(Deemed University),Indian Council of Agricultural Research
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Tel. No. 022-26361446/7/8
Fax No. 022-26361573 Web Site :
(Deemed University),Indian Council of Agricultural Research
PanchMarg, Off Yari Road, Versova, Andheri (West), Mumbai-400061
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F.No. 36-21/15-16/XII
Plan Equip./P/
Dated: 12.11.2015
1. The Director,Central Institute of Fisheries Education(Deemed University)(IndianCouncil of
Agricultural Research), Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India invites SEALED TENDERS
from the reputed Indian/Foreign manufacturers or their accredited/sole authorized distributors/dealers for
supply of the following equipments under single bid system..
Sr. No. Particulars
Sr. No. Particulars
Aquaculture Division
TSP Project
Deep Freezer (-20)
Electronic Balance
FRM Division
Processing Division
Digital Auto Clave
- 20 Vertical Freezer
AEHM Division
NEH Project
Electronic Balance
Water bath
Refrigerated Centrifuge
Laminar Air Flow
-20 C Deep Freezer
BOD Incubator
Magnetic Stirrer
Hot Air Oven
Vortex mixer
Refrigerated Table Top
Compound microscope
centrifuge – Proj
- 20 Deep Freezer
10. Shaker Incubator – Proj
Field pH and conductivity meter
11. Microplate Reader – Proj
Electronic Balance
FGB Division
Kakinada Center
12. Biosafety Cabinet – Proj
Fully Automatic Orbital Shaker
13. -20 C Deep Freezer – Proj
Electronic Balance
FEES Division
Digital DO Meter
14. AV Aids (i-iv)
pH Meter, Misc
15. Communication Lab
Rohtak Center
Powerkheda Center
Paddle wheel aerators (2 HP)
16. Pen Type pH Meter
Mobile D. O Meter
17. Lovibond Comparator with all
Refrigerated table top centrifuge
Kolkata Center
18. JacksonTurbidity/Nephelometer
19. Double Distillation Unit
Colour Measurement System
41. Refrigerated Centrifuge (FRM)
Refrigerated Centrifuge
2. The Director,Central Institute of Fisheries Education(Deemed University)(IndianCouncil of Agricultural
Research), Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India invites SEALED TENDERS from the reputed
Indian/Foreign manufacturers or their accredited/sole authorized distributors/dealers for supply of the following
equipments in two bid system i.e. Technical Bid & Commercial Bid.
Name of the Item
Minus 80˚C Ultra Freezer
Microvolume UV Spectrophotometer
Fully Automatic Nitrogen Analyzer with Digester
Inverted Fluorescence Microscope
Professional GPS System
Gel Documentation system
Water Purification System
Microvolume UV Spectroquantifier
3. Tender must be submitted in the original prescribed form separately for each equipment with rates for
delivery at this office including all levies, taxes, installation etc, complete, if applicable duly addressed to the
Director, CIFE, Mumbai-400 061in a sealed cover superscribing as TENDER FOR EQUIPMENT FOR THE
YEAR 2015-2016 with the Name of Equipments and Item No.
4. The Tender documents containing terms & conditions may be obtained from the Purchase Section of CIFE,
Mumbai- 400 061.on any working day between 11.00 hrs to 16.00 hrs. up to the last date of sale of Tender,
on payment of Rs.1000/- for equipments Rs.5.00 lakhs & above Rs.500/- for equipments below Rs.5.00
lakhs (Non-Refundable). Also enclose Earnest Money Deposit @ 2.5% of the tendered amount in the
shape of Demand Draft/Pay Order drawn in favor of “ICAR Unit CIFE,” payable at, Mumbai. Tender
documents complete in all respect should be submitted along with requisite EMD failing which tender is liable
to be rejected. NSIC certificate will not be entertained for imported items. NSIC certificates of only
manufacturers will be considered.
5. The Tender documents containing Terms & Conditions is also available on our web site:
which can be downloaded and submitted along with the cost of Tender documents of Rs.1000/- for
equipments Rs.5.00 lakhs & above Rs.500/- for equipments below Rs.5.00 lakhs (Non-Refundable)
separately for each equipment in form of D.D/Pay Order drawn in favor of “ICAR Unit CIFE” Payable at
Mumbai along with EMD as mentioned in Para 4 failing which tender shall be rejected.
6. For item cost exceeding >5.00 Lakhs tender should be submitted in two bid system i.e. Technical Bid &
Commercial Bid which should be sealed in separate envelope and both the bids should again be sealed in a
big envelope failing which it will be rejected. The Technical bid shall be opened on the date of opening of
Tender. The date of opening of commercial bid of successful Technical bidder/bidder‟s shall be
communicated separately. Details of 3 previous purchase orders to be provided.
7. Only FOB rates to be quoted for imported items.
8. Tenders received after the DUE DATE and TIME will not be accepted in any circumstances.
9. In no case request for blank Tender documents by post shall be entertained. The duly filled in tender form
send by post received after due date and time shall not be accepted.
10. In case the date of issue/receipt of opening of Tender is declared as Holiday for unexpected reasons the
tender will be issued/received/opened on the next working day at the same time. The tender documents are
non-transferable. Director of the institute reserves the right to accept / reject any or all the tenders without
assigning any reason thereof.
11. Amendments if any shall be published only on CIFE web site upto 7 days before the last date of submitting
tender which may be watched by the perspective bidders for downloading and incorporating in the tender.
(Deemed University),Indian Council of Agricultural Research
PanchMarg, Off Yari Road, Versova, Andheri (West), Mumbai-400061
Tel. No. 022-26361446/7/8, Fax No. 022-26361573 Web Site :
F.No. 36-21/15-16/XII
Plan Equip./P/
Issue of tender document on
Last date for issue of tender document on
Date of Pre-bid Meeting
Acceptance of sealed tenders 13.00 hrs on
Opening of tender at 15.00 hrs on
N.B.: For item cost exceeding >5.00 Lakhstender should be submitted in two bid
system in the manner prescribed in the IFB Para No. 05.
Name of the equipment:
Item No. : ____________________
M/s. ……………………
Sub : Supply of Tender Form - reg.
Dear Sir,
With reference to your application dated___________, please find enclosed herewith tender
form along with the detailed specifications receipt __________ Dated _________ for `. _______for the
supply of following equipment.
Kindly acknowledge the receipt of the same.
Yours faithfully,
Chief Technical Officer (P)
(Deemed University),Indian Council of Agricultural Research
PanchMarg, Off Yari Road, Versova, Andheri (West), Mumbai-400061
Tel. No. 022-26361446/7/8, Fax No. 022-26361573 Web Site :
Invitation to Tender and instructions to Tenders
Also See Annexure
Tender No._____________
F.No. 36-21/15-16/XII
Plan Equip./P/
The envelope containing the tender as well as all subsequent
Communication should be addressed and delivered to :Director,
ICAR - Central Institute of Fisheries Education
(ICAR - Deemed University)
PanchMarg, Off Yari Road,
Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai - 400 061
All communications must be addressed to the Officer named above by Title only
and not by name
Dear Sirs,
On behalf of the purchaser (Named in the schedule attached to tender form enclosed), I invite
you to tender for the supply of the stores detailed in the said schedule. The conditions of contract,
which will govern any contract made, are those contained in the general conditions of contract
applicable to the contracts placed by Indian council of Agricultural Research and the Research Institute
under it and the special conditions detailed in the Tender Form (and those attached herewith ).If you
are in a position to quote for supply in accordance with the requirements stated in the attached
schedule, please submit your quotations to this office on the prescribed tender form attached.
EMD of `. _____________ (which is 2.5% of Bid Amount) should be enclosed along with the bid
in the form of demand draft or cash may be remitted at the cash counter.
In no circumstances Government Promissory Notes, State Bank Pass Book or Cheque will be
received with Tender as Earnest Money.
NOT SENT WITH THE TENDER. No request for transfer of any previous deposit of Earnest Money will
be entertained.
It is understood that the tender document has been issued to the tender and the tender is being
permitted to tender in consideration of the stipulation on his part that after submitting his tender, he will
not resale from his offer or modify the terms and condition thereof. Should the tender fail to observe
and comply with the foregoing stipulation the aforesaid amount will be forfeited to the Central Institute
of Fisheries Education. In the event of the offer made by the tendered not being accepted, the amount
of Earnest Money deposited by the tendered will be refunded to him after he has applied for the same
in manner prescribed by Indian Council of Agricultural Research/Central Institute of Fisheries
The Earnest Money Deposit of the successful Bidders is likely to be forfeited incase he fails to
supply the Equipment/Stores or fails to submit Security Deposit as per Supply Order.
The Earnest Money should not on any account fall short of the amount actually required.
NSIC certificate will not be considered for imported items and only NSIC certificates of
manufacturers will be considered.
The successful bidder will have to submit 10% of the amount of supply order excluding of Taxes
etc. as Security Deposit in form of Bank Guarantee or Demand Draft before supplying the material.
The Security Deposit shall be released/refunded only after successful completion of
Guarantee/Warranty period.
The Schedule to the tender form should be submitted in prescribe format only..
The Schedule to the tender from should be returned intact whether you are quoting for any item
or not. Pages should not be detached but when items are not being tendered for the
corresponding space should be defaced by some such words as “Not quoting”
In the event of space on the schedule from being insufficient for the required purpose, additional
pages may be added. Each such additional page must be numbered consecutively, bear the
tender Number & be fully signed by the tenderer. In such cases reference to the additional
pages must be made in the tender from.
If any modification of the schedule is considered necessary, tenderer should communicate the
same by means of a separate letter sent with the Tender.
The Tender is liable to be ignored if complete information is not given there in or if the
particulars and date (if any)/asked for in the schedule to the Tender are not fully filled in.
Specific attention must be paid to delivery dates and also to the General Conditions of the
Contract, as the Contract would be governed by them.
Individual signing the tender or other documents connected with a contract must specify
whether he signs as: -
A sole proprietor of the firm or constituted attorney of such sole proprietor.
A partner of the firm if it be a partnership, in which case he must have authority to refer to
arbitration disputes concerning the business of the partnership either by virtue of the partnership
agreement or a power of attorney.
Constitute attorney of the firm if it is a company.
N B. (A)
In case of (ii) a copy of the partnership agreement or general power of attorney in
either case attested by a notary public should be furnished unless the same has been
previously furnished to Indian Council of Agricultural Research/Central Institute of Fisheries
Education, or affidavit on stamped paper of all the partners admitting execution of the general
power of attorney should be furnished.
In the case of partnership firms where no authority to refer disputes concerning the
business of the partnership has been conferred on any partner, the tender and all other related
documents must be signed by every partner of the firm.
A person signing the Tender Form or any documents forming part of the contract
on behalf of another shall be deemed to warranty that he has authority to bind each other and if
on enquiry it appears that the person so signing has no authority to be so the purchaser may
without prejudice to other civil and criminal remedies cancel the contract the contract and hold
the signatory liable for all cost and damages.
Each page of the tender, schedule to tender and annexure, schedule to tender and
annexure, if any should be signed by the tenderer.
The original copy of the Tender is to be enclosed in a double cover. The inner cover should be
sealed. The outer cover should be superscribed in bold letters” Tender for the supplyof
……………………..” Right is reserved, to ignore any tender which fails to comply with the above
instructions. All outstation tenders should be sent by registered post. Only one tender should be
included in one cover. Where more than one tender is included in a cover, all tenders so enclosed in
one over will be liable to be ignored.
Unless otherwise specified in the schedule to tender, your tender must reach this office not later
than 13.00 hrs. on the date of opening of the tender; Tenders sent by hand delivery should be put in the
Tender box at this office located at New Campus in the Administrative Wing not later than 13.00 hrs.
on the due date unless otherwise stipulated in the schedule to tender.
Firms tendering should note that it is desired that their offers should remain open for acceptance
for 90 days from the date of opening of tender, If the firms are unable to keep their offers open
for the specified period their tenders are likely to be rejected.
Quotations qualified by such vague and indefinite expressions such as “SUBJECT TO
You are at liberty to be present or authorize a representative to be present at the time of opening of the
tender at the time and date as specified in the schedule. The name and address of the representative
who would be attending the opening of the tender on your behalf should be indicated in your tender
please also state the name and address of your permanent representative, if any.
The prices quoted MUST BE PER UNIT SHOWN in the schedule and must specify
separately all packing and delivery charges. Refunds on account of returnable packages (if any)
are to be separately specified. Prices and refund must be clearly shown in figures and words in
Indian currency or in foreign currency, if it is an imported equipment. Please quote the Indian
agents commission if the equipment is imported, which will be paid in Indian Rupees after
installation of the equipment.. All bank charges outside India will be borne by the tenderer. L.C.
amendment charges will be borne by the tenderer.
The price must be stated for each item separately. The percentage of reduction, in the
total price for the entire demand should also be quoted, and order to that extent be placed with
If it is decided to ask excise duty, Octroi, sales tax or any other charges as extra, the
same must be specifically stated in the absence of any such stipulation it will be presumed that
the prices include all such charges and no claim for the same will be entertained.
The price quoted by the tenderer should exclusive of sales tax (and should be clearly
stated to be so), which will be paid by the purchaser, if legally livable at the rate ruling on the
date of supply as specified in the Acceptance of Tender.
Please note CIFE is eligible for payment of custom only at consessional rates and
fully exempted from payment of Central Excise Duty as per Govt. Notification No.
51/96-Customs dated 23 July 1996 and No. 10/97-Central Excise dated 01 March
1997 as amended from time to time respectively.
The delivery of stores is required by date (s) specified in the schedule to Tender. If however, it is
not possible for tender to affect delivery by the date (s) you should specify the date by which you can
guarantee delivery in prescribed schedule to the tender.
Tender samples are not required unless specifically called for
Samples of what you offer to supply should not be less than the quantity necessary for test as
per specification, if any, or in the schedule to tender. In case the quantity of sample required for test is
given either in specification or in the schedule to tender, this should be adhered to. Each sample should
dear either in specification or in the schedule to tender:(a)
Your name and address.
Tender No.
Date of opening of tender.
Item No. against which tender submitted.
Any other description if necessary, written clearly on it.
The samples should be sent to the Officer to reach him by the date specified in the schedule.
The cost & freight of sending the sample shall be borne by the tender & there will be no obligation on
the part of the receiving officer for their safe custody. Tenders who do not submit the sample by the
time specified in the schedule will run the risk of their tenders being ignored.
Receipt should be addressed to the Inspecting officer or other officer concerned & nods to „self‟.
If the samples are sent by Railway parcel, the Railway Receipt should not be enclosed with the
tender documents but should be posted separately to the office to Whom the samples are sent (under a
covering letter giving the necessary particulars to enable him to connect the Railway receipt easily with
the parcel), Samples submitted by Tenders whose offers are not accepted (provided they have not
been destroyed during testing) will be delivered to their representatives if they call for the same or can
be returned to them at their cost provided the application for return is made to the officer to whom the
samples are sent, within one month after the contract is placed on the successful tender, or after
notification of cancellation of demand. If no application is received within the due date, the samples will
be disposed of by public auction and the sale proceeds credited to council /CIFE (ICAR) Mumbai, India.
When sealed patterns of stores are mentioned in the schedule to the tender form, specification
in these or certified samples there of may be seen at the place stated in the schedule to tender and
should be examined by a competent person on your behalf (who should take this invitation with him)
before the tender is submitted.
Unless a method of packing is medicated in the specification or on the Schedule to the tender form the
method of packing which the contractor proposes to employ must be described in the schedule to
Tender Form. Contractors are at liberty to quote for additional alternative sizes and description of packs
and these must be described in the schedule to tender.
This office does not pledge itself to accept the lowest or any tender and reserves to itself the right of
accepting the whole or any part of the tender or portion of the quantity offered and tender shall supply
the same at the rat quoted. Tender is at liberty to tender for the whole or any portion or to state in the
tender that the rate quoted shall apply only if the entire quantity is taken from the tender.
Acceptance by the purchaser will be communicated by telegram, Fax, express letter of acceptance or
formal “Acceptance of tender. In case where acceptance is communicated by telegram or express
letter, the formal Acceptance of Tender, will be forwarded to tender, by registered post as soon as
possible but the instructions contained in the telegram or express letter should be acted upon
The purchaser reserves the right to place order on the successful tender for additional quantity (upto
25%) of the quantity offered by them at the rate quoted. Tenders are bound to accept if placed on them
within six months from the date of issue of acceptance of Tender.
In case a contract is placed on you as a result of this tender, you should satisfy yourself that the stores
are in accordance with the terms of the contracts and fully confirm to the required specifications by
carrying out thorough pre-inspection, such precaution on your part should minimize the chance of
rejection in inspection and the consequences thereof.
For and on behalf of
ICAR - Central Institute of Fisheries Education
Indian Council of Agricultural Research
(Deemed University)
PanchMarg, Off Yari Road,
Versova, Andheri (W), Mumbai- 61
(Deemed University),Indian Council of Agricultural Research
PanchMarg, Off Yari Road, Versova, Andheri (West), Mumbai-400061
Tel. No. 022-26361446/7/8, Fax No. 022-26361573 Web Site :
DEFINITIONS and interpretations:
In the contract the general and special condition governing it, unless the context
Otherwise requires: -
“Acceptance of tender” means the letter of memorandum communication to the
contractor the acceptance of his tender and includes an advance acceptance of his
“Consignee” mean the persons to whom the stores are required by the acceptance of
tender to be delivered in the manner therein specified.
“Contractor” means the invitation to tender; instructions tenders, tenders tender
acceptance of tender, particulars and the general and special conditions specified in the
acceptance of tender and includes a repeat order which has been accepted or acted
upon by the contractor.
“Contractor” means the person with whom the contract is made and includes his heirs.
Executors administrators or successors and permitted assignees, as the case may be.
“Drawing” means the drawing or drawing or drawings specified in or annexed to the
Schedule or Specification.
“Council” means the Indian Council of Agricultural Research or the Institute etc. under its
administrative control.
“Inspector” means the person specified in the contract for the purpose of inspection of
stores of work under the contract and includes his authorized representative.
“Material” means anything used in the manufacture or fabrication of the stores.
Particulars include :-
Pattern bearing the seal and signature of the inspector (hereinafter called the sealed
pattern) which shall include also a certified copy thereof sealed by the purchaser for the
guidance of the inspector.
Sample sealed by the purchaser for the guidance of the inspector (hereinafter called the
certified sample) which shall include a certified copy there of sealed by the purchaser for
the guidance of the guidance of the inspector;
Trade pattern, that is to say a pattern, stores conforming to which are obtainable in the
open market & which denoted a standard of the Indian Standards Institute or other
standardizing authority or a general standard of the industry;
Proprietary mark or brand means the mark or brand of a product which is owned by an
industrial firm;
Any other details governing the construction, manufacture or supply of stores as may be
prescribed by contract;
“Purchase officer” means the officer signing the acceptance of tender & includes any
officer who has authority to execute the relevant contract on behalf of the Purchaser ;
“Purchaser” means the purchaser named in the Schedule of acceptance to the tender &
includes his successor or assignees;
“Secretary” means the Secretary of Indian Council of Agricultural Research &
includes any other officer of the Council or of any other body, Institution or Organization
under the Administrative Control, of the Council, who has been authorized for the time
being to execute relevant contracts relating to purchase of stores on behalf of the
Director means the Director of Central Institute of Fisheries Education, (ICAR),
Versova, Mumbai, India.
“Schedule” means the Schedule annexed to the acceptance of tender.
“Signed” includes stamped, except in the case of an acceptance of tender or any
amendment thereof.
“Site” means the lace specified in the Schedule at which any work is required to be
executed by the contractor under the contract or another place approved by the
Secretary/ Director for the purpose.
“Stores” means the goods specified in the schedule which the contractor has agreed to
supply under the Contract.
“Supply order” means an order for supply of stores & includes an order for performance
or service.
“Test” means such test as is prescribed by the particulars or confided necessary by the
Inspector, whether performed or made by the Inspector or any agency acting under the
direction of the Inspector.
“Unit” & “quantity” means the unit & quantity specified in the schedule;
„Writing” includes matter either in whole or in part, in manuscript, typewritten
lithographed, cyclostyled, or printed, or under or over signature or seal as the case may
The delivery of stores shall be deemed to take place on delivery of the stores in
accordance with the terms of the contract, after approval of the Inspector to :(i) The consignee his premises or.
(ii) The consignee at the destination station in case of contracts stipulating for delivery of
stores at destination station.
Words in the singular include the plural & Vice-Versa.
Words importing the masculine gender shall be taken to include the feminine gender &
word Importing persons shall include any company or association or body of individuals,
whether incorporated or not.
The heading of these conditions shall not affect the interpretation or construction thereof.
Terms & expression not herein de fired shall have the meaning assigned to them in the
sale of
Good Act, 1930 or the Indian Contract Act. 1872 or the General clause Act 1897, as the
case may be.
The parties to the contract are the contractor and the purchaser, named in the schedule.
A person signing the tender or any other documents in respect of the contract on behalf of the
contractor without disclosing his authority to do so shall be deemed to warrant that he has authority to
bind the contractor. If it is discovered at any time that person so signing has no authority to do so. The
Secretary may without prejudice to any other right on remedy of the purchaser cancel the contract and
make or authorize the making or purchase of the stores at the risk and cost of such person and hold
such person liable to purchaser of all costs and damages arising from the cancellation of the contract
including any loss which the purchaser may sustain on account of such purchase. The provisions of
clause 14 shall apply to every such purchase as for as applicable.
For all purposes of the contract, including arbitration there under, the address of the
contractor mentioned in the tender shall be the address to which all communications addressed
to the contractor shall be sent, unless the contractor has notified a change by a separate letter
containing no other communication and sent by registered post acknowledgment due to the
Director, CIFE. The contractor shall be solely responsible for the consequence of an omission
to notify a change of address in the manner aforesaid.
Any communication or notice on behalf of the purchaser in relaxation to the contract may
be issued to the contractor by purchase officer and all such communications and notices may
be served on the contractor either by registered post or under certificate if posting or by ordinary
post or by hand delivery at the option of such officer.
For all-purpose of the contract including arbitration proceedings there under, the Secretary /
Director shall be entitled to exercise all rights and powers to the purchaser.
Risk in the stores: - The contractor shall perform the contract in all respects in accordance with
the terms and condition thereof. The stores and every constituent part thereof, whether in the
possession or control of the contractor, his agents or servants and the purchaser his agents or servants
shall remain in every respect at the risk of the contractor until their actual delivery to the
consignee/person specified in the schedule at stipulated place or destination. The contractor shall be
responsive for all loss, destruction damage or deterioration of or the stores from any cause whatsoever
while the stores after approval by the Inspector are awaiting dispatch or delivery or are in the course of
transit from the contractor to the consignee/person named in the Schedule. The contractor shall alone
be entitled and responsible to make claims against a railway administration or other carrier in respect or
non-delivery, mis-delivery, destruction, damage or deterioration of the goods entrusted to such carrier
by the contractor for transmission to the consignee.
Consignee‟s right of rejection :- Not withstanding any approval which the inspector may have
given in respect of the store or any materials or the contract (whether with or without any test carried
out by the contractor or Inspector or under the direction of the Inspector) it shall be lawful for consignee,
to reject the stores or any art, portion or Consignment thereof within a reasonable time acute; devour
thereof to him at the place or destination specified in the contract if such stores or part, portion or
consignment thereof is any less, deterioration or damage before dispatch or delivery or during transit
or/otherwise howsoever,
The provision contained in clause 17 relating to the removal of stores rejected by the
purchaser‟s Representative shall MUTATIS MUTANDIS; apply to stores rejected by the consignee as
herein provided.
The contractor shall not, save with the previous consent in writing of the Secretary /Director,
Sublet, transfer of assign the contractor or any part there of or interest therein or benefit or advantage
thereof in any manner whatsoever, provided, nevertheless that any such consent shall not relieve the
contractor any obligation, duty or responsibility under the contract.
Where the contractor is a partnership firm, a new partner shall not be introduced in the
firm except with the previous consent in writing of the Secretary/Director which may be granted
only upon acceptance of a written undertaking by the new partner to perform the contract &
accept all liabilities incurred by the firm under the contract prior to the date of such undertaking.
On the date of retirement of any partner of the contractor firm before complete
performance of contract the Secretary/Director may at his option cancel the contract and in such
case the contractor shall have no claim whatsoever to compensation against the purchaser.
If the contract is not determined as provided in sub clause (ii) above not with standing
the retirement of a partner from the firm he shall continue to be liable under the contract for acts
of the firm until a copy of the public notice given by him under section 32 of the partnership Act
has been sent by him to the Director High Security Central Institute of Fisheries Education.
Should the contractor or a partner in the contractor‟s firm commit breach of either of the
conditions (a) or (b) (I) of this sub-clause, it shall be lawful for the Secretary/Director to cancel to
contract & purchase or authorize the purchase of the stores at the risk & cost the contractor & in
that event the provisions of clause 14 shall as for as applicable, apply.
Director, CIFE to any matter or thing concerning or arising out of this sub-clause or on
and any question whether the contractor or any partner or the contractor firm has committed a
breach of any of the conditions in this sub-clause contained shall be final and binding on the
Where any raw material for the execution of the contract is procured with the assistance of the
Council by purchase or under arrangement made or permit, license, quote certificate or release order
issued by or on behalf or under authority from the Council or by any officer empowered in that behalf by
law or is issued from Council‟s stock and where advance payment are made to the contract to enable
him to purchase such raw materials for the execution of the contract, the contractor:(i)
Shall hold such materials as trustee for the Council.
Shall use such material economically and solely for the purpose of contract.
Shall not dispose of the same without the previous permission in writing of the
Secretary/Director; and
Shall tender due account of such material and return to the Council at such place as the
Secretary may direct all surplus or unserviceable material that may be left after the completion
of the contract or its termination for any reason whatsoever.
Where the contract is terminated due to any default on the part of the contractor the contractor
shall pay all transport changes incurred for returning any material up to such destination as may be
determined by the Secretary/Director and the decision of the Secretary/Director in that behalf shall be
final and binding on the contractor.
If the contractor commits breach of any of the conditions in this clause specified he shall without
prejudice to any other liability; penal or otherwise be liable to account to the Council/ CIFE for all
moneys advantages or profits accruing from or which in the usual course would have accused to him by
reason of such breach.
Where the stores manufactured or fabricated by the Contractor out of the materials arranged or
procured by or on behalf of the Council / CIFE, pay to the Council / CIFE, on demand the cost price or
market value of such materials whichever is greater.
The price quoted by the contractor shall not be higher than the controlled price fixed by
law for the stores or where there is no controlled price, save for special reasons stated in the tender, be
higher than the price usually charged by the contractor for stores of the same nature, class or
description to a private purchaser.
In the price quoted higher than the controlled price or where there is no controlled price, the
price usually charged by the contractor for private purchase for the stores of the same of the same
nature class or description, the contractor will specially mention this fact in his tender given reason for
quotating higher price (s). If he fail, to do or make any misstatement, it shall be lawful for the Secretary/
Director:- (i) to revise the price at any stage so as to bring it in conformity with sub clause (I ) above, or
(ii) to terminate the contract and purchase stores at risk and the cost of the contractor and in that event
the provision of clause 14 shall apply as for as applicable it the contractor has failed to deliver the
stores within the period fixed.
The contractors shall not offer or give or agree to give to any person in the employment of the
purchaser or working under the order of the Secretary/Director any gift or consideration of any kind as
an inducement or reward for doing or forbearing to do or for having done or airborne to do any act in
relation to the obtaining or execution of the contract or another contract with the Council/CIFE (ICARI)
Mumbai or for showing or for beating to show favour or disfavor to any person in relation to the contract
or any other contract with Council/CIFE (ICAR) Mumbai. Any breach of the aforesaid condition by the
contractor, or any one employed by him or acting on his behalf (whether with or without knowledge of
the contractor) or the Commission of any offence by the contractor or by any one employed him or
acting on his behalf under Chapter IX of the India Penal Code. 1860 or the Prevention of Corruption
Act, 1974 or any other Act enacted for the prevention of corruption by public servants shall entitle the
Secretary/Director to cancel the contract and all or any loss arising from such cancellation in
accordance with the provisions of Clause 14.
Any dispute of deference in respect of either the interpretation effect or application of the above
condition or of the amount recoverable there under by the purchaser from contractor shall be decided
by the Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research or his nominee whose decision thereon
shall be final & binding on the contractor.
The Secretary/Director may at any time, by notice in writing, summarily terminate the contract without
compensation to the contractor in any of the following events that is to say: (i)
If the contractor benign individual or if a firm any partner thereof, shall at any time be adjusted
in-solvency or shall have a receiving order or order or order for administration of his estimate made
against him or shall take any proceeding for composition under any Insolvency Act for the time being in
force or make any conveyance or assignment of his effect or enter into any arrangement of his effect or
enter into any arrangement or composition with his credits or suspend payment or, if the may be
dissolved under the partnership Act, or
It the contractor being a company is wound up voluntarily or by the order of a court or a
Receiver, liquidator or Manager on behalf of the Debenture holders in appointed or circumstances shall
have arisen which entitled the court or Debenture holders to appoint a Receiver, liquidator or Manager,
If the contractor commits any breach of the contract not herein specifically provided for: Provided always that such determination shall not prejudice any right action or remedy which shall have
accrued or shall accrue thereafter to the purchaser for any extra expenditure is thereby put to, the
contractor shall under no circumstances be entitled to any again on repurchase.
In the event of any question, dispute to deference arising under these conditions or any special
conditions of contract, or in connection with this contract, (except as to any maters the decision of
which is specially provided for by these or special conditions) the same shall be referred to the sole
arbitration of an officer appointed to be the arbitrator by the Director General, Indian Council of
Agricultural Research. It will be no objection that the arbitrator is a Govt. Servant/Council‟s Servant that
had to deal with the matters to which the contract relates or that in the course of this duties as a Govt.
Servant/Council‟s Servant he has expressed views on all or any of the matters in dispute or difference.
The award of the arbitrator shall be final & binding on the parties to this contract.
In the event of the arbitrator dying, neglecting or refusing to act, or resigning being unable to act
for any reason, or his award being set aside by the Court for any reason, it shall be lawful for the
Director General Indian Council of Agricultural Research to appoint another in place of the out-going
arbitrator the manner aforesaid.
It is the further a term of this contract that no person other than the person appointed by the
Director General India Council of Agricultural Research as aforesaid should act as arbitrator and that, if
for any reason that is not possible, the matter is not to be referred to arbitrator at all.
The arbitrator may from time with the consent of al the parties to the contract enlarge the time
for making the award.
Upon every and any such reference, the assessment of the costs incidental to the reference and
award respectively shall be in the discretion of the arbitrator.
Subject as aforesaid, the Arbitration Act. 1940 and the rules there under and any statutory
modification thereof for time being in force shall be deemed to apply to the arbitrator proceedings under
the clause.
Work under to contract shall, if reasonably possible, continue during the arbitration proceedings
and in payment due to or payable by the purchaser shall be withheld on account of such proceedings.
The venue of arbitration shall be the place from which the acceptance note is issued or such
other place as the arbitrator at his desecration may determine. In this clause the expression the
“Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research” means the Director General, Indian Council
of Agricultural Research for the time being & includes, if there be no Director General, Indian Council of
Agricultural Research, the officer who is for the time being the administrative head of the Indian Council
of Agricultural Research whether in addition to other functions or otherwise.
Purchaser: Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Versova, Mumbai India.
The stores are required by (time indicated in supply order). Please quote earliest possible
guaranteed date by which you can offer supply.
Consignee : The Director, (CIFE) Mumbai
The tender must quote clear delivery terms indicating F.O.B. (Free on Board) F.A.S. (Free at
ship port of export for imported stores & CIP destination/delivery at site/F.O.R. destination for
indigenous as applicable. Incomplete tender is liable to be ignored.
Conditions of contract as contained in Special/General conditions of contract & Schedule and
annexure to the tender attached herewith.
Tenders are bound to accept order for additional quantity (up to 25%) at the rate quoted only if
order is placed on them within six months from the date of issue of Acceptance of Tender.
In case the tender wants to furnish in separate covering letter any additional information
particulars or quote conditions (e. g. those relating to allowance discount, rebate etc) which cannot be
accommodated in the tender form an indication to that effect should be given in the tender form by
means of note. In the absence of such indication in the tender form, the contents of the covering letter
will be ignored in consideration of tender.
Firms tendering should note that it is desired that their offers should remain open for
acceptance for 90 days from the date of opening of tender, If the firms are unable to keep their offers
open for the specified period their tenders are likely to be rejected
Unattested amended figures overwritten figure will not be considered.
Where there is provision for payment of Sales tax, it will only be paid ifregistration
number both under State and Central Sales Tax Rules/Act are specifically mentioned on
the bill/invoice.
Photostat Copy, duly attested a correct, of the Sale-tax declaration to the effect that firm
is registered under the Sales-tax department, and
3-GA (5)‟or 3/ga (2) Form, as the case may be, should be attached along with each bill
or supply; otherwise the purchase tax as may be applicable, will be deducted from each
bill of supply.
If the above requirement are not fulfilled and Photostat copy of registration certificate issued by the
sales- tax Deptt is not attached with the tender form may not be accepted even though the rates may
be the lowest.
(Signature of the Tenderer)
(Deemed University),Indian Council of Agricultural Research
PanchMarg, Off Yari Road, Versova, Andheri (West), Mumbai-400061
Tel. No. 022-26361446/7/8, Fax No. 022-26361573 Web Site :
Full name & address of the
Tender, in addition to post
Box No. if any, should be
Quoted in all communications
To this office.
Contractor‟s Telegraphic
Telephone No.____________________
Fax No.________________________
Dear Sir,
I/ We hereby offer to supply the stores detailed in the schedule here to or such portion
thereof as you may specify in the acceptance of Tender at the price given in the said schedule and
agree to hold this offer open till ____________________________________I/We shall be bound by a
communication of acceptance dispatched within the prescribed time.
I/We understood the instruction to Tenders & Conditions of Contract included in General
Conditions of Contract covering contracts placed by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research &
research Institutes under if & in the Special Conditions of contract & have thoroughly examined the
specification drawing & /or pattern quoted in the schedule thereof & /are fully aware of the nature of the
stores of the stores required & my/our offer is to supply stores strictly in accordance with the
Yours faithfully,
Signature of witness:
Dated __________________
Address ______________________________
(Deemed University),Indian Council of Agricultural Research
PanchMarg, Off Yari Road, Versova, Andheri (West), Mumbai-400061
Tel. No. 022-26361446/7/8, Fax No. 022-26361573 Web Site :
(to be returned by Bidders along with the Tender duly signed)
Tenders should furnish a clear declaration as follows:
I/We declare that I am/we are:-
Manufacture‟s authorized agents.
Holders in stock of the stores tendered for.
(Strike out what is not applicable)
Printed on cyclostyled or such terms & conditions of the tendering firms not appearing in the body of the
tender, will not be considered as forming part of their tender. Tendering firms should, quote on the
basis of the conditions of contract applicable to the Invitation to Tender are not acceptable to the
tendering firms they should specifically state deviation there from the body of their tender.
Prices must be in terms of new coinage system, via Rupees and Paise.
The unit prices should be for the same units indicated in the schedule to tender inquiry and not
any other unit.
Prices quoted should be invariable for delivery Station of Destination in India & exclusive of
charge as packing forwarding, freight insurance, excise custom, duty, Octroi etc where ever
applicable, which should be indicated separately in clear terms as mentioned in item 9 of
invitation to tender & instructions to tenders.
Quantity discount, if any, should be indicated prominently.
The F.O.R. Station of Dispatch Prices shall be deemed to include free delivery to the consignee
situated within Municipal Corporation limits/radius of 10 kilometers from the firm‟s premises in
case of local delivery.
Offers on firm price will only be accepted and multi quotation shall be rejected.
For imported stores offered against forward delivery, the tenders shall quote price
thereto exclusive of custom duty. The quotation shall specify separately the F.O.B. Price,
C.I.F. Price & the custom Duty payable. They will also indicate correctly the rate of customs
duty applicable along with Indian Customers Tariff number.
In cases where all the tenders have quoted only for imported stores against forward
delivery the tenders will be on prices exclusive of customers duty. In such cases, the amount of
Customs duty as legally livable calculated with reference to the tariff value of the stores
declared by the tenders in their tender, but not exceeding the actually paid, will be reimbursed to
the successful tender.
Customs Duty actually paid, not exceeding the amount legally livable, will be
provisionally reimbursed to the successful tender to the extent of 90% on production of relevant
document (bill of entry etc.) along with advance payment of 90% that may be stipulated in
contract provided that the said imported stores are delivered in full or before the date quoted in
the contract and accepted by the Council/CIFE MUMBAI in case of delay in the delivery thereof,
only 90% of the Customs duty as defined above will be subject to final adjustment on
satisfactory completion of the supply stipulated in the contract, If is a specific condition of this
Tender Inquiry that any increase in customs duty payable or paid by the successful tender due
to the delivery of the said imported stores or part thereof alter the date of delivery stipulated in
the contract shall not be reimbursed.
If the purchaser is of the opinion that the Custom Duty has been wrongly assessed
either because of wrong classification or any reason whatsoever, the supplier shall be bound at
the request of the purchaser to pursue all legal reediest to challenge that assessment at the
suppliers cost. If, as a result of such proceedings a refund is obtained, it shall be deposited
forthwith by the supplier with the Director, CIFE Mumbai, India.
The purchaser will pay separately for transit insurance, in case of imported equipments only. The
supplier will ensure that the entire stores contracted for arrive in good condition at destination.
The consignee will, as soon as possible, but not letter than 30 days of the date of arrival of stores at
destination, notify the supplier of any loss or damage to the stores that may have incurred during
It should be noted that if a contract is placed on a higher tender as a result of this invitation to tender in
preference to the lowest acceptable offer in consideration offer earlier delivery the supplier will be liable
to pay to the Council / CIFE Versova Mumbai the difference between the contract rate & that of the
lowest acceptable tender on the basis of F.O.R., destination including all elements of freight, Sales tax
local taxes, duties, & other incidentals in case of failure to complete supplies in terms of such contract
within the date of delivery specified in the tender and incorporated in the contract. This is in addition to
& without prejudice to other right under the terms of the contract.
For Domestic/ Indigenous goods /stores not requiring, installation & Commissioning, 100%
payment shall be released on receipt and acceptance of goods and for goods requiring, installation &
commissioning by the supplier 90% payment shall be released on receipt and acceptance of goods by
the institute and balance 10% shall be released after successful installation, commissioning and
demonstration by the supplier.
(II) For Imported Goods where installation, erection and commission are not the responsibility of
the supplier 100% net FOB/FAS price shall be released against invoice, shipping documentations,
inspection certificate (Where applicable), manufacturer test certificate etc. Cases where installation,
erection and commissioning are the responsibility of the supplier 90% net FOB/FAS Price will be released
against invoice inspection certificate (Where applicable), shipping documents etc. and balance after 2130 days of successful installation and commissioning at the site and accepted by CIFE/ICAR.
If payment is desired to be made to the Suppliers Bankers or other parties, the
endorsement must be completed in the bill form & signed separately. & the word self-scored out in
addition a power of attorney or transfer deed will be necessary in such cases conferring authority on the
Bankers or the party concerned to receive payment on behalf of the contractor.
Payment shall be released by Cheque/ Demand draft by speed post within 30 days
after acceptance of goods, installation, commissioning, Demonstration as the case may be to the
Domestic / Indigenoussupplier.
For goods which are imported payment will be made by establishing irrevocable letter of
credit (L/C) through S.B.I.Trade Finance CPC, TFCPC, HallmarkBusinessPlaza, 2nd Floor,
SantDnyaneshwarMarg,Bandra (E) Mumbai. Or by Wire Transfer, after receiving material or proof of
dispatching the consignment (i.e. Bill of lading/Airways bill, Packaging list, etc). In no case payment in
advance will be made.
Tenders shall submit along with their tenders:-
Permanent Account Number along withphoto state copy of PAN Card.
Name & full address of their Banker.
The equipment they possess for the manufacture of stores & for quality Control.
The tenders shall furnish along with their quotations the under noted guarantee/ warranty.
Guarantee that they will supply spare parts if & when required on the agreed basis of or
an agreed price. The agreed basis could be an agreed discount on the published catalogues or
on agreed percentage of profit on the landed cost.
Warranty to the effect that before going out of production for the spare parts they will
give adequate advance notice to the purchaser of the equipment so that the latter may
undertake the balance of the life requirements.
The warranty to the effect that they will make available operation manual (s),the
blueprints or drawings of the equipment/spares, if any, when required in connection with the
main equipment.
The contractor shall furnish the following warranty in case contract is placed on him :-
The contractor/seller hereby declares that the good/store, articles sold to the buyer under this
contract shall be of the best quality & workmanship & shall be strictly in accordance with the
specification & particulars contained/mentioned in the clause 8 of general conditions of contract
applicable to contracts placed by the ICAR or Research Instt. Under it & sub-clause hear & the
contractor/seller hereby guarantees that the said goods/stores/articles would continue to confirm to the
description & quality aforesaid for a period of one year from the date of delivery of the said
goods/stores/articles to the purchaser & that not withstanding the facts that the Purchaser(Inspector
may have inspected and/or approved the said good/stores/articles, if during the aforesaid period of one
year the said good/stores/articles be discovered not to confirm to the description quality. On such
rejection the good/articles/store will be at the seller‟s risk & all the provision herein contained relating to
rejections of goods etc. shall apply the contractors seller shall if so be called upon to replace within a
period as may be extended from time to time by the purchaser in his discretion on an application made
thereof by the purchaser & in such an event the above mentioned warranty period shall apply to
goods/stores/articles replaced from the date of replacement thereof otherwise the contractor/seller shall
pay to the purchaser such damages such damages as may arise by reason of the breach of the
condition herein contained. Nothing herein contain prejudice any other right of the purchaser in that
behalf this contract or otherwise.
All questions disputes or difference under, out of or in connection with the contract if concluded
shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court within the local limits of whose jurisdiction the
place which the Acceptance of Tender is issued, is situated i.e. Mumbai.
(Signature of Tenderer)
(Deemed University),Indian Council of Agricultural Research
PanchMarg, Off Yari Road, Versova, Andheri (West), Mumbai-400061
Tel. No. 022-26361446/7/8, Fax No. 022-26361573 Web Site :
(to be returned by Bidders along with the Tender duly signed)
Whether stores offered conform to particulars quoted in the schedule: if not, details of deviations
must be stated here.
Guaranteed date by which delivery can be completed.
Whether specification packing will be adhered to:
Whether sample submitted.
Name & Address of manufacture:
Station of manufacturer
(1) Stock in hand at the Present time consist of
(Held by us ____________________________________
Held by M/S_________________________________________over which we have
secured an option
(2) Stock enrouted to India.
(3) If the stores offered are manufactured in India whether all the raw materials, components
etc., used in their manufacture are also produced in India. If not give details of materials
components, etc. that are imported and their countries of origin. A clear up of the indigenous
and imported components together with their value and the proportion it bears to the total value
of the stores should also be given.
Raw materials are held in stock sufficient for the manufacture of
State specifically whether the price tendered by you is to the best of your knowledge and
belief , not more than the price usually charged by your for the stores of the same
nature, class or description to any private purchaser domestic or foreign, as well as
purchaser Government, Autonomous Organization etc. If not, state the reason thereof
and also indicates the margin difference.
In respect indigenous stores for which there is controlled price fixed by law, the price
quoted shall not be higher than the controlled price. If the price quoted exceeds the
control price the reason thereof shall be specifically stated.
Business name constitution of tendering firm registered under :(i)
The Indian companies Act 1956
The Indian Partnership Act 1932 (Please give the names of parties).
Any Act, if not, who are the owners (Please give full names).
Do you agree to the arbitration clause stipulated? (Your acceptance or not acceptance on this
clause will not influence the decision of the tender. It should however, be noted that an omission
to answer the above question will be deemed as an acceptance of the clause).
Should the answer to this question by a partnership firm be in the affirmative, please state further
Whether by the partnership agreement authority to refer disputes concerning the business of the
partnership to arbitration has been conferred on the partner who has signed the tender.
If the answer to (a) is in the negative, whether is any general power of attorney executed by all
the partners of the firm authorizing the partner who has signed the tender to refer dispute concerning
business of the partnership to arbitration.
If the answer to either (a) or (b) is in the affirmative, have your already furnished a copy of either
the partnership agreement or the general power of attorneys the case may be to CIFE (ICAR) Mumbai.
Please quote the reference to the communication by which this was done.
N.B.: If of neither the partnership agreement not the general power of attorney has previously been
furnished to the CIFE (ICAR) Mumbai, please attach to the tendered copy of other documents on which
reliance is placed for authority of partner or the partner or the partners signing the tender to refer
disputes to arbitration. The copy should be attested by a notary public or its execution should be
admitted by affidavition on a properly stamped paper by all the partners. If-Where authority to
arbitration has not been given to the partner signing, the
tender must be signed by every partner of the firm.
What is your installed capacity?
What is your working capacity?
What is the existing load?
What portion of your capacity are you prepared to reserve and allocate to this Rate Contract?
What is your present stock?
What is the column of order (including Government and others) pending with you at present?
What is the rate of issue?
What is the rate of issue?
What stock you will maintain at each importance centre in India.
What is the time and rate required for replenishment of the stocks at these rates?
Whether earnest money has been deposited? If so, the receipt No. Date & Amount deposited
(Signature of Tenderer)
(Deemed University),Indian Council of Agricultural Research
PanchMarg, Off Yari Road, Versova, Andheri (West), Mumbai-400061
Tel. No. 022-26361446/7/8, Fax No. 022-26361573 Web Site :
(To be returned by Bidders along with the Tender duly completed and signed)
Name of Equipment: __________________________________________
Item No. : ____________________
Gross total cost `. ____________(infigures) (`________________________________________
_________________________________________(in words).
We agree to supply the above goods in accordance with the Technical specifications for a total contract
price (Including all taxes & Octroi, Transportation, Installation Freight charges, etc.) of `. _____________
(in figures) (`____________________________________________________
_____________________________________________________________ (in words) within the period
specified in the invitation for Quotations.
We also confirm that the normal commercial warranty/guarantee of ______________ months shall apply
to the offered goods.
Name : ___________________________
Signature : ________________________
Date : ____________________________
Item no. 1 to 41 to be quoted under single bid system
Item no. 42 to 49 to be quoted under two bid system
Unless otherwise indicated all equipment to be delivered at CIFE, Mumbai
Item no. 01 Specification for Homogenizer
Disperse & emulsify tissue/ cell samples in 0.5 – 5 ml of liquid
Operational at multiple, adjustable rpm
1 probe for use in 0.5 – 5 ml of microfuge tubes
Hand held model
Item no. 02. Specifications for Photometer
Optical system- Stabilized Single Beam
Wavelength range: 190-1100 nm
Accuracy: + 1 nm
Spectral bandwidth: 2 nm
Cells - 16mm round; 10/ 20/ 50 mm rectangular
Wavelength scan – 1nm increments; selectable scan range
Automatic cell recognition
Life check for lamps
LCD display, digital keypad
PC interface
Battery for portable use. Automobile charging cable
Item no. 3. Specifications for Digital Autoclave
Internal Tank Capacity: 85-95 lit.
Load: 4 KW
Chamber dimension: Approx. 18” x 24
No. of Drums & Sizes: 2 and approx. 12” x 15”
Working Pressure: 1.2 kgf/cm sq.g (15 psi - 17 psi) (Can be Upgraded up to 30 PSI)
Sterilizing Temperature: 121°C to 150°C
Heat Average: <=±1°C
Sterilization Time: Adjustable
Digital Timer: Up to 99 min
Construction: Double / Triple wall & SS GMP construction
Outer Chamber: Mild Steel (304 stainless Steel – Optional)
Inner Chamber: 304 SS (316 / 316L grades Stainless Steel – Optional)
Insulation: Glass Wool
Waste Container: Stainless Steel
Foot lifted with safety and interlock device for door/lid
Radial Type (Wing Nut ) of door locking system
Manual water filling & removal
Safety Features: Radial locking, safety valve, low water detector and pressure interlock
Other accessories: PID controller; Low / High water cut-off device; Digital alarm;
Temperature chart recorder; Stainless Steel wire mesh carrier; Dressing drum;
Sterilization indicator tape; Autoclave bags
Power Supply: 220 Volts / 440 Volts
Item Nos. 04/ 21/ 31/ 33 Specifications for Electronic balance
Minimum Display-0.001gm
Repeatability less than 0.01gms
Linearity-± 0.002gms
Pan size minimum- 100 X 100 mm
LCD Display
Provision for switching between various weighing units.
Facility to view remaining weighing capacity
Run with AC adapter (90V to 240V)
Supplied with Protective in-use cover
Item No. 4 and 21 to be delivered at CIFE Mumbai
Item No. 31 to be delivered at Veterinary College, Guwahati, Assam
Item No. 33 to be delivered at CIFE Centre, Kakinada
Taxes/ Delivery charges, if any, to be quoted separately for these locations
Item no 5 and 41. Specifications of Refrigerated Centrifuge
Microprocessor controlled
Minimum speed should be 200 rpm and maximum speed should be 14000 – 15000 rpm
or more
Pre selection time : 0-60 min in 1 min increment and continuous run facility
Temp start range from at least 40 C onwards
Imbalance switch off
Automatic rotor recognition facility
Motorized lid lock
Radius correction feature for accurate g value
Pre cooling programme for rotors with one touch button
Programme memory for minimum 10 run
Quick button for short runs
Digital display for both preset and actual values for speed, RCF, temp and time, RCF
run facility
ROTOR: Fix Angle rotor for 24 X 1.5 ml /2 ml
Item no 06/ 13/ 20/ 29. Specifications for Deep Freezer
Deep freezer-Vertical type
Capacity-450+/- 25 litres
Freezer must have single transparent glass door for viewing inside
 Should have castor wheels for easy transportation
 Made of uv grade plastic materials and powder painted body for glossy finish
 Cfc-free insulation for environment protection
 Door lock for restricted accessibility
 Auto defrost function
 Puf insulation
 Shelves-4-5 numbers
 Temperature- (-200C)
 Warranty-1 year
Item nos 6, 13 and 20 to be delivered at CIFE, Mumbai
Item no 29 to be delivered at Veterinary College, Guwahati, Assam
Taxes/ Delivery charges, if any, to be quoted separately for these locations
Item no. 07 Specifications for Magnetic Stirrer
Microprocessor technology with PID temperature control
Stirring facility with hot plate, LED display
Stirring capacity-8-10 litres
Plate Temperature range- Ambient to 1000C, Accuracy-± 10C
Speed-100-1000 rpm
Item no 8. Specifications for Vortex Mixer
Speed-200-3000 rpm
Continuous-run or touch-activated run modes
Heavy-duty cast metal base with rubber feet assures stability and eliminates creep
during use
Two mixing devices: Rubber single-cup tube holder and foam pad for mixing flasks or
multiple tubes simultaneously.
Durable body resistant to acids and alkalies
Item no. 9. Specifications of Refrigerated Table-top Centrifuge
Centrifuge should have a temperature range of -10 to 40 °C
The centrifuge should be supplied with fixed angle rotor of atleast 24 x 1.5 / 2ml with a
speed of atleast 17,500 rpm and 24300 RCF.
The centrifuge should be supplied with fixed angle rotor with a speed of atleast 9500 rpm
with adapters for 15ml.
The centrifuge must be supplied with the swinging bucket rotor for 4 microplates with the
speed of atleast 4400 rpm and 2500 rcf
The centrifuge should have option for swinging out rotor for 15/ 50ml.
Imbalance switch off
Automatic rotor recognition facility
Motorized lid lock
Pre cooling programme for rotors with one touch button
Digital display for both preset and actual values for speed, RCF, temp and time.
The centrifuge must have an option for automatic lid opening at the end of the run.
Item no. 10. Specifications for Shaker Incubator
Speed range 25-400 RPM or above
Speed accracy +/- 1 rpm or less
Temperature range 40 C to 800 C or above
Temperature accuracy +/- 0.10 C
Tray size 400 X400 mm (minimum)
Temperature and speed indication – digital LED display
Fan air circulation
Internal Stainless Steel shelves (2no.) for incubation only
Drive – triple eccentric drive/ magnetic drive
Programable shaking period –above 48 hrs
Automatic restart after power is restored
Microprocessor controlled auto diagnostic facility. Display of any errors during
operation on control panel
Viewing facility in the door with door lock
Stainless steel interior
Temperature and speed recording facility
The equpment should have an internal powerpoint for running magnetic stirrer/rocker
One Universal Shaking platform/tray for variable sizes to hold 100 ml, 250 ml , 500 ml
flask - 4 clamps for each size flasks
The internal chamber mounted by day light lamp
Instrument should be operated at 220V
Warranty –24 months for all spare parts and main unit
Item no. 11. Specifications for Microplate Reader
Microplate reader for UV-visible-Near IR wavelength range with 96 & 384 microwell
plate format.
Monochromator based wavelength selection from 200nm to 1000nm with 1 nm steps
using Xenon Flash lamp as light source.
Should have provision to upgrade the equipment for use of cuvette.
Should have provision to upgrade the equipment for nucleic acid estimation/
quantification through low volume samples (2µl-10µl).
Spectral scanning speed: 10 sec from 200 to 1000 nm with 1 nm steps per sample.
Instrument should have inbuilt incubation and linear shaking options.
Incubation temperature: from ambient +20C to +450C.
System should able to run in stand-alone mode using atleast4 inch color display and
System should able to run with computer & software controlled mode. The instrument
should have 2 USB ports, one for the easy data transfer and another to connect printer
directly to the unit.
The instrument should have a memory of 99 inbuilt protocols in stand-alone mode.
Analysis software should be supplied with the instrument and has unlimited user
system license.
Software feature should include, calibration curve fit, parallel line analysis, user defined
equations etc.
Warranty-At least two years. (In case of lesser warranty, include AMC charges to cover
instrument maintenance for 2 years)
Wavelength accuracy: 2 nm
Wavelength repeatability: 0.2 nm
Bandwidth: < 2.5 nm
Read-out range: Up to 4 Abs
Stray Light: 0.05% @ 230nm
Item no. 12 Specifications for Biosafety cabinet- Class II
Type: Class II
Filter: HEPA or ULPA filter with 99.997% or 99.999% efficiency at 0.1- 0.3 µm
Work area: Stainless steel with rounded corners
Antimicrobial coating on all painted surfaces
Air Flow System: 70% Air Recirculation, 30% Air Exhaust
Noise Level: ≤ 60dB(A)
Illumination: ≥1000 Lux
UV Lamp: 30Wx1 with timer
Automatic UV switch off on sash door open to prevent accidental exposure
Safety alarm for air fluctuation and life of UV light and HEPA/ULPA filter
Display: Digital
Front Window: Motorized
Arm rest for easy working
Stainless steel gas tap
Filter Guard: Aluminium Alloy Frame
Filter life indicator
Voltage: 230V/50Hz
The company should have provided the equipment to at least 5 reputed Institutes in
Item no 14/ 15. AV Aids and Communication Lab (Components A-D)
Professional Studio Lights / lighting solution
A professional audio-visual studio is proposed to be set up at FEES Division, CIFE Old
Campus, Mumbai.
For this, lighting solution for making professional quality still
photography and videography is required. Professional studio lighting solution will require
the following list of items with their indicative minimum technical requirements /
specifications. The vendors are expected to quote keeping the following specifications / items
as the MINIMUM.
Detailed Items and Specifications
o Overhead Lighting System: 4 Tracks 8x10 Ft. with 2 Pantographs -1.5 to 6.5 ft, Plate set,
Wheel set
o Chain Pulley: Three Chains, Six Alum 5Ft.Pipes to make three pipes of 10 ft, each, one set
Hanger for three Band require nut and bolts.
o Motorised Background System: Primary Voltage 220/240 volt Max. Width 12Feet for 3
Backdrops with 12Ft. 3 Pipes, Weight-11.6 Kg. (without Rod)
o Studio Flash Lights: Flash output (w/s) Max.- 250w, Flash output (w/s) Min.- 125w,
Dimmer-No, Half n Full-Yes, F. Stop 1meter with 21cm. 55 degree metal ref. with silver
reflective- 45 1/3, Recycling Time-0.3 Sec, Modelling Lamp-100w, Flash Duration- 1/2500
Sec., Twin-Tech-Yes, Body-Metal, Weight- 2 Kg.(comes with Light stand-6.5 ft, Softbox
60x60 Pro with carry bag, Safety cap, Main cable, Syncro cable, warranty card, box)
o Backdrops Fabric both plain and printer 7x12 Ft
o Boomer (6 Ft): Length-Max.6Ft. Min.3.2Ft., Weight-2.8 Kg., 2 (Section) : (034mm, 30mm)
Rotation Vertically : 160, Rotation Horizontally : 180, Load of full Extension : 4.5 Kg., Max.
Extension: 107cm, Min Extension : 187cm.
o Sizes are approx.
o Separate Bags for Cameras, light, kits and tripod
o Continuous White Light: The continuous cool white light for digital photography. This
light is essential for taking pictures of infants kids as flash light may disturb them or may
be imitating for infants babies & kids. Day Lite-1 is useful for shooting glittery objects like
crystal, silver/brass ware or jewelry. This continues light is also beneficial for video shoots,
portraiture etc. Voltage- 230, Watt- 3x30, Kalvin- 6500, Weight- 1 Kg; (With Light Stand AC
Cable, Three Lamps, Diff. Plate)
o Inverter: POWERBACK-2500 X
o 125 w/s light w/o M Lamp on 2500 shots; 250 w/s two lights w/o M Lamp 400 shots
approx..; with Charger & Carry Bag
o LED-Light Rain
o Size: 19cmX11CM,312Leds, Warm & White Color, Dimmer, Chargerand direct with mains
230/240V, Two batteries, Battery Charging time- 4 to 5 Hours,
o Charging Indication: Red , after full charge- Green Indication. Battery Backup- 156 LED=4.5
H, 312 LED= 4 H. with carry bag, with one year warrantee.
o Heavy Duty Stand-16-ACS
o Height-16 Ft, Air control system, springs, to avoid jerk, Weight-7.2 Kg Aprox,Metal Pipes,
Black Finish, with Carry Bag, Maximum Hight-16 Ft, Minimum Height-5.3 Ft, Brass Stud,
weight Capacity- 14 KG Approx
o Reflectors
 Background Reflector:
 Foldable Reflectors: Size-50"x80" Weight-2 Kg.
 Tilt Reflector: Size-Length 21"xWidth 38" OR 39", Weight- 500 Gram.
 Reflector Minisoft With Deflector Set: Size-Length 18"xWidth 18"xHeight 6", Weight700 Gram.
o Softing Solution Soft Boxes including Diffuser Caps, Flash Soft Box, Foldable Diffusers,
Light Tents and Pro Soft Boxes
o Soft Boxes: New Light Weight Octa,135,DDD: Octa, Size-135x135cm., Weight- 2.600 Kg.,
Triple Diffuser, with Rotating, Red Lining, Inside reflective silver outside black
o Radio Trigger (16 Channels): Wireless connectivity to your camera is one thing you would
love without using cables. To get easy & natural lighting triggering especially in functions
big halls etc, attach a flashgun to your camera hotshoe and get better, quicker results than
you expected to get. It has a switch to turn it on to save battery from drain, requires 2 AAA
batteries, ranges to 30mtrs with 16 Channels. More frequency to avoid match with other
triggers comes with one year warrantee.
o Video lights: Portra Lite-PL-10-HF: Heavy duty video light, with half and full function fix
on light stand, better wide reflection and umbrella socket,
Professional Audio Recording Studio Solution (Digital Audio Workstation, Audio
Interface, Studio Monitors, Reflection filters, etc.): 1 unit each
B1. Bundled Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) & Audio Interface: Avid Pro Tools-Quartet OR
Equivalent : 1 No.
Technical Specifications
 Avid Pro Tools software with perpetual license and Apogee hardware (Quartet by Apogee
12x8 audio interface) with choice of two additional premium Avid plug-ins in a recording
system for PC
 12x8 + MIDI USB interface with premium AD/DA conversion that supports 24-bit/192 kHz
 EUCON-enabled Pro Tools IO control software for expanded hardware control
 Includes the full version of Avid Pro Tools recording software
 Includes Audio Interface, software, I/O breakout cable, iLok 2 USB key, USB cable, power
supply, and quick start guide
 Pro Tools | Quartet interface to works with Pro Tools, Pro Tools IO Control, and any other
DAW software that supports ASIO, Core Audio, WDM, MME, or multi-client drivers
 Plug-ins:
o Pro Tools—Supports a wide range of 64-bit Avid and third-party AAX Native
virtual instruments, effects, sound processors, and utility plug-ins
o Third-party—Supports the associated plug-in formats when using the Pro Tools
interface with third-party DAWs
It shall include the following:
 Avid Pro Tools - Quartet Audio Interface
 Avid Pro Tools software, bundled with a Pro Tools perpetual license which never expires
 AAX plug-in bundle with over 60 virtual instruments and effects
 Choice of one Avid Tier 2 plug-in
 Choice of one Avid Tier 3 plug-in
 Avid upgrade plan for Pro Tools (includes support)
 Pro Tools IO Control EUCON-enabled software
 iLok 2 USB key (for Pro Tools authorization)
USB cable, Universal power supply with 3-pin IEC cable, and Quick Start guide
Hardware specifications
Inputs, preamps, and outputs
Four combo mic/instrument/line connections (XLR and 1/4"):
Analog inputs  Combination line inputs: balanced, +20 dBu max
 Mic/instrument inputs: +20 dBu/+14 dBu max
Four mic preamps:
 Gain: Up to 75 dB
Mic preamps
 EIN: 128 dB (unweighted) @ 60 dB, 150 Ohm input
 Max input level: +20 dBu
 Input impedance: 3K Ohm
 Max input level: 14 dBu
 Input impedance: >2M Ohm
Eight channels of ADAT/SMUX input via two Toslink connections
Digital inputs
(44.1–96 kHz)
Eight analog outputs:
 Six 1/4" TRS balanced line/speaker outputs (+20 dBu max output
Analog outputs
 One 1/4" stereo headphone output
Digital outputs
Word Clock output (BNC)
 High-speed USB 2.0—For connecting to a Mac or Windows-based
 MIDI I/O (USB-A type connector)—For connecting a CoreMIDIcompatible keyboard, synth, or DJ controller
Max audio
24-bit/192 kHz
 Max input level (+4 dBu ref): +20 dBu
 Max input level (-10 dBV ref): +6 dBV
 Input impedance: 5K Ohm
A/D conversion
 Frequency response (20 Hz–20 kHz): > +/-0.2 dB @ 44.1 kHz
 Relative THD + N: -106 dB @ 96 kHz
 Dynamic range: 114 dB, A-weighted
 Max output level (+4 dBu ref): +20 dBu
 Max output level (-10 dBV ref): +6 dBV
 Line output impedance: 90 Ohm
 Max headphone level output: 19 dBu
D/A conversion
 HPH output impedance: 30 Ohm
 Frequency response (20 Hz–20 kHz): > +/- 0.05 dB @ 44.1 kHz
 Relative THD + N: -113 dB @ 96 kHz
 Dynamic range: 123 dB, A-weighted
Phantom power
48V, selectable on analog inputs
Soft Limit
Selectable on analog inputs
Phase invert
Control knob
Meter display
Dimensions (W x
D x H)
Selectable on analog inputs
Complete input/output control with Pro Tools IO Control
software (works on Mac and Windows)
Controller knob enables you to set input and output levels
Two full color, high-resolution OLED displays for viewing input
and output levels and settings
Three configurable touchpads enable you to:
Mute outputs, Dim outputs, Sum to mono, Clear meters, Engage
speaker set (enables monitoring of up to three speaker sets or 5.1
Six QuickTouch pads for selecting inputs and outputs
10.2 x 5.3 x 3 in (25.9 x 13.5 x 7.6 cm)
3.1 lb (1.4 kg)
DC power supply required (included)
B2. Studio Monitor: Make - Yamaha HS8 and Yamaha HS8S OR Equivalent: 1 No. each
Yamaha HS8 OR Equivalent Specifications
2-way bass-reflex bi-amplified nearfield studio monitor with 8" cone woofer and 1" dome
38Hz - 30kHz frequency response
75W LF plus 45W HF bi-amp system for high-performance 120W power amplification
ROOM CONTROL and HIGH TRIM response controls
XLR and TRS phone jack inputs accept balanced or unbalanced signals
General Specifications:
Speaker type
2-way bi-amp powered studio monitor
Frequency range (- 38Hz - 30kHz
8" cone
HF 1" dome
Output power
120W (LF:75W, HF:45W)
I/O connectors
XLR3-31 type (balanced), PHONE (balanced)
Bass-reflex type
Cabinet material
250mm (9.8")
390mm (15.4")
334mm (13.1")
Net weight
10.2kg (22.5 lbs.)
LEVEL control (+4dB/center click) , EQ: HIGH TRIM switch (+/- 2dB
at HF) / ROOM CONTROL switch (0/-2/-4 dB under 500Hz)
Yamaha HS8S or Equivalent Specifications
 8" bass-reflex powered subwoofer delivers low frequencies down to 22Hz
 22Hz - 150Hz frequency response
 High-power 150W amplifier exclusively designed for low frequencies
 LOW CUT switch, LOW CUT control (80-120Hz) HIGH CUT control (80-120 Hz)
 PHASE switch allow users to set up a subwoofer system with simple connections and
no additional equipment
 XLR and TRS phone for inputs and XLR for outputs
General Specifications:
Speaker type
Powered subwoofer
Frequency range (10dB)
22Hz - 160Hz
8" cone
Output power
I/O connectors
INPUT: XLR3-31 type (balanced) x2, PHONE (balanced) x2 /
OUTPUT: XLR3-32 type (balanced) x2 (L&R)
Power consumption
Bass-reflex type
Cabinet material
300mm (11.8")
350mm (13.8")
389mm (15.3")
Net weight
12.5kg (27.6 lbs.)
LEVEL control, PHASE switch : NORM./REV., HIGH CUT control
(80-120Hz, center click), LOW CUT control (80-120Hz, center click),
LOW CUT switch (ON/OFF)
B3. Reflection filter: 1 No.
Auralex MudGuard Microphone Isolator OR CAD Audio AS32 Acousti-Shield 32 - Stand
Mounted Acoustic Enclosure OR Equivalent Reflection filters for use in sound recording
studio to block off potential noise sources such as A/C’s or computer fans, etc
Professional Broadcast type Video camera with related accessories
 Sony 4K Camcorder (Model FDR-AX1E/B) or Equivalent
 4K / 60p(50p) recording
 XAVC S consumer-use 4K/HD recording format
 High-quality 50Mbps HD recording
 High-speed reading/writing on XQD media card
 Professional-class audio XLR terminal
 Excellent manual operation and image-quality adjustment functions
Detailed Specifications
HD Video Codec:
XAVC S format, MPEG4-AVC/H264
Media Storage Type:
XQD Memory Card x 2
Image Sensor:
1/2.3 type back-illuminated "Exmor R" CMOS Sensor
Lens / Filter
G™ Lens / 72mm
Optical / Digital
Audio Format:
Linear PCM 2ch(48kHz/16bit)
Image Stabilisation:
Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilization
LCD Screen Size &
3.5 (8.89 cm) Xtra Fine LCD™ 3D display(1,229K) Wide(16:9)
x.v.Colour, HDMI Terminal, External Mic. Input: XLR;
Dimensions (W x H x D)Approx. 189 × 193 × 362mm; Mass (w/o Tape, Battery, etc.)Approx. 2440g
AC adaptor, Rechargeable Battery Pack, Remote Commander with Battery, AV Cable, HDMI Cable, USB
Cable, Power Cord, Lens Hood, Lens Cap.
Handheld Digital 4K Video Cameras
 Sony 4K Digital video Camera (Model FDR-AX100E/B) OR Equivalent
 4K XAVC S Format
 Exmor R™ CMOS 1 (2.54 cm) Sensor
 29.0mm Zeiss® Vario-Sonnar T* Lens
 Manual Function
 XAVCS Format
 20.0MP Still Image
Detailed Specifications
HD Video
: XAVC S format MPEG4-AVC/H264
Video Mode
: XAVC S 4K: 3840×2160/25p, 24p; XAVC S HD: 1920x1080/50p, 25p, 24p; AVCHD:
1920x1080/50p(PS), 24p(FX,FH), 50i(FX,FH), 1440x1080/50i(HQ,LP); MP4: 1280x720 25p
Media Storage
: Memory Stick PRO Duo (Mark 2), Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo, Memory Stick XC-HG Duo,
SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card(Class 4 or Higher), SDXC Memory Card(Class 10)
Image Sensor
: 1.0-type (13.2mm x 8.8mm) back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor
: BIONZ X image processor
Lens / Filter
: ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T / 62mm
Optical /
Digital Zoom
: 12x/160x
Audio Format
: MPEG-4 Linear PCM 2ch(48kHz/16bit), Dolby Digital 5.1ch, Dolby Digital 5.1Creator, Dolby
Digital 2ch Stereo, Dolby Digital Stereo Creator, MPEG-4 AAC-LC 2ch
Zoom Mic
: Built-in zoom microphone
Maximum Still : 20.0 megapixels 16:9 (5968x3352)
: Optical Steady Shot image stabilization w/ Active mode (Wide to Tele)
LCD Screen
Size & Type
: 8.8cm (3.5 type) Xtra Fine LCD™ display(921K) Wide(16:9)
: Yes
Smile Shutter
: Off/Dual Capture/Always On
: Portrait/Baby/Walk/Tripod/Backlight/Landscape/Spotlight/Twilight/Macro/Low light/Auto
wind noise reduction
: Yes
: Yes (HDMI micro)
USB Terminal
: Yes
: Yes (Wi-Fi Compatible, IEEE 802.11b/g/n(2.4GHz band))
: Yes (NFC forum Type 3 Tag compatible)
Dimensions (W : Approx. 81mm x 83.5mm x 196.5mm
x H x D)
AC adaptor, Rechargeable Battery Pack, Remote Commander with Battery, HDMI Micro
Cable, USB Cable, Power Cord, Lens Hood, Lens Cap.
Item No. 16 Specifications for Pen type pH meter (2 nos.)
pH range 0.00 to 15.00
Resolution 0.01 pH
Accuracy +_0.02 pH
Calibration points up to 3 points
Calibration Buffer option pH 4.0, 7.0 and 9.2
To be delivered at CIFE Centre Powarkheda, M. P.
Taxes/ Delivery charges, if any, to be quoted separately for these locations
Item no. 17 Specifications for Lovibond comparator with all accessories (1 no.)
 pH range 0 to 14.0
To be delivered at CIFE Centre Powarkheda, M. P.
Taxes/ Delivery charges, if any, to be quoted separately for these locations
Item no 18. Jackson Turbidity/Nephelometer (1 no.)
Range: 0-110 NTU, Accuracy: +/- 0.01 NTU, LCD display.
Light source - IR - LED (860 nm),
 Power supply: 4-AAA Alkaline Batteries (over 1000 Tests),
To be delivered at CIFE Centre Powarkheda, M. P.
Taxes/ Delivery charges, if any, to be quoted separately for these locations
Item no 19. Double Distillation Unit (1 no.)
 1.5/4 litre per hour water output capacity,
 pH: 6.9-7.0,
 Conductivity (s/cm): <1x10-6
 Distillate temp. 65-70 oC
 Sample cells : 10 ml
To be delivered at CIFE Centre Powarkheda, M. P.
Taxes/ Delivery charges, if any, to be quoted separately for these locations
Item no 22. Specifications for Minus 20 Vertical Freezer (2 nos)
Capacity: 600-700 L
Power requirement: 200-220 V, 50 Hz
Temperature : -20oC
Temperature accuracy: 1oC
Temperature control: Digital
Lock, Key & Handle: Required
Auto defrost: Required
Refrigerant: Non-CFC
Display: Digital microprocessor based indicator & controller
Mobility: Should be on castor wheels & lock
Cabinet: Stainless steel
Door: Single stainless steel door with PUF insulation
Inner cabinet: Stainless less inner chambers with adjustable steel trays
Alarms: High/low temperature alarms
Item no. 23. Specifications for Water Bath (1 no.)
 Constant temperature water bath
 Temp. range
50 C above ambient to 1000C.
 Temp. control
 Insulation
Glass wool
 Inner chamber
 Outer
 Heater
S.S. immersion heater
 Circulation
Circulatory pump with stirrer
 Capacity
20-30 lit.
To be delivered at Veterinary College, Guwahati, Assam
Taxes/ Delivery charges, if any, to be quoted separately for these locations
Item no 24. Specifications for Laminar Airflow (1 no.)
Internal Dimensions L x D x H (mm) : 1175 x 650 x 660 Approx.
External Dimensions L x D x H (mm) : 1350 x 990 x 2100 Approx.
Construction material should be of Galvanized Iron Sheet with Epoxy Polyester
Thermosetting Powder Coating of 60-80 microns
Perforated working table and table top should be of about 1.5 mm stainless steel
Frontdoor should be frameless autosliding glass door of toughened glass of about 6 mm
Configuration: Class II – A2 compliant and approximately 30% of the air volume exhausted
as sterile air back into the environment and approximately 70% of the air is re-circulated
inside the work area
Stages of filtration
Pre Filter = 10μ with an efficiency of 85%
ULPA Final = 0.12μ with an efficiency of 99.9995%
ULPA Exhaust = 0.12μ with an efficiency of 99.9995%
Inner Area should be of complete stainless steel
ULPA Filter Diffuser SS (Stainless Steel) 304 grill duly perforated and polished
Automatic UV cut off when the door is opened.
PU solid wheels with chromium plated brackets &Polyamide Leveling Lugs
The laminar flow should have Stainless Steel drain collection system
Cleanliness class should be of ISO standard
System should comply with NSF/ANSI 49 to ensure a safe operating environment for
Class II, Type A2 conditions
 At least one year warranty
To be delivered at Veterinary College, Guwahati, Assam
Taxes/ Delivery charges, if any, to be quoted separately for these locations
Item 25. Specification for BOD Incubator (1 no.)
Direct Heat (Air-Jacketed), Moderate sized (150L-200L), Microprocessor controlled CO2
Six-sided heating with fan-less convection air-circulation, Should provide stable
temperature control, uniformity and rapid recovery with no overshoot. Seamless
stainless steel interior, adjustable stainless steel perforated shelves.
Dimension: Approx 25”W X 25” D X 35” H
Advanced Display and controller: Approx 5”, minimum 3 days on board graphing
capability of temperature gas and alarms.
Temperature Range:10o C below ambient to 50oC with inbuilt peltier Cooling
Control : ± 0.1oC
Stability : ± 0.1oC
Uniformity : ± 0.1oC
Infra Red CO2 Sensor to provide superior accuracy and stability over traditional
thermo-conductivity sensors.
Incubator to be supplied with 2-stage gas regulator (ISI Mark) with 2 CO2 gas cylinders
along with cylinder opening keys (Indian).
Range: 0.2-20%
Control: ± 0.1%
Stability: ± 0.2%
Uniformity: ± 0.1%
Recovery: Approx 0.5-1.0% per minute
Gas Service Pressure: 0.5psi/0.35 bar
Reservoir: removable stainless tray
Volume: approx 2-3 Liter
Control: 95%RH @ 370C
Perforated Shelves
Qty Provided: Minimum 4
Adjustability : Minimum 8 steps
Inner Glass Door should have standard seal.
Standard 25 mm Access Port & RS232 Port for additional probes and equipments inside
 Minimum 1 year warranty
To be delivered at Veterinary College, Guwahati, Assam
Taxes/ Delivery charges, if any, to be quoted separately for these locations
Item no 26. Specifications for Hot air oven (1 no.)
 Capacity : 75-110 L
 Voltage : 208 to 240V
 Bench top model
 Operating temperatures from 50° to 250°C
 Automatic over-temperature alarm system
 Built in timer
 Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel chambers
 Digital display
 Temperature Stability ±0.4°C
 Vertical Model
 Front opening door
To be delivered at Veterinary College, Guwahati, Assam
Taxes/ Delivery charges, if any, to be quoted separately for these locations
Item no 27. Specifications for Refrigerator (1 no.)
 Capacity 720 litrs
 Side by side double door
 Number of shelves:4
 Door lock system should be available
 Defrosting system should be of direct control
 Cooling technology should be 4 Ways
 Minimum warranty one year
To be delivered at Veterinary College, Guwahati, Assam
Taxes/ Delivery charges, if any, to be quoted separately for these locations
Item no. 28. Specifications for Compound Microscope (1 no.)
Trinocular Inverted Microscope with Infinity optical corrected optical system with light
path selector of 100:0, 0: 100, 10X (paired) eyepieces with F.O.V. 22mm
Diopter adjustment facility on both the eyes
Extra Long working condenser suitable for phase contrast /BF / Fluorescence,
Sextuple nosepiece for objectives.
Universal stage with omni directional movement having a long handle. The stage should
accommodate universal holder for petridish, tissue culture plate and flask
Working distance objectives with specialized phase contrast technology suitable for
Brightfield/Phase Contrast/ fluorescence with facility of cover-glass correction:
Achromat 4x, (N.A.0.10, W.D.30.0mm or higher),
Achromat ADL 10x Ph 1(N.A.0.25,W.D.5.2mm),
Achro ADL 20x Ph1 (N.A.0.40,W.D.3.1)
Illumination-100W for bright field and phase contrast microscopy.
Digital camera attachment: Suitable 5 Megapixel digital camera with accessories for
To be delivered at Veterinary College, Guwahati, Assam
Taxes/ Delivery charges, if any, to be quoted separately for these locations
Item no 30. Specifications for Field pH and conductivity meter (1 no.)
pH Mode
0.00 to 14.00pH
Relative Accuracy ±0.02pH
0.1 μS - 500 mS
Resolution 4 significant places
+ 1% full scale
Rechargeable Lithium battery for field use
Standard power supply unit for laboratory use
To be delivered at Veterinary College, Guwahati, Assam
Taxes/ Delivery charges, if any, to be quoted separately for these locations
Item no 32. Specifications for Fully Automatic Orbital Shaker (1 no.)
 Fully automatic orbital shaker with adjustable speed timer
 Different plate options with maximum capacity of 4x500ml
 Digital display
 Horizontal mixer
To be delivered at CIFE Centre Kakinada, A.P.
Taxes/ Delivery charges, if any, to be quoted separately for these locations
Item no 34. Specifications for Digital DO meter (1 no.)
 Having field DO sensors
 One touch calibration
 Storage of minimum 50 data sets
To be delivered at CIFE Centre Kakinada, A.P.
Taxes/ Delivery charges, if any, to be quoted separately for these locations
Item no 35. Specifications for pH meter (1 no.)
 LCD touch screen display
 5 point usa/nist calibration
 Auto buffer recognition
 Auto temperature compensation pH/MV/temp/opr indication
 In built result storage memory
 Measuring up to 16.00pH with accuracy =0.01pH
To be delivered at CIFE Centre Kakinada, A.P. Taxes/ Delivery charges, if any, to be quoted
separately for these locations
Item no. 36. Specifications for Paddle Wheel Aerator-2 HP (5 nos.)
2HP three phase 220V, 50HZ motor, 14:1 Reducer, with 2 nos. HDPE floats, 2 nos. PE
impellers, 2 nos. PE shafts, 1 nos. PE cover, 2 nos. movable joints single side, SS frame 304
grade, 4 nos. ½” sitting bars (GI), Screw package grade 304.
To be delivered at CIFE Centre Rohtak, Haryana. Taxes/ Delivery charges, if any, to be
quoted separately for these locations
Item no 37. Specifications for Mobile D.O. Meter (1 no.)
 Accuracy: DO: ≤ 0.5 % (± 1 digit)
 Calibration Curves Display: Slope and assymetry potential displayed
 Dimensions (H x W x D): 38 mm x 73 mm x 186 mm
 Display: Backlit LCD with pictograms
 Display Type: 128 x 64 pixel, simultaneous readings
 DO Measurement Range: 0 to 60 mg/L
 DO Resolution: 0.01 mg/L depending on measurement range
 DO sensor calibration: 1 to 2 point, saturated air, 0% DO
To be delivered at CIFE Centre Rohtak, Haryana. Taxes/ Delivery charges, if any, to be
quoted separately for these locations
Item no 38. Specifications for Refrigerated Table Top Centrifuge (1 no.)
High speed \refrigerated micro centrifuge with micro sample capacity brushless motor ,variable
frequency drive, High acceleration/ deceleration mode ,soft start/stop RCF Display, user stored
programs, soil counter balanced lid ,fail safe lid locking system. Large section feet
Max. Speed : 20,000 RPM
Max. RCF
: 26,600xg
Max.sample volume : 80ml
Speed setting/display: Analogue, Digital
Timer setting/display: 0 to 60 Minutes hold position
Temp. setting/display: 0 to 40 Deg. C For 230V/50Hz
To be delivered at CIFE Centre Rohtak, Haryana. Taxes/ Delivery charges, if any, to be
quoted separately for these locations
Item no. 39 Specifications for Colour Measurement system (1 no.)
 Spectral range:400-700 nm
 Wavelength accuracy: 1-2 nm
 LCD display
 Portable to use
 Specifically for fish and fish products
 Measurement mode: Absolute difference
 Chromatic system: CIE, L* a* b*, XYZ, L a b, ∆E, Hunter l a b difference
 Illuminant: CIE illuminant C or D65
 Multicalibration
 Superior battery performance with sparable battery
 Data memory at least for 200-300 sets of measurements
 Appropriate software with provision for statistical calculation
 All the accessories including data input system
Item to be delivered at CIFE Centre Kolkata. Taxes and delivery charges, if any, to be
included accordingly
Item no 40. Specifications for Refrigerated Centrifuge (1 no.)
Centrifuge should be equipped with both fixed and Swing type rotor with the following
 Fixed angle rotor:18,000-20,000 g
 Swing out
:5,000 to 6,000 g
 Temperature range
:-10 to 40°C
 Compact bench top Centrifuge
 Microprocessor Controlled with LED Display Screen
 Noise Level - < 57db
 Automatic lid opening system
 Temp. Display (Air & Chamber)
 Must be certified by CE, CSA for safety
 Angle rotors should be made up of highly corrosive & fatigue resistant material.
 Fixed rotor material should be warranted for minimum 10-12 years.
 System should have accelerated / deaccelerated mode of operation.
 Angle rotor 24 x 1.5 ml > 2,000g
 Angle rotor 6 x 50 ml >8,000 g
 Angle rotor 12-15 ml >15,000 g
 Angle rotor 1.5 ml – 2 ml >16,000 g
 PCR tubes - 0.2 / 0.5 ml
 2 Micro titre plates
Swing out
o 1.5 ml, 15 ml, 50 ml >5,000 g
o Suitable voltage stabilizer & power back up
Item to be delivered at CIFE Centre Kolkata. Taxes and delivery charges, if any, to be
included accordingly
Following items to be quoted under 2-bid system
Item no 42. Minus 80˚C Ultra Freezer (1 no.)
Vertical Ultra freezer
Temperature: -400 c -800c
Shelves /inner doors –Four
Cubage : 486L
Door open alarm
Standard door locks
Item no 43. Microvolume UV Spectrophotometer (1 no.)
Path length : 1 mm
Sample volume: as low as 1 µl
Light Source : Xenon flash lamp
DNA detection limit Minimum: ~2 ng/ μl
DNA detection limit maximum: ~15000 ng/ μl
Wavelength Range: 190 - 840 nm
Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.5-1 nm
Spectral resolution : <2nm
Absorbance Precision: ~0.003A
Item no 44. Specification for Fully Automatic Nitrogen Analyser &
Digestor (1 no)
Fully Automatic Kjeldahl distillation and titration system for analysis of
nitrogen/Protein in approx. three minutes per sample.
Automatic dilution of digested sample
Automatic addition of alkali
Automatic reagent handling, distillation, titration, calculation and reporting.
Full programmability – 10 different distillation routines
Officially approved colorimetric or potentiometric titration system (AOAC, EPA,
DIN, ISO, etc.)
Full safety features including
Fully covered safety door interlocked to distillation b.
Tube-in-place safety
Automatic cut-off thermostat for high distillate temperature which may be caused
due to absence of or reduced condenser water flow.
Simultaneous distillation and titration procedure to enable fast analysis of
Automatic system with sensor for reagent levels, water level and over- pressure in
the steam generator providing safe conditions for users.
To be supplied with tanks for alkali, water receiver and waste solutions.
Measuring range 0.1 to 200 mg N
 Recovery: More than 99.5%
 Faster rate of distillation 40 ml/min H2O.
Specifications for 6-8 block digestor or IR digestor
 6 - 8 Place digestion system with built –in Electronic Temperature Control 100 4400 C. & Digital display.
 Exhaust system for handling tubes along with water aspirator, tube rack, heat shields
& Retainer plate.
 Provision for measurement of actual temperature using external thermometer
 Less consumption of reagents; approximately 50%
 Audible “ready” or “cycle over” alerts advise the user when the digestion
 application is completed.
 Audible “alarm” alerts advice the user when errors/interruptions occur within
 the running application program.
 The Digital display of temperatures can be verified by actual measurement of Block
using an external thermometer.This is sometimes essential for
standardization purposes.
Item no 45. Inverted Fluorescence Microscope (1 no.)
Rugged and sturdy stand with modular design for future up gradation
Built-in electronic power supply unit for mains connection 100-240V, 50-60Hz and with
12V/60 watt power output.
Co-axial coarse and fine focus knobs ergonomically positioned either side of the
microscope stand for convenient operation with adjustable focus stop.
Power ON/OFF switch and illumination regulation control knobs to be located close to the
focus knobs for ease of operation.
Microscope should have powerful transmitted light illumination with 12V/35watt halogen
lamp and possibility to switch over to a long life LED illumination.
Quintuple (5x) precision revolving nose piece with provision for DIC sliders.
Binocular tube with 45 deg inclination with side and top swiveling eyepiece tubes and with
inter-pupillary distance adjustment range 55-75mm.
The microscope stand should have provision to attach a camera without replacement of the
Binocular tube.
Microscope should have a hard coat anodized specimen stage with 230x230mm size to
accommodate various specimen holders. It should have a provision to attach an object
guide with long coaxial X-Y drive knobs and holders for various specimen containers like
petridishes, slides, multi-well plates etc. It should have a provision and possibility to
upgrade with motorised scanning stage for advanced applications.
Infinity corrected high contrast long working distance Plan Achromatic objectives suitable
for Phase contrast, varel contrast and Plas DIC with magnifications 5x/0.15 w.d=11.5mm,
10x/0.25 w.d=8.5mm, 20x/0.35 w.d=4.3mm and 32x/0.45 w.d=3.0mm. Optionally quote for
40x /0.55 and 60/63x/0.65 high magnification objectives.
Pair of wide field 10x eyepieces with FOV of 22mm or more with focusable front lens and
with rubber eyecups suitable for spectacle wearers and should have a provision to insert
measuring graticules.
Fluorescence: Bright 100W mercury illuminator with facility of autoalignment of lamp so
that it maintains highest intensity after time passage and filters suitable for GFP, RFP and
DAPI with additional slots for future upgradation.
Digital camera with following specs: Number of Pixels: 2452 (H) x 2056 (V) = 5.0 Mega
pixel color, Pixel size: 3.45 µm x 3.45 µm, Chip size: 2/3"
Necessary software fluorescence and light images with image downloading and analysis
and should have all basic measurement function and analysis functions.
Item no 46. Professional GPS System (1 no.)
a. Professional Side Imaging Sonar/External GPS Combo with 360 Imaging: Hummingbird
1198c SI Combo with 360 IMAGING OR Equivalent – 1 No.
Display Size:
10.4" diagonal
Display Pixel Matrix:
600V X 800H
Display Type:
4:3 Color TFT
Display Colors/Grayscale:
65,000 Colors
Sonar Coverage
200 kHz / 20° @ -10db
83 kHz / 60° @ -10db
HD Side Imaging
Sonar Coverage
455 kHz / (2) 86° @ -10db
800 kHz / (2) 55° @ -10db
Target Separation:
2.5 inches
Power Output (RMS):
1000 Watts (RMS)
Power Output (Peak to Peak): 8000 Watts (Peak-to-Peak)
GPS Speed Included
Unit Size:
13.1" W x 9 .3" H x 2.9" D
Unit Size:
13.1" W x 8.8" H x 2.9" D
Transducer - Standard:
Transducer Mounting:
Power Input:
10-20 VDC
Power Draw:
Lights on: 1.4 Amps
b. Professional Handheld GPS System: Garmin make model GPSMAP 64sOR Equivalent - 2
Specifications: Rugged, Full-featured Handheld with GPS, GLONASS and Wireless
Connectivity ;2.6" sunlight-readable color screen; High-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS
receiver with quad helix antenna 1-year;BirdsEye Satellite Imagery subscription; 3-axis
compass with barometric altimeter; Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth technology or
Display Size
6.6 Centimeters
Battery Life
16 Hours
Item Weight
231 g
Product Dimensions
16.1 x 6.8 x 3.6 cm
Item model number
Item no 47. Gel Documentation system (1 no.)
Microprocessor Controlled Darkroom with necessary electronics for controlling all
functions of camera, lens and lighting via computer
Electromagnetic door latch
Fully light tight darkroom with separate enclosure for camera and lens suitable for
Fluorescence applications
Motorized Lens with Adjustable Aperture (f 1.2) or latest
Auto UV shut off
TRUE16-bit Scientific Grade CCD Camera or better
Resolution: 3.8 Mega pixels or more
Pixel Array: 2176 x 1760 or advanced
Grey Scales: 65,536 or more
Size (cm X cm): 20X 20 or better
Light source: UV with variable intensity between 50-100% and epi-white light
Dynamic Range: 4.8 or better
UV-To-VISIBLE LIGHT Convertor for viewing protein gels and other white light
Highly automated software for image capture, annotation, enhancement, manipulation
(sharpening and smoothing), image invert and image cropping
Software for band scoring and molecular weight and quantity calculations
Compatible desktop with latest specifications
Item no 48. Water Purification System (2 no.)
Resistivity 18.2 MΩ·cm @ 25 °C
Production flow rate Direct- 5 l/h @ 25 °C +/- 15 %
Instant flow rate (with Application Pak final filter) > 0.5 l/min TOC (w/o 185/254 nm UV
lamp) < 10 ppb TOC (with 185/254 nm UV lamp) < 5 ppb
Fitted with UV treatment
Particulates (size > 0.22 µm)< 1 particulate/ml
Bacteria< 0.1 cfu/ml
Endotoxin (pyrogens) < 0.001 EU/ml
RNases< 0.01 ng/ml
DNases< 4 pg/µl
Electrical feed voltage 220 V
With Remote dispenser
30 litre reservoir
Item no 49. Specifications for Microvolume UV Spectroquantifier (1 no.)
Resistivity 18.2 MΩ·cm @ 25 °C
Production flow rate Direct- 5 l/h @ 25 °C +/- 15 %
Instant flow rate (with Application Pak final filter) > 0.5 l/min TOC (w/o 185/254 nm UV
lamp) < 10 ppb TOC (with 185/254 nm UV lamp) < 5 ppb
Fitted with UV treatment
Particulates (size > 0.22 µm)< 1 particulate/ml
Bacteria< 0.1 cfu/ml
Endotoxin (pyrogens) < 0.001 EU/ml
RNases< 0.01 ng/ml
DNases< 4 pg/µl
Electrical feed voltage 220 V
With Remote dispenser
30 litre reservoir
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