Account Code – Forced/Verified/Unverified
Account Code Entry
Alarm Reports
Alphanumeric Display
Analog Communications Interface (ACI)
Ancillary Device Connection
Answer Hold
Answer Key
Attendant Call Queuing
Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Automatic Release
Automatic Route Selection
Recognise Extension Location When Logging in with NetLink
Background Music
Battery Backup – System Memory
Battery Backup – System Power
Call Appearance (CAP) Keys
Call Deflection/Rerouting
Call Duration Timer
Call Forwarding – Park and Page
Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding with Follow Me
Call Forwarding, Off-Premise
Call Forwarding/Do Not Disturb Override
Call Monitoring
Call Redirect
Call Waiting/Camp-On
Caller ID Call Return
Caller ID
Caller ID - Flexible Outgoing CLI
Caller ID – Flexible Ringing
Central Office Calls, Answering
Central Office Calls, Placing
Class of Service
Clock/Calendar Display
Code Restriction
Code Restriction In Credit
Code Restriction Override
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Code Restriction, Dial Block
Conference, Remote
Conference, Voice Call/Privacy Release
Continued Dialing
Data Line Security
Delayed Ringing
Department Calling
Department Call Forward
Department Step Calling
Dial Pad Confirmation Tone
Dial Tone Detection
Dialing Number Preview
Digital Trunk Clocking
Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
Direct Inward Line (DIL)
Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
Direct Station Selection (DSS) Console
Directed Call Pickup
Directory Dialing
Distinctive Ringing, Tones and Flash Patterns
Do Not Disturb
Door Box
Drop Key
DT Large LED Indication
Embedded VRS
Facsimile CO Branch Connection
Flexible Length DDI
Flexible System Numbering
Flexible Timeouts
Flexible Transfer/Virtual Loopback
Forced Trunk Disconnect
General Purpose Relay
Group Call Pickup
Group Listen
Handset Mute
Handsfree and Monitor
Handsfree Answerback/Forced Intercom Ringing
Headset Operation
Hot Key-Pad
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Howler Tone Service
IP Multiline Station (SIP) - ML Cordless
ISDN Compatibility
Last Number Redial
Line Preference
Long Conversation Cutoff
Loop Keys
Meet Me Conference
Meet Me Paging
Meet Me Paging Transfer
Memo Dial
Message Waiting
Microphone Cutoff
Microphone Operation on Handsfree
Mobile Extension
Music on Hold
Name Storing
Night Service
Off-Hook Signaling
One-Touch Calling
(OPX) Off-Premise Extension
Outbound IP Connection for PC Programming
Paging, External
Paging, External (VRS)
Paging, Internal
Power Failure Transfer
Prime Line Selection
Private Line
Programmable Function Keys
Pulse to Tone Conversion
Redial Function
Repeat Redial
Reverse Voice Over
Ring Groups
Ringdown Extension (Hotline), Internal/External
Room Monitor
Save Number Dialed
Secretary Call (Buzzer)
Secretary Call Pickup
Selectable Display Messaging
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Selectable Ring Tones
Serial Call
Single Cell Integrated DECT
Single Line Telephones
SLT Adapter
Speed Dial – System/Group/Station
Speed Dial – Telephone Book
Station Hunt
Station Message Detail Recording
Station Name Assignment – User Programmable
Station Relocation
SV NetLink
NetLink Multi-SIP Carrier
Synchronous Ringing
Tandem Ringing
Tandem Trunking (Unsupervised Conference)
Toll Restriction
Toll Restriction In Credit
Toll Restriction Override
Toll Restriction, Dial Block
Tone Override
Traffic Reports
Trunk Group Routing
Trunk Groups
Trunk Port Disable
Trunk Queuing/Camp-On
Trunk to Trunk Transfer
Unicast/Multicast Paging Mode
Uniform Call Distribution (UCD)
Uniform Numbering Network
UNIVERGE Multimedia Conference Bridge
Universal Slots
User Programming Ability
Virtual Extensions
Team Key
Voice Mail Integration (Analog)
Voice Mail Message Indication on Line Keys
Voice Over
Voice Response System (VRS)
Voice Response System (VRS) Upload Download Audio Voice Response System (VRS) – Call Forward – Park and Page Volume Controls
Warning Tone for Long Conversation
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