INST-358 Rev C - Gamber
7160-0079, 7160-0102, 7160-0103
Rev. C
Printing Spec: PS-001
Small Workstation and Options
The workstation provides lockable storage for supplies and equipment. A removable
clipboard/storage pocket is mounted on the exterior. Removeable brackets and panels
allow letter and legal size hanging folders to be supported inside the workstation. Wiring
access cutouts allow electronic and charging devices to be installed inside the locked
workstation. Carrying cutouts on the sides aid in moving and installing the workstation.
The workstation weighs approximately 50-60 lbs, use caution when moving and installing.
The workstation is typically installed between the driver and passenger seats with the
clipboard/storage pocket toward the rear of the vehicle. This allows a computer mounting
bracket (7160-0080 or 7160-0081) to be installed toward the vehicle dash. Optional
armrests (7160-0893) can be installed on the workstation lid in two different positions on
either the driver or passenger side of the lid, see Fig. 1 below.
Holes for Optional Armrest
Hanging Folder Bracket
Armrest - Small Workstation Lid
Hanging Folder Panel
Clipboard/Storage Pocket
Wiring Access Cutouts
Carrying Cutouts
Fig. 1 - 7160-0079 Small Workstation
Product Mounting Disclaimer
Gamber-Johnson is not liable under any theory of contract or tort law for any loss, damage, personal injury, special, incidental or consequential damages for personal injury or other damage
of any nature arising directly or indirectly as a result of the improper installation or use of its products in vehicle or any other application. In order to safely install and use Gamber-Johnson
products full consideration of vehicle occupants, vehicle systems (i.e., the location of fuel lines, brakes lines, electrical, drive train or other systems), air-bags and other safety equipment is
required. Gamber-Johnson specifically disclaims any responsibility for the improper use or installation of its products not consistent with the original vehicle manufactures specifications
and recommendations, Gamber-Johnson product instruction sheets, or workmanship standards as endorsed through the Gamber-Johnson Certified Installer Program.
copyright 2016 Gamber-Johnson, LLC
If you need assistance or have questions, call Gamber-Johnson at 1-800-456-6868
There are three ways to install and attach the workstation to the vehicle floor. Two require
drilling holes into the vehicle floor, the third uses the existing seat bolts.
#1 - The box alone, without adjustable legs, can be attached to the vehicle floor.
Mounting holes are provided in the bottom of the workstation
#2 - The workstation can also be attached to the vehicle floor using the adjustable legs
(see Fig. 2). Using the adjustable legs allows setting the worstation at a convenient height
or to compensate for an uneven vehicle floor. The adjustable legs allow 2.5" of vertical
adjustment. For shipping, the adjustable legs are wrapped and stored inside the box.
Attach the legs to the workstation with (4) 3/8-16 x .75 hex head screws and (4) 3/8 flat
washers supplied in hardware bag 7120-0311.
Position the workstation in the vehicle. Depending on the vehicle used and the desired
location, a center console or seat section may need to be removed.
Check that the location chosen does not interfere with the proper operation of or cause
damage to - wiring, fuel or hydraulic lines, the exhaust system or drivetrain components
and vehicle controls such as the gear shift lever, airbag sensors or airbag deployment
Using the workstation or adjustable legs as a template, mark the mounting hole location
on the vehicle floor. Drill mounting holes through the vehicle floor. Hardware bag 71200311 includes 3/8-16 x 1.50 Grade 5 bolts, 3/8 washers, 3/8 lock washers, 3/8-16 hex nuts
and 3/8-16 rivet nuts for bolting to the vehicle floor. Depending on the vehicle application
and tools available, the supplied hardware may be used or the customer may supply
equivalent hardware as needed.
#3 - If drilling into the vehicle floor is not possible the workstation may also be attached to
a Gamber-Johnson MCS long or short top plate and vehicle specific leg kit (see Fig. 3).
Check with Gamber-Johnson if a vehicle leg kit is available for your application. Leg kits
are typically installed by removing driver and passenger seat bolts, inserting a leg kit
between the seat bracket and vehicle floor and reinstalling the seat bolts. Specific
instructions are supplied with each leg kit.
The workstation is bolted to the top plate using 1/4-20 x 1.00 carriage bolts, 1/4 lock
washers and 1/4 hex nuts.
Small Workstation
(4) 3/8-16 x .75 Hex Head Screws
(4) 3/8 Flat Washers
2.5" Adjustment
Adjustable Legs
Bolt to Vehicle Floor With
3/8 Dia. Grade 5 Hardware
Adjustable Leg
Mounting Holes
Fig. 2 - 7160-0079 Small Workstation w/Adjustable Legs
Small Workstation
Vehicle Leg Kit
Top Plate
Fig. 3 - 7160-0079 Small Workstation mounted on Top Plate & Vehicle Leg Kit
7160-0080 Computer Mounting Platform
This accesory is attached to the front surface of the small worksation with (6) 1/4-20
phillips SEM screws. The hole pattern on the top surface allows mounting a GamberJohnson clevis or articulating arm motion attachment. A computer can be attached
using a Gamber-Johnson cradle or docking station. The built in sliding shelf allows
mounting to Gamber-Johnson Pentax Pocketjet printer mounts.
7160-0102 Small Workstation with Computer Mounting Platform
Computer Mounting Platform
Print Shelf
Motion Attachment
Mounting Holes
(6) 1/4-20 x .75
Phillips SEM Screws
7160-0081 Vertical Surface Mount
This accesory is attached to the front surface of the small workstation with (4) 1/4-20 x
.75 hex head bolts and (4) 1/4 lock washers. A Gamber-Johnson upper pole is installed
to provide a mounting surface for a Gamber-Johnson motion attachment and cradle
or docking station.
7160-0103 Small Workstation with Vertical Surface Mount
Upper Pole
(Ordered Seperately)
Vertical Surface Mount
(4) 1/4-20 x .50 Hex Head Screws
(4) 1/4 Lock Washers
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