Toro 2WD Quick start guide

Toro 2WD Quick start guide
Groundsmaster 360
Seriously advancing
the way you cut grass.
We’re taking productivity
in a whole new direction.
Winning the world over.
The Toro Groundsmaster® 360
Quad-Steer™ has been getting
rave reviews at parks and golf
courses from the US and Canada
to Australia and Germany–which
is where Sergej Alexnders took his
test drive. According to Sergej, the
Groundsmaster 360 Quad-Steer takes
productivity to a whole new level.
“It’s more maneuverable. When there
are obstacles like trees, you don’t have
to do hand trimming afterward. You
don’t need to drive backwards, you
can just keep moving forward and do
it all in one go. You can do more, and
get more done with this machine.”
The Groundsmaster 360 turns a new corner in turf maintenance with revolutionary Quad-Steer™ all-wheel steering.
Groundsmaster ® 360 Quad-Steer™
The new Groundsmaster 360
Quad-Steer drives circles
around other mowers.
You have to drive it to believe it. The Groundsmaster 360 is
engineered with Quad-Steer™ technology, for true all-wheel
cornering. When turning the steering wheel, the inside and
outside tires pivot around a common point so you can make
tight turns or trim around obstacles without turf damage.
What’s it feel like? Imagine sticking a pencil in the ground and
trimming around it 360 degrees without worrying about tearing
the turf. Not only that, but the Groundsmaster 360 Quad-Steer
is remarkably easy to operate. Just about anyone can easily
operate it and do a superior job with minimal training.
The back of the mower follows within the width of the deck, making
it easy to trim around trees, poles or along fences without hitting the
mower’s rear end.
Groundsmaster ® 360 Quad-Steer™
Built like a Groundsmaster
Get the Quad-Steer
All-Day, All-Terrain
All four wheels pivot around the
same point in the Quad-Steer
system so you can make tighter
turns without injuring the turf.
And, because it uses a standard
steering wheel instead of stick
steering, the Groundsmaster 360
is easy for new operators to learn
how to drive.
Don’t be fooled by its nimble turning response; this new Groundsmaster is a
workhorse through and through. It’s engineered with all the rugged features
that built the Groundsmaster reputation for nonstop performance, plus
innovations that will really boost your productivity.
A New Angle On
Operator Safety
By combining the
responsiveness of QuadSteer control with a wider
wheel stance, we created
a mower that can scamper
up steep slopes, trim
360-degree circles around
objects on side hills, and
still maintain optimal
traction and control.
Scales Curbs In a Single
One of the most impressive features about
the Groundsmaster 360 according to Andrew
Sterling of Sydney, Australia, is how effortlessly
it climbs curbs, thanks to the pivoting front axle
and high ground clearance. “In the past, we’ve
blown out tires and damaged rims,” he says.
“I can’t see any of that happening in the future
with this machine, and that will save us a whole
lot of downtime.”
Power Through Your Toughest Jobs
Quick Change Artist
Tougher Than the Rest
Shift your productivity into high gear with this 36 hp Kubota®
4-cylinder, liquid-cooled, diesel engine. It not only has all the
horsepower and torque you need to handle your most difficult
mowing conditions, it simplifies routine maintenance with quick,
tool-free access to regular service points, and common parts
across the Groundsmaster line.
A simple hole and pin system lets you easily
change the height of cut from 1"- 6" in ¼"
increments. You can temporarily lift the deck
to avoid roots, litter or other obstacles, and a
transport setting lets you raise the deck over 6."
The cast iron spindle housings on the Groundsmaster® 360 feature a
massive 9" diameter base and spreads impact loads across a broader
area. Dual tapered roller bearings last up to six times longer than
ball bearings. The spindle shaft is made of ¼" (32 mm) hardened
steel and is 25% thicker than competitive spindles. The result is
unsurpassed stability and strength for longer deck and spindle life.
We Stacked the Decks In Your Favor
Its 72" Guardian® Recycler® deck is engineered with a patented, vertical discharge system that
forces clippings to be cut and re-cut, for better clipping management and safety. The 72" rear
discharge deck powers through tall or thick grass without discharging clippings outside the
cutting path. Finally, the 72" side discharge deck delivers a lightning fast blade tip speed of
18,000 fpm (feet per minute), assuring a cleaner cut without sacrificing mowing speed.
Bullish On Durability
Engineered to Take the Heat
A unique bull-nose bumper protects the cutting
deck’s leading edge and minimizes blowout of
grass and dust. The leading edge is also raised
¼" so grass stands up straight for a cleaner cut.
You don’t have to worry about overheating
slowing your operators down. The
Groundsmaster 360 has a plenum cooling
system under the hood that pulls air into the
radiator and engine compartment, even under
dusty conditions. If the rear screen is blocked
with debris, cool air is drawn from the top to
prevent overheating.
Groundsmaster ® 360 Quad-Steer™ 2WD
The Power to Mow More In Less Time
2-Wheel Drive
Forget about all the obstacles that used to slow you down on mowing day.
The 2-Wheel Drive Groundsmaster 360 Quad-Steer quickly sails around rocks,
trees or anything else in its way, with virtually zero trim. You can keep right on
moving, instead of going back to make another cleanup pass. And, because the
rear end follows within the width of the deck, you can mow in and out of tight
areas without damaging turf, equipment or property, or breaking a sweat.
Redefining “Easy to
The Groundsmaster 360 is
designed to put your operators
in control of their comfort and
safety. The steering tower, seat
and armrests adjust to individual
preferences in seconds. The
operator seat is isolated with
rubber mounts that absorb
jarring vibrations that can
strain an operator’s back and
shoulders. All the essential
controls are fingertip-accessible.
Even the height of cut can be
quickly changed with a simple
hole and pin system.
Behind-the-seat storage for weather
gear, tools, gloves or a snack.
• Quad-Steer™ all-wheel steering
• 36 hp Kubota 4 cylinder diesel
• 72" (183 cm) cutting width
• Side discharge Guardian® Recycler,®
or rear discharge deck options
• 7-gauge welded steel cutting decks
• Integrated direct-drive transmission
with hydraulically actuated wet
multi-disc PTO clutch
• Mowing/transport speed range:
0 – 14 mph (0 - 23 km/hr)
• Optional differential lock kit
• Optional speed reduction kit
Versatility is Its Middle Name
When Kim Hansen of Batavia, Illinois, had a chance to test drive the
new Groundsmaster 360, she quickly saw all kinds of ways it could
make her more productive. “Right away I thought, wow, you could
use this to mow regular park areas with flat terrain. And then, you
could also take it into the rougher areas, and raise up the deck to
do a rough cut. But once we got to the hills, let’s just say, I’ve never
seen another mower that performs like it does on the hills.” Sounds
like she’s found the one mower that really does it all.
Groundsmaster ® 360 Quad-Steer™ 4WD
Maximum Control. Maximum Traction.
Maximum Productivity.
4-Wheel Drive
Think of the 4-wheel drive Groundsmaster 360 Quad-Steer as the big mower that drives
small. It has a huge appetite for devouring grass, but when you need the precision of a
smaller mower, it zips in and around, and gets the job done faster than any mower its size.
It’s also designed to cut your maintenance costs, with a multi-disc wet clutch that lasts
longer than conventional clutches, and a direct-drive transmission that requires less service.
More Grip. Less Slip.
CrossTrax® all-wheel drive comes standard on the Groundsmaster 360
4WD. It automatically senses when one of the rear tires begins to
slip, and instantly transfers power from the rear to the
opposite front wheel, so you can confidently keep on
mowing. What’s the best way to experience the power
of CrossTrax®? Look for the worst place you have to mow.
Go to the area where other mowers get stuck, or where it’s
very tight and your other mowers hit things. As soon as you fly
through there with this mower, you’ll suddenly have one of those
“a-ha moments,” when you realize this machine does things you can’t
do with your other equipment.”
Steering Lockout For
High-Speed Control
The 4-wheel drive Groundsmaster 360 lets
you lock the rear wheels straight, for car-like
front wheel steering when the unit is driving
at higher road speeds or mowing a long,
straight run.
• Quad-Steer™ all wheel steering
• 36 hp Kubota 4 cylinder diesel
• 72" (183 cm) cutting width
• Side discharge Guardian® Recycler,®
or rear discharge deck options
• 7-gauge welded steel cutting decks
• Integrated direct-drive transmission
with hydraulically actuated wet
multi-disc PTO clutch
• CrossTrax® all-wheel drive
• 2-wheel steer transport mode – rear
wheels lock straight for driving like
a car
• Mowing/transport speed range:
0 – 14 mph (0 - 23 km/hr)
• Optional front Quick Attach System
for seasonal attachments
• Optional speed reduction kit
King of the Hill.
Ken Shepherd of Lockport, Illinois, says he’s never seen anything like the
traction and control of the new Groundsmaster 360. “I was really surprised
by how well it climbed our sled hill, they were climbing straight up and
that mower wasn’t even sweating. I couldn’t believe it.” Ken was equally
impressed by the Groundsmaster 360 on the way down. “When the mower
started to turn, I thought ‘Wow, I hope that thing doesn’t roll.’ But the
operator was totally in control all the way, which is exactly what Ken looks
for in a mower, and his crew.
Groundsmaster ® 360 Quad-Steer™ 4WD with Cab
All-Season Performance, 365 Days of the Year
The ultimate Groundsmaster 360 Quad-Steer is the one you can use year round. Meet the Groundsmaster
360 Quad-Steer 4WD with an all-season safety cab. Its rollover protection certified cab keeps your operators
safe and comfortable in all kinds of weather. What could be better? How about adding the optional front
Quick Attach System (QAS), so one person can change seasonal attachments like a snow thrower, rotary
broom or angled snow blade in less than a minute, with no tools required. Talk about versatility!
Let Neither Rain, Nor
Sleet, Nor Snow Stop
Your Operators
It’s always a perfect day for
mowing, sweeping or clearing
snow when you’re inside the cab
of the new Groundsmaster 360.
This permanent, fully enclosed cab
has four-post rollover protection
and tempered safety glass. A
climate-control system with AC
and heat protects operators
from the elements. Rear and side
windows open for ventilation.
When the weather turns bad,
a front windshield wiper and
washer ensure good visibility.
Cloth Grammar seat with air ride
suspension comes standard.
4-Wheel Drive with
All-Season Safety Cab
• Quad-Steer™ all wheel steering
• 36 hp Kubota 4 cylinder diesel
• 72" (183 cm) cutting width
• Side discharge Guardian® Recycler,®
or rear discharge deck options
• 7-gauge welded steel cutting decks
• Integrated direct-drive transmission
with hydraulically actuated wet
multi-disc PTO clutch
• CrossTrax® all-wheel drive
• 2-wheel steer transport mode – rear
wheels lock straight for driving like
a car
• Mowing/transport speed range:
0 – 14 mph (0 - 23 km/hr)
• Permanent, all season safety cab
with A/C and heat
• Cloth Grammer seat with air ride
• Optional front Quick Attach
System for seasonal attachments
• Optional speed reduction kit
Seasonal Attachments
Rotary broom (MB Companies)
More Versatile.
Use one machine to do it all. The Groundsmaster 360 Quad-Steer 4-wheel drive model has the
optional Quick Attach System for front attachments. One person can change over attachments
in less than a minute, no tools required.
Angled Snow blade (MB Companies)
Fixed V-plow (Toro)
Snow thrower (Erskine Attachments)
Powered V-plow (MB Companies)
Groundsmaster® 360 Quad-Steer™
GM360 2WD
GM360 4WD
GM360 4WD w/cab
Kubota* 1505 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine, 36 hp (26.8 kW) @
3000 rpm
Traction Drive
Independent high-torque, low speed wheel motors with 277 cc
Dual pump hydrostatic
drive system with
optional differential
CrossTrax* drive system utilizing series parallel
hydraulic drive with full time forward and reverse
4WD. Patent pending.
Quad Steer™ all wheel steer with four wheel Ackermann steering. Two turns
Lock to Lock controlled via steering wheel and automatic synchronizing
hydraulic cylinders. 4WD models have rear wheel steer lock out position,
providing front two wheel steering (2WS).
Fuel Capacity
13.5 gallons (51.1 Liters) diesel. Biodiesel Ready for use up to B-20
(20% biodiesel and 80% diesel blend).
Ground Speed
Transport and Mow: Forward 0-14 mph (0-23 km/h), variable.
Reverse 0-8.5 mph (0-13.7 km/h), variable.
Mowing Capacity
4.9 acres/hr (2.0 ha/hr) @ 8 mph (12.9 km/hr)
Fuel Economy
3.5 acres/gallon (.38 hectares/liter)*, fuel consumption: 1.4 gallons/hr
(5.3 liters/h)*
PTO Clutch
GM360 2WD
GM360 4WD
GM360 4WD w/cab
Height ROPS Up
78" (198 cm)
78" (198 cm)
Overall Length
95" (241 cm)
95" (241cm) / 117" (297 cm) with front Quick
Attach System™ (QAS) only
Overall Width
78" (198 cm) [72" (183 cm) base deck] / 75" (191 cm) [72" (183 cm) side
discharge deck] / 55" (140 cm) wheel to wheel
57" (145 cm)
Est. Shipping Weight
2,562 lbs. (1,162 kg)
All-Season Safety Cab
Factory installed, ROPS certified, pressurized cab with AC and heat.
Tempered curved windshield, opening side window acts as an emergency
exit, opening rear window, tinted side and rear glass; front wiper/washer;
interior mirror and exterior side mirrors; SMV sign; interior dome light.
Models 30540, 30541 & 30542 only.
Complies with American National Standards Institute
(ANSI B71.4-2004)
2,658 lbs. (1,206 kg)
86" (218 cm)
3,134 lbs. (1,422 kg)
Cutting Decks
72" Side Discharge
7-gauge (4.5 mm) 5.5" (14 cm) deep; welded steel deck with grass
discharged on the right side. An 5/16" (8 mm) thick rubber discharge chute
covers the discharge opening to limit the throw distance of clippings.
Hydraulically actuated wet multi disc clutch.
72" Base Deck Const.
7-gauge (4.5 mm) 4.25" (11 cm) deep welded steel deck.
Certified to meet SAE J2258. Certified to meet ISO/DIS 21299 for ROPS.
Engine meets all applicable emission standards per the manufacturer.
Certified to meet C-Tick 2004/108/EC/(EMC). Certified to meet the CE
Machinery Directive.
Width of Cut
Base: 72" (183 cm) with Guardian® Recycler® kit,
fine cut Guardian Recycler kit, or rear discharge kit.
Height of Cut
1"- 6" (25 - 152 mm) adjustable in 0.25" (6 mm) increments
Sunshade, Speed
Reduction Kit, Road
Light Kit, Differential
Sunshade, Speed Reduction Kit, Front Quick
Attach System, V-plow, Rotary Broom, Road Light
Kit, Snow thrower, Angled Blade
* Dependent on operator and turf conditions. Assume 85% efficiency for turns and overlap; and 8 mph (12.9 km/hr) mow speed.
Specifications subject to change. Please contact your Toro distributor for details.
The Toro Groundsmaster meets the specifications of your toughest jobs.
For more detailed information, visit
Toro Financing A full-service offering for all your
equipment and irrigation purchases. Flexible
financing options can be tailored to meet your
operational needs.
Toro Protection Plus Extended Protection
Plan Protect your budget and your equipment
investment. Plans are available for both new
and used equipment, and you can choose from
various terms to fit your financing terms.
Toro Genuine Parts Keep the productivity and
performance of your equipment at its peak.
Learn about Performance Parts pricing and MVP
kits. Find replacement parts online at
Toro Controller Repair Provides irrigation
controller boards ready for immediate board
exchange to assure that downtime is minimal and
your turf stays protected. Toro is the choice for
Toro Training Toro Factory Service Schools are
available. Explore the training and customer care
areas of and for readily
available education and training materials.
Toro NSN An industry-first support network
that provides reliable, around-the-clock irrigation
central control system troubleshooting and
operation assistance. Call 1-800-ASK-TORO.
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Side Discharge (nonCE): 72" (183 cm)
myTurf™ Fleet Management This on-line
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all of your turf equipment. Complete product
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