User`s can navigate to the appropriate sheet by clicking on a

User`s can navigate to the appropriate sheet by clicking on a
Adobe Acrobat Toolbar
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User's can navigate to
the appropriate sheet by
clicking on a "Bookmark"
or by clicking on the Map.
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Navigation Pane
Fit Width
Actual Size
Fit in Window
The "Hand Tool" can be used to
navigate within the document. By
holding the left mouse button down
in the document pane, the hand
"grips" the page, the user can then
move the page left to right and up
and down.
Zoom In / Out
Hand Tool
Last Page
Next Page
Previous Page
First Page
"Find" will search for the first
instance of a word, etc. in the
open document. The keyboard
shortcut "Ctrl + G" will "find
again" to continue searching
through the document.
"First" and "Last" correspond to Page 1
and the Last Page in the document.
"Previous" and "Next" refer to the
pages in numerical order. For, example
if you are on page 3 and you "click" the
"Previous" button, you will navigate to
page 2.
Previous View and Next View function
like the "Back" and "Forward" buttons
on your webbrowser. For example, if
you navigated to page 3 from page 10,
then "clicked" the Previous View
button, you would navigate back to
page 10, not page 2.
The Text / Graphics Select
tools can be used to
"copy" text or figures from
the PDF file and "paste"
them into other documents.
Rotate View CW
Graphics Select Tool
Text Select Tool
Next View
Previous View
The Navigation Pane is the left pane
in the Window. It contains the
Bookmarks or "clickable" links.
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Navigation Pane
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The rotate view buttons
allow users to rotate the
page on the computer
screen for ease of viewing.
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