Toro Workman 200 Gallon Sprayer (41235) Quick start guide

Toro Workman 200 Gallon Sprayer (41235) Quick start guide
Workman HD Series
Tougher than
your toughest job.
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4/1/15 10:18 AM
Tougher. Stronger. Better.
Meet the new Toro Workman.
You can’t get more hauling capacity, versatility, or bang for
your utility vehicle buck than the new Toro® Workman®.
With an I-beam axle that’s seven times stronger
than a comparable tubular design, a bed that hauls
up to 3,350 pounds, and an electronic fuel injected
engine that makes every gallon go farther, it’s the
highest performing utility vehicle on the market today.
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4/1/15 10:18 AM
Workman ® HD Series
The new Workman gets its
remarkable strength from a
rear DeDion axle built with
the same kind of I-beam
design used in skyscrapers.
It gives the Workman
superior vertical loading
capacity by isolating the
engine, transmission and
main frame from all load
forces, improving durability.
A solid foundation.
The new Workman is engineered with a truss-like
front space frame for superior strength and rigidity,
and a rear frame with a C-channel design for
unsurpassed performance in hauling heavy loads.
More capacity.
More productivity.
Precision wheel bearings.
The most advanced integrated wheel
bearing technology ensures the Workman
keeps on rolling under the heaviest loads,
day after day, job after job.
With a maximum capacity
of 3,577 pounds – the Workman
is up to any challenge.
stopping power.
A fully loaded Workman can build
up a lot of momentum. It can also
stop that momentum faster, thanks
to 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes.
Not only are hydraulic disc brakes
safer, they are easier to service
than traditional drum brakes.
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Designed to bounce back.
Accidents happen. But with seven energy
absorbing crush zones in the front bumper,
an operator can drive a fully loaded
Workman into a pole at 3 mph without
any permanent damage. Don’t try
that with other utility vehicles.
4/1/15 10:19 AM
Workman ® HD Series
A thoroughbred workhorse.
The new Toro Workman is more than the industry’s toughest
utility vehicle. Everything from the tires on up is engineered to
be smarter, more efficient and easier to operate. All with one goal
in mind–to raise your productivity to new heights.
Smooth over everything.
Because a comfortable operator is a more productive operator, the Workman is engineered
to deliver a smoother, safer ride. It’s built with a true independent front suspension, with
opposing dual coil springs and dual shock absorbers, and a rear suspension that consists
of a DeDion axle, dual independent leaf springs and shock absorbers. Fuel injected savings.
Fuel injected savings.
Built with a powerful 32.5 horsepower electronic fuel injection
(EFI) engine, the Workman shifts your productivity into high
gear with a 15 to 20% increase in fuel economy, instant cold
weather starting, smoother throttle response and onboard
diagnostics for quick troubleshooting.
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4/1/15 10:19 AM
Workman ® HD Series
No slips.
No slides.
The Workman is available with an
on-demand four-wheel drive system
that delivers surefooted traction
in forward and reverse, without
damaging your turf.
All-inclusive instrumentation.
The easy-to-read instrument panel includes fuel
and temperature gauges, an hour meter, and
warning lights for oil pressure, check engine and
battery charge. A tachometer and speedometer
are also standard on all liquid cooled models.
Top 10 benefits of the
Workman EFI engine.
1. Go farther with up to a
20% increase in fuel efficiency.
2. Reduce maintenance and adjustments
thanks to no choke or carburetor.
3. Get moving faster with
instant cold starting.
4. Save technician time with
automatic altitude compensation.
5. Improve control with
smoother throttle response.
6. Boost performance with additional
power across throttle range.
7. Increase operator and bystander
comfort with significant noise
8. Simplify troubleshooting
with onboard diagnostics.
9. Meets all current EPA requirements
10. Stay on the job and out of the shop
with legendary Toro reliability.
From country clubs to city parks,
wherever there’s a job that needs
doing, there’s a Toro Workman
built to get it done.
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4/1/15 10:19 AM
Workman ® HD Series
Highly productive
work attachments
and accessories.
The Workman rises to any challenge,
no matter how tough the job. You can
transform it in minutes with a 200-gallon
sprayer, Patriot aerial lift, Vicon spreader,
a topdresser and more. Choose from a
wide range of attachments and accessories
featured here and online at
seed a
(400 li
ProPass™ 200
Delivers unsurpassed versatility in
topdressing, with a wireless model
that lets you make adjustments in real
time. Available in bed mounted or
trailer versions.
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Deluxe Hard Cab
200-Gallon Sprayer
Takes operator and passenger comfort further with
a vented glass windshield, two-speed windshield wiper
and an interior dome light. Two door kits available.
Turns your Workman into a highly
efficient, low profile precision sprayer.
18 cu
to the
4/1/15 10:19 AM
Vicon Spreader
Canopy and Folding Windshield
Rahn® Groomer
Topdresser 2500
Pendulum action evenly spreads sand, fertilizers,
seed and other dry materials. Volume 1/2 cubic yard
(400 liters).
Durable, high-density polyethylene canopy
protects operators and passengers from sun
and rain. Easy folding acrylic windshield allows
airflow to enhance comfort.
The triple row broom is perfect for leveling
uneven playing fields, with a 2-way system
that provides a lock and float position to match
conditions. Also ideal for dethatching.
25-cubic-foot capacity and all-wheel drive ensures
a consistent application rate on uneven terrain.
ProCore® Processor
Pro Sweep®
Synthetic Turf Conditioner
Patriot Lift
Sweeps, processes and disperses aeration
cores in one easy operation.
Efficiently picks up aeration cores and debris with
a floating sweeper head. High dump hopper easily
empties debris into the bed of a Workman.
Loosens infill from compacted fields, and evenly
redistributes and levels the playing surface.
25-foot aerial lift simplifies maintenance of trees,
golf courses, parks, streetlights and more.
Topdresser 1800
ROPS Signal Light Kit
Casket Transporter
1/3 Vertical Lift
18 cubic-foot conveyor belt topdresser mounts
to the rear of Workman for precision application.
Protects operators with double amber
warning lights and two single red taillights.
Heavy-duty transporter for cemetery applications.
A sturdy, scissor-lift platform with 600-pound
capacity that can be raised up to 96 inches.
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4/1/15 10:19 AM
Vehicle Model:
972 EFI
Workman® HD Series Utility Vehicles
127.6 in (324 cm) without bed;
130 in (330 cm) with bed
32.5 hp (24.2 kW)
23 hp (17.2 kW)
23 hp (17.2 kW)
962 cc
902 cc
674 cc
Maximum Speed:
19.8 mph (31.9 km/h)
19.8 mph (31.9 km/h)
19.8 mph (31.9 km/h)
Total Capacity:
Cargo Bed
(with two 200 lb.
Tow Hitch:
3249 lbs (1473 kg)
3244 lbs (1472 kg)
3190 lbs (1447 kg)
3185 lbs (1445 kg)
2849 lbs (1292 kg)
2844 lbs (1290 kg)
2790 lbs (1266 kg)
2785 lbs (1263 kg)
3351 lbs (1520 kg)
64.7 in (164.3 cm)
75.8 in (192.5 cm) to top of ROPS
Independent suspension with dual A frame control arms,
dual coil springs and dual shock absorbers with anti-sway bar.
Provides 5 3/4” travel.
DeDion rear axle (weight carrying axle) suspension independent
of transaxle with dual leaf springs and dual shock absorbers.
Provides 3” travel.
4 wheel hydraulic disc brake system.
Rear transaxle directly connected to engine, twin axle drive.
3 speed synchromesh (forward speeds only), h-shift pattern with
high-low range providing 6 forward speeds and 2 in reverse.
4WD Models:
Fully automatic on-demand, bi-directional system. Uses dual
bi-directional clutches. In event of rear tire slippage, clutches transmit
power proportionally to front wheel with highest traction.
2951 lbs (1338 kg)
600 lbs (272 kg)
tongue weight
600 lbs (272 kg)
tongue weight
600 lbs (272 kg)
tongue weight
3500 lbs (1587 kg)
trailer weight
3500 lbs (1587 kg)
trailer weight
3500 lbs (1587 kg)
trailer weight
Certified to meet SAE J2258. Certified to meet ISO/DIS 21299
for ROPS. Engine meets all applicable emission standards per the
manufacturer. Certified to meet the CE Machinery Directive.
Trailers over 1500 lbs
(680 kg) require
trailer brakes
Trailers over 1500 lbs
(680 kg) require
trailer brakes
Trailers over 1500 lbs
(680 kg) require
trailer brakes
Two-year limited warranty.
See Operator’s Manual for further details.
The Toro Workman meets the specifications of your toughest jobs.
For more detailed information, visit
Toro Financing A full-service offering for all your
equipment and irrigation purchases. Flexible
financing options can be tailored to meet your
operational needs.
Toro Protection Plus Extended Protection
Plan Protect your budget and your equipment
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Toro Genuine Parts Keep the productivity and
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Toro Controller Repair Provides irrigation
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Toro Training Toro Factory Service Schools are
available. Explore the training and customer care
areas of and for readily
available education and training materials.
Toro NSN An industry-first support network
that provides reliable, around-the-clock irrigation
central control system troubleshooting and
operation assistance. Call 1-800-ASK-TORO.
myTurf™ Fleet Management This on-line
tool from Toro keeps track of maintenance for
all of your turf equipment. Complete product
information and parts ordering is also included.
Ask your distributor for availability.
Products depicted in this brochure are for demonstration purposes only. Actual products offered for sale may vary.
©2015 The Toro Company, 8111 Lyndale Ave. S., Bloomington, MN 55420-1196 Part No.15-090-T. Printed in U.S.A.
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