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VeriFone 45506 User's Manual
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Vx 670 Accessories
VeriFone’s Vx 670 is the world’s smallest, lightest, all-in-one wireless
payment device — putting powerful payment capabilities in the palm
of your hand. Now, restaurants, bars, delivery services, car rental
companies, and other businesses on the go can choose from a complete
menu of accessories to create complete solutions for any need.
Vx 670 accessories are part of VeriFone’s unique Purpose-Inspired
Design, where the best ideas come from you and your requirements.
Choose from our standard or full-featured charging base; dongles to
simplify transaction processing and connections with ECRs and
peripherals; convenient clip-on holster for hands-free carside and
tableside service; carrying case for protection against bumps and hard
knocks; and an efficient car charger.
Best of all, you can rely on the same quality in our accessories that
VeriFone is known for in all our solutions. Count on the Vx 670 and our
wide selection of accessories to hand you the competitive advantage
you want.
Standard base — Ideal for sharing the Vx 670 within a hectic
environment. Just drop and go. The base provides continuous
charging, and the device will always be right where it belongs
when a server or clerk needs it.
Full-featured base — Get drop-and-go convenience while
continuously charging your Vx 670 and an optional spare
battery. Two USB ports provide easy serial or dial
communications with optional dongles.
Dongles — Need to connect to an electronic cash register
(ECR)? Want dial back-up for clearing and settlement? These
dongles work with USB-to-serial connections for ECRs and
peripherals, and USB-to-dial for a reliable telco interface.
Hands-free holster — In a hospitality environment, servers
never have enough hands. The Vx 670 nestles neatly in this
clip-on holster until the server is ready to hand it over to the
customer for quick and easy payment.
Carrying case — Provides added protection for demanding
environments such as delivery and stadium vending.
The device remains in the case, while clear plastic over the
keys ensures it is protected under all conditions.
Car charger — For businesses that are always on the road,
this handy car charger plugs into the front of the device to
keep the battery fully charged and allows you to run the
device on the power in your vehicle.
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Vx 670 Accessories
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VeriFone in the United States and/or other countries. All features and specifications are subject to change without notice.
01/07 45506 Rev A 5M/MA
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