Integrator™ Equipment Racks
Equipment Racks
Broadcast Equipment Rack Cabinets
The GatesAir Integrator Series equipment rack cabinets provide space and solid
support for organized, easy-to-use setup of broadcast equipment in transmitter
sites and broadcast studios.
Designed for functionality, efficiency and durability, the equipment rack cabinets are standard in all
GatesAir installations. A number of optional accessories are available to customize the rack cabinets
to the specifics of your equipment, projects or facility.
Key Features
44 rack units of vertical space
Copper grounding bus bar
Three depths: 25, 31 and 36 inches
Front and rear adjustable EIA taped rack
Outlet strip with 19 outlets and customer
choice of plug type
Lacing bar for securing cables
Vented rear door
Matching blank panels
Multiple top options such as vented, solid
and a 10 inch fan
Matching vent panels
Top offers 19 inch EIA spacing for top
panels or equipment mounting; custom
top panels are available
Large openings in base for cable passage
Gangable racks, with standard matching
steel side panels
Standard colors are black and platinum;
custom colors are available upon request
Connecting What’s Next
44 RU High x 25” Deep
44 RU High x 36” Deep
Connecting What’s Next
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