Tiffen HDTV/FX Filter User's Manual

Tiffen HDTV/FX Filter User's Manual
HDTV/FX® Filters
Award-Winning Ultra Contrast®
Meets HDTV/FX®
No Filter
With the increase in HD production for
both TV and Motion Pictures, HDTV/FX
filters address both contrast and sharpness
issues associated with HD.
HD video is higher in contrast than
traditional film. The HDTV/FX filter takes
the edge off undesired “tack sharpness”
associated with HD. It creates a “Film
Look” by reducing contrast and also provides subtle improvements in shadow
The HDTV/FX filter smoothes out
unwanted detail and makes people look
their best, especially when shot on HD,
without evidence of filtration.
Made of the highest quality optical glass,
HDTV/FX filters combine Tiffen’s awardwinning Ultra Contrast Filter with the new
Digital Diffusion/FX filter.
Although results may be very subtle with
still photography, the effects of the
HDTV/FX are seen more substantially with
digital and video applications.
HDTV/FX filters are available in densities
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in professional sizes 4x4,
4x5.650, 6.6x6.6, 138mm and 4-1/2" and
will be available in screw-in sizes 52mm82mm for the digital and still
photographer and videographer.
90 Oser Avenue, Hauppauge, New York 11788
(631) 273-2500 • FAX: (631) 273-2557 • 1-800-645-2522
[email protected] • www.tiffen.com
Due to variations in printing, results may not accurately
reflect filter effects. Photos taken from video screen clips.
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