Tripp Lite URM-15T User's Manual

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Model #: URM-15T
Remote Control for iTunes
iTunes is even better with a remote control
Sleek 17-key remote
35 ft. Range
The Keyspan Remote for iTunes is a powerful infrared remote that allows you to control iTunes and other multimedia applications on your Mac or PC
in the same convenient way that you now control your home TV.
How it Works...
The remote controls your multimedia applications by sending them the same keystrokes that you do when you control the application from a
keyboard. For example, pressing the spacebar on the keyboard causes iTunes to play a track. The remote sends the same key to iTunes when you
press the 'play' button on the remote -- allowing you to control iTunes from across the room.
System Requirements
An available USB port; Mac OS 8.6 (or later); Mac OS X 10.2.8 or greater
An available USB port; Windows 98/98SE/Me/2000/XP
Remote Control uses two CR2025 (Lythium 3V) batteries (included) Note: This remote is not compatible with AirPort Express. For AirPort
Express compatibility, use our Express Remote.
Package Includes
USB Receiver (UIA-11F Non-Airport)
Remote Control (REM-17B)
remote's Batteries (two CR2025 [Lithium 3V])
CD with driver software and user guide
Printed Quick Start Guide
Controls iTunes even when in the background (requires Windows 2000/XP or Mac OS X)
Sleek 17 button infrared remote transmits signals up to 40 feet
Includes key maps for iTunes, MusicMatch, Windows Media Player, WinAMP, QuickTime, PowerPoint and other popular multi-media
applications. Simple control panel allows you to program the remote for use with additional applications
Product Overview
Keyspan-by-Tripp Lite Remote Control for iTunes
White w/ Gray Accent
Product Warranty Period
1-Year Limited Warranty
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