool during
Senior Swim & Aqua Aerobics
(Deep Water, Waterworks, Aqua
Challenge & Water in Motion)
Depending on class size – only
one lane may be open
Check Worcesterjcc.org for the current schedule.
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Open Gym
7:00 AM – 9:30 AM Open Gym
9:00 AM – 5:15 PM
Youth Basketball - Starts 11/07
9:30 AM – 11:30 PM Pre-School Gym
5:15 PM – 7:00 PM
Open Gym
11:30 AM – 1:15 PM Open Gym
1:00 PM – 1:45 PM
Pre-School Sports Classes
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM Open Gym
7:00 AM – 9:30 AM Open Gym
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM After-School Gym Classes
9:30 AM – 11:30 PM Pre-School Gym
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM Basketball Performance Training
11:30 AM – 1:15 PM Open Gym
6:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Men’s Basketball
1:00 PM – 1:45 PM
Pre-School Sports Classes
2:00 PM– 3:30 PM Open Gym
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM After-School Sports Classes
7:00 AM – 9:30 PM 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Open Gym
9:30 AM – 11:30 PM 6:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Adult Basketball Leagues
11:30 PM– 1:15 PM
1:00 PM – 1:45 PM
Open Gym
Pre-School Gym
Open Gym
Pre-School Sports Classes
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM Open Gym
7:00 AM – 9:30 PM Open Gym
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM After-School Special Gym Program
9:30 AM – 11:30 AM Pre-School Gym
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Open Gym
11:30 PM – 1:15 PM
Open Gym
1:00 PM – 1:45 PM
Pre-School Sports Classes
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Open Gym
7:00 AM - 7:00 PM 3:30 PM – 5:00PM After-School Sports Classes
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM Basketball Performance Training
6:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Adult Basketball Leagues
7:00 AM – 9:30 AM Open Gym
9:30 AM – 11:30 PM Pre-School Gym
11:30 AM – 1:15 PM Open Gym
1:00 PM – 1:45 PM
Pre-School Sports Classes
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Open Gym
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM After-School Special Gym Program
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Open Gym
6:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Adult Basketball Leagues
Open Gym
During school vacation weeks the gym is used from 7:30am – 5pm
for children enrolled in programs.
Occasionally a birthday party will be held in the gym for an hour on
Saturdays or Sundays. Check with the front desk for availability.
Check worcesterjcc.org for the current schedule.
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
General Information
Admission Policy
Last admission into the building 15 minutes prior to closing. Pool cleared
1/2 hour prior to closing.
Appropriate Behavior
We reserve the right to suspend or revoke membership or program participation privileges of those whose behavior is deemed inappropriate or
detrimental to the Center, its staff, other members and/or visitors.
Free babysitting for ages 4 months thru 10 for members participating in
JCC activities. No Saturday babysitting in the summer. Snack free zone.
Monday—Saturday 8:45 am—12 pm. Hours subject to change.
Children at the JCC
While visiting the JCC, all member children up to the age of 10 years
must be accompanied by a responsible adult. The JCC does not accept
responsibility for children in the building unless they are enrolled in
JCC supervised programs for which the child is registered. Children
11-14 years old are welcome to accompany an adult into group exercise
classes, with restrictions. Children 11-14 are also able to use the fitness
center under the supervision of a personal trainer or after completing
the YouthFit program from our personal trainers. Please see our fitness
department for details.
Financial Assistance
Scholarship assistance is available based on need. To apply, visit the kiosk
or contact Erika Austin x 276 or eaustin@worcesterjcc.org.
Inclement Weather
JCC programs and classes may be delayed or cancelled due to inclement
weather. To receive information about schedule changes, call our SNOW/
POOL line number 508.756.7135 after 5:00 am. The J Alert system will also
be activated during weather events.
J Alert Notification System
Sign up to receive JCC closing and safety information text messages.
To enroll visit www.worcesterjcc.org.
Locker Rooms
Members assume all responsibility for items left in the locker rooms
and the lockers. Please lock your lockers. Valuables should not be kept
in the lockers. Bring your own substantial lock to use for the day. Locks
kept overnight on lockers will be clipped and contents removed unless
you have an assigned locker for rent. The JCC assumes no responsibility
for items lost, stolen or damaged from our facility. Use of cell phones in
locker rooms are prohibited.
Membership Freezes
Annual members may freeze their membership once in a 12 month
period, for up to 3 consecutive months. Notice is required by the 15th of
the month preceding the requested freeze by membership freeze form.
Freeze fee is $30 regardless of duration. Freeze cannot be applied to a
portion of a membership or Early Childhood program memberships.
A medical freeze can be requested in writing with a physician’s note.
Medical freezes may be requested for up to 3 months. Contact Monica
Maher, x 236 or mmaher@worcesterjcc.org.
Program Fees
• Refunds or credits for programs shall be allowed, less a $25 administrative fee, for cancellations by participant, if notice of cancellation is received by the Center office before the starting date of the
program, unless otherwise specified. No refunds of Early Childhood,
Camp and After School Special deposits. Forfeited amounts may not
be applied to another service or program. See camp brochure for
camp payment policies. No refunds for school year programs.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
Program Fees, continued
• Full refunds or credits to accounts shall be made in the event an activity is cancelled by the Center due to insufficient registration.
• No credit or refund shall apply if participant withdraws after the
starting date of the program.
• No credit or refund for missed classes.
• A 20% admin. fee (minimum $30) are charged for approved refunds.
• Birthday Parties require a non-transferable, non-refundable deposit of
50% of the entire cost of the party to reserve the party date and time.
The remainder of the cost of the party must be paid to the receptionist
at the kiosk on the day of the party.
• No phone registrations.
• No transactions will be conducted on Saturdays.
Online Registration
See page 5.
Policies and Prices
Policies and prices are subject to change at any time without notice.
Reactivation fee
Re-activation fee for returning annual members whose membership lapsed
4 months or more is $75. Returning 6-month members will incur a reactivation fee of $75 if the membership is not renewed within a 13-month period.
Refund / Payment Policy
• Membership fees must be paid in full in advance, or in a payment plan
with 4 installments or monthly. The first payment is due at signup or
renewal. Subsequent payments are taken by the 10th of the following
month. A transaction fee of $2 per transaction will be charged for all
payment plans. All payment plans are by EFT and require a credit card or
checking account.
• 6 month membership fees may be paid in full in advance, or members
may elect to pay 50% in the first month of membership/renewal and the
balance of 50% the following consecutive month via EFT. Please add a $2
transaction fee to each payment.
• Membership cards are required for people 10 years and older. Cards
must be scanned at entrances to enter the building and to pass from
public areas to the preschool, aquatic and fitness areas. Photos are
required to be taken for the membership record of each member age 10
and older. Cards are non-transferable and a $10 fee will be charged for
each replacement card.
• A $35 charge for any returned checks will apply. A 20% administrative fee
(minimum $30) will be charged for approved refunds.
• No transactions will be conducted on Saturdays/Shabbat.
• Prices subject to change without a notice.
•Membership fee adjustments may occur in July of each year.
Traditions On Wheels®
Let’s celebrate our Jewish traditions together! This charming pushcart
program is licensed to the JCC and provides the “vehicle” for enjoyable,
informal, interactive, multi-sensory activities. The pushcart visits our lobby
and a variety of departments throughout the year, presenting programs for
High Holidays, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Hanukkah and Shabbat. (In the winter and spring, it provides enriching programs for Tu B’Shevat, Purim, Passover, Yom Ha’atzmaut and Shavuot.) Components may include traditional
food, music, useful handouts, suggestions for celebrating the holidays as
a community or at home. There is no charge for these programs. Kosher
Shabbat challah is available every Friday from September through midJune, sponsored by the Early Childhood Department. Be sure to place your
order with the kiosk staff by noon on Thursday - payment due with order.
We reserve the right to correct typographical errors.
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
MAIN NUMBER 508.756.7109 | SNOW/POOL LINE 508.756.7135
Assistant Youth Director, x231
Executive Assistant,
Registrar x 276
Membership Director, x 236
H & PE, Program & Sports Camp
Director, x 233
Accounting Manager, x 224
Cultural Arts/Adult &
Senior Adult Director, x 232
Building Superintendent, x 239
Special Projects Director, x 252
Accounts Receivable, x 248
Reception, x 221
Assistant PE & Fitness
Director, x 243
Assistant EC Director/ Co-Preschool
Summer Program Director
Publishing / Program Assistant x 227
Aquatics Director, x 235
EC Director/ Co -Preschool Summer
Program Director, x 258
Fitness Director, x 230
Assistant Membership
Director, x 226
Reception, x 221
Accounts Payable & Payroll, x 270
Reception, x 221
Teen Director/Day Camp
Consultant, x 245
Executive Director, x 246
After School Program/
Day Camp Director, x 238
508.756.7109 | WORCE S TER JCC .ORG
633 Salisbury Street
Worcester, MA 01609
2017 / 2018 REGISTRATION
P 508.756.7109 | F 508.754.3373
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
Worcester, MA
Permit No. 1929
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