technical specifications
Our No. 5.1 loudspeaker is designed to transport you into the center of a
live music experience. The concept behind this speaker is to produce music
without any restric�ons in terms of dynamic range, frequency spectrum, or
reproducibility. Aided by the natural radiance of superbly cra�ed woods,
this loudspeaker model enriches your living space and delivers outstanding
sonic results for any type of music reproduc�on. The music sounds as direct
and natural as when it was performed on the stage or in the studio.
3-way passive loudspeaker vented-box
Tweeter chassis:
1 x 8mm (0.3”) Corona Plasma
In the No.5.1 loudspeaker, the midrange frequencies are reproduced using
Midrange chassis:
1 x 15,5 cm (4”)
a 4 inch midrange driver with a polypropylene cone and a solid die-cast
Bass chassis:
2 x 22cm (8.7”) composite glass fibre/
polyester fabric cone, coated
basket. The low mass of this driver, coupled with an under-hung voicecoil configura�on and a symmetrical drive gives a very detailed resolu�on
Crossover frequencies: 200Hz / 2.5kHz
in sound quality ‘depth’. The short voice coil and long gap offers excellent
4Ω nominal, 3.2Ω minimum
linearity and speed, without any dynamic compression, which makes for
a perfect match to the plasma tweeter. The bass is handled by two 8 inch
Maximum level:
long-throw drivers of low moving mass. These can achieve a membrane dis-
Frequency response:
32Hz - 150kHz ± 3dB
placement of +/- 0.5 inch. Despite its unobtrusive dimensions, the No. 5.1
Input terminals:
2 sets: 1 x bass, 1 x mid+high,
connec�on for bi-wiring or bi-amping
can produce a solid bo�om end – well beyond the usual at home volume
levels. The me�culously cra�ed enclosure with sandwiched composite cabi-
Internal wiring:
net walls is the basis for the loudspeaker’s outstanding audio performance.
Dimensions (H x W x D): 101.9 x 25.8 x 49 cms
(40.9 x 10.1 x 19.3 inches)
Thanks to the extensive internal cabinet cross-bracing matrix and the applica�on of custom made internal damping materials, cabinet wall resonances
Silver plated OFC
have been reduced to vanishingly low levels – there is no opportunity for
the cabinet to develop any resonant response of its own.
Four high-quality terminals are provided for bi-wiring or bi-amping. These
are easily accessible and have plenty of clearance. The tweeter level is user
adjustable in four 1dB steps via jumpers on the rear panel and the bass level
can be a�enuated to compensate for room or placement deficiencies. With
an efficiency ra�ng of 91 dB, even amplifiers with a modest power output
are suitable.
LANSCHE AUDIO • Wallhauserstrasse12 • D-78465 Konstanz • Germany •
80kg (176lbs)
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