Toro Groundsmaster 5900 User manual

Toro Groundsmaster 5900 User manual
Groundsmaster 5900/5910
Groundsmaster 5900/5910
• 16' (4.9 m) cutting width
• 99 hp (74 kW) Cummins
turbo-diesel engine
InfoCenter™ onboard
• SmartCool
system with
auto-reversing cooling fan
• Full-time 4WD
• Open cockpit 5900/
Climate-controlled cab
What will your next 16' (4.9 m) rotary mower do for you?
Will it reduce your fuel and maintenance costs? Automatically
clear chaff from the intake screens? Or tell the operator when
there’s a potential problem … and then point the technician
directly to the trouble spot? If your next mower is the
completely new Toro® Groundsmaster® 5900 or 5910,
the answer is “Yes” and much more.
Welcome to the next generation of wide area rotary
mowers. The Toro Groundsmaster 5900 Series sets the
new standard for productivity, uptime and low daily
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ng co
Groundsmaster 5900
Groundsmaster 5910
Count on
Toro Groundsmaster mowers are renowned for their power,
durability and reliability. After listening to customer input,
our engineers set out to build a mower unlike any other.
The 99 hp (74 kW) turbo-diesel engine powers you through
the toughest turf. Sophisticated onboard diagnostics and
an innovative cooling system maximize uptime. And for
ultimate operator comfort, the 5910 offers a factory installed
climate-controlled cab.
The power authority.
Get more productivity with a surprising mix of fuel
flexibility, efficiency, low emissions and unstoppable
power. The gutsy Cummins QSB3.3 inline 4-cylinder engine
puts out 99 hp (74 kW) and 306 lb-ft (415 N•m) of torque
to cut the thickest, wettest grass you can find. All while
exceeding EPA and EU emissions standards for nonroad
diesel engines.
Fuel costs are squeezing budgets everywhere. We’ve
responded with a high pressure common rail (HPCR)
electronic fuel delivery system that provides fuel efficiency
and delivers responsive power at every RPM. This flexible
engine is also biodiesel ready for lower emissions and
reduced environ350
mental impact.
TORQUE (lb-ft)
POWER (hp)
Power and fuel
efficiency … who
says you can’t
have it all?
• Segment-leading
Cummins® QSB3.3 engine
• B20 biodiesel ready
• HybridDrive™ cutting deck system
• Shallow deck design for
efficient cut
Cummins is a registered trademark of Cummins Inc.
ENGINE SPEED (rpm x 100)
brain meets brawn.
Equipment downtime is productivity’s worst
enemy. With the all-new Toro® InfoCenter, you
get helpful maintenance reminders and instant
notification of potential problems. It’s like having
a mechanic on board.
During normal operation, the InfoCenter displays
clear and simple operating information at a
glance, while constantly monitoring the internal
health of the machine. Audible and visible alarms
notify the operator of a potential problem. In
the field or at the shop, technicians can quickly
identify the source and solution. No handheld or
diagnostic computer is needed – all readouts are
displayed within the onboard unit.
• Multi-function sensing
• Maintenance reminders
• Visible and audible trouble alarms
• Supervisor mode
Open up and say awe.
The hood lifts at the rear for easy access and maintenance of the engine, oil cooler, charged air-cooler and
radiator. You can remove both side panels and the thermoplastic hood in a snap.
SmartCool System:
cool aid.
Tired of losing valuable work time from
overheating? Now you can reduce downtime
with our exclusive SmartCool System. Before
things get too hot, SmartCool briefly reverses
the cooling fan to blast chaff and debris from
the air intake screens.
The innovative Toro SmartCool System, along
with regular maintenance of the cooling system,
keeps operators on the job and moving forward.
Smart? You know it. Cool? Definitely!
• Sensor-triggered fan reversal clears chaff buildup
• Function shown on Toro InfoCenter display
• Reduces operating downtime
Enter the
A comfortable operator is safer,
happier and more productive.
Ergonomic seating and one-touch
controls put the operator in total
command. Rubber mounts isolate
the entire operator platform from
the frame, greatly reducing vibration
and improving comfort.
The climate-controlled
Groundsmaster® 5910 provides
protection and comfort in extreme
temperatures. Operators work
confidently in a fully-enclosed,
factory-installed cab, with a fourpost, rollover protection structure
(ROPS) and tempered safety glass.
The front and rear windows open for
ventilation. A windshield washer and
wiper help maintain visibility when
the weather turns bad.
Keep your cool.
Even a small increase in temperature can have
substantial effects on operator efficiency and
safety. A case study by the Society of Automotive
Engineers* showed a 50% increase in missed
driver tasks and 22% slower reaction times
at 81°F (27C) in the operating compartment
compared to a temperature of 70° (21C).
* Driver Diligence – The Effects of Compartment
Temperature (SAE Paper 920168)
The Toro® air ride suspension seat adjusts to the operator’s desired firmness for maximum comfort.
The seat adjusts with easy moves of height and angle levers for an ergonomic fit to the operator,
and the armrests adjust to a comfortable angle.
The steering tower quickly tilts to provide the
best fit and visibility of the Toro InfoCenter™
display, for a tuned-in, comfortable ride.
Personal storage box with cup holder
12-volt power jack on control arm
Storage slots for radio and phone
Behind-the-seat storage for a lunch
bucket, water cooler, or trash basket
You’re in control.
Controls are logically organized
and easy to access from the
operator’s seat control arm.
Groundsmaster 5900
• Optional sunshade
Groundsmaster 5910
• Climate-controlled cab
• All-around glass for 360˚ visibility
• Extends hours of daily use
• Optional in-cab audio system
your cut.
The 5900 Series is all about covering
maximum ground. With the cutting decks
down, you get a full 16' (4.9 m) cut capable
of mowing more than 100 acres (40.5
hectares) per day.
To mow between objects or along narrower
areas, operators may raise either left or right
wing decks (142" width of cut) as well as both
decks (92" width of cut). The cutting units
can be set from 1-6" (2.5-15.2 cm) to handle
a wide variety of conditions.
The rotary cutting blades are mounted on
hefty 1.25" (3.2 cm) diameter spindles found
on all Groundsmaster® models with 9.5"
(24.1 cm) cast iron housings. These are the
toughest spindles in the business, ready for
years of constant cutting.
Can take a hit.
Built with high-strength, reinforced steel, these decks
stand up to years of use. If the operator misjudges
distance, the unique, bi-directional impact absorption
system prevents damage and costly repairs. A massive
spring-loaded shock cushions the decks from front or
rear impact, and lift arms swing the decks away
from the object.
Get down to
business – fast.
The Groundsmaster 5900 Series mowers can travel
from site to site at transport speeds up to 20 mph
(32.2 km/h). The center cutting deck lifts and wing
decks rise vertically, allowing clear side and rear views.
The road package is standard and includes head lights,
turn signals, flashers, brake lights, and a slow-moving
vehicle sign. Optional front and rear work lights are
also available.
No uncut grass left behind.
U-turns welcome.
The Toro Groundsmaster® 5900 Series offers superior traction and maneuverability.
Other 16’ (4.9 m) mowers leave an 18” (45.7 cm) diameter uncut circle, which requires extra time to make
another pass. That’s not good enough for the 5900 Series. Now you can mow closely around trees and other
obstacles with zero trim. You can also turn 180° and leave no uncut grass.
4WD: go where you want.
The full-time, 4-wheel drive puts
power where it’s needed. The
cutting decks automatically take
weight off the cutting units for
more flotation, and put it on the
traction wheels when climbing
hills. Individual wheel brakes and
4WD flow divider can be used
to provide additional traction
Atomic™ Mulching Blades
Rotary Broom
Also Available:
• Leaf Mulching Kit
• Sunshade
• 4-Post-ROPS
Dollars and sense: save on cost of ownership.
The Grounsdsmaster 5900 and 5910 offer rugged design, power, efficiency,
and increased operator time. Add it up and you could save tens of thousands
of dollars in maintenance and use costs. How much can you save? Find out
with our interactive cost savings calculator, available online at:
Specifications for Groundsmaster 5900/5910
Cooling System
Model: Cummins® QSB3.3
Fuel: Diesel. Biodiesel compatible up to B20
Type: 4 cylinder, turbocharged, intercooled
Horsepower @ RPM: 99* @ 2630 (73.8 kW)
Torque @ RPM (lb.-ft.): 306 @ 1600 (415 N•m)
Displacement: 199 cu. in. (3.3 L)
Fuel Injection: Electronic high-pressure common rail
Service Interval: 250 hours
Starting Aid: Intake air heater
Emissions: Tier 3
* Electronically limited.
General Data
5900 Weight: 5,966 lbs. (2,706 kg)
5910 Weight: 6,457 lbs. (2,929 kg)
Wheelbase: 76" (194 cm)
Length: 175" (445 cm)
Mow Width: 192" (488 cm)
Transport Width: 99" (251 cm)
5900 Height: 89" (226 cm)
5910 Height: 93" (236 cm)
Ground Clearance: 9.5" (24 cm)
4 Wheel Drive: Parallel hydrostatic, closed loop
Traction Drive Pump: Variable displacement piston, servo control
Front Drive: Planetary gear type, double reduction
Rear Drive: High torque, low speed hydraulic motors
Traction Assist: Front and rear hydraulic flow divider, steering brakes
Tires, Front: 29 x 12.50-15, 10-ply
Tires, Rear: 23 x 10.50-12, 6-ply
Fan: SmartCool™ System - variable speed, temperature actuated
reversing fan
Intake: Top and rear
Layout: Rear
Oil Cooler: Tilts out for service access
Radiator: Cross flow, 4 row
Intercooler: Cools air from turbo for improved power, fuel economy
and emissions control
Onboard LCD display shows gauges, alerts/faults, service reminders,
electrical system diagnostics. Indicates fuel level, coolant temp,
intake temperature, low oil pressure, alternator, engine hours,
engine rpm, hydraulic oil temperature, voltage
Fuel: 35 gallon (132.5 L)
Hydraulic: 19 gallon (72 L)
Engine Oil: 8.5 qt. (8 L) w/filter
Coolant: 13.5 qt. (12.8 L) 5900 18.0 qt. (17.0 L) 5910
Fuel Economy
Acres Per Gallon:* 4.3 (5900), 3.8 (5910)
Mowing Range: 15.8 hours 5900, 13.7 hours 5910
Fuel Consumption: 5900 2.22 Gal/Hr (8.4 L/Hr)
5910 2.55 Gal/Hr (9.7 L/Hr)
*Typical Mow Rate/Gallons Per Hour
Specifications for Groundsmaster 5900/5910 (Continued)
Cutting Decks
Type: Three rear discharge rotary
Cutting Width: 16' (488 cm), 57" (145 cm),
92" (234 cm), 144" (366 cm)
Height of Cut: 1-6" in 0.5" increments
Construction: 11-, 12-gauge high-strength steel, 7-gauge
reinforcements, bullnose bumper
Protection: Wing decks: 2-way shock absorption
Deck Drive: HybridDrive™ - Hydraulic motor to spindle, remaining
spindle(s), driven by “B” section v-belts
Tensioning: Automatic, spring loaded idlers
Spindles Shaft: 1.25" (3.2 cm) hardened steel
Spindle Housing: 9" (22.9 cm) ductile iron
Spindle Bearings: Greasable tapered roller
Standard Blades: 20" (50.8 cm), heat-treated steel blades
Optional Blades: Atomic™ mulching blades
Skids: Reversible polymeric
Operation Station
Operator Platform: Isolated, rubber mounted
Seat: 4-way adjustable
Suspension: Air-ride with 3" (7.6 cm) of adjustability
Steering: Power, adjustable tilt
Traction Pedal: Adjustable angle, uses position sensor
Storage: Toolbox, cup holder, radio holder, phone holder, and
behind seat (area for cooler, trash bucket, etc.)
ROPS: ISO 21299 certified
12V Power Outlet: Standard
Audio System: Optional 5910 aftermarket accessory
Control Arm: Right armrest, travels with seat and suspension
Deck Lift/Lower: Electrohydraulic switches
Throttle: Electronic, 3 position or variable
Traction Pedal: Electronic
Brakes: Internal wet disc
Steering: Hydrostatic, load sensing
Other: High/low range, PTO, cruise control, 4WD flow divider,
lights, key switch
Uncut Circle: 0" diameter
Turning Radius: 86" (218 cm)
Cab (5910)
Climate Controls: Air conditioning, heat, opening front and rear
Other: Factory installed, ROPS certified, tinted glass, front wiper/
washer, interior mirror, side mirrors
Warranty: Two-year limited
Sound Level: 87 dBA (5910), 92 dBA (5900)
Maximum Mow Rate: 20.7 acres/hr (8.4 ha)*
Typical Mow Rate: 9.6 acres/hr (3.9 ha)†
Mowing Speed: Forward 0-10.8 mph (17.4 km/h)
Reverse 0-5.7 mph (9.2 km/h)
Transport Speed: Forward 0-20 mph (32.2 km/h)
Reverse 0-10.5 mph (16.9 km/h)
Speed Control: Electronic, limits max speed
*10.8 mph, no overlap or stops † 5 mph, no overlap or stops
Certification: ANSI B71.4-2004
Lights: Headlights, red and amber flashers, turn signals, tail lights,
brake lights
SMV Sign: Rear mounted
Warranty: Two-year limited
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Toro Training Toro Factory Service Schools are available.
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used equipment, and you can choose from various terms to fit your
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