Toro Multi Pro 1750 (41188) Quick start guide

Toro Multi Pro 1750 (41188) Quick start guide
Multi Pro 1750
Leading technology, proven reliability,
unsurpassed accuracy.
Engineered to your
The new Multi Pro 1750 is the culmination
of extensive customer input and exhaustive
operator field-testing. Toro’s sprayer
development team spent countless hours
conducting in depth market research to better
understand customer desired attributes and outcomes.
From the customer research, the team designed this
new sprayer and then spent numerous hours in the field
at courses and sports fields just like yours testing every aspect
of the vehicle and the spray system for durability, performance, precision
and accuracy. The result is the new Toro Multi Pro 1750, which features many new
innovative features that improve the vehicle performance and enhance the precision
and control of the spray system. We think you will agree that Toro has simply built
a better sprayer.
Multi Pro ® 1750
Why put
your trust
in Toro
Multi Pro
Your friends
and colleagues
already have.
Industry Leading
Market Share
The innovative and high
performance Multi Pro turf sprayers
achieved the highest market
share of any major turf sprayer
The Toro Multi Pro 1750 is ready to perform when you
need it most. Invite your Toro Distributor to demonstrate
how this sprayer can enhance your spraying program.
Advanced Precision and
Operator Control by Design
Industry Leading
Customer Satisfaction
With proven quality and reliability,
Toro Multi Pro achieved the highest
satisfaction rating of the products
available for other turf sprayer
Industry Leading
Purchase Consideration
Toro Multi Pro sprayers achieved
a significantly higher number of
mentions when superintendents
were asked what turf sprayer brand
they would consider purchasing.
Every facet of the Multi Pro 1750 is designed to give the
operator unrivaled and intuitive control of the vehicle
and sprayer control system. The all-new vehicle design
significantly improves performance, durability and operator
comfort. The Multi Pro spray system delivers unsurpassed
spray accuracy and precision, and the new Quick Find
Console® considerably improves the operator interface with
the sprayer controls.
Quick Find Console®
Multi Pro ® 1750
Powerful. Accurate. Precise.
Safety Roll Over Protection
Structure (ROPS)
Quick Find Console®
•Enhanced operator interface
with the sprayer controls.
•Easy access to routine
service items
Boom System
•Folds in criss-cross
position for storage
•Rugged truss design
handles accidental
Powerful Kohler
air-cooled 725 cc
Gas Engine
for Stable
Hydraulic Boom
Lift Cylinders
•4 wheel disk with Hill-assist
Traction Drive System
•3 speed manual transmission
Low Pressure on
Sensitive Turf
•Large tires effectively spread the load
•Improved speed and
control for better operation
over undulating turf
•Improved force, duty cycle
and response time
Multi Pro ® 1750
Six-Diaphragm Pump
An industry first! This unique pump produces
up to twice the flow to simultaneously achieve
higher spray volumes and aggressive agitation
needs. While spraying, the pump continuously
agitates tank contents for a homogeneous mix
and more accurate application of chemicals
from start to finish, saving chemical costs
and ensuring efficacy. This pump features
a dry sump which eliminates the risk of oil
contamination and a self-priming design that
can be run dry without damage.
New 175 Gallon (662 Liter) Tank
Three Agitation Nozzles
A tapered elliptical tank design
prevents chemicals from
building up in ‘dead spots.’
Three side-mounted agitation
nozzles continuously ‘roll’ the
tank contents for a thorough,
homogeneous mix. This dynamic
action suspends wettable powders
and water-soluble granules to
achieve industry-leading mixing
and spray out.
Multi Pro ® 1750
Toro Multi Pro 1 750
Industry Leader Checklist
Agitation Performance
•New six-diaphragm pump
•New 175 gallon (662 liter)
chemical tank
•3 side-mounted jet agitation
•Redesigned and enhanced
plumbing system and
Spray Performance
•New Quick Find Console® with
Info Center
•Ground Proportional drive
•Air inclusion spray nozzles
•Drift Reduction Boom Shroud
Operator Comfort
•Ergonomically designed operator
•Double A-arm, coil over shock
front suspension
•Optional Sunshade accessories
•New Clean Load Educator Kit
•New 17.5 gallon (66.2 liters)
Fresh Water Rinse Kit
•New Pivoting Hose Reel
•Ultra Sonic Boom Leveling
Quick Find Console®
The new Quick Find Console® helps the
operator to intuitively find boom and actuator
switches with the palm of their hand and
places command of all key vehicle and sprayer
systems at the operator’s fingertips for ease-ofuse and improved control.
The analog pressure gauge and the new Info
Center are smartly situated to keep all key
sprayer data in the operator’s line of sight.
Drift Reduction Boom Shroud - 41602
Extends 12" (30.5cm) below the standard boom to minimize chemical
drift in breezy conditions while retaining full boom system functionality.
Clean Load Eductor Kit - 41210
17.5 Gallon (66.2 liters) Fresh Water Rinse Kit - 41208
This on-board mixing station incorporates a venturi system and
allows rapid and safe loading of any chemical without the need to
first mix into a slurry. Incorporates a built-in bottle wash nozzle.
Nesting inconspicuously in front of the main tank, this system includes a
separate electric pump, plumbing and dual rinse nozzles. At 5.6 gallons
(21.4 liters) per cycle, it has on-board capacity to complete a triple rinse
Pro Foam Marking Kit - 41232
New “turn signal” type control conveniently placed on the left
side of the steering column provides for fingertip control.
Ultra Sonic Boom Leveling Kit - 41219
Electric Pivoting Hose Reel Kit - 41211
New sonar sensors attached to end of the booms automatically
maintain proper spray height over undulating turf.
150' (45.7m) of hose for hand or walk spraying applications.
Convenient electric powered rewind. Spray gun has an adjustable
nozzle from stream to fan.
Hahn Spray Bug
Sunshade - 30349
Spray Nozzles
Sunshade 30349 ROPS Mounted
Full range of contact, systemic and low drift nozzles are available. New
air induction nozzles provide improved accuracy, more uniform droplets,
reduced drift and even coverage.
The Hahn Spray Bug walking spray system brings precision application
to walk-spraying greens and other hard to reach areas. It is an electricpowered, self-propelled, self-contained covered boom sprayer with a
15-gallon tank, 80" boom and complete spray system.
Available from Hahn Application Products
Multi Pro® 1750, Model 41188
Kohler, CH740 Command series, twin cylinder, air-cooled, 4 cycle, 725 cc
Sprayer Specifications
Fuel System
5 gallon molded Roto-Low Perm tank, 1.5" fill opening, non-vented cap w/tether,
mechanical float, located on LH side of unit, carbon vapor recovery canister, mechanical
fuel pump on Kohler engine
Solution Tank
High density, impact resistant polyethylene with large 16" (41cm) fill well; tapered
bottom and sump with drain
Exhaust System
Engine mounted split manifold assembly; clamped muffler assembly w/integrated heat
shield. All exhaust components constructed of aluminized steel.
Rated Capacity
175 gallons (662 liter)
Spray Pump
Traction System
Kanzaki / Tuff Torq 3 speed (forward). 1 speed (reverse), mechanical transaxle with
differential lock
Hardi 363, 6-diaphragm positive displacement w/1" input shaft; input speed
300~1150 rpm, max flow rate of 51 gpm (193 lpm)
3, side mounted jet agitation nozzles for full tank agitation
Ground Speeds
Forward 0 – 11.5 mph (0-18.5 kph); Reverse 0 – 2.5 mph (0-4 kph)
Front: Kenda K404 smooth (treadles); 20x10-10; Rear: Kenda turf tread; 24x13-12
Spray pump control switch, Agitator jet switch, rate switch, individual boom
On/Off switches, boom actuator switches, indicator lights on pump, agitation and
boom switches, throttle lock
Four wheel hydraulic disc, 2-piston calipers; Front – 7.5" (19cm) diameter rotor;
Rear – 9.5" (24cm) diameter rotor
Main Frame
High-strength, formed steel rear frame channels welded to steel tubular cross member
and upper/lower steel tubular structure, ROPS standard
Front suspension – Double A-arm w/coil over shock; Rear suspension – rigid; rubber tires
Fully hydraulic: steering wheel turns, lock to lock: 3.5
Multi-function display (Info Center), Pressure Gauge, Mechanical Fuel Gauge
Vehicle Controls
Ignition key switch, Choke, Headlight switch, Optional Wireless Hour Meter, Speed Lock
Single high back cushion seat standard with manual position adjustment w/seatbelts
Sound Level
83 dBA at operator ear under normal operation
2200 lbs. (998 kg) shipping weight
Measurements with spray system: Length = 160" (4.06 m) (w/booms folded in cradles)
Width = 70" (1.78 m) (w/booms folded in cradles) Height = 95" (2.4 m) (w/booms folded
in cradles)
Two-year limited warranty. Refer to Operator’s Manual for further details
SAEJ2258, CE 2006/42/EC
Open Booms (Standard)
Boom Assembly
18.5' (5.6 m) three section, triangular truss-style open booms.
Boom Actuators
Heavy Duty hydraulic lift actuators with nitro-steel plated shafts; 1 3/4" (4.4 cm):
Bore x 10.06" (25.6 cm) Stroke
The Toro Multi Pro Family of Sprayers meets the specifications
of your toughest jobs. For more detailed information,
Toro Financing A full-service offering for all your
equipment and irrigation purchases. Flexible
financing options can be tailored to meet your
operational needs.
Toro Genuine Parts Keep the productivity and
performance of your equipment at its peak. Learn
about Performance Parts pricing and MVP kits. Find
replacement parts online at
Toro Protection Plus Extended Protection
Plan Protect your budget and your equipment
investment. Plans are available for both new and
used equipment, and you can choose from various
terms to fit your financing terms.
Toro Training Toro Factory Service Schools are
available. Explore the training and customer care
areas of and for readily
available education and training materials.
Products depicted in this brochure are for demonstration purposes only. Actual products offered for sale may vary.
©2013 The Toro Company, 8111 Lyndale Ave. S., Bloomington, MN 55420-1196 Part No. 13-080-T. Printed in U.S.A.
Toro Controller Repair Provides irrigation
controller boards ready for immediate board
exchange to assure that downtime is minimal and
your turf stays protected. Toro is the choice for
Toro NSN® An industry-first support network that
provides reliable, around-the-clock irrigation central
control system troubleshooting and operation
assistance. Call 1-800-ASK-TORO.
myTurf® Fleet Management This on-line tool from
Toro keeps track of maintenance for all of your turf
equipment. Complete product information and parts
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