Join in Trilogy`s annual Fourth of July parade

Join in Trilogy`s annual Fourth of July parade
published by the trilogy at rio vista master association
July 2014
Join in Trilogy’s annual Fourth of July parade celebration
Bring the whole family to enjoy the creativity applied to decorated vehicles,
a hot dog and ice cream social, and live entertainment at the Delta Pool.
For more information, see pg. 7
Comedy Night: Kat Simmons pg. 6
Concert on the Patio: Featuring Afterglow pg. 5
Village Riviera’s Annual Treasure Hunt pg. 15
Model Club’s Live Steam Up pg. 34
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Trilogy Tribune
GREY info is for graphic artist
Hi-Res PDF to [email protected]
F ro m the Ma ster Associatio n
Trilogy at Rio Vista
Don Love
Master Association Board of Directors
An executive session of the Board of Directors took place
June 10.
• Discussed the transfer status of the WWTP/LLD from the
city to the HOA. The water source for the LLD is still undefined at this moment with clarity expected from the city
at a future council meeting. A review of the expenditures
of the last year of the LLD funds was provided, which had
been compiled by board member Melissa Coleman.
• Our vendor has conducted the final testing of the WWTP
and the results came back clean. Five different bore sites
were selected with different depths samples taken. As a result of the testing the Board unanimously agreed to inform
the City of its acceptance.
• A discussion was held to determine whether to continue
offering Naturopathic services due to the retirement of the
present operator. Research will continue to look into providing a replacement and the cost of such action. Presently the
service provides a small profit to the Association.
The Master Board meeting took place June 10
• A review of the gas leak was presented by General Manager
Ed Vitrano and board member Joel Auslen presented an
option for community alert for those using a cell phone
as their main telephone option by using the local 411TIP
service available through the local police. Most land line
members were alerted twice!
• The board announced that they will reinstate the Vision
meetings. The meetings will explore any and all ideas for
inclusion into the planning for the community going forward. This will include such ideas as development of the
WWTP area, possible purchasing of new land areas, a new
administrative building, web site services, and any other
viable ideas. The first meeting will be in August after the
next amenities meeting.
Don Love, President (6882)
Noel O’Brien, Vice President (925) 348-4097
Melissa Coleman, CFO (6874)
Joel Auslen, Secretary (5808)
Warren Oglove, Director at Large (3477)
District Delegates
Village 1 - Tom Surh (5282)
Village Oakmont - Leland Puryear (3510)
Village Riviera - Barb Downs (507-5026)
Olympic Village - Joel Auslen (5808)
Saddle Rock Village - Roger Kohn (2737)
Committee Chairs
Adult – Patty Kohn (2737)
Emergency Action Committee – Alan Levine (718-7907)
Access - Andy Pestana (5154)
Village Board Presidents
Village 1 - Larry Mork (3389)
Village Oakmont - Walter Manos (2827)
Village Riviera - Donald Seyk (6407)
Village Olympic - Robert Sonnenburg (1460)
Village Saddle Rock - Patricia Kohn (2737)
Association Administration
General Manager: Ed Vitrano (4869)
[email protected]
Assistant General Manager: Catherine Patrick
[email protected] (4843)
Activities Director: Debbie Dorn (4204)
[email protected]
Fitness & Spa Director: Kathy Erwin (4205)
[email protected]
Maintenance Director: Mike Oestreich (4895)
[email protected]
Member Services Coordinator: Cheryl Lucas (4203)
[email protected]
Communications Coordinator: Andrea Stuart
[email protected]
Club Numbers
Vista: Front Desk (4200) Fax (2422)
Delta: Admin Office (4843) Fax (4891)
Trilogy Living Editorial Board
The Master Board had a special meeting on June 17
• A review of the 2014 Road bids was conducted as well
as examination of the Road Reserves. The consultant’s
report has indicated a quicker deterioration of the roads
due to the prolonged drought along with freezing and
thawing over the winter. The Board realizes some additional roadwork must be done before the Reserve Study
calls for it and moved to contract the additional work
as it feels that the roads are a high priority to the community. The total cost, including project management, is
expected to be around $265,000.
Andrea Stuart, Ed Vitrano, Debbie Dorn, Cheryl Lucas,
Joan Azlant, Kathy Erwin, Patty Kohn
Commercial Advertising Manager
Joan Azlant, [email protected] (707) 374–2620
Resident Classified Advertising
Kathy Nilsson, [email protected] (4200)
Welcome Center/Front Gate (4306)
Guest Registration -
Café Vista (4202) Sir Flair’s (4400) Golf Course (2900)
Shea Customer Service 1-866-535-9989
From the Acti vi ti es Di re c to r
F ro m t he Ed itor
Andrea Stuart
Debbie Dorn
Ordinarily, we would welcome the
July issue with a comment about how
things will begin heating up soon.
However, at the writing of this article,
summer has already been in full swing
for weeks. Temperatures have been in the 90s since May.
That said, outdoor activities have picked up, which means
we need ways to keep cool in the heat of the day to prevent heat stroke or exhaustion, especially during events
like the Fourth of July Parade.
Call To Action! We are seeking help
from all photo collectors! We do not
have photos taken of some Trilogy
and club events this year for the Rotunda slideshows. If you snapped any
photos from 2014 events we would appreciate you dropping off photos on CD, camera chip, or USB memory stick
at Member Services at the Vista Club. Label for Debbie
Dorn. Include the event and your contact information and
I will see that you get that returned.
Consider wearing looser-fitting clothing made of natural
fibers that are more breathable. Health practitioners also
recommend limiting or cutting out caffeine and alcohol.
Caffeine affects the nervous and cardiovascular systems by
speeding things up and potentially raising blood pressure.
Active seniors should be aware that caffeine also strips the
body of calcium, which is required to keep bones strong.
Since heat alone can cause fatigue, we are at a greater risk
for falling, and if our bones are weakened, we are at a greater
risk of broken bones. On the other hand, alcohol acts as a diuretic, causing the body to eliminate more water than usual.
Mark your calendar! Celebrate the Fourth of July with us
and note the numerous other special events.
• July & August Computer Classes (see page 31)
• 7/04 Independence Day - An Old Fashioned
4th of July (see page 7)
• 7/13 & 7/20 Farmers Market
• 7/13 Trilogy Jazz Band Dance ~ The Dance Club
• 7/18 Comedy Night Featuring Kat Simmons ~
One Funny Lady!
And, did you know the foods you eat can warm or cool
you? Ice cream, for instance, warms the body because of its
high animal fat content. Meanwhile, leafy greens and watermelon cool the body. Try eating smaller meals consisting
of more produce. Limit meats and dairy, which require the
body to work much harder and raise body temperature.
• 7/25 Bingo
• 7/26 Dance Concert on the Patio with “Afterglow”
• 7/29 Smart Drivers Refreshers Course
For those of you who enjoy walking or running around the
Trilogy community, consider taking your walks in the early
morning or near dusk to avoid dehydration or sunburn.
With these tips, you should be well on your way to a safer
and more comfortable summer!
• 7/29 Enrichment Series: Life Coaching
Presented by John Lamb
Get Ready!
If all else fails, find cool refuge from the heat by enjoying
the air conditioning at any number of Trilogy events: computer classes in the learning center; the Farmers Market
at the Delta Club; Comedy Night featuring Kat Simmons;
AARP Refresher Course, and the Enrichment Series: Life
Coaching. Late in the day, you might enjoy these outdoor
activities: Concert on the Patio with Afterglow (pg. 5), Tuesday BBQs at the Delta (pg.19).
• 8/03 Farmers Market Returns
You’ll find more events and activities presented by the
clubs or groups in their section of this publication! A list of
clubs and groups with their contacts is also available from
Member Services at the Vista Club. As always, your comments and suggestions are valued. Send an email anytime
to [email protected] My mailbox is always open.
Have fun! Stay Cool!
From the Board of Directors: The publisher retains the right to edit articles and advertising to conform to content and space requirements. The Trilogy Board of Directors is not responsible for expressed opinions or for the authenticity of all presented facts in articles
and advertisements. Viewpoints contained in this newsletter are not necessarily the opinions of the Trilogy at Rio Vista Master Association, the Board of Directors, its officers, or management.
For non-delivery of Trilogy Living, contact Debbie Dorn at (4204).
events + activities
Computer Workshops ~
Sign up for July & August Classes!
Learning Center Vista Club
There are a variety of special interest workshops along with a series of introductory workshops to help you become more comfortable with common computing conveniences like email. See pg. 31 for more information.
Limited space available, sign up at Member Services.
Farmers Market ~
Experience Trilogy’s Market Place
Sunday, July 13 & 20, August 3 & 24, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. – Delta Club
Stock up at the Farmers Market
at Trilogy! Bring your neighbors
and support your locally grown
fresh fruits and vegetables from
our own Trilogy Farmers Market.
Petrill’s Produce Farmers Market
provides wonderful produce
and other specialties. It’s easy
to keep a fresh supply of fruits,
vegetables and specialties on hand without leaving Trilogy.
Grapevine Chat ~ will return in October!
Usually, the second and fourth Tuesdays each month in the Grand Living
Room, at Vista Club, Grapevine Chat will resume when the weekly Tuesday
BBQ events have ended.
Meanwhile, the Weekly Tuesday BBQ around 5:30 p.m. at the Delta Pool
is the place to be during the summer! It’s an enjoyable time to meet your
neighbors! After pool area use, please remember to lower umbrellas and
leave the area as it was found.
Blood Pressure Check ~ Free
Thursday, July 10, 9 – 10 a.m. at the Library, Delta Club
Have your blood pressure checked the second Thursday of every month
at the Delta Club Library between 9 – 10 a.m. Stop by and keep that blood
pressure in check!
Learn to Save A Life With CPR/AED
and First Aid Instruction!
Tuesday, August 5, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m., Diablo Ballroom Vista Club ~ $60 per person
It is good to know how to help someone in trouble, whether it is your spouse
or grandchild. This class provides a two-year certification in CPR/AED and
First Aid at a great value. Limited space, sign up with Member Services by
August 1, at the Vista Club.
Concert on the Patio
Featuring Afterglow
Saturday, July 26, 7 – 9:30 p.m.
Vista Club Patio ~ $10 per person
Dance to the Delta’s premier musical group enjoying all genres
of music! You may know them
by their previous name Sterling
Silver, before they returned to
Afterglow as originally named 40
years back! Regardless, they will
keep you singing and dancing
for good times all evening! Bring
family, friends, outdoor attire,
dance shoes, a comfortable lawn
chair for the patio and favorite
provisions! The patio is completely shaded by 6:30, and the Delta’s
breeze makes for a comfortable
setting! Sign up early at Member
Services, Vista Club.
Sutter Care at Flu & Wellness Program
Protect Yourself – Get Your Flu Shot!
Sunday, September 14, 2014
9 a.m. – 2 p.m., Delta Club
events + activities
Comedy Night Featuring
Kat Simmons
Enrichment Series ~
Life Coaching
Friday, July 18, 7 p.m.
Diablo Ballroom Vista Club ~ $10 per person
Tuesday, July 29, 6:30 – 8 p.m.
Diablo Room, Vista Club ~ Free
Lighten up with Kat
Simmons! She is one
funny female spe cializing in making
people laugh! Kat is a
27-year veteran of the
international comedy
club circuit. You may
have seen her at The
Improvs, Catch A Rising Star, the Comedy
Channel, Fox’s Comedy Tonight, or on
Candid Camera. She
has a unique talent for
combining physical comedy with real life situations that
everyone can relate to. Kat Simmons has been favorably
compared to such masters of the craft as Lucille Ball,
Carol Burnett and Red Skelton. Table seating invites you
to bring your favorite snacks to enjoy during the show.
Sign up at Member Services.
Life Coaching will feature a presentation
by John Lamb who
will share his broad
experience to further
open doors for opportunities which help to
maintain healthy, active minds and bodies.
The interactive platform will avoid advocating for any
particular activity, program, or set of beliefs or values.
Come along on a journey to discover essentials to improving lives. Light Refreshments will be served. Sign up
at Member Services.
Concert on the Patio
Featuring Jim Anderson
and the Rebels
Saturday August 30, 7 p.m., Vista Club Patio ~ $15 per person
AARP Smart Drivers
Refresher Course
Tuesday, July 29, 4 – 8:30 p.m., Monterey Room, Vista Club
$15 for AARP members and $20 for non-members
The AARP Smart Driver Safety Program is the nation’s first
and largest refresher course for drivers age 50 and older
that has helped millions of drivers remain safe on today’s
roads. The course is designed to help you:
• T une up your driving skills and update your knowledge of the rules of the road.
• L earn about normal age-related physical changes, and
how to adjust your driving to allow for these changes.
Our final Concert on the Patio for the season wraps up
with a magnificent show you will not want to miss! A
Trilogy first, Jim Anderson and the Rebels will perform
here for you! These amazing artists headline main stages
everywhere, entertaining Elvis, Country, Oldies, and Blues
music fans alike. Their show is family friendly and a crowd
favorite of all ages. Bring family, friends, outdoor attire,
dance shoes, your comfortable lawn chair for the patio
and favorite refreshments! The patio is completely shaded
by 6:30, and the Delta’s breeze makes for a comfortable
setting! Sign up early at Member Services, Vista Club.
• R
educe your traffic violations, crashes and chances
for injuries.
• Q
ualify for a possible auto insurance premium reduction or discount. Policies vary, so please consult your
insurance agent.
Trilogy resident Glen King will be offering this course.
Note that you must have had the eight-hour course within
the last four years in order to take this refresher course. To
register contact Glen at (3342) or [email protected]
events + activities
An Old Fashioned Fourth of July
FREE ADMISSION - Register Food Orders by July 1
Friday, July 4, 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Delta Club
Presented by Trilogy and Villages One, Oakmont, Olympic, Saddle Rock and Riviera Kare Bears
Gather friends and family for a grand celebration of America’s birthday with the Parade, Hot
Dogs, Ice Cream Social, inside entertainment and poolside DJ! We celebrate the 4th of July
because that is our Independence Day! It marks the date when our founding fathers signed
the Declaration of Independence and announced their secession from Britain. It is a shining
day in our history that deserves to be remembered.
Join us at the Delta Club for the party! Registration
forms for parade entries, for the Hot Dogs and for
the Ice Cream Social are available at the Vista and
Delta Clubs. Deliver your entry/order form with attached check to Box 8 found in the hall at the Delta
Club. Be sure to mark the form if you would like to
lend a hand with this special occasion. It’s fun!
Showcase Your Club
Portions of the Vista Club display case will be
available for clubs to showcase their club’s activities, projects, and to promote participation
to join your group! Let others know about your
group’s purpose display items that will tell the
story and invite others to join the fun! Include a
sign with the club name and contact information
on display for those inquiring minds. Given that
the lesser-developed clubs and groups will be
given priority, we will rotate those interested with
a comfortable time span to share your story with
Trilogy! Those interested in showcasing their club
or group can have the authorized representative
sign up at Vista Club Member Services desk. For
more information contact Debbie Dorn at email
address [email protected]
The parade will be staged at and begin from
the Vista parking lot. Participants will leave
the parking lot traveling counter-clockwise
around Summerset. The parade is a great
time to promote your Trilogy groups and
clubs! All residents are encouraged to participate regardless if entering the judged contests or just want to join in the fun with your
family and friends! The traditional contest
judges decorated golf carts without consideration of any object pulled behind the golf
cart. Plus two other prizes will be awarded
for decorated entries other than golf carts!
All entries are judged on theme, originality,
and creativity.
Any Window Screen
Rescreened $20
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Window & Door Screens • Retractable Screens
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Serving clients for over 35 years, 3 Day Blinds
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Add Privacy • Reduce Glare
Block 80% of UV Rays • Stop Fading
Reduce Heating & Cooling Costs!
Clear View
Call Alan Levine, your local 3 Day Blinds
consultant, and Trilogy resident, to schedule
your FREE in-home consultation.
(800) 361-2512
(707) 374-6994
707. 290. 0576
I have designed over half a million
window treatments. 3 Day Blinds has
authorized a special Trilogy discount with
fast delivery from a trusted brand.
We can do a new Trust or restate
your old Trust for $699
Wednesday July 9th
10:00AM to 12:00PM
The Golf Club at Rio Vista - Sir Flaire Bar & Grill
1000 Summerset Drive
Rio Vista, CA 94571
Protecting American Families For 25 Years!
Married couples are encouraged to attend together.
Regularly $1,398
TOLL FREE (877) 322-9778
the Law Offices of CR Abrams, P.C.
TOLL FREE (877) 322-9778
951 Mariners Island Center, #300 • San Mateo, CA 94404
Corporate Office: 27281 Las Ramblas, #150 • Mission Viejo, CA 92691
notes from the administrative office / HOA + villages
Assessments have changed
for Olympic Village beginning
July 1, 2014
Association Assessments are
published monthly on this page
of Trilogy Living. This is an additional vehicle for checking your
current assessment. Coupons will
reflect the monthly assessment
for those receiving them. Those
on automatic withdrawal (ACH)
may check their bank statements
after the 5th of the month to see
the amount taken out and all
members may register at www. to monitor their
accounts 24/7. If you have questions or need help registering
online, please call the Administrative Office (4843).
Assessments for the month:
Master Association $119.72
Master Association $80.39
(Only for original residents (<200)
in a developer subsidy agreement)
Village I
Village Oakmont
Olympic Village
Village Riviera
Saddle Rock Village $0
(None until dormancy ends)
Club Hours – The Delta Club is open at 7 a.m. for entry with members’ keys.
It is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. for entry without keys. From 11 p.m. until 7
a.m., there is no entry. The Delta Club pool, spa and patio are open 24 hours
daily. The Vista Club is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Thank You – The Administrative Office appreciates and thanks all members
who abide by the Rules and Regulations of the community.
Electronic Communication – The Association is no different than other
organizations in leaning more on electronic communications to its members. There are two ways you can assist in reducing costs to the Master and
Village Associations.
E-Alerts – Submit your email address to the Member Services desk at the
Vista Club. This will get your information such as special announcements,
monthly agendas and most important, the weekly e-newsletter, which
updates you as to activities in Trilogy and the greater Rio Vista area.
Disclosure Opt-in – You may also choose to receive required documents
which must be delivered by the Association(s) such as budgets, yearly
financial statement, etc. To do that you must go to the Administrative
Office and sign a form authorizing delivery by electronic methods.
Thank you for considering both options.
ou have signed up for e-Alerts and Disclosure Opt-in but are not
receiving them – Some of you may notice from time to time that you
stop receiving the MTL e-Newsletters and/or the TRVMA e-Alerts. If this
happens, please contact Jacquie and she will work with the email team
to make sure that you’re on the ‘active’ list in the email system. Emails
can be removed from the ‘active’ list in several ways: a user may click
the ‘unsubscribe’ link on an email, a user may un-check the newsletter
subscription box on his/her profile on MTL, or, more often, a user’s email
service (i.e. Hotmail, MSN, and Gmail) may confuse the e-newsletters for
junk and automatically reject all ongoing mail. This last scenario results
in our email address being automatically moved off of the ‘active’ list in
our systems. If you contact Jacquie at [email protected], she will
have the email team move you back to ‘active,’ but we also suggest that
you add the e-newsletter email address – [email protected] - to
your “safe senders” or “friends” list in your email settings to reduce the
odds of problems.
Where Do I Go If I Want To……?
Reserve Tables and/or Chairs – Member Services – Vista Club (4200)
ave Copies Made, Send a Fax and/ or Receive a Fax – Member Services
– Vista Club (4200)
Pick up a Residents’ Directory – Member Services – Vista Club
S ubmit Residential Ads for the Trilogy Living – Kathy Nilsson –
Member Services – Vista Club (4200)
Indoor Plants – Please do not use the potted plants as garbage receptacles and do not water plants. Staff takes care of the plants and when
well-meaning members decide to help, it often makes matters worse. The
plants are expensive to replace and all members pay for replacements.
Anonymous Notes to the Administrative Office/HOA – Please sign all Administrative Communication Forms as we only take action on signed forms.
notes from the administrative office / HOA + villages
Violations – Please do not register complaints to the
Administrative Office/HOA without making sure you have
the correct address of the person in violation. Example of
what not to report: two houses down from the corner of
a particular street. If you receive a violation notice, please
contact the HOA office.
dows locked when away from home and lock your car. If
you observe unusual behavior that warrants a call to the
police, please make the call.
Dumping Trash – Thank you for using your own receptacles for disposing of trash rather than any others
throughout the community, and for not putting soda
cans, water bottles and other trash in the doggie waste
disposal receptacles. All residents are required to have
garbage service.
Your Pets – Your Responsibility – Please accept our appreciation for everyone who is being considerate of your
neighbors and show pride in your community by carrying
bags with you when you walk your pets or by using the
bags provided in dispensers throughout the community
to pick up after your pets and who keep their pets on a
leash at all times.
Service Provider Resource at the Delta Club – There
are two business card holders on the hall wall at the Delta
Club. When looking for service providers, check out this
area. TRVMA/HOA does not recommend any of these
vendors; this is simply a resource for members.
Updating Your Information at the Administrative
Office – It is important to let the Administrative Office
know when any of your information changes including
moving from one property to another within the community. (Please include address, phone, email, frequent
guests, emergency contacts, etc.).
Pets in the Clubs – Pets are not permitted in the Delta
or Vista Clubs with the exception of service dogs. Service
dogs are allowed only if they have been registered with
the Administrative Office and have a TRVMA identification
card. They must have their vest and TRVMA card on them
at all times when they are in the clubs and they must be
accompanied by the person for whom they are providing a service. If you do not comply with a request from
a staff member to show them the TRVMA card, you will
be required to leave the club until you present it. Therapy
dogs are not allowed in the clubs at any time. They are not
service dogs and are not protected under the ADA.
Late Charges on Assessments – If you are paying your
assessments through your bank, it is recommended that
you move the date of payment to the first of the month
when the assessments are due. Many banks are batching
payments before sending them out, so even though your
account may show a payment on a particular date, the
payments are not being mailed on that date. If you schedule payments through your bank or mail your check after
the first, you run the risk of being charged a late payment.
Adult Committee
Parking in front of mailboxes – Thank you for helping
our mail carrier deliver your mail. Our staff delivers fliers
and giving your neighbors easy access to their mailboxes
by not parking in front of mailboxes and asking your service providers to park elsewhere also is appreciated.
At our June meeting Carol Eckert was named liaison to
the House Renovation Committee. Helen Bergoust joined
the Aesthetics Committee. The House Renovation committee needs two more members. Please consider joining
this very active committee.
Irrigation – Please adjust your sprinkler system to reflect
weather conditions.
The Aesthetics Committee has been working on ideas for
creating a veteran’s memorial. There was much discussion
concerning what the memorial should look like, where
the memorial should be located and, of course, how it
will be funded. We are eager to hear what residents think
would be a fitting tribute to our veterans. You can submit your ideas at the Administrative Office or email Patty
Kohn, [email protected]
Welcome Center/Dwelling Live – Please make sure that
your guests and vendors have your full name and/or address to give the Welcome Center attendants, otherwise
they will not be given access. The Welcome Center attendants are grateful to those members who enter guests
on Dwelling Live, call the Welcome Center or email them
when you are expecting guests and especially when you
are having a party and expecting several guests. They
don’t want to deny access to anyone you are expecting
but have no choice if they haven’t been notified and
they can’t reach you to get your authorization upon your
guests’ arrival. Instructions for using Dwelling Live are
available at the Vista and Delta Clubs.
We encourage all residents to attend our meetings. The
meetings provide an opportunity for residents to voice
their concerns, to learn more about what is happening in
Trilogy and to advocate for the changes they would like
to see. Our next meeting will be July 31 at 1 p.m. in the
Rio Vista Room of the Delta Club. For more information
please contact Patty Kohn (2737) or ([email protected]).
We look forward to seeing you there.
Suspicious Behavior – Trilogy is a private community
but not a secured one. Please keep your doors and win11
notes from the administrative office / HOA + villages
Riviera Board News
2. W
ould not have bought in Village I if they had known
about the restrictions.
Please take time to look through the Trilogy Living magazine to see if there is something that you always wanted to
do, but didn’t have time to try when you were younger. Every Tuesday evening, during the summer, there is a potluck
for adults at the Delta pool. Bring a dish to share and what
you want to grill. They start grilling at 5:30 p.m. and eat at
6 p.m. Riviera Kare Bears meet on the second Monday of
even months at the Delta club at 10 a.m. These are Riviera
residents who reach out to their Riviera neighbors during
a time of need.
3. F elt they did not have equal rights with other villages
where driveway parking was allowed.
4. D
id not understand the fairness of some Village I residents having permits to park in their driveways while
others were denied.
The Board acknowledged that driveway parking has been
an on-going problem in the village as most of the violations
reviewed at every board meeting relate to driveway parking
restrictions. The Riviera HOA board meets on the first Thursday of odd
months so there was no meeting in June. If you would like
to join in on the parking permit discussion, please join us
on July 3 at 6:30 p.m. in the Marina room at the Delta Club.
If you have any questions or concerns, call Don at (6407).
As a result of the residents’ concern, the board took the following steps:
1. T o tube an opinion survey to every residence in Village I to determine the thinking of residents regarding
driveway parking. This flyer, with five choices, will be
distributed on June 16, and must be returned to the
HOA office no later than July 1, 2014. The survey was
tabulated and the results announced at the next board
meeting on July 10. Saddle Rock Board News
There is trouble in paradise, folks. Before your spade hits
the clay, before you pour that concrete, before you empty
a corner of your garage into that new storage shed make
sure your project has been approved.
2. T o place the driveway issue on the July 10 meeting as
an action item when the board will decide whether to
amend the driveway parking rule.
Landscape modifications require approval by the Architectural Committee. This includes fences, walkways, trash
enclosures, trellises, patios, patio covers, storage sheds and
more. Please review the information in the Saddle Rock
Village Handbook to make sure you are in compliance.
For more information, contact secretary Judith Taylor (4036).
Applications can be picked up at the Administrative
Office. The Architectural Committee meets every two
weeks, so there is little delay between when you submit
the application and when it is reviewed.
Here’s the kicker. If you make landscape modifications
without the permission of the committee, you may be
charged a $500 late application fee. For most of us that’s
far more painful than filling out a form.
We are now meeting every other month. Our next meeting will be July 16 at 6:30 p.m. in the Rio Vista Room of
the Delta Club. For more information please contact Patty
Kohn (2737) or ([email protected]). We look forward to
seeing you there.
Village I Board News   
On May 22, President Larry Mork called the Village I Board to
order. The board, acknowledging a large audience, moved
to the open-forum portion of the meeting so audience
members could voice their concerns. The residents’ concern
is centered on the “no parking in driveway” rule in Village I.
The residents voiced the following concerns: 
1. Could not use their own land (driveway) as they saw fit.
 
12:01 PM
Reverse Mortgages: Learn the Truth
If you’re age 62+ and own your
home, you can eliminate your
monthly mortgage payment.
> Remain in your home for life
> Pay off bills and credit cards
> Receive tax-free cash
> No-commitment FREE consultation
> Serving Rio Vista and Sacto Delta
Real Estate Broker, CA Bureau of Real Estate, License #01375126, NMLS #261712
Call for the Facts: 408.332.3552
Email: [email protected]
Edwin Okamura, a life-long resident of
the Bay Area and Delta, can provide
advice on all of your mortgage
needs–whether it’s your primary
residence, an investment property
or a refinance. He will make the
process fast and simple.
Edwin Okamura
Mortgage Consultant
BRE # 01946726
NMLS # 1133843
residents’ clubs
Village I
and ice cream add a lot to our socializing pleasure. Your
Oakmont Social Committee is handling the registrations
and dispensing food tickets, so stop by and say “Hi!”
Summer is finally here - as the weather has heated up
some of us escaped to the poolside while others preferred the comfort of the air conditioning inside their
homes. Similarly, the Village I Resident’s Club (VORC)
team is heated up with enthusiasm and desire to fulfill
the club’s mission to provide community service, social
interaction, and informational and educational programs
to our residents.
Any questions or volunteers for Oakmont Social Events,
please contact me – Cyndy Schroeder (2480). Our Oakmont Social Committee meetings are on the first Wednesday of each month in the Monterey Room at the Vista
Club. The meetings are open to all Oakmont residents.
Join us and share your ideas!
Olympic Village
Village I is the oldest and the first village built in our community. There are 493 homes in Village I, which currently
represents 21% of the total number of homes in the Trilogy
community. Although most of our residents are the original owners, 55 homes have changed ownership in the last
two years. We enjoy a unique mix of residents in our club.
Preparations are also in process for Trilogy’s annual 4th of
July parade and we’re still looking for more parade entries
for the Decorated Golf Cart and WOW awards. The theme
this year is “An Old-Fashioned 4th of July!” Individuals
are encouraged to join in the parade fun walking, biking,
skating, on scooters or by another creative means! Put
your entry form in box #8 at the Delta Club. Extra flyers
are available at the Vista and Delta Clubs. The parade
begins at 10:30 a.m. and will circle the community on
Summerset Road. Come out and join the fun.
VORC is a self-funded social club with no membership
fee. All Village I residents are members of the club. Fundraising events support the club activities. We encourage
all the residents to attend our next general meeting on
July 9 from 7:30 - 9 p.m. in the River Room at the Delta
Club. Please join us and bring your ideas to help enhance
the social lives of our residents. The success of our club
depends on the participation of all the residents.
Our next OVRC meeting is July 16 from 7 - 9 p.m. in the
Monterey Room at the Vista Club. Questions? Want to volunteer? Call Linda Jensen (5542). Have a great summer!
Volunteers from VORC and Trilogy’s other four villages
will provide staff support during the July 4 celebration.
In addition, look for our volunteers during the Drama
Club presentations from August 14 through August 17.
Some of our club members are volunteering to serve the
beverages during the four days’ performances as an additional fundraising effort. For more information, contact
Jim Wichmann (4870).
Saddle Rock Village
Our Welcome Committee has delivered
welcome bags to several new residents.
If you have not received your welcome
bag after moving in, please contact
Rayno at [email protected] Residents can donate
recycling items to support our club such as bottles, cans
and plastic with a CRV label and dropped off at 513 Timber Creek Drive in the back of the truck in the driveway.
Richard Larsen’s Saddle Rock Village (SRV) web site can be
found at
Helpful information is available for our village, Trilogy and
the town of Rio Vista.
Village Oakmont
Another great-tasting potluck is behind us. Hopefully,
you got some new recipes from our fabulous cooks. Lots
of salads, soups, and veggies were part of the potluck.
We seem to eat more healthy meals as we get older.
Why does it take so long for us to get smarter about
what we eat! Of course, few people passed up the delicious desserts.
Our SRV Caring Connection is available to help residents
in need. If you have a need, or know of a need on your
neighborhood block, please contact Marj at [email protected] or (585) 313-6533. Our services include cards
(sympathy or get well), collect mail or newspaper, take
out or in garbage cans and optional services (depending
on the situation) such as friendly visits to resident’s home,
make and deliver a home cooked meal, pick up prescriptions, groceries or run other errands. The SRV web site
I hope you have sent in your July 4 Parade and Social signup sheets. This is always a fun event for the whole family.
If you have never participated in the golf-cart decorating
or been a member of the parade on foot, bike, car, golf
cart, or motorcycle, you really are missing out on a crazy,
fun event. At the very least go down to Summerset and
root for the participants as they pass by! The hot dogs
re s i d e n t s’ c l u b s
listed above has information on AAOA (Area Agency on
Aging) and a Vial of Life form for residents to use in the
Caring Connection section.
Meeting Calendar
Jim Wheeler, a SRV resident is heavily involved in the Rio
Vision project for the town of Rio Vista. You can find his
weekly article and updates on the Rio Vision project in the
Beacon newspaper.
Master Association Board
Tuesday, July 8, 2 p.m.
Diablo Ballroom, Vista Club
Our next social events will be the Saddle Rock Park Social on the last Wednesday of the month from 5:30 - 9
p.m., the Ice Cream Social at the July 4 Trilogy celebration, and our annual Block Party on Saturday, August
16 at the end of Three Rivers Way. The theme is ’50s &
’60s. Our next Residents’ Club meeting will be Wednesday, July 16 at 7:30 p.m.,Rio Vista Room, Delta Club.
All Saddle Rockers are welcome. Social hour follows
each meeting with wine, soft drinks, snacks and fun!
Hope to see you there. For information contact Kathi
at [email protected]
Village Riviera Board
Thursday, July 3, 6:30 p.m.
Marina Room, Delta Club
Village I Board
Thursday, July 10, 4 p.m.
Marina Room, Delta Club
Olympic Village Board
Thursday, July 10, 6:30 p.m.
Marina Room, Delta Club
Saddle Rock Village
Village Riviera
Wednesday, July 16, 6:30 p.m.
Rio Vista, Delta Club
It is summer time at Trilogy and that means it’s once
again time for Riviera’s annual Treasure Hunt. You don’t
want to miss it! This year the theme is Fiesta. So come
donned in your Mexican hats and be ready for the fun.
The clues are always mind boggling and laughs never
end. Festivities begin at 3 p.m. sharp at the Delta Room.
After the clues are given out to the 24 teams, golf carts
and cars start scurrying around the community hunting for answers. When time is up, all will gather back at
the Delta for prizes and dinner catered by Tortilla Flats.
Chips, salsa, chicken enchiladas, rice, beans, salad and
dessert will be served. Price is $17 per person. Be sure to
check the flyer for additional information and be ready
for a great time! Village Oakmont Board
Thursday, July 17, 7 p.m.
Marina Room, Delta Club
Council of Village Presidents
Monday, July 21, 10 a.m.
River Room, Delta Club
Access Committee
Monday, July 28, 1 p.m.
Rio Vista Room, Delta Club
Administrative Policy Review Committee
Thursday, July 17, 6 p.m.
River Room, Delta Club
Riviera Village Residents’ Club would like to encourage
everyone to support Rio Vista’s community events. So this
year, on August 23, say hello to Hot August Bites downtown and say goodbye to Riviera’s Sock Hop. Let’s all get
out there, have a good time and support our city.
Adult Committee
Thursday, July 31, 1 p.m.
Rio Vista Room, Delta Club
Emergency Action Committee
In late September we are planning an old-fashioned
picnic and December 13 will be our annual Black and
White Holiday Affair. Stay tuned for details in upcoming
Trilogy Living.
Tuesday, July 8 and 22, 7 p.m.
Marina Room, Delta Club
House Renovation Committee
Want to have fun helping us plan our events? Meet your
neighbors and make some new friends! Our committee
meets on the third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in
the Monterey Room at the Vista Club. Contact Patty Ramos at [email protected] for more information.
Monday, July 14 and 28, 3 p.m.
Monterey Room, Vista Club
Wildlife Pest Management Committee
Thursday, July 3 and 17, 10 a.m.
Monterey Room, Vista Club
trilogy health + wellness center
Trilogy Health & Wellness Center
Spa Specials for June, July, August
These will run all summer!
Summer Sensatio
By Kathy Erwin,
Fitness & Spa Director
Includes 50-minute
Massage, with a revi
foot treatment that
includes: foot
scrub, hot towels, fo
ot massage
& hydrating moistur
80 minutes $70
Spa Package
Summer Sizzling
Deep Tissue
ease tightness,
Works deep to decr
cle fatigue and
aids in chronic mus
recovery or soreness
50 minutes
was $60 now $50
80 minutes
was $90 now $80
Two Trilogy Signature
Facelift Facials
This revolutionary signature facelift
will change the image of your skin
in just one application. Vitamin C,
glycolic acid - gentle but highly active
enzymes speed up cellular turnover
that brightens, tightens and lightens
your skin!
July Fitness Orientations:
Saturday, July 12 at 11 a.m.
Wednesday, July 16 at 6 p.m.
Saturday, July 26 at 11 a.m.
Two - 50-minute facials
were $130, now $110
Good for purchase June 1 – August 31, 2014. May be redeemed anytime.
trilogy health + wellness center
Saturday, July 26, 2014
Low Impact with Pat
Wow-Tabata-Boom with Pat
Drums Alive with Pat
U Jam with Sharon & Prescy
Intro to Dance with Joele
Jazz Dance with Joele
ZUMBA Abs with Sophie
ZUMBA Toning with Sophie
ZUMBA Dance with Sophie
Stretches to Relax with Anna
Relax, Release and Let Go with Anna
If you wish to partake in this “FREE” Dance Event … please pre-register at Member Services for the
classes you wish to do! Class size will be limited to approx. 20-30 depending on class. Anyone can sign up
who is a Trilogy Resident! Refreshments, Bagels & fruit will be provided!
Instructors: Sophie, Joele, Prescy, Pat, Anna & Sharon.
Don’t miss out on a Fun Free Dance Event!
Location: Diablo Ballroom Vista Clubhouse
Contact Kathy Erwin 374-4205 for more information
community corner
Aloha for CARE Luau
Delta Breeze
Summer time is luau time! Aloha for CARE is Rio Vista
CARE’s major fundraising event on Saturday, August 9,
from 4 - 8 p.m. at 295 North Front Street (Robin’s Nest
Parking Lot) in Rio Vista. Guests will enjoy a delicious luau
dinner, some of your favorite local musicians plus special
Polynesian entertainment that you won’t want to miss.
Joe Gates, local auctioneer, will return again this year to
entertain and encourage bidders at a live auction and, of
course, there will be plenty of music, entertainment and
fun. All proceeds will benefit Rio Vista CARE. Tickets are
$50 per person and are available from the Rio Vista CARE
office (5243).
The Delta Breeze Chorus, Trilogy’s own men’s and
women’s chorus, will begin rehearsing for the upcoming holiday season on Wednesday, September 3, at 7
p.m. in the Diablo Ballroom, Vista Club. We will rehearse
each Wednesday through December. If you like to sing,
come join us; no auditions! For more information, call
Cheryl at (7567).
Emergency Action Committee
In case of an emergency, do you have a communication
plan? Identify a contact, such as a friend or relative who
lives out of your area, for your household members to
notify him/her you are safe. At times, it is easier to make
a long-distance phone call than to call across town; therefore, an out-of-town contact may be in a better position
to communicate among separated family members. Be
sure every member of your family knows the phone number and has a cell phone, coins, or a prepaid phone card
to call the emergency contact. Text messages can often
get around network disruptions when a phone call might
not be able to get through. You may also subscribe to
alert services. Many communities have systems which
send instant text alerts or e-mails to let you know about
bad weather, road closings, local emergencies, etc. In
our community, we have Citizen Observer. The system
can send you emails, texts, or both. You can sign up at In our community at Trilogy,
we have a great resource in our Emergency Action Committee. Committee members are prepared to respond
to emergencies in our local area. Members are more
than willing to meet with clubs, village associations, and
neighborhood groups to help everyone in their emergency planning.
Rio Vista CARE has been providing services at its Counseling Center and Family Resource Center for over 29 years.
Through CARE’s programs for youth, at-risk children,
adults and families receive services that include counseling, crisis intervention, home visitation and in-school programs such as the PALS mentoring program and Positive
Action. As Rio Vista CARE is the only agency of its kind in
the Delta, your support is vital to ensure it can continue
to serve the community.
Get your tickets today at the CARE office, 125 Sacramento
Street, Rio Vista or by calling (5243). Do you want to volunteer your time to help with this event or other CARE
activities? Call (5243).
Community Connections
The next meeting of Community Connections will be
held on Wednesday, July 23, in the Monterey Room at
the Vista Club at 1:30 p.m. We are looking forward to all
the summer events in Trilogy, and to talk about some of
the upcoming classes and activities, including the July
Fourth celebration. In addition, the Tuesday night BBQ
has returned to the Delta Club pool area. It is a good
mixer and lots of fun. Further details on clubs and activities will be in your Trilogy Living magazine but it is nice to
get a “heads up” on Trilogy news!
The Emergency Action Committee meets monthly on the
second and fourth Tuesdays from 7 – 9 p.m. in the Marina
room, Delta Club. We welcome visitors and new members
to the meetings. For more information, please contact
Alan Levine at 707-718-7907, Art Darden at (3455), or
Gillsa Miller at 916-508-2758.
We would like to let other Trilogy clubs know we might
be available to help at their events if needed. Only short
term projects please, and just helping... no organizing! We
like giving back to our Trilogy community.
Treasures & Trinkets:
Endive Festival Preview
Please join us and let us get acquainted! We welcome
your new ideas and interests, so join in our active discussions. Please bring a sweet or savory dish to share if you
like, or just bring yourself. Happy Summer everyone!
Wanted: creative, friendly, Rio Vista residents who want
to make a difference by serving as greeters, hostesses
and decorators of silent auction displays at the Preview
Reception of the 2015 Endive Festival. The Preview Event
will be held on Friday, September 5 from 5 - 7 p.m. at the
Dutra Museum in Rio Vista (345 Gertrude Avenue).
community corner
Trilogy Jazz Band
Tickets are $20 and will benefit the Rio Vista Chamber of
Commerce. Space is limited so call early for tickets at (1374).
The band will play for the
Dance Club’s Independence Day Celebration
dance on Sunday, July 13,
from 7 – 9 p.m. in the Vista
Club ballroom. This will be
an enjoyable event for everyone. Check the Dance
Club posters for details.
The 2015 Endive Festival will feature an endive recipe
contest showcasing Rio Vista restaurants and residents
as they present and serve their creative endive dishes.
Prizes will be awarded to winning entrants. Assorted
wines and delectable desserts will also be served. Community groups are encouraged to seek donations of quality goods from their members and join in this fun-filled
community event while earning money for their group.
Items will be featured in unique and beautiful displays
and in “Natasha’s Closet” courtesy of Anna Ulrich, former
owner of Social Butterfly. Full-band rehearsals are held most Wednesday afternoons 2:30 – 5 p.m. following vocal and combo rehearsal
beginning at 1:30 p.m. in the Vista Club Diablo Ballroom.
Observers are welcome. If you play a band instrument
and are interested in being part of the Jazz Band, even if
you’re “rusty”, please contact our music director, Jim Lucas
(7567). There is currently an open spot in the trombone
section and another for a bari saxophone player. Other
opportunities will develop in the future. For more information, contact Jim Lucas (7567) or Marti Rogers (6859).
A percentage of the sales from donated items will be given to your group or club. If you have an item too valuable
to donate outright it may be accepted on consignment
with the donor setting the minimum bid. Donations are
tax deductible.
This event is sponsored by the Rio Vista Chamber of
Commerce and California Endive Farms. To volunteer,
donate or to reserve space for your group’s display, contact Joyce Curry-Takara at (1374 ) or [email protected]
com or [email protected]
Tuesday BBQ
Please bring a dish to share, and meat
if you would like to grill, beverages, and
utensils. Please use plastic as we are not
allowed to use glass at the pool. Cooking will begin approximately at 5:45
p.m. We are also having a barbeque on
the Fourth of July. Please remember to
clean up your area and return chairs and
tables to the location that you removed them from before
leaving. Open to all Trilogy residents.
Movers & Shakers
This a support group for those with Parkinson’s, Essential
Tremor, Dystonia, or any other movement disorder. We
meet once a month at 7 p.m. For date and location, call
Audrey Kinser (7506).
(Take Off Pounds Sensibly)
On May 29, our group met at Cafe Vista for a luncheon, to
bid farewell to Pat Voelker, as she makes plans to move
to the Madera area with her husband Bernard. We will
surely miss her. The first exercise class with Joele met with
so much enthusiasm that 12 or more members will join
Joele for a new class on June 15. Go Gang! The bus trip
to Red Hawk Casino on August 13 is full with a waiting
list only. Thanks everyone for your great support and
may our trip be a very successful one! Several members
have volunteered to decorate a golf cart to participate in
Trilogy’s 4th of July parade. We have enjoyed entering in
this fun parade the past several years.
Rio Vista alert Network Tip411
Were you notified of the recent Trilogy gas line rupture? If not, you can be the next time a potentially
dangerous event takes place.
If you sign up for Tip411, you will automatically receive information regarding key public safety topics
like traffic events, extreme weather, criminal activity
in the area and other public safety concerns.
It is FREE and alerts can be sent to you via email,
text message and the web. Rio Vista Police Chief
Greg Bowman will be at the next Master Association meeting on July 8th at 2 p.m. to explain the
program in greater detail and answer questions.
Please mark your calendar and attend this very
informative meeting.
We invite the ladies and gents at Trilogy to come join us
as we get our bodies “tuned-up” for the summer days at
the pool or beach! We meet every Wednesday at the Delta
Club, at 8 a.m. For more information about our program,
call our leader Ella Brice at (1499) or co-leader Barbara
Bellamy at (6670). Happy Fourth of July, everyone!
Trips and Tours
All trips are operated by an outside company and are not associated with Trilogy Rio Vista
Master Association. Trilogy Rio Vista Master Association is not liable for any trips or tours.
the Roman Empire at the Pomslots, 24 gaming tables, a poker
room and the largest smokeEthel Ott
the epic journey of the retired
free gaming area in CA. Mov(Cupcake)
space shuttle, Endeavor, at the
ies will be shown onboard the
California Science Center; and
coach, to and from the casino.
last, but not least, we’ll have
Eileen Griffin
Sept. 27-Oct.12, 15-day Panama
reserved seating at the Festival
Canal Cruise, $2,615 to $3,695/pp
of Arts’ world famous theatrical
July 3, A’s baseball game
This cruise is literally sold out.
and fireworks
However, for a small deposit
The Pageant of the Masters.
Few spaces available, $79/pp
we can “wait list” you and help
you get onboard as soon as a
July 21-24, Pageant of
stateroom becomes available.
the Masters, $715/pp
This 4-day/3-night journey
Sept. 5, Black Oak Casino, $30/pp
Oct. 11, Fleet Week/Blue
takes us to southern CA. We’ll stay
Located in the beautiful Sierra
Angels, SOLD OUT
at the renown Sportsmen’s Lodge
Foothills, this Mi-Wuk Indian
Nov. 5, A Guided Tour of
in Studio City and visit the Reagan
casino has options for everybody:
the 49ers New Stadium
Library and Museum in Simi Valfour restaurants, a bowling center,
and Lunch, Price TBA
ley; walk among authentic relics of
an arcade, a gift shop plus 1200
For further information or sign-ups, please call
Ethel (7548) or Eileen (2684).
Fitness Class Schedule for July 2014
Trilogy Fitness Punch Card Choices - All classes require one of 3 card choices: a blue 20-punch card for $70, a yellow 10-punch
card for $35, or an Unlimited Monthly Punch Card for $85. Each month, the monthly punch card is a different color coded
designating for which month they are good. Attend as many classes as you want that month! Get your cards at the Member
Services Desk. Please call Fitness & Spa Director Kathy Erwin at (4205) if you have questions. All classes are held in the Vista
Group Exercise Studio unless otherwise noted.
Last Month’s Punch Card Raffle Winner: Joyce Bailey & Gary Adams
July Fitness Orientations: Saturday, July 12 at 11 a.m., Wednesday, July 16 at 6 p.m., Saturday, July 26 at 11 a.m.
If you plan to make a (ROM) Range of Motion appointment for a later date, please bring a $20 check with you to the orientation. Thank you!
8-9am Body Works
(B/I/A) (GX) Kathy
9-10am Simply Stretch
(B) (GX) Joele
9:30-10:30am Aqua Fit
(B) (VP) Denise
11-12pm Arthritis Program
(B) (GX) Beverly
1-2pm Sit and Get Fit
(B) (GX) Beverly
3-4pm Advanced Aqua
(B/I/A) (DP) Kathy
7-8am Early Yoga (B) (DB) Tammy
8-9am Back To Basics Yoga
(B/I) (DB) Tammy
8:30-9:30am WOW – TABATA –
BOOM (B/I) (GX) (Pat)
9:30-10am Intro to Dance
Aerobics (B/I/A) (GX) Joele
9:30-10:30am Aqua Fit (B) (DP) Denise
10-10:30am Boot Camp
(B/I/A) (GX) Joele
11am-12pm Hot ZUMBA
(I/A) (GX) Prescy
4-5pm Stretch and Flex
(B/I) (GX) Tammy
6:30-7:30pm Balance Ball (GX) Deanna
7:30-8:30am Body Works
(B/I/A) (GX) Kathy
9-10am Simply Stretch (B/I) (DB) Joele
9-10am Tai Chi (B/I) (GX) Lillian
9-10am Advanced Aqua
(B/I/A) (DP) Kathy
10-11am Aqua Fit (B) (DP) Denise
10-11am Jazz Aerobics (B/I/A) (GX) Joele
11-12pm Arthritis Program
(B) (GX) Beverly
1-2pm Sit and Get Fit (B) (GX) Beverly
2:30-3:30pm Yoga (B/I) (GX) Tammy
3-4pm Advanced Aqua
(B/I/A) (DP) Denise
8:30-9:30am WOW – TABATA –
BOOM (B/I) (GX) (Pat)
9-10am Yoga/Pilates (B) (DB) Deanna
9-10am Advanced Aqua (B/I/A) (DP) Kathy
9:45-10:45am Wake-up and
Move (B/I) (RV) /Pat
9:45-10:30am Core Balance
and Standing Abs
10-11am Aqua Fit (B) (DP) Denise
10-11am Meditation Breathing
(B) (DB) Deanna
10:30 -11:15am ZUMBA Toning
(B/I) (GX) Sophie
11:15-12pm ZUMBA Dance (B/I) (GX) Sophie
4-5pm Stretch and Flex (B/I) (GX) Tammy
6:30-7:30 Yoga/Pilates (B/I) (GX) Deanna
8-9am Body Works
(B/I/A) (GX) Kathy
9-10am Simply Stretch
(B) (GX) Joele
9:30-10:30am Aqua Fit
(B) (VP) Denise
11-12pm Arthritis Program
(B) (GX) Beverly
1-2pm Sit and Get Fit
(B) (GX) Beverly
3-4pm Advanced Aqua
(B/I/A) (DP) Kathy
7-8am Early Yoga (B) (DB) Tammy
8-9am Back To Basics Yoga
(B/I) (DB) Tammy
8:30-9:30am WOW – TABATA –
BOOM (B/I) (GX) (Pat)
9:30-10am Intro to Dance
Aerobics (B/I/A) (GX) Joele
9:30-10:30am Aqua Fit (B) (DP) Denise
10-10:30am Boot Camp
(B/I/A) (GX) Joele
11am-12pm Hot ZUMBA
(I/A) (GX) Prescy
4-5pm Stretch and Flex
(B/I) (GX) Tammy
6:30-7:30pm Balance Ball (GX) Deanna
7:30-8:30am Body Works
(B/I/A) (GX) Kathy
9-10am Simply Stretch (B/I) (DB) Joele
9-10am Tai Chi (B/I) (GX) Lillian
9-10am Advanced Aqua
(B/I/A) (DP) Kathy
10-11am Aqua Fit (B) (DP) Denise
10-11am Jazz Aerobics (B/I/A) (GX) Joele
11-12pm Arthritis Program
(B) (GX) Beverly
1-2pm Sit and Get Fit (B) (GX) Beverly
2:30-3:30pm Yoga (B/I) (GX) Tammy
3-4pm Advanced Aqua
(B/I/A) (DP) Denise
7-8am Early Yoga (B) (DB) Tammy
7:30-8:30am Low Impact (B/I/A) Pat
8:30-9:30am WOW – TABATA
– BOOM (B/I) (GX) (Pat)
9-10am Yoga/Pilates (B) (DB) Deanna
9:30-10:30am Aqua Fit (B) (VP) Denise
9:45-10:30am Core Balance and
Standing Abs (B) (GX) Sophie
10-11am Balance Ball (DB) Deanna
10:30 -11:15am ZUMBA Toning
(B/I) (GX) Sophie
11:15-12pm ZUMBA Dance
(B/I) (GX) Sophie
11am-12:30pm ZUMBA
Power 90 (GX) Sophie
8:30-9:30am WOW – TABATA –
BOOM (B/I) (GX) (Pat)
9-10am Yoga/Pilates (B) (DB) Deanna
9-10am Advanced Aqua (B/I/A) (DP) Kathy
9:45-10:45am Wake-up and
Move (B/I) (RV) /Pat
9:45-10:30am Core Balance
and Standing Abs
10-11am Aqua Fit (B) (DP) Denise
10-11am Meditation Breathing
(B) (DB) Deanna
10:30 -11:15am ZUMBA Toning
(B/I) (GX) Sophie
11:15-12pm ZUMBA Dance (B/I) (GX) Sophie
4-5pm Stretch and Flex (B/I) (GX) Tammy
6:30-7:30 Yoga/Pilates (B/I) (GX) Deanna
8-9am Body Works
(B/I/A) (GX) Kathy
9-10am Simply Stretch
(B) (GX) Joele
9:30-10:30am Aqua Fit
(B) (VP) Denise
11-12pm Arthritis Program
(B) (GX) Beverly
1-2pm Sit and Get Fit
(B) (GX) Beverly
3-4pm Advanced Aqua
(B/I/A) (DP) Kathy
7-8am Early Yoga (B) (DB) Tammy
8-9am Back To Basics Yoga
(B/I) (DB) Tammy
8:30-9:30am WOW – TABATA –
BOOM (B/I) (GX) (Pat)
9:30-10am Intro to Dance
Aerobics (B/I/A) (GX) Joele
9:30-10:30am Aqua Fit (B) (DP) Denise
10-10:30am Boot Camp
(B/I/A) (GX) Joele
11am-12pm Hot ZUMBA
(I/A) (GX) Prescy
4-5pm Stretch and Flex
(B/I) (GX) Tammy
6:30-7:30pm Balance Ball (GX) Deanna
7:30-8:30am Body Works
(B/I/A) (GX) Kathy
9-10am Simply Stretch (B/I) (DB) Joele
9-10am Tai Chi (B/I) (GX) Lillian
9-10am Advanced Aqua
(B/I/A) (DP) Kathy
10-11am Aqua Fit (B) (DP) Denise
10-11am Jazz Aerobics (B/I/A) (GX) Joele
11-12pm Arthritis Program
(B) (GX) Beverly
1-2pm Sit and Get Fit (B) (GX) Beverly
2:30-3:30pm Yoga (B/I) (GX) Tammy
3-4pm Advanced Aqua
(B/I/A) (DP) Denise
7-8am Early Yoga (B) (DB) Tammy
7:30-8:30am Low Impact (B/I/A) Pat
8:30-9:30am WOW – TABATA
– BOOM (B/I) (GX) (Pat)
9-10am Yoga/Pilates (B) (DB) Deanna
9:30-10:30am Aqua Fit (B) (VP) Denise
9:45-10:30am Core Balance and
Standing Abs (B) (GX) Sophie
10-11am Balance Ball (DB) Deanna
10:30 -11:15am ZUMBA Toning
(B/I) (GX) Sophie
11:15-12pm ZUMBA Dance
(B/I) (GX) Sophie
11am-12:30pm ZUMBA
Power 90 (GX) Sophie
8:30-9:30am WOW – TABATA –
BOOM (B/I) (GX) (Pat)
9-10am Yoga/Pilates (B) (DB) Deanna
9-10am Advanced Aqua (B/I/A) (DP) Kathy
9:45-10:45am Wake-up and
Move (B/I) (RV) /Pat
9:45-10:30am Core Balance
and Standing Abs
10-11am Aqua Fit (B) (DP) Denise
10-11am Meditation Breathing
(B) (DB) Deanna
10:30 -11:15am ZUMBA Toning
(B/I) (GX) Sophie
11:15-12pm ZUMBA Dance (B/I) (GX) Sophie
4-5pm Stretch and Flex (B/I) (GX) Tammy
6:30-7:30 Yoga/Pilates (B/I) (GX) Deanna
8-9am Body Works
(B/I/A) (GX) Kathy
9-10am Simply Stretch
(B) (GX) Joele
9:30-10:30am Aqua Fit
(B) (VP) Denise
11-12pm Arthritis Program
(B) (GX) Beverly
1-2pm Sit and Get Fit
(B) (GX) Beverly
3-4pm Advanced Aqua
(B/I/A) (DP) Kathy
7-8am Early Yoga (B) (DB) Tammy
8-9am Back To Basics Yoga
(B/I) (DB) Tammy
8:30-9:30am WOW – TABATA –
BOOM (B/I) (GX) (Pat)
9:30-10am Intro to Dance
Aerobics (B/I/A) (GX) Joele
9:30-10:30am Aqua Fit (B) (DP) Denise
10-10:30am Boot Camp
(B/I/A) (GX) Joele
11am-12pm Hot ZUMBA
(I/A) (GX) Prescy
4-5pm Stretch and Flex
(B/I) (GX) Tammy
6:30-7:30pm Balance Ball (GX) Deanna
7:30-8:30am Body Works
(B/I/A) (GX) Kathy
9-10am Simply Stretch (B/I) (DB) Joele
9-10am Tai Chi (B/I) (GX) Lillian
9-10am Advanced Aqua
(B/I/A) (DP) Kathy
10-11am Aqua Fit (B) (DP) Denise
10-11am Jazz Aerobics (B/I/A) (GX) Joele
11-12pm Arthritis Program
(B) (GX) Beverly
1-2pm Sit and Get Fit (B) (GX) Beverly
2:30-3:30pm Yoga (B/I) (GX) Tammy
3-4pm Advanced Aqua
(B/I/A) (DP) Denise
7-8am Early Yoga (B) (DB) Tammy
7:30-8:30am Low Impact (B/I/A) Pat
8:30-9:30am WOW – TABATA
– BOOM (B/I) (GX) (Pat)
9-10am Yoga/Pilates (B) (DB) Deanna
9:30-10:30am Aqua Fit (B) (VP) Denise
9:45-10:30am Core Balance and
Standing Abs (B) (GX) Sophie
10-11am Balance Ball (DB) Deanna
10:30 -11:15am ZUMBA Toning
(B/I) (GX) Sophie
11:15-12pm ZUMBA Dance
(B/I) (GX) Sophie
free classes every
½ hour. Must
pre-register at
Member Services.
Classes begin 8
a.m.! All classes
will be held in the
Diablo Ballroom
Vista Club.
8:30-9:30am WOW – TABATA –
BOOM (B/I) (GX) (Pat)
9-10am Yoga/Pilates (B) (DB) Deanna
9-10am Advanced Aqua (B/I/A) (DP) Kathy
9:45-10:45am Wake-up and
Move (B/I) (RV) /Pat
9:45-10:30am Core Balance
and Standing Abs
10-11am Aqua Fit (B) (DP) Denise
10-11am Meditation Breathing
(B) (DB) Deanna
10:30 -11:15am ZUMBA Toning
(B/I) (GX) Sophie
11:15-12pm ZUMBA Dance (B/I) (GX) Sophie
4-5pm Stretch and Flex (B/I) (GX) Tammy
6:30-7:30 Yoga/Pilates (B/I) (GX) Deanna
8-9am Body Works
(B/I/A) (GX) Kathy
9-10am Simply Stretch
(B) (GX) Joele
9:30-10:30am Aqua Fit
(B) (VP) Denise
11-12pm Arthritis Program
(B) (GX) Beverly
1-2pm Sit and Get Fit
(B) (GX) Beverly
3-4pm Advanced Aqua
(B/I/A) (DP) Kathy
7-8am Early Yoga (B) (DB) Tammy
8-9am Back To Basics Yoga
(B/I) (DB) Tammy
8:30-9:30am WOW – TABATA –
BOOM (B/I) (GX) (Pat)
9:30-10am Intro to Dance
Aerobics (B/I/A) (GX) Joele
9:30-10:30am Aqua Fit (B) (DP) Denise
10-10:30am Boot Camp
(B/I/A) (GX) Joele
11am-12pm Hot ZUMBA
(I/A) (GX) Prescy
4-5pm Stretch and Flex
(B/I) (GX) Tammy
6:30-7:30pm Balance Ball (GX) Deanna
7:30-8:30am Body Works
(B/I/A) (GX) Kathy
9-10am Simply Stretch (B/I) (DB) Joele
9-10am Tai Chi (B/I) (GX) Lillian
9-10am Advanced Aqua
(B/I/A) (DP) Kathy
10-11am Aqua Fit (B) (DP) Denise
10-11am Jazz Aerobics (B/I/A) (GX) Joele
11-12pm Arthritis Program
(B) (GX) Beverly
1-2pm Sit and Get Fit (B) (GX) Beverly
2:30-3:30pm Yoga (B/I) (GX) Tammy
3-4pm Advanced Aqua
(B/I/A) (DP) Denis
(GX) Group Exercise Studio
(DB) Diablo Ballroom
(VP) Vista Pool
(DP) Delta Pool
(RV) Rio Vista Room–Delta
(SR) Sonoma Room-Vista
(FC) Fitness Center
8:30-9:30am Step Aerobics
July 5 only (GX) Pat
11am-12:30pm ZUMBA
Power 90 (GX) Sophie
July 2014 Club and Activity Calendar
8am Social Tennis
8:30am Radio Club (V)
9:30am Women’s 9-Hole Golf
10am Pastel Art Class (D)
10am Familiar with Computer – Next Step (V)
10:30am Country Line Dancing (D)
11:30am Golf – TRVMEN 9-Hole
12pm Working with Photos (V)
12pm Beginning Watercolor Class (D)
12:15pm Hand & Foot Canasta (V)
12:30pm Dominoes (D)
2pm Stroke/Head Injury Support Group (V)
4:15pm Table Tennis (D)
5pm Billiards Club Tournament (V)
5:30pm Tai-chi & Yuan-chi (V)
6:30pm Religions of the World (D)
7pm Drama Play Rehearsal (D)
8am Social Tennis
8am TOPS (D)
9:30am Bridge Lessons (V)
9:30am Walk & Talk (V)
10am First-Time Computer User (V)
10am Stained Glass (D)
12pm Using the Internet (V)
12pm Ukulele Club (V)
12:30pm Fat Quarters Quilters (D)
1pm Village Riviera ARC (D)
1:30pm Jazz Band (V)
2pm Bergren Art (D)
2pm Card Design Class (D)
3pm Oakmont Village RC Social Com (V)
4:30pm Table Tennis (D)
5:30pm Delta Harmony Rehearsal (V)
6:30pm Soul Line Dancing (D)
7pm Billiard Club Membership Mtg (V)
8am Social Tennis
8:30am Golf – Women’s 18-Hole
9:30am Ceramics (D)
10am Olympic Village ARC (V)
10am Wildlife Com (V)
12:15pm Ponytail Canasta (V)
1pm Sailing Club (V)
2pm Good Samaritans (D)
5pm Tai-chi for Beginners (V)
6pm Yuan-chi & Fan Dance (V)
6:30pm Village Riviera HOA Mtg. (D)
6:30pm Pinochle (V)
6:30pm Photography Club (V)
7pm Drama Play Rehearsal (V)
7pm Ballroom Dance - Beg (V)
8pm Ballroom Dance - Adv (V)
Independence Day
10:30am Summerset Parade
(Starts @ Vista Club)
11am – 1pm Hot Dog & Ice
Cream Social (Delta Club)
11:30am – 1pm
Entertainment (Inside
Delta Club)
11:30am – 2:30pm DJ
Music @ Delta Pool
1pm Parade Awards
Presentation (Delta Club)
8am Motorcycle
Club (Off-site)
8:30am Hiking Club (V)
9am Table Tennis (D)
8am Social Tennis
8:30am Woodcarving (D)
9am Village I ARC (V)
9:30am Walk & Talk (V)
10am Village Oakmont ARC (V)
11am Saddle Rock
Village ARC (V)
12pm Open Painting (D)
12:30pm Rip, Stitch & Bitch (V)
1pm Mah Jongg (V)
1pm TAG Mtg (D)
3pm Guitar Club (V)
6pm Soul Line Dancing (V)
6pm Poker (D)
8am Social Tennis
8:30am Radio Club (V)
9:30am Women’s 9-Hole Golf
10am Familiar with Computer – Next Step (V)
10am Pastel Art Class (D)
10:30am Country Line Dancing (D)
10:30am Book Club (V)
11:30am Golf – TRVMEN 9-Hole
12pm Working with Photos (V)
12pm Beginning Watercolor Class (D)
12pm Recipe Club (D)
12:15pm Hand & Foot Canasta (V)
2pm Master Association Board Mtg (V)
4:15 pm Table Tennis (D)
5pm Billiards Club Tournament (V)
5:30pm Tai-chi & Yuan-chi (V)
7pm Emergency Action Committee (D)
7pm Drama Play Rehearsal (D)
8am Social Tennis
8am TOPS (D)
9:30am Bridge Lessons (V)
9:30am Walk & Talk (V)
10am First-Time Computer User (V)
10am Stained Glass (D)
12pm Using the Internet (V)
12pm Ukulele Club (V)
12:30pm Fat Quarters Quilters (D)
1:30pm Jazz Band (V)
2pm Bergren Art (D)
2pm Card Design Class (D)
4:30pm Table Tennis (D)
5:30pm Delta Harmony Rehearsal (V)
6:30pm Nature Club Mtg (V)
6:30pm Soul Line Dancing (D)
7:30pm VORC Quarterly Mtg (D)
8am Social Tennis
8:30am Golf – Women’s 18-Hole
9am Blood Pressure Check (D)
9:30am Ceramics (D)
10am Council for the Arts (V)
12:15pm Ponytail Canasta (V)
1pm Good Samaritans (D)
4pm Golf – Sr. Men’s Board Mtg (D)
4pm Village 1 HOA Mtg (D)
5pm Tai-chi for Beginners (V)
5:15pm Table Tennis (D)
6pm Yuan-chi & Fan Dance (V)
6:30pm Pinochle (V)
6:30pm Olympic Village HOA Mtg (D)
7pm Writers’ Club (V)
7pm Drama Play Rehearsal (D)
7pm Ballroom Dance - Beg (V)
8pm Ballroom Dance - Adv (V)
8am Social Tennis
9:30am Walk & Talk (V)
10am – 12pm Rubber Stamp
Cards & Things (D)
10:30am Country Line
Dance (D)
12pm Bridge (V)
12pm Adv Watercolor
Painting (D)
5pm Ballroom Dance - Beg (V)
6pm Ballroom Dance - Adv (V)
7pm Bunco (D)
8:30am Hiking
Club Mtg (V)
9am Table Tennis (D)
10am – 3pm Farmers
Market (D)
7pm Dance Club
with the Trilogy
Jazz Band (V)
8am Social Tennis
8:30am Woodcarving (D)
9:30am Walk & Talk (V)
12pm Open Painting (D)
12:15pm Duplicate Bridge (V)
12:30pm Rip, Stitch & Bitch (V)
3pm House Renovations
Com (V)
6pm Soul Line Dancing (D)
6pm Poker (D)
8am Social Tennis
8:30am Radio Club (V)
9:30am Golf – Women’s 9-Hole
10am Familiar with Computer – Next Step (V)
10am Pastel Art Class (D)
10:30am Country Line Dancing (D)
11:30am Golf – TRVMEN 9-Hole
12pm Working with Photos (V)
12pm Beg Watercolor Painting (D)
12:15pm Hand & Foot Canasta (V)
12:30pm Dominoes (D)
4:15pm Table Tennis (D)
5pm Billiards Club Tournament (V)
5:30pm Tai-chi & Yuan-chi (V)
7pm Drama Play Rehearsal (D)
8am Social Tennis
8am TOPS (D)
9:30am Bridge Lessons (V)
9:30am Walk & Talk (V)
10am First-Time Computer User (V)
10am Stained Glass (D)
12pm Setting Up and Using
Free Email (V)
12pm Ukulele Club (V)
12:30pm Fat Quarters Quilting (D)
1pm Village Riviera ARC (D)
1:30pm Jazz Band (V)
2pm Bergren Art (D)
2pm Card Design Class (D)
4:30pm Table Tennis (D)
5:30pm Delta Harmony Rehearsal (V)
6:30pm Soul Line Dancing (D)
6:30pm Saddle Rock Village
Board Mtg (D)
7pm Olympic Village RC Mtg (V)
7:30pm Saddle Rock Village RC Mtg (D)
8am Social Tennis
8:30am Golf – Women’s 18-Hole
9:30am Ceramics (D)
10am Olympic Village ARC (D)
10am Wildlife Com (V)
12:15pm Ponytail Canasta (V)
1pm Good Samaritans (D)
2pm Genealogy Workshop (V)
4pm Golf – Sr. Men’s Mtg (D)
5pm Table Tennis (D)
5pm Tai-chi for Beginners (V)
6pm Yuan-chi & Fan Dance (V)
6pm Adm Policy Com (D)
6:30pm Pinochle (V)
7pm Village Oakmont HOA Mtg (D)
7pm Village Riviera RC Mtg (V)
7pm Ballroom Dance - Beg (V)
8pm Ballroom Dance - Adv (V)
8am Social Tennis
8:30am Hiking Club (V)
9:30am Village 1 ARC (V)
3pm Village Riviera
9:30am Walk & Talk (V)
Treasure Hunt (D)
10:30am Country Line
Dance (D)
12pm Bridge (V)
12pm Adv Watercolor
Painting (D)
5pm Ballroom Dance - Beg (V)
6pm Ballroom Dance - Adv (V)
6:30pm Joy Luck Mah-Jongg (V)
7pm Whist Club (D)
7pm Comedy Night – Kat
Simmons (V)
10am – 3pm Farmers
Market (D)
8am Social Tennis
8:30am Woodcarving (D)
9:30am Walk & Talk (V)
10am Council of Village
Presidents (D)
10am Village Oakmont ARC (V)
11am Saddle Rock
Village ARC (V)
12pm Open Painting (D)
12:30pm Rip, Stitch & Bitch (V)
1pm Mah Jongg (V)
3pm Guitar Club (V)
6pm Soul Line Dancing (D)
6pm Poker (D)
7pm Fishing Club (D)
8am Social Tennis
8:30am Radio Club (V)
9:30am Golf – Women’s 9-Hole
10am Familiar with Computer – Next Step (V)
10am Pastel Art Class (D)
10:15am Mystery/Crime Book Club (V)
10:30am Country Line Dancing (D)
11:30am Golf – TRVMEN 9-Hole
12pm Working with Photos (V)
12pm Beginning Watercolor Painting (D)
12:15pm Hand & Foot Canasta (V)
12:30pm Dog Club (D)
4:15pm Table Tennis (D)
5pm Billiards Club Tournament (V)
5:30pm Tai-chi & Yuan-chi (V)
7pm Emergency Action Committee (D)
7pm Drama Play Rehearsal (D)
8am Social Tennis
8am TOPS (D)
9:30am Bridge Lessons (V)
9:30am Walk & Talk (V)
10am First-Time Computer User (V)
10am Stained Glass (D)
12pm Setting Up and Using Free Email (V)
12pm Ukulele Club (V)
12:30pm Fat Quarters Quilting (D)
1:30pm Jazz Band (V)
1:30pm Community Connections (V)
2pm Bergren Art (D)
2pm Card Design Class (D)
4:30pm Table Tennis (D)
5:30pm Delta Harmony Rehearsal (V)
6:30pm Soul Line Dancing (D)
8am Social Tennis
8:30am Golf – Women’s 18-Hole
9:30am Ceramics (D)
12:15pm Ponytail Canasta (V)
1pm Good Samaritans (D)
3pm Table Tennis (D)
5pm Tai-chi for Beginners (V)
6pm Yuan-chi & Fan Dance (V)
6:30pm Pinochle (V)
7pm Drama Play Rehearsal (D)
7pm Theatre Group (D)
7pm Ballroom Dance - Beg (V)
8pm Ballroom Dance - Adv (V)
8am Social Tennis
9:30am Walk & Talk (V)
9:30am Tennis Club Mtg (D)
10am – 12pm Rubber Stamp
Cards & Things (D)
10:30am Country Line
Dance (D)
12pm Bridge (V)
12pm Adv Watercolor
Painting (D)
5pm Ballroom Dance
Class - Beg (V)
6pm Ballroom Dance
Class - Adv (V)
7pm Bingo (D)
8am – 2pm National
Dance Day (V)
8:30am Hiking Club (V)
9am Table Tennis (D)
7pm Concert on the
Patio – Afterglow (V)
8am Social Tennis
8:30am Woodcarving (D)
9:30am Walk & Talk (V)
12pm Open Painting (D)
12:30pm Rip, Stitch & Bitch (V)
1pm Access Com Mtg (D)
1pm Mah Jongg (V)
3pm House Renovations Com (V)
6pm Soul Line Dancing (D)
6pm Poker (D)
8am Social Tennis
8:30am Radio Club (V)
9:30am Golf – Women’s 9-Hole
10am Familiar with Computer – Next Step (V)
10am Pastel Art Class (D)
10:30am Country Line Dancing (D)
11:30am Golf – TRVMEN 9-Hole
12pm Working with Photos (V)
12pm Beginning Watercolor Painting (D)
12:15pm Hand & Foot Canasta (V)
4pm AARP Driver Safety Course – Refresher
4:15pm Table Tennis (D)
5pm Billiards Club Tournament (V)
5:30pm Tai-chi & Yuan-chi (V)
6:30pm Enrichment Series
– Life Coaching (V)
7pm Drama Play Rehearsal & Mtg (D
8am Social Tennis
8am TOPS (D)
9:30am Bridge Lessons (V)
9:30am Walk & Talk (V)
10am First-Time Computer User (V)
10am Stained Glass (D)
12pm Ukulele Club (V)
12:30pm Fat Quarters Quilting (D)
1:30pm Jazz Band (V)
2pm Bergren Art (D)
2pm Card Design Class (D)
4:30pm Table Tennis (D)
5:30pm Delta Harmony Rehearsal (V)
6:30pm Soul Line Dancing (D)
8am Social Tennis
8:30am Golf – Women’s 18-Hole
9:30am Ceramics (D)
12:15pm Ponytail Canasta (V)
1pm Adult Committee (D)
1pm Good Samaritans (D)
4pm Table Tennis (D)
5pm Tai-chi for Beginners (V)
6pm Yuan-chi & Fan Dance (V)
6:30pm Pinochle (V)
7pm Drama Play Rehearsal (D)
7pm Ballroom Dance - Beg (V)
8pm Ballroom Dance - Adv (V)
the arts
Council for the Arts
Trilogy Art Guild for Artists
The Council for the Arts extends a special thank you to
Debby DuBrow who has been the director/producer and
artist of “Music of the Night” for the last six years. The 2015
co-directors/producers of the production are Claire McKean and Paul Starks. Claire and Paul have entertained the
Trilogy community for several years.
Calling all artists: Trilogy Art Guild is having their 12th
Annual Juried Art Show on Saturday, August 9 and Sunday, August 10. Artists who would like to participate in
the show will find applications at the Vista and Delta
information centers or by box # 7 at Delta. Completed
applications should be placed in box #7. All artists and
photographers are welcome. Only original art pieces will
be accepted, and juried in seven categories: (1) Watercolor (2) Oil/Acrylic (3) Collage/Assemblage (4) Charcoal/
Pastel/Pencil (5) Mixed Medium ( 6) 3-D (please provide
stand if necessary) (7) Photography. Non-juried art and
classroom art will be displayed in a separate area with
prints in the display racks. Watch for the flyers! The deadline for applications is July 31. The show is open to all
artists, members and non-members. See you there!
Got talent? Come audition for the March 2015 production
of “Music of the Night” on October 20 in the Vista Ballroom. Please call Judy Calpo (2924) for more information.
The next meeting is July 10 at 10 a.m. in the Monterey
Room of the Vista Club.
Look for the Council for the Arts golf cart in the Fourth
of July parade. The cart will announce the 2015 theme.
Drama Club
Theater Group
We are gearing up for our August production, The Groom
Has Cold Feet. It will, as always, be a lot of fun for both the
cast and the audience. There is no charge for admission
but reservations are required. The form to make that reservation is in this month’s Trilogy Living as well as at both
the Delta and the Vista Club. Performances are August
14, 15 and 16 at 7 p.m. and a Sunday matinee at 2 p.m. on
August 17. Doors open one hour before the performance
and refreshments will be available for sale. For additional
information contact Sharon Primeau (6033)
We’ve had a short break in the action since our production of “Hallelujah Girls” at the end of March. Now we’re
gearing up for our next production. We will be presenting
“12 Angry Jurors” on September 4, 5, and 6. We’re very
excited to present a drama to our fellow Trilogians, as we
believe this is the first drama presented at Trilogy. The auditions are done and we are now in rehearsals. There are
some very good actors in this production and as a result
of the auditions, we are welcoming a few new members
to our club this time around. We will be very busy over
the next few months with rehearsals, gathering props,
and creating the stage set. Anyone who would like to get
involved can contact Louise Mitchell at (3541) or attend
our regular club meeting as detailed below.
Fat Quarter Quilters
Our group gets together to work on our own quilting
and sewing projects. Join us and meet new friends who
share the love of sewing. We meet every Wednesday from
12:30 – 4 p.m. at the Delta Club. There are no dues or fees.
Esther Young (2639).
Our membership has been growing and as a result, we
have changed our meeting location. We now meet in
the Marina Room at the Delta Club. The Marina Room is
located at the end on the center hall near the swimming
pool. Remember, if you are interested in any aspect of
live theater, we would love to have you join us. We hope
to see you there.
Photography Club
The Photography Club met in June and spent some time
in the computer room discussing the current assignment
as well as learning a little about programs we can use to
edit our photos. There seems to be interest in more of
this as well as learning about shooting in RAW mode.
In future meetings we will have a discussion period on
depth of field, lighting, HDR and other subjects as well as
discussing our assignments. We will be going on a field
trip in the next couple of months. If you are on our email
list, you will be notified.
Remodel & Repairs
Hands on, Reliable, Efficient
From Small Repairs to
Complete Interior Remodels
The July assignment is to bring two portraits; they can be
human, animal or other. Come and learn! Call Jan Vick at
(5025) for more information.
Trilogy Resident
License #914545 • Bonded and Insured
kare bears
Kare Bears is a group of Trilogy residents organized with the goal of reaching out to our Trilogy neighbors in their time of need due to
sorrow, sickness, loss of a family member or other life challenges. We have many volunteers to help, be it a phone call, visit, a hot meal, a
lift to a doctor’s appointment, assistance in searching for social services outside of Trilogy, or just plain tender loving care. We have divided
Trilogy into sections with area coordinators for each section. Please contact your area coordinator if a need arises, either for yourself, or any
other Trilogy resident. Your coordinator will contact the volunteer committee best suited to help with your problem.
can be arranged when the date is closer. We are really in
need of volunteers to help, both men and women. We
need men to help with picking up items, and heavy work.
And both men and women to help set up and to work
the sale. For more information or to volunteer, please call
Janet McKimmy at (5415).
The Family Support Committee organizes memorial services for
family members who incur the loss of a Trilogy member. For more
information, please call Chairperson Claudette Gartner (707 ) 4396116, [email protected], Coordinator Barbara Sherison (6845)
or Betty Bowley (5613).
We are also in the planning stages of putting together
an informational seminar with different speakers dealing with topics of interest especially to seniors. If you
have any ideas or suggestions for this, please call Janet
McKimmy at (5415). The seminar is planned for some time
this coming spring.
Olympic Village
Olympic Village Kare Bears are participating in the Phone
Buddy Program. We are hoping to have all villages involved. It improves daily phone contact for those living
alone. A buddy is assigned to each participant who will
phone every day to assure the well being of their buddy.
Kare Bears from all villages are encouraged to support
this program. There are residents throughout Trilogy who
would benefit from this program.
There will be no July or August meetings. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, September 10, at 10:30 a.m.,
in the Delta Club.
Happy summer, everyone, and be safe!
Village Riviera
Welcome to the month of July, which is known for its hot
sunny days, and depending on your geographic locale,
add in humidity and thunderstorms. But the Fourth
of July is the highlight that comes to mind for most of
us. The date is a holiday so ingrained in our culture that
its abbreviated appellation, “The Fourth”, is instantly understood by all. The Declaration of Independence was
signed 238 years ago to birth our nation. Few could have
foreseen the impact that this serious and sober document would produce. These thoughtful writings became
the fertilizer that grew dreams into joyous opportunities and freedoms for hundreds of millions of Americans.
Rather impressive results by any measure! As long as we
continue to celebrate and educate on the Fourth, untold
numbers of future dreams will be realized. This is a holiday that certainly justifies the food, frivolity and fireworks
that we use to mark the occasion. We at Trilogy do our
best to honor our nation’s beginnings with pride, patriotism and parades. Of course favorite foods and cool drinks
are integral to this delightful day. While on the subject
of food, please remember to stop at the Delta Club after
the parade to garner your share of the holiday feast. We
of the Riviera Kare Bear clan are once again pleased to
be serving all-American hot dogs and sodas. Not only
do we enjoy this endeavor, but our share of the profits is
used to fund our good deeds for those with needs. Our
next gathering is August 11 at 10 a.m. in the Delta Club.
Interested? Call Myra (3660) or Valerie (6942).
Quarterly meetings in 2014 will continue to be the
first Tuesday of the month at 1 p.m., location to be announced. Next meeting will be held in September. For
more information contact Mackie Webster at (5837).
Village Oakmont
The Oakmont Kare Bears are enjoying their usual summer
hiatus, while still getting ready and planning their annual
October garage sale scheduled for Saturday, October 4,
from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.. This is our once-a-year annual fundraiser, and we hope everyone is saving and pricing their
treasures and goodies for us. We will be setting up on
Friday, October 3, and all items can be dropped off at that
time. If you need to have someone pick up your items, it
M&E Metal
Ornamental Iron
Gates and Fences
Providing a quality product for 30 years
Free Estimates
(707) 428-4925
4895 Creed Rd. • Suisun, CA 94585
California License # 423581
Landscape Design & Construction
Lighting, Irrigation, Drainage, Ponds,
Low Maintenance Landscape, Xeriscaping,
Retaining Walls, Custom Walkways
Personalized Creative Services
From Inspiration to Installation
Brenda Hawkins
707. 592.3296
[email protected]
CA Cont Lic #920573
Old Fashion Dentistry with the Latest Technology
Norman Spalding, DDS
Cleaning & Laser Periodontal Therapy
Digital X-Rays • Whitening • Braces • Veneers
Root Canal Treatment • Extractions • Implants
Crowns • Bridges • Dentures
Latex-Free Office
New and Emergency Patients Welcome
Payment Plans Available
1231 Brown’s Alley, Walnut Grove
20 Minutes North of Rio Vista on Highway 160
Vi s i t u s o n l i n e at www. R i ve r D e l t a D e n t a l .co m
July & August Computer Class Opportunities!
Sign Up At Vista Club Member Services (4200)
(payment by check only please)
Computer User
$3 ea.
Familiar with
Computer Next Step
$5 ea.
Working With
Photos ~ $7 ea.
Day / Time of Classes ~ Instructor Michael Bouyer
Wednesdays ~ 10:00 to 11:30am
For new computer users to learn the purpose for a mouse, & how to operate a
computer. [No prerequisite class] Take as many classes as you can.
* Tuesdays ~ 10:00 to 11:30am
Now that you can operate the computer, learn many helpful uses for the
computer. Take as many classes as you can.
[Prerequisite: First-Time Computer User class or equivalent knowledge]
* Tuesdays ~ 12:00 to 1:30 pm
Introduction to a free photo editing program that is fun and surprisingly capable
of fixing or enhancing your digital photos. Learn how to get your photos on and
off the computer. [Prerequisite: Intermediate Computer User Class or
equivalent knowledge] Take as many classes as you can.
Using the Internet * 1st & 2nd Wednesdays ~ 12:00 to 1:30pm
$5 ea.
Learn to explore the Internet. [Prerequisite: First-Time computer Users class or
equivalent knowledge.] Both classes are suggested.
Setting Up &
Using Free E-mail
$5 ea.
* 3rd & 4th Wednesdays ~ 12:00 to 1:30pm
Learn to set up and use free e-mail accounts.
[Prerequisite: First-Time computer Users class or equivalent knowledge.]
Both classes are suggested.
* New to computers? Attend the “First-Time Computer User” class before attending others.
Sign up early~Classes are filled on a first-come basis. Class suggestion list available!
To determine if your equivalent knowledge is adequate for the intermediate classes, contact the instructor
Michael Bouyer by e-mail at [email protected] or cell 707-328-4977.
For interest presenting future Learning Center programs offered, contact Activities Director,
Debbie Dorn at email address [email protected]
sports + clubs
Billiards Club
is home to 216 players and the night league is hosting
247 players. About 40 members play in both groups
and we have a total of 20 teams in each league. We are
formulating plans for our annual one-day self-funding
tournament, but it looks like mid September. Details will
be forthcoming. Plans for the end of season socials are
almost finalized and will be posted at the Summerset
bulletin board in due course. Remember to roll often,
throw straight and have fun; that’s what it’s all about. Joe
Downes (7520).
The next Billiards Club meeting is on Wednesday July 2,
at 7 p.m. in the Monterey Room of the Vista Club. Tuesday
evening’s tournament start time is 5 p.m. The first and
third Tuesdays the format will be eight-ball round robin
with no handicaps for B players. The second Tuesday of
the month the format will be handicap nine-ball with a
round robin format. In order to get a win a player must
beat his opponent two out of three games. The club has
again made a list of B players and for that Tuesday evening the B players will get a one game handicap while
playing an A player, so the B player only needs one win
in three games while competing against an A player. The
format for the fourth Tuesday will be eight ball and the
club will split the tournament into A & B players. There
will be a first and second place winner in each group.
The fifth Tuesday will be nine ball with no handicap for
B players. Officers: President Al Bergoust, Treasurer Jack
Clark, Secretary Dallas Salomon, and Membership Chairman Dave Stewart.
Book Club
The Book Club meets the second Tuesday of each month at 10:30 a.m. at the
Vista Club in the Sonoma Room. The
next meeting is July 8. The book selection is The Aviator’s Wife by Melanie
Benjamin. August’s book selection is
Swimming to Antarctica by Lynne Cox.
There is no requirement to have read
the book. Everyone is welcome! Feel
free to stop by. For more information, contact Adrienne
(5576). Happy Fourth of July!
Latest weekly tournament winners:
May 6, 8-Ball
May 13, Handicap 9-Ball
1st Mike Quihuiz
2nd Dave Stewart
3rd Bob Powell 1st Chuck LaBue
2nd George Doner
3rd Oscar Grissom
May 20, 8-Ball
May 27, 8-Ball
1st Mike Quihuiz
2nd Oscar Grissom
3rd Jack Clark
1st Oscar Grissom
2nd Dave Stewart
3rd Al Bergoust Bridge – Duplicate
Duplicate Bridge meets the second Monday of each
month at 12:15 p.m. in the Sonoma Room at the Vista
Club. Please mark your calendars for our next game on
July 14. All Trilogy residents who are interested in playing
duplicate bridge are welcome. If you need a partner; we’ll
find one for you. Please contact Sue (6136).
For more information regarding the Billiards club please
contact Oscar Grissom at [email protected]
May winners: Regular game: 1st: Peggy Walker and
Wilma Powell; 2nd: Bruce Morrison and Bob Wiskotzil;
tie 3rd and 4th: Sue Vogtlin & Lois Brusen and John Shick
& Lynn Fortner
Make some money and enjoy a fun evening with bingo
friends and buddies. Mark your calendar for the fourth
Friday of the month (July 25) for Bingo at the Delta Club.
Games begin promptly at 7 p.m. Buy-in for each person
is $10 for 12 games. We have one early-bird special: one
card for $1. The prize money for each game is $50 and
the blackout prize is $250. For more information, call
Irene at (6999).
Novice game: 1st: Tammy Woodworth and Karen Nash;
2nd: Judith Havadtoy and Woody Woodard; 3rd: Cindy
Schroeder and Elaine Braley
Come join us for a fun evening of Bunco and refreshments at the TRV Delta Club. We meet the second Friday
of the month at 7pm. For further information please call
Shirley at (9984).
Bocce Club
Computer Club
We had a very enthusiastic start to the second half of the
season. After a 2-week break in the action all 40 teams
were happy to be back playing. This year has turned out
to be a banner year for bocce membership. We have a
total of 463 dues-paying members. The morning league
The next meeting of the computer club will be held in
September. It has been our tradition to dispense with
meetings in July and August since so many of our members are traveling during the summer months.
sports + clubs
If you wish to become a member of the club you can go
to the club web site at to complete and
print a copy of the application and give it to any of the
directors. After June the dues are $18 which covers the
remainder of this year plus next year. Or you can sign up
at any meeting.
are looking for a first family of Pennsylvania, what would
you call them? First families, early settlers, pioneers, early
Quakers, original settlers? If your search with one term
doesn’t work, try another.
The Genealogy Club and Workshop are open to all residents of Trilogy. Regular club meetings take place the
first Thursday of the month at 2 p.m. in the Vista Club,
Monterey Room. For more information, contact Rhoda
(7542). The workshop is held the third Thursday of each
month at 2 p.m. in the Vista Club computer room. For
more information contact Carolyn at [email protected] Beginners are welcome and help is available.
We welcome all levels of expertise, from those thinking
of getting a computer to those who have spent years
working with computers and related software. For more
information, contact Lynne Hansen (4060).
Fishing Club
Our next meeting will be Monday, July 21 at 7 p.m. in
the Marina Room at the Delta Club. I wish that more of
you could have made the June meeting as our speaker,
Jay Sorensen, Editor of the “Let’s Go Fishing” column in
the River Herald and Isleton Journal weekly newspapers,
did a fantastic job. He gave us a lot of information and
answered many questions. At the next meeting we will be
discussing our picnic/barbeque which will be Saturday,
August 23 at the Delta Marina patio. For those of you who
don’t make this meeting, I will be emailing you with the
details but I really hope you can make it as there are a lot
of things to go over. We will be taking sign-ups for our
next San Francisco Bay Halibut & Striper trip on the party
boat. We will be drift fishing live anchovies.
Good Samaritans
We thank the residents in our community who attend
the Bible Study and the residents who read our monthly
article. We all have a part in this ministry. Thank you for
your prayers that keep the Good Samaritans moving
forward to a higher insight. The Good Samaritans is a
Bible Study group that is able to share our hurts, our
needs and our wisdom. The Good Samaritans is not a
church. We are a group of residents at Trilogy who come
together on Thursdays to study the Bible. Reflecting
back from the day we became a group called The Good
Samaritans, we’ve had many visitors, some stayed, some
came in for prayer, some with curiosity and others came
to build up their knowledge of Biblical teachings. No
matter what people come in for, we welcome everyone
with love and care.
We will have our 50/50 drawing and refreshments. Anyone is welcome to join our fishing club. We have great
events throughout the year. For more information, please
call Al Silva at (3791).
The Good Samaritans main goals are:
1. Teaching from the Holy Bible.
Genealogy Club
2. Fellowship with one another.
One might find that discovering ancestors online is a
game of flexible thinking and that simple searches won’t
always do the trick. If one approach doesn’t work, re-word
it a little and see what happens. Search engines have developed different ways to find and index information and
results can differ both in content, quantity and quality.
Although Google search is a favorite for many and it’s
easy to always stick with the same one, mix it up. If you
don’t find what you’re looking for using one search engine, move to another one, such as Bing, Yahoo, Dogpile,
DuckDuckGo, Family Tree Searcher, Genealogy in Time,
and Genealogy Place. Also try adding the words associated with genealogy to your search phrase along with
family history.
3. Uplifting one another through hard times
and good times.
4. Visiting the sick and shut-in.
5. Welcoming guest speakers to discuss topics
from the Bible.
6. Reaching out to those in need in our community.
7. Outreach ministry.
8. Planning Special events.
9. Living by the Bible.
10. Praying for one another.
The Good Samaritans meet every Thursday at 1 p.m. at
the Delta Club, Marina Room.
When you’re trying to think of helpful search terms, one
trick is to imagine that you’ve built a website that contains
the very information you’re seeking. What words would
you use to describe the information? For example, if you
Scripture of the month: Psalm 23
sports + clubs
Hispanic Club
There were two club tournaments in both April and
May. The winning foursome members for the “Four-Ball”
tournament on April 8 were Dennis Germano, John
Waggoner, Larry Nakashima, Mike Buckley; and for the
“High/Low Net” tournament on April 29, Joey Dias, Hugh
Denton, Alex Winkler, and Don Ballard. The winning foursome members of the “Scramble” tournament on May 20
were William Metzler, Jim McDermott, Walter Brock, and
Don Ballard. The winning team members of the “Cha Cha”
format tournament on May 27 were Stan Melby, William
Metzler, and Dennis Jones
The Spanish Circle meetings on the second and fourth
Saturday of each month seem to have been an idea
whose time had come. We’ve had participation from approximately 14 persons at various levels of fluency that
did not deter the interaction and learning process of all
those present. We will continue to meet from 9 - 10:30
a.m. in the Sonoma card room in the Vista Club. Depending on the size of the group we will attempt to divide it
into beginner/intermediate and intermediate/advanced
to make the conversations more interesting. Take advantage of this opportunity to brush up on your Spanish.
There will be more information on the
website. If you are interested, please contact Allan Owens
at (5673) or email [email protected]
We have two tournament events scheduled for July. On
July 1, we will play a “Low Net + Putts” tournament. On
July 17, we will be hosting the Women’s Nine Club for a
“Green-Tee Scramble” event. We invite you to join us for a
good time with a great group of guys.
We are considering the second week in July for a potluck. We will send a group email with details and will
post information regarding this in the
website, under clubs so please check it out.
Model Club
Fortunately our club president was able to resume his
monthly film and slide presentations our club members
look forward to. Welcome back John and our continued
best to your wife.
For more information about our group, feel free to contact any of the following persons: Vicky Riddle at (3684) or
email [email protected], Cecilia Reyes Spiritosanto
at (1484 ) or email [email protected], Ada Parrales Stack at (3406), or Teresa Hamner at (707) 646-1610
or email [email protected]
An upcoming event in July is our annual Steam Up. Mark
the date, July 26 for food, music and old- time railroad
enjoyment. The Live Steamers will be back.
This month’s featured member is Doug Schroeder. Doug
came to Trilogy in October of 2011 and has been a Model
Club member for two and a half years. He and his wife
Cindy moved here from Pleasant Hill. The first two things
he bought after coming here were a golf cart and a train.
He has found the members to be very enjoyable, helpful and knowledgeable. Doug was previously general
manager with the largest seafood company on the West
Coast. He wasn’t into hobbies before he moved here.
Doug prefers running the garden trains (to the west of
Vista Club) on most Saturdays at 10 a.m. He thinks it’s
really neat having the outdoor train tracks partly because
the plants are real. While running the trains and socializing, we can do general maintenance like pull weeds.
He also likes all the experiences shared at meetings. We
never know what we will learn about one another. Doug
especially likes the wonderment of being like a child experiencing new things. Thank you Doug for helping make
the club what it is.
Mah Jongg
We meet every Monday except the second Monday of the
month at the Sonoma (card) Room from 1 - 3 p.m. We play
the Hong Kong version. If you know a different version or
have never played the game, we have several good players and any one of them will help you learn this version
of the game. Come join us. Call Molly Martinez (3417) for
more information.
Men’s Executive Nine Golf Club
The Rio Vista Men’s Executive Nine golf club is comprised
of members who enjoy playing nine holes of golf and
then socializing after the game. We play each Tuesday
mid-morning. The format varies each week, from individual “straight” golf play on the first and third Tuesdays,
and individual and team golf tournament events on
the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. Our club
currently has 109 members. We always welcome new
members and golf experience is not a prerequisite. If you
would like to join us, pick up an application form in the
Pro Shop posting room or contact our Membership Chairman, Dick Talbott, at (707) 225-0077.
Stop by our Model Club meeting held on the first Friday
of each month in the Vista Club, Monterey Room. We will
be presenting ideas and talking about other field trips
we anticipate this summer. Please contact the Club President, Mr. John Harder (3646) with any questions.
sports + clubs
Motorcycle Club
Radio Club
The Trilogy Motorcycle Club riders meet the first Saturday of every month for an all-day ride. The June 7
ride with 13 bikes and 14 riders departed Rio Vista in
a not often used direction. We risked the availability
of a scenic ride on the Real McCoy II and J-Mac Ferry’s.
Luckily, both ferries were operational which we took as
an omen to the start of a good day. We met up with Hwy
160 at Ryde and made tracks for the cool high country
of the foot hills. Twin Cities Road took us to a stretch
break in Martell. We headed north on Hwy 49 almost to
Placerville before heading east on Pleasant Valley Road
to Sly Park Reservoir and Mormon Immigrant Trail. This
route steadily climbs in elevation to over 7,000 feet and
soon we spotted a few patches of snow left over from
the winter.
The Radio Club members have finally completed the repair of the Packer Radio modem in the Fire Station. We
are now 100% operational if a community emergency
occurs. While there, we were reminded that each resident
of Trilogy should have the batteries in their smoke detectors changed. Some homes also have a carbon monoxide detector. Each home has at least three detectors and
some as many as five. Most operate on a nine-volt battery.
Members of the Rio Vista Fire Department reminded us
that they offer a free service of cleaning the detector and
replacing the battery. They would much rather perform
this service for you than transport you to a hospital because you fell off a stepladder. Also mentioned was that
Village 1 detectors are generally out of manufacturer’s
warranty. Call (2233) for this free inspection and service.
They will usually respond to your call the same day. If you
are unable to determine the battery type they will replace
it from their own stock. They only ask that you purchase a
replacement for them at your earliest opportunity. Keep
safe and keep smiling.
If you would like to learn more, the Radio Club meets
most Tuesdays in the Vista Club Monterey Room at 9
a.m. for informal discussions over a cup of coffee, and
the formal meeting starts at 10 a.m. Please stop by. Jerry
Armanino is available at (2461) for questions.
Recipe Club
Our July theme is “Bar-be-que Food.” The chefs are Donna
Armanino, Carol Dugger, Alan Helgesson, Sandy Jardine,
and Kathy Nakashima. Janice Welsh is the coffee hostess.
Intersecting with Hwy 88, we made a quick run west
which brought us to Cooks Station, and as you might
guess another favorite lunch stop. The menu is 17 pages! There was something for everyone. We resisted the
urge for a siesta after lunch and started the ride back to
the flatlands for our usual coffee stop in Lodi to enjoy a
cold beverage. Not a long ride at 235 miles, but riding
the ferries, and enjoying the cool mountain roads along
with good company and conversation always makes for
a great motorcycling day. Even the 94-degree day’s end
in Lodi was bearable.
We meet at noon the second Tuesday of each month in
the Delta Club. If you enjoy cooking and sharing recipes,
please feel free to join us. Call me if you have questions.
Patty LaFleur (3159)
Monthly Q & A:
Can I use applesauce instead of oil in brownies?
You can, but fat helps make brownies fudgy. If you eliminate the oil completely, your brownies could turn out too
cakey. Instead of a one-to-one exchange, use applesauce
in place of one-third or half of the amount of oil in the
recipe. Unsweetened applesauce is best. You will still end
up with a healthier brownie: ¼ cup of vegetable oil has
480 calories and more than 50 grams of fat; the same
amount of unsweetened applesauce has just 26 calories
and is fat-free.
We invite the other motorcycle riders in Trilogy to join us
on any of the monthly rides. The next ride will meet at
McDonald’s in Rio Vista at 8 a.m. July 5. The destination
is TBD based on weather. For more information, contact
Bob Pastorino at (6556) or Larry Nelson (2967).
sports + clubs
Religions of the World Club
Senior Men’s Golf Club
Melanie Daniels, dryly,
to Mrs. Bundy:
The Religions of the
World (ROW ) Club is a
diverse group of Trilogy
residents interested in
learning more about
the different religions
of the world: their history, beliefs and practices. We
usually meet the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30
p.m. We started reviewing the world’s major religions
over a year ago in approximately chronological order.
We have learned about Zoroastrianism, Jainism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism,
Taoism, Confucianism, Shintoism, and the Bahai Faith.
“Those weren’t ‘a few
— The Birds.
Universal Pictures, 1963
A Rio Vista welcome to
Timothy Eldridge, the
new golf course Club
Manager. A native of St.
Louis, Tim lives in Martinez with wife Pam and
dog Baxter. He brings a
decade of experience in
Timothy Eldridge
club management and is
earning certification by the 6,000-member Club Managers Association of America. He comes to us after a year of
managing golf and restaurant operations at Quail Lodge
Golf Club in Carmel, CA. Personable and approachable,
he’s a perfect fit. Thanks, Warrior.
Due to vacations and the holiday we will not have a
July meeting. We will resume on Tuesday, August 5
with a presentation on Zoroastrianism by a Trilogy resident who is a member of this very old religion. More
details to follow in the August issue.
This is not a forum for recruiting members to any belief
system, and all Trilogy residents of any belief system
are welcome. For more information, contact Don Cooper (510) 909-5049 or Barb Bellamy (303) 898-9279.
Our annual Armed Forces tournament raised $8,724 for
Community Action North Bay. CAN-B provides housing and
safety net services to at-risk veterans and other vulnerable
Solano County residents. Thanks to all who participated.
Rio Vista Roamers RV Club
Jan and Gene Vick hosted our outing to Jackson Rancheria in May. The clubhouse was not available so
up went three shelters, one a screened tent for the
food, and we were all set. It rained with thunder and
lightning but we were dry and enjoyed the show! Fortunately that all happened during happy hour and it
stopped when it was time to eat. We thank the Vicks
for a great time!
We had two road trips in May: Lone Tree Golf Club in
Antioch, an enjoyable track and a pleasant surprise for
the first-timers; and Mira Vista Country Club in El Cerrito,
where we enjoyed a five-club tournament under the auspices of the Bay Area Seniors Association. We are pleased
to be a part of this organization providing unique reciprocal arrangements. Members are encouraged to take
advantage. Congratulations to Ron Renner, who qualified
for the NCGA Senior Net Championship at Del Monte Golf
Club in Monterey.
Our yearly meeting was June 5 and was followed by
a barbeque on the patio. The club provided the meat
and members brought a dish to share. There will be no
outings in July or August but we’ll be back on the road
in September. Be sure to read the article next month for
all the information for the rest of the year. If you would
like to learn about us, please join us. Sign on to http:/ or and it will give you the next outing information.
Log on to sign yourself up or call the member hosting
that particular outing. Call Sandra Santos (3538) or
any of us and we will be more than happy to answer
any questions.
Did You Know? Report your Hole-in-One to NCGA and
receive a free gift and inclusion in a year-end drawing.
Have You Tried? The Links at Bodega Harbour makes
a great overnight trip: coastal Californian scenery and
playing tourist at the Potter Schoolhouse in Bodega. No
birdies? Squawk!
Our regular membership meeting is on the third Thursday at 4 p.m. at the Delta Club. For more information,
contact our Membership Director, Chris Shockley at
[email protected] or (3603).
sports + clubs
Stroke, Head &
Brain Injury Club
Our club is not just for married or committed couples.
We don’t want to leave anyone with the impression that
single individuals are not welcome. Everyone is welcome
to join. If you want to make new friends, give Supper Club
a try. Take the opportunity to experience the delectable
menus and friendship provided by our group. Our next
club dinner will be held in August. For further information
please contact Cheryl Bellrose at (6619). We are looking
forward to hearing from you.
We are a support group whose members have had or are
living with someone who has been affected by stroke or a
brain injury. We also assist those suffering from dementia,
regardless of the cause.
Our group provides help, useful tips, and current information on how to cope with the various short and long term
physical as well as emotional side effects that are unique
to each individual’s situation. Since those who experience
these conditions can suffer from feeling alone, helpless,
and/or impaired by some physical and/or emotional limitation, the support that we can provide each other can be
very important to adapting and living. Each month we
discuss a new topic and try to learn more about subjects
that are of interest to members.
Table Tennis Club
Guess who is playing
table tennis? Two of the
richest and most famous
people in the world! Warren Buffett and Bill Gates
teamed up during a recent Berkshire Hathaway
stockholders meeting as
a way to promote healthy
and active living. Trilogy residents who play this sport
know all about its health benefits. Some of these were
outlined in the June issue of Trilogy Living. We play at the
Delta Club four days each week, and we mix the sport
with frequent social events like the potluck picnic in the
park with bocce games held on June 21, and the golf
social held in early June.
We also conduct various extracurricular activities for
the group both within Trilogy and nearby communities
so that we can have fun together as well. We have recently added a monthly “GAME DAY” where we meet at a
member’s home and play a variety of games to increase
memory and brain function. This program has been a
great success. If you or someone in your family has had a
stroke, any kind of brain malfunction, and/or dementia,
and would like to join or have any questions, please contact Dr. Cheryl Bellrose at (6619). We encourage caregivers and families to join as you need support as well.
Future events include tournaments with the Villages of
San Jose on July 19 and with Rossmoor on August 9;
and yet another in-house tournament for Trilogy Club
members on August 30. In order to improve table tennis skills we recently acquired an ingenious new robotic
machine programmable to deliver various types of shots
as encountered in real play including adjustable ball spin,
speed and direction. Players of all levels benefit from exercising with this device which is normally set up during
Wednesday afternoon sessions.
We usually meet on the first Tuesday of each month from
2 - 4 p.m. at the Vista Club in the Monterey Room unless
there is a holiday or schedule change. Our next meeting
will be held Tuesday, July 1. Please join us.
Supper Club
Supper Club meets every other month from February
through October in each other’s homes for tasteful (and
tasty) dining, fun and conversation. On these occasions
you can meet your neighbors and get to know them in a
small group setting (usually six to ten). We are not limited
to a formal dinner menu only. We may have an afternoon
barbeque, a brunch, or a luncheon. Our membership consists of those whom have participated for several years as
well as our many newer members.
To learn more about Trilogy’s Table Tennis Club, please
access our website at Please
contact any board member for information: Larry Mork,
President (3389); Richard Laswell , Vice-President (2479);
Vicky Riddle, Treasurer (3684); Tom Surh, Secretary (5282);
Michael Mahrous, Tournament Director (3216), Tom
Barnes, President Emeritus (4395); Ruth Barnes, Social
Activities (4395).
We also have an annual New Year’s brunch where all
members can participate at one location. They are able
to meet some of the people they may not have been able
to participate with during the rest of the year. It is a festive
affair which our members truly enjoy.
sports + clubs
Tennis Club
are available for those not interested in playing cards,
including dominoes, backgammon, and checkers. We
welcome those who just want to socialize. We also have
a potluck at that time. You may contact Madalene Turner
(3361) or Jean Robertson (0086) for more information.
Happy Fourth of July! In honor of the occasion I tried to
find a reference that George Washington played tennis,
but according to Wimbledon Facts, Figures and Fun the
first tennis courts in the USA were built in 1876, one hundred years later than the Declaration of Independence. It
is quite evident by that fact that neither George nor any of
our founding fathers likely played the game. Too bad for
them because according to many recent scientific studies
(available through Google) tennis players scored higher
in vigor, optimism and self-esteem than other athletes
and non-athletes. And since tennis requires alertness
and tactical thinking, it may generate new connections
between nerves in the brain and promote a lifetime of
continuing development of the brain. All of which would
have been of great value when creating a new nation.
Women’s 9-Holers
May gave us some spring weather’s warm but breezy.
Once you golf with the wind, it is an adjustment to
play any other way. May 6 - Low Putt Day. Fran Silva
won Flight 1 and
J e a n i e R e n n e r,
Flight 2, both with
16 Putts. Great Putting! Chip-in pot
was won by Arla
Gustafson on #11,
and had par. Jeanie
a Par, #12. Elaine
Love and Jan BenRio Vista Golf Course, Eighteenth Hole
ner Par #13. Following golf, we went to Marj Niemi’s house for Rules of Golf,
with wine. It was very enlightening and not boring, to
say the least! Great times, ladies, and thanks, Marj. May
13 - Start of Eclectic Tournament (8 weeks to improve
score). Thank you to Fran Silva for putting it together.
We had two Chip-ins, Fran Silva #8 and Anna Bogucki
#2. We also had pars on #5 and #9 by Karen Nash; Pam
Fashing #5, Sharon David #8, Lynn Traver #2. May 20 Another day of Eclectic. Arla Gustafson had two Chip-ins
and Judy Dye one, so it was a three way split. Pars were
had on #13 by Judy Dye, Denise Sargent-Natour, Kathy
Moore, Anna Stevens and Anna Bogucki (lucky hole I
guess). Jeanie Renner had par on #15. May 27 - Perfect
weather, fun day. 10 Pars! WOW! Marj Niemi on #2, #5;
Karen Nash #2, #6, Lynn Traver #7. Nancy Biles, Fran Silva
#8 and Anna Bogucki on #4, #8 and #9. Way to go! The
Eclectic continues into July. To join, contact Fran Silva
(3791), or [email protected]
Fortunately for us today, tennis is readily available to
improve our physical and mental health. A good start is
our Saturday tennis clinic. Only two more classes are left
in this series and they are scheduled for the Saturdays of
July 12 and July 26 at 8 a.m.
Our next event is July 18: Friday Night Tennis and Potluck. To play tennis, be on the courts at 5 p.m. If you are
not up for playing, bring a dish of food to share and join
us for the potluck afterwards at the bocce picnic tables.
For more information on the food theme for the potluck,
contact Wally Beckman (email below).
As always, daily social tennis is Monday through Friday
from 8 – 10 a.m. and we welcome anyone, member of
the club or not, to join us. Just be sure that your shoes
are “court” shoes that don’t leave marks on the court surfaces. Members only: When you use the ball machine,
please be sure that the balls are dry, as wet ones jam up
the machine.
For more information about our club, our next club meeting is scheduled for Friday, July 25 at the Delta Club, or
contact Wally Beckman at [email protected]
Trivia Answer: It doesn’t have a steering wheel.
Whist Club
Fun Fact: Golfers need two pairs of socks **In case they
get a Hole in One**
We would like to thank everyone for coming out and celebrating our Juneteenth. The food was delicious; thank
you, Chief Arvell Howell, for a job well done. Thanks to
all of the Whist Club members for your commitment and
participation. The music by the Gospel Hummingbird was
outstanding. We also enjoyed dancing to the music. If you
were not there you missed a treat. We hope all fathers had
a wonderful Father’s Day.
Women’s 18 Hole Golf Club
We are having a record number of ladies attending our
Thursday Play Days. The weather is nicer and we are playing our summer schedule, 8:30 a.m. instead of 9, which
might be a contributing factor.
Our Club Champion, Linda Barlesi and Captain’s Cup
Champion, and Vicky Riddle played in the Champion
of Champions Tournament at Poppy Ridge Golf Course.
The club gathers once a month, usually on the third Friday at 7 p.m. at the Delta Club. Please check the monthly
Trilogy Living for any date or time changes. Other games
sports + clubs
Angie Jones won the Captain’s
Cup for the Rio Vista Women’s
Eighteen Holers. Photo by
Lynn Grace.
Manion, Elaine Love, Diana Staley and Terri Anisko. May
29 - Blind Partners. Players learned who their partners
were after the round of play. The winners of Flights A and
B were Linda Barlesi and Helen Swarbrick, Ladell Manion
and Jan Benner.
Linda placed fourth in
the Champions Flight.
Lucille Rhodes and Ulla
Ulmonen played in the
Senior/Super Senior
Tournament at Foxtail
Golf Course. Lucille was
low gross of the field of
Super Seniors. There are
six ladies going to the
Spring Partners Tournament in Roseville this
month. We wish them
We meet each Thursday at 8 a.m. at Sir Flairs Grill. If you are
interested in joining our club, contact Linda Siatt at (5364).
Writers’ Club
As our nation celebrates its 238th birthday, we are reminded that we are in “the land of the free and the home
of the brave.” This month, we’ll compose a poem, essay,
short story or lyrics telling of the freedom from oppression or the liberty to say, write or do whatever one wishes.
For some, freedom can be exhilarating. For others, it can
be frightening. Feel free to exercise your freedom to write
about this or any other topic. Just write! Then join us at
7 p.m. on Thursday, July 10 in the Monterey Room of the
Vista Club. Share what you’ve written and/or listen to the
original impressions of other writers. We look forward to
meeting you. For further information, contact Zoe (3676)
or Suzi (925-231-5213).
Some winners for the
month of May: May 8
and 9 - The Captain’s
Cup. Low net in each flight. The first place Flights A, B
and C winners were Marsha Berry, Karenann Evans and
Lynn Grace. The low net over the field and winner of the
Captain’s Cup was Angie Jones. May 22 - Best Nine. The
winners of Flights A, B, C, D were Lucille Rhodes, Ladell
DEADLINE: All final ads and checks are due by the fifth of the month prior to the month of publication.
For example: August 2014 ads and checks are due by July 5, 2014. All late submissions will run in the
September 2014 issue of Trilogy Living.
•1/8 page ad
3 ½” wide X 2” tall
Scan your horizontal business card at 300 dpi, and e-mail it as a pdf, jpg or tiff file to Tania Fardella at [email protected]
• ¼ page ad
• ½ page ad
• Full page ad
3.6” wide X 4.5” tall
7.5” wide X 4.5” tall
7.5” wide X 9.25” tall
7.5” wide X 10” tall
7.5” wide X 10” tall
7.5” wide X 10” tall
•¼ page ad Inside Front or Back Cover
•½ page ad Inside Front or Back Cover
• 5% off pre-paid ads for 3 months or more
• 5% off for businesses owned by residents of Trilogy at Rio Vista
To place an ad, contact Joan Azlant at [email protected] or 707.374.2620. If you need ad design, contact
Tania Fardella at [email protected] or 925.377.0335. Additional fees will apply for design, scanning, and edits.
resident classified ads
Trilog y a t Rio Vis t a
Home Based Business Directory
All Occasion Travel
Hair & Beauty
Full Service Travel Agency
Joan Greene, CLIA, ARTA, (2440)
Certified Travel Specialist
Myrna Martinez Licensed Professional
All Services/Men & Women
35 years’ experience
Myrna (3725) Cell 408-309-0083
At Your Service
Mirna’s Mexican Cuisine
Enjoy your retirement -Leave the cleaning to us!
Excellent References/Bonded
Call for appt. 398-8345
Tamales, Enchiladas, Tostadas, Flautas,
Burritos, Spanish rice, Frijoles rancheros
and more delivered to Trilogy Residents
Call 673-6608
Bonnie Bowen, Independent Broker
Mirna’s Professional Hair & Nails
Real Estate Services, LIc. 000924244
(Fees Negotiable, Ask Me!)
[email protected]
Men and women. 30 years’ experience
Mirna 673-6608
[email protected]
Rodan & Fields Skin Products
Call for a free mini-facial.
Please see new large ad in this issue.
Lupe Finch, Independent Consultant (2466)
[email protected]
Unique Jewelry & Accessories
Char (3806) Donna (3212)
Norma (2779) Sylvia (2226)
Save $$$ on Legal Document Prep
Mary Kay
Legal Documents prepared by
Experienced & professional LDA
Email: [email protected]
Call 707-507-5265
Independent Beauty Consultant
Sueann Novotny (5624)
E-mail: [email protected]
Bible Study
Wednesday 6:30 p.m. 725
Michelbook Lane. Recent Studies:
Rick Warren’s Transformed, Tim
Keller’s The Reason for God. Usually
short video, discussion and prayer
time. Contact Kaye (2103).
for RENT
Room for Rent
Room for rent: Share home,
utilities included, furnished
bedroom and bath $550/mo.
Credit check. Call 480-4942.
for SALE
For Sale by Owner! Save $$$
Homeowners, if you have a buyer
with agreed to price and terms, I
will write the sales contract (only)
for $500. I am a local, licensed,
independent broker at your service!
Full services only 1.5% of sale price.
Call Bonnie Bowen 322-5875.
Gluten Free Bread
Homemade to order using a
variety of gluten free flours; add
in seeds, nuts, spices, fruits. Call
Barb, Trilogy Resident 507-5026.
Lift Recliner
Beige oversize lift recliner with
head pillow, side pockets and
battery back-up. Weight capacity
300 lbs. Two months old. $800
OBO. Call (5455) after 5 p.m.
Power Chair
Selling power chair. Needs new
battery. Original cost $6000.
Good condition. For sale $225.
Buyer pick up. Call Diane (2236).
Thermal Life Infrared Sauna by
High Tech Health: Retail price
$3500, asking $1750 OBO.
Model Number TL-1 website . Call Jim at
Airport Transportation
I’ll get you to any airport or SF port
on time and pick you up on return.
TRV residents only. One way fares:
SFO $105, OAK $85, SMF $65, PORT
$90/ Call Ralph Hatch (3941).
resident classified ads
Certified On-Q Home installation
for your audio/video needs: VCR’s,
Blu-ray, DVD’s, a new amplifier.
We will customize to meet
your needs. Michael (2800).
Paper pArts cardmaking and
more. Learn paper techniques
including die cutting, dry and heat
embossing, stamping, fancy folds
and more. Janet 925-200-5554 after
10 a.m. [email protected]
Join the fun at my Trilogy residence!
Car Wash
Ray’s Mobile Car Wash. Let me
come to you to wash and clean
your vehicle. Cars, pickups,
SUV’s. Reasonable rates. Call
Ray (7598) or cell 249-1492.
Trilogy resident, registered
nurse offering in-home medical
care. Daily or long term. CPR/
AED certified. Medications,
surgical recovery wound
care. Call Kathy (7587).
Clock Repair
Thirty years collecting and repairing
clocks. No cost if I can’t fix; low cost
if I can. Call (6782). Ask for Rod.
Coins and Jewelry
Cash for old American coins,
jewelry, sterling. Price your coins,
test jewelry on the spot. Live in
Trilogy. Ed Marriott 925-783-6669.
Computer Aid
I can fix your PC, including
removing viruses and malware.
New PC setup with file transfers
and tutoring on Windows 8.
Wireless printer, wireless
connections for Netflix. Home
theatre. Kathy Barker (6850)
Computer Assistance
Computer Doctor
Woody Woodard will fix PC’s/
Mac’s, install, teach, create web
pages, coordinate with Frontier,
Best Buy, Comcast. 707-416-6067
Electrical Needs
California licensed (no. 819067)
electrical contractor servicing/
installing electrical distribution
panels. Installation/repair of fans,
chandeliers, light fixtures (inside
or out), switches or receptacles,
we do it all. Michael (2800).
Faux Finishing @ Its Best
Enhance the beauty of your home
with faux finishes for your walls,
columns, fireplaces and doors.
Call Susan Prince/Oddo (2167)
Garage Door Insulation
Garage door insulation installed.
Reasonable rates. Call Bill for
a free estimate. Call (2454).
Complete care of your yard
by expert horticulturist.
Servicing Trilogy residents on
Tuesdays. Reasonable rates.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Scott
Bowers 916-683-1406
Gun Repair
Gun repair and gun cleaning, scope
mounting, stock and pistol grips.
Appraisals and estimates, parts
and installation. Call Bob (7587).
Trilogy resident has over 40 years
of home maintenance experience,
MOEN faucet specialist, ceiling
fan and chandelier installations,
electrical trouble-shooting and
GFCI problems, plumbing leaks,
disposals, toilet maint., and more.
Free estimates. City bus. license
#1654. Bob Bailey (3391).
PC, Laptop and iPad
troubleshooting. Install software,
wireless networks or DVD
players. Patient tutor for basic
or advanced help. Technical
expert—Robert (5129).
For those projects that you can’t
or don’t want to do: plumbing
(leaking faucet, garbage disposal),
electrical (install ceiling fans, light
fixtures), household repairs, hang
window treatments, mirrors, and
pictures. Call Scott Sylvester (6013).
Health and Wellness Products
Now in Trilogy, Natural botanical
solutions for weight-loss, balanced
nutrition, personal care, hair, skin.
Alternative remedies! Distributors
wanted also! Greg 364-7499.
Helping Hands
Personal assistant providing
light housekeeping, cooking,
transportation to appointments or
shopping. Moving assistance with
packing/unpacking and organizing.
Contact Kim 209-914-5458.
Nita’s Diamond Housecleaning
is back, satisfaction guaranteed!
A Trilogy resident for 14 years,10
years’ experience offering many
housecleaning services. Window
cleaning, including courtesy hosing
of front and back. Call Nita 3156670 or Victor 510-334-9667.
Income Tax Services
& Planning
Serving Trilogy since 1999;
individual, trusts, business.
Consultation in your home or my
Trilogy office. Ron Auger, CPA (3068)
Income Tax Prep & Notary
Individual Partnership Corporate
Tax Return Preparation,
Notary Public. Reasonable
prices. Jim Castress (3590)
Hello Trilogy residents, new &
established: I’m Jim Gilly, a fellow
resident looking to help you with
re-designing and installing your
front or back or both yards. Visit
my web @
Lic. 752296. Call 925-260-5780
resident classified ads
Lawnmower Repair
Service & repair on lawnmowers,
weedeaters, blowers,
rototillers, etc. Sharpen garden
tools. Call Stan (3163)
Is your computer or network
not working well? Please call
for a check-up at minimum
cost. Michael (2800).
Notary Public
Certified Notary, fast, professional
and reliable service. Lowest fees
for Trilogy residents. Please call
Jeffrey (7541). Thank you.
Notary to Go
Only $8 per notarization
at Trilogy. Discounts for
numerous documents. Since
1984. Call Warren at (3477).
Notary Services
$10 per signature per page/
discounts for multiple pages.
Offering LegalShieldTM /Identity
Theft Protection Services. Trilogy
Resident. Elaine Wisz (4310).
Pet Care
Dee-tails: Vacation pet care.
Offering: walks, day-time checks,
overnights, TLC. Allowing pets
to remain home. Pet first-aid/
CPR trained. Call Dee 3306010; email: [email protected] License #3958
Pet Care
Kitty care and small dogs (no
walking) services. Includes
play, feed, meds, trash out/in,
newspapers, mail, and house plants.
Call Mimi (4343). . .Trilogy resident.
Photography &
Video Services
Family events, portraits of people
and pets: preserve memories
with a family documentary, home
inventory videography. 628-5109
Jerry Hallett, Trilogy Resident.
Email [email protected] or
Plantation Shutters:
Pick up an ad application form at
My name is Jim Gilly. Some of you
know me as Gilly’s Landscape.
Allow me to apologize. Typically
winter months are slow. Given
this I chose to offer another
service, plantation shutters. Well,
I stayed busy thus the time I
would normally offer to my new
customers for shutters was not
available, and I was not able
to devote my time for you as I
do in my other business. I was
able to help others but not all.
I’ll need to suspend my shutter
business until I know I can
give you all of my attention.
Member Services. Turn in your completed
Pressure Washing & Cleaning
Painting & Drywall
Repaint exterior & interior. Color
and texture our specialty. Free
estimates. 40 years experience. R.
P. Painting, Trilogy Resident CA St.
lic. #422737. Call today (5954).
Want to Run
a Classified Ad?
form by the fifth of the month preceding
the month you wish the ad to run.
Cost is $10 for 25 words. Additional
words are $.25 per word. Checks only.
Late ads will run in the next issue.
Prices change effective April 1.
Diligent and conscientious. Exterior
walls, patios, driveways. Great
rates. Other services also available.
References. Trilogy resident.
Christopher 415-710-2590.
Rain Gutters Cleaned
Also pressure wash driveway,
walkway, patio and outside
of house. Trilogy resident
Danny 209-570-0302.
Sliding Door & Screen Repair
Stop Fighting Your Sliding Door
and Screen!...If it does not Slide, I
will make it Glide…Replacement or
Repair of all Patio Door and Screen
Rollers, Patio Door and Window
Screens, Locks, Handles, Shower
Door Enclosures and Wardrobe
Doors. For a Free Estimate,
please call Jonathan (2736).
Streaming Video
Will set you up to watch
movies in your home instantly
from Netflix or Amazon.
Woody Woodard 707-416-6067
Dave’s Transportation Service.
I transport Trilogy residents
only to trains, boats, planes. No
medical services, shopping or
casinos. Reliable. Call (3192).
Water Filter
Drink purest, cleanest, tastiest
water from your tap. Install
reverse osmosis filter under
sink system. Save bottled
water costs of $250+ per year.
Trilogy resident discounted
$150 plus installation (2643).
Weed Pulling
Get rid of those ugly weeds.
Don’t break your back. Keep
your yard tidy. Trim, prune, pull
weeds, clean up dead leaves,
plants. Plant new plants. Laurie
(6305) or cell 925-301-7389.
Window Cleaning
Professional window cleaning.
Years of experience, licensed,
and complete background
check. For a free estimate and
appointment, call Gary (3488).
Your Personal Travel Agent
Put yourself in our hands and
let us arrange your travel from
door to door: air, cruise or train,
hotel, villa, rental cars, drivers,
activities, sightseeing, excursions,
fine dining, shows. Call Joan
Greene at All Occasion Travel
(2440) or email [email protected] Let’s talk it over.
Duette® Architella® Trielle™ Honeycomb Shades Provide
Energy Efficiency in Every Climate, Every Season.
125 Grobric Court
Fairfield, CA 94534
Monday – Tuesday 10-5
Wednesday – Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-4
Sunday Closed
FREE In-Home Consultations
707. 429. 5156
CA Lic # 982292
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