Login Screen Guide

Login Screen Guide
Running Fleetsoft Software
Login Screen
You can begin using Fleetsoft software by double-clicking the icon on your desktop or in the
start menu. You must specify a Fleetsoft username and password. If your database is
located on a different computer or server, then press “Server” button and enter the correct
SQL Server name (see below).
Fleetsoft includes its own list of user accounts and passwords, separate from any other
Windows, Active Directory, or SQL Server accounts that you might have.
The two default user accounts are:
 Manager (password is pass)
 Mechanic (has no password).
By default, the Manager account has access to change all data including the site settings
and security options for other accounts. The default Mechanic account cannot remove data,
change site settings, or access security options.
The “Username” and “SQL Server” fields are saved each time the program is opened and
closed, but the Password field must be entered each time.
User accounts can be created or modified to have no password. Active Directory-enabled
user accounts do not require a password (single sign-on).
SQL Server Name
The default SQL Server name is .\FLEETSOFT.
If you upgraded from a previous version, the SQL Server name could be
If you are connecting over a network from a client workstation, enter the server’s
hostname or IP address before the backslash.
The format of this field is:
 ComputerName\SQLName (i.e. SERVER34\TRUCKTRACKER)
 IPAddress\SQLName (i.e.\MYSQLSERVER)
 IPAddress,Port\SQLName (i.e.,3456\SQLEXPRESS)
Press the drop down arrow to find other SQL Servers that are broadcasting on the network
and show them in the list of SQL Servers.
Advanced Connection Options
Advanced connection options are not required unless forced by your SQL Server
The Encryption option will encrypt all traffic before sending to the SQL Server. The
connection will attempt to use a self-signed server certificate (“trusted”) or another certificate
that you manually installed (“trusted”) on both the SQL Server and the workstation.
Enter the SQL Login account name and password or choose Windows Authentication. If
you choose “Save Login” then the password will be encrypted in a text file under the current
user’s roaming profile.
All custom SQL Login accounts using the program must have VIEW SERVER STATE
permission, as well as the proper mapping to a Database User or Application Role with
INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and EXECUTE permissions on the TruckTracker database.
To restore or upgrade a database in SQL Server, the Login account must be a member of
the SYSADMIN server role, or have CREATE DATABASE and ALTER LOGIN
Connection Failed Error Message
08001-SQL Server Network Interfaces: Error Locating Server/Instance Specified.
 Check the SQL Server name on the login screen. Make sure the correct name is
entered. Press the drop down box to see a list of possible SQL Server names.
 If you are connecting to the database over a network, make sure the network
connection is working on the client and server. Try the IP address instead of the
computer name.
 On the server machine, using “SQL Configuration Manager”, verify the TCP/IP
protocol is Enabled. Try restarting all SQL services, or reboot the SQL server
 Windows firewall or other firewall software is blocking the inbound SQL connections.
Start by temporarily disabling the firewall software and try to connect again.
08001-SSL Provider: The certificate chain was issued by an authority that is not trusted.
 The Encryption option is enabled on the login screen. To disable certificate checking,
enable the Advanced Connection Options, turn off the Encryption option, and then
disable the Advanced Connection Options again.
28000-Login Failed for ‘TruckTrackerUser’.
 It could be the case that the SQL Server name is correct, but the mapping between
the default login account and database user objects is broken. This could happen if
the database was recently moved or restored from another computer. To fix this
automatically, install the latest update or the setup program again, and choose
the “Repair” option.
 It could be the case that the SQL Server name you entered is valid, but it’s not the
SQL Server where TruckTracker database is installed, so you would need to find the
correct SQL Server name where TruckTracker database is located.
 If you entered custom credentials and you receive a login failed message, then either
the account doesn’t exist, the password is incorrect, or the account is disabled.
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