Toro Rain Dial Specification
Rain Dial
The Rain Dial family of hybrid controllers offers outstanding
scheduling flexibility. The unique modular design makes
programming, installation and servicing fast and easy. All
these features make the Rain Dial controller ideal for small
agricultural, commercial and industrial applications.
6, 9 and 12 station
outdoor models
Flexible Programming
• Three independent programs offer concu
rent operation capability
• Seven-day calendar or “Skip Days” interval
options from one to 15 days
• Station run times from 1-59 minutes in
1-minute increments or 1-5.9 hours in
.1-hour (6 min.) increments
• Three start times per program for up to
nine daily start times
• Electrical surge protection (on both input
and output lines) resists damage from
lightning storms and power surges
Easy Operation
• Automatic, semi-automatic and timedmanual operation
• Modular design allows easy removal
of control module without disturbing
valve wiring
• Easy-to-read programming dial and
large, self-prompting LCD
Rain Dial
6, 9, 12 station
outdoor model
Additional Features
• Self-diagnostic electronic circuit breaker
overrides an electrical malfunction of a valve
• Battery backup keeps accurate time and
maintains program during power failure
• Master valve/pump start circuit
• Weather-resistant plastic, locking cabinet
with an internal transformer
• Wall mount
How To Order:
A- RD 600 -EXT
Number of Outdoor/Indoor
Mount Options
A-RD1200-EXT 12
• UL and CSA listed
Electrical Specifications
• Transformer input: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
• Transformer output: 24 VAC, 1.25 amps
Height: 73⁄4"
• Maximum output per station: 24 VAC, .5 amp
Width: 103⁄4"
• Maximum total output to valves: 24 VAC, 1.0
amp (including master valve)
Depth: 4"
• Battery backup: 9-volt alkaline
battery (not included)
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