1126 / 1126P Strobe Light Installation Guide

1126 / 1126P Strobe Light Installation Guide
May 2001
1126 / 1126P Strobe Light
Installation Guide
Algo Communication Products Ltd.
1126/ 1126P Installation Guide
Table of Contents
Wiring the 1126
Application 1: Wiring “Plug & Play” (dry
Application 2: Connection to Algo 1825P Ringer
Application 3: Remote Wiring to Algo 4100
Ordering Accessories
Please read the following warning carefully
Note: Looking into the Strobe light directly, may be
damaging to your eyesight!
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1126 / 1126P Installation Guide
The 1126 Strobe requires a 24Vdc power supply (included
with the 1126P) and is activated by dry contact closure or
audio detection.
These inputs may be provided by the “plug & play” connectors or hard wired on the bottom.
The 1126 may be wall mounted with the supplied screws
while the cover is removed.
The 24Vdc input is polarity insensitive.
The Relay input detects dry contact closure (relay contacts)
and the Aux. Spkr. detects audio signal. Required audio
input level is 3.3Vrms as supplied by Algo’s 1825P Duet
Plus output level at mid-volume setting.
The 1126 can be ordered with different colored lens. The
colors available are as follow:
Part Numbers
1126B / 1126PB (with power supply)
1126A / 1126PA (with power supply)
1126C / 1126PC (with power supply)
1126R / 1126PR (with power supply)
1126/ 1126P Installation Guide
Wiring the 1126
The 1126 can be wired in two ways:
Plug and Play; where the supplied 2.5mm cord is
plugged into the Relay Input on the side of 1126 Strobe.
Hardwire; where the unit is hardwired to the terminals
located on the bottom of unit using station wiring.
24Vdc Power Input
Relay Input
(will activate when
relay is energized)
Aux. Spkr. Input
(will activate when
audio signal is present)
Figure 1.0 : Hardwiring the 1126
Plug & Play
Relay Input
(will detect dry contact
2.5mm mono jack
supplied with 1126/
Figure 2.0 : “Play and Plug” the 1126
1126 / 1126P Installation Guide
24Vdc Power Input
(2.1mm power jack
compatible with Algo
3242 Power Supply
supplied with 1126P)
Application 1: Wiring “Plug & Play” (dry contact)
Connect the Algo 3242 power supply (supplied with 1126P)
into the power jack of the 1126. Connect the supplied 2.5mm
cord into the 2.5mm jack of the 1126 and the other end into
the RELAY jack of the activating equipment (such as Algo’s
4100 AuxBox).
Figure 3.0: Wiring “ Plug & Play” ( dry contact)
1126/ 1126P Installation Guide
Application 2: Connection to Algo 1825P Ringer
The 1126 can activate from any audio signal, such as warble
from a ringing Duet Plus. To connect to the output of the
Algo 1825P Duet Plus, wire to AUX SPKR terminals on the
bottom of 1126 and to the AUX SPKR terminals inside the
1825P Duet Plus.
Refer to 1825P Installation Guide for shunt settings in the
Figure 4.0 : Connection to 1825P Duet Plus ringer.
1126 / 1126P Installation Guide
Application 3: Remote Wiring to Algo 4100 AuxBox
The supplied Algo 3242 power supply can be located remotely with the connector cut off and spliced to telephone
station wire.
If connecting to a remote dry contact accessed through a
2.5mm jack, cut the supplied 2.5mm plug to plug cord in half
and splice the station wire to the black + white conductor.
Using station wire, connect to the 24Vdc and Relay terminal
on the bottom of unit.
The 24Vdc input is polarity insensitive.
Figure 5.0 : Remote Wiring to Algo 4100 AuxBox
1126/ 1126P Installation Guide
Ordering Accessories
1825P Duet Plus e/w Power Supply
Duet Plus is an auxiliary ringer compatible with most
business telephone equipment and includes an audio
amplifier for ring amplification or voice paging.
Horn Speaker
8 Ohm 20 Watt horn speaker water-proof white plastic
Detects ring, off-hook, message-waiting, page/voice call
from Nortel Networks Norstar / M1 telephones.Outputs audio
for monitoring / recording purposes.
1127P Desktop Visual Alerter e/w Power Supply
Work Station visual indicator with 4 different modes. Illuminates in red. Available in different colours on special order.
Packaged with 3242 Power Supply and velcro for cubicle
1826P Talking Duet Plus e/w Power Supply
Talking Duet Plus is an auxiliary ringer for applications
requiring a unique recorded message. Upto 16 seconds of
audio signal can be recorded into the device for playback as
an alerter. The Talking Duet Plus also includes an amplifier
for direct or delayed paging applications.
is ISO 9001 registered
The Products and Services of Algo Communication Products will consistently meet or exceed customer expectations for reliability, performance
and value; be delivered in accordance with commitments made; and be
improved at every opportunity.
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Nortel Networks, Nortel, Meridian 1 , Northern Telecom and the Globemark logo are trademarks of Nortel Networks Corporation.
Duet Plus, AuxBox logo and Algo logo are trademarks of Algo Communication Products Ltd.
1126 / 1126P Installation Guide
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