Toro Workman HD (07369) User manual

Toro Workman HD (07369) User manual
Workman HD Series
Attachments & Accessories
Workman HD Series Utility Vehicles
The Workman HD Series is designed
with your toughest work challenges
in mind, from the front bumper to
the rear bumper and everything in
between. Engineered with the highest
total carrying capacity in the industry
and a wide variety of attachments and
Workman HD
Workman HDX
• 23 hp (17 kW), 674 cc air cooled Kohler
Command PRO gas engine
otal carrying capacity 3,352 lbs (1,524 kgs) and
a towing capacity of 3,500 lbs (1588 kgs)
eDion design rear suspension system with
dual coil springs and shock absorbers
accessories, the Workman HD Series
utility vehicles can be equipped with the
right tool in any application.
Workman HDX-D
• 23.3 hp (17.4 kW), 898 cc liquid cooled Kubota
902D diesel engine
• Total carrying capacity 3,244 lbs (1475 kgs) and
a towing capacity of 3,500 lbs (1588 kgs)
Attachment Options
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Workman HDX – No Bed
• 32.5 hp (24.2 kW) horsepower, 962 cc liquidcooled Kubota 972EFI gas engine
• Total carrying capacity 3,577 lbs (1625 kgs)
• Towing capacity of 3,500 lbs (1588 kgs)
Workman HDX – 4WD
44700 / 44701
• Evenly apply materials to the turf from
9 ft (2.74 m) to 35 ft (10.67 m)
• Repeatable settings for consistent operation and
defined edges
• 21 ft3 (.54 m3) of material handling capability
• Standard or electronic controls
• Switch from Twin Spinner to optional Cross
Conveyor / Swivel Kit Assembly model 44703 in
minutes with no tools
• 32.5 hp (24.2 kW) horsepower, 962 cc liquidcooled Kubota 972EFI gas engine
• Total carrying capacity 3,190 lbs (1450 kgs) and
a towing capacity of 3,500 lbs (1588 kgs)
• On demand, bi-directional four wheel drive
traction system for increased traction and control
• 23.3 hp (17.4 kW), 898 cc liquid cooled Kubota
902D diesel engine
• Total carrying capacity 3,185 lbs (1448 kgs) and
a towing capacity of 3,500 lbs (1588 kgs)
• On demand, bi-directional four wheel drive
traction for increased traction and control
ProPass 200 Topdresser
Workman HDX-D – 4WD
• 32.5 hp (24.2 kW) horsepower, 962 cc liquidcooled Kubota 972EFI gas engine
• Bed carrying capacity 3,249 lbs (1477 kgs)
and a towing capacity of 3,500 lbs (1588 kgs)
Workman HD Series Accessories
Attachment Options
Topdresser 1800
8 cubic feet (502 liters) conveyor belt style
topdresser that is hydraulically driven by remote
• Mounts to rear 2/3 of the Workman utility vehicle
to deliver precise topdressing application
Topdresser 1800 Lift Kit
• Lift kit assembly consisting of chain and brackets
• Used to assist in the installation and removal
of the Topdresser 1800
Deluxe Hard Cab (Doors Not Included)
1/3 Vertical Lift
n elevating, scissor-lift work platform with
600 lb (272 kg) lift capacity that can be raised
from 38” to 98” (96cm – 250cm)
• Features a vented front glass windshield for cross
ventilation, glass windshield, and side panels for
enhanced visibility, interior dome light, and a
2-speed windshield wiper
• ROPS & CE certified
Cab Heater
• Mounted inside on the passenger side near
the floor
• Heater provides enhanced comfort when needed
on cold weather days – ties into radiator
Cab Rear View Mirror Kit
• Operator and passenger side mounted rear view
mirrors for enhancing all around visibility
• Externally mounted to the cab frame
Cab – Sliding Window Door Kit
• Provides 2 doors for cab
• Operator door has a sliding window
• Gives operator the ability to access exterior
elements, such as showing or swiping an
identification security badge
Casket Transporter
• Cemetery application used to transport caskets
• Contact R&D Fabrication and Welding:
Cab – Solid Window Door Kit
• Provides 2 doors for cab
• Both operator and passenger doors have solid
Vicon Spreader
• Pendulum action spreader for spreading sand,
fertilizers, seed, and other dry material
• 14.1 cubic feet (408 liters) of material
handling capability
• Requires High Flow Hydraulics Kit - 07316
• Requires Vicon Spreader Mounting Kit - 41253
Patriot Lift
• Aerial lift device for maintenance of golf
courses, parks, orchards, street lights, etc.
• Working height of 25 ft. (7.62m)
• Contact TG Industries:
Workman HD Series Accessories
Towed Attachments
Topdresser 2500
ProCore Processor
• A self-contained, all-wheel drive unit towed
behind a Workman HD series utility vehicle
• 25 cubic foot (698 liters) capacity to tackle the
toughest topdressing jobs
• All-wheel drive ensures a consistent application
rate on uneven terrain
• Stainless spring steel brushes loosen the infill
from compacted fields
• Evenly redistributes and levels the playing
surface for increased playability and safety
• Sweeps, processes, and disperses aeration
cores in one, quick operation
esigned for large turf areas, 70” (178cm)
processing width
Rahn Groomer
Synthetic Turf Conditioner
Pro Sweep
• Towed, two wheel sweeper with 25 cu. ft. (698
liters) high dump hopper capable of dumping
into the bed of the Workman HD Series vehicles
• Used to collect aeration cores or other debris
weeping width of 52” (132cm) and a
14” (36cm) hydraulically-driven brush
• Wireless Remote Control
• The Rahn GL650 Infield Groomer levels uneven
playing fields, helping to prevent ridge build up
while creating a safer, more consistent infield
he triple row broom is perfect for finishing the
playing surface and can be stored upright for
easy transport
orks as an efficient dethatching tool and
prepares outfield grass for overseeding
• Scarifier and Spring Tine options available
he 2-Way leveling system provides both a lock
and float position to match infield conditions
ahn Groomer and Mounting Kit available
from Rahn Industries,
or 800-298-1707
Workman Spray System
Hose Reel Kit 150’
(7m), 1/2” (12.7mm) Hose
• Powered reel that connects to spray gun to
add flexibility to your Workman sprayer
• Used to spot spray greens and other hard to
reach turf
Hand Spray Gun Kit
Multi Pro WM Sprayer
• Transforms your Workman into a highly
productive precision sprayer
• 200 gallon (757L) low profile tank sprayer
with diaphragm pump using a 3-section
18 ½” (5.6m) open boom system
• Requires Rear PTO Kit – 07419, and 4-Post
ROPS Kit – 07378
• Rear view Mirror – 107-8048 & Hand
Throttle – 07420/07388, are recommended
with all spray systems
ProFoam Marking Kit
• Dispenses soap foam droplets from outer tip
of boom during spray operations
• Makes it easier to correctly overlap the spray
pattern on the return path
• Requires ProFoam Marking Kit Mounting
Bracket – 112-7866
ProFoam Concentrate
• Soap concentrate for use with all Toro foam markers
• 4 – 1 US gallon bottles per case
• Includes 25’ of ½” hose (7.6m of 12.7mm
hose), hose hanger, hose hook, trigger
actuated spray gun, gun mounting bracket,
rate control switch and control valve
Sonic Boom Kit
• Automatically adjusts the height of the outer
boom to maintain constant distance to ground
for uniform overlap
• Utilizes sonar to measure the distance to ground
Workman HD Series Accessories
Accessory Options
Folding Windshield
• Protects operators and passengers from the
sun and rain
• Made of durable, high density polyethylene
material with drainage outlets for moisture
• Clear, high impact modified acrylic material
• Quick and easy fold down design to allow air
flow and enhance operator and passenger
2/3 Area Flatbed
Full Flatbed
Fold Down Side Kit (w/ tailgate)
• Hinged side panels
• Front panel and tailgate can be folded down
• Welded steel diamond plate flatbed that
mounts to the vehicle frame
• 2/3 flatbed area has 48” (1.2m) length
and 55” (1.4m) width
2/3 Area Flatbed Side Kit
• Short bed side panels, front panel and tailgate
with fixed pivot point
High-Flow Hydraulics Kit
1/3 Area Flatbed
• Welded steel diamond plate flatbed that
mounts to the vehicle frame
• Has four corner stake pockets for enhancing
specialty mount applications
• Provides 8 GPM hydraulic flow in a separate
• Used to power attachments and implements,
such as Pro Sweep, Vicon Spreader,
Topdressers, etc.
4-Post ROPS
• Consists of four vertical posts connected
together by top members
• Protects operator from injury in case of
roll over
Note: 4-Post ROPS must be added to
41235 – Workman Sprayer
Signal Light Kit
• Turn
signal lights for both corners in the front
and rear
• Also contains brighter beam headlights
Work Light Kit
• Consists
of three work lights for mounting on
top of ROPS bar
ROPS Signal Light Kit
• Consists
of two double amber warning lights
and two single red tail lights
• Mounted on top of ROPS bar
• Requires 07317 or 07315 Light Kit for the
necessary wiring for ROPS Kit
Workman HD Series Accessories
Accessory Options
Rear PTO Kit
• Rear-mounted,
540 RPM, PTO shaft mechanically
driven by transaxle
• Required for the Workman Sprayer System - 41235
Spark Arrestor
• Used for Daihatsu engines
• Fits into end of tailpipe to help prevent sparks
from emitting from exhaust
Plastic Bedliner
rugged, weatherproof plastic construction liner
that protects cargo bed
High Air Intake Kit
it extends air intake system from underneath
the cargo bed to a position slightly above the
ROPS shield behind the passenger position of the
• Recommended for dusty applications
Side-Mounted Rear View
Mirror Kit | 115-7849
½” (21.6cm) convex mirror with mounting
capability on either side of the operator or
passenger side of the vehicle
2” Receiver Hitch Kit
rovides a 2” (5cm) square receiver to enable
a “drawbar” hitch
Remote Hydraulic Float Kit
hydraulic float kit that enables both hydraulic
lifting and the “float” down position
• Required when a Deere TC125 is used
Remote Hydraulic Manifold Kit
hydraulic manifold kit that provides the
ability to switch hydraulics between cargo bed
actuation and remote port usage via use of an
operator panel-mounted switch
Horn Kit
sed to alert other vehicles, pedestrians or traffic
Speedometer for HD
rovides a tachometer and speedometer for the
HD air-cooled Workman
Rear PTO Overrunning
Clutch Kit | 92-2655
• Required
when using rear mounted, high intertia
attachments, such as mower decks or blowers
• Allows the attachment drive shaft to continue
rotating after disengagement of the vehicle PTO
Trailer Brakes
Automatic Tailgate Release
• Automatic
tailgate release when dumping
from cargo bed and resets automatically upon
lowering bed
• Saves operator time and effort as they do not
need to leave their seat to dump cargo
• Works on full or 2/3 full bed with full sides
Note: Does not work with Folding Side Kit
it provides a controller which plugs into
Workman vehicle and a positive wire
• A ssists the hook up of customer supplied electric
trailer brakes
Trailer Signal Wiring
it provides electrical wire for Workman vehicle
• Allows operator to enable easy hook up to
customer supplied trailer signal and brake lights
Reverse Alarm
rovides automatic reversing alarm
• Sounds whenever the vehicle is in reverse gear
Mid-Mount Kit for Vertical Lift
pecific mounting kit required for installation
of 1/3 vertical lift in the mid position of the
vehicle frame
Rear 1/3 Area Mounting Kit
pecific mounting kit required for installation of
1/3 Flatbed in rear position of the vehicle frame
Hand Throttle HDX-D
• Mechanical throttle and speed limit control
• Provides constant RPM for stationary attachments or a controlled maximum speed for
applications such as spraying or spreading
Hand Throttle Kubota EFI
• Electronically-controlled throttle and speed
• Holds RPM constant during spraying and
topdressing applications for consistent
application rate
Engine Cover Kit
hield device that covers alternator and belt on
liquid-cooled models
Note: Not available for air-cooled models
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