Wireless Network Controller WC-3000
Wireless Network Controller
Complete Control and Management of Public Access Networks
ValuePoint Networks’ WC-3000 provides efficient, flexible, and complete Wi-Fi
connectivity to HotSpots and other Public Access venues such as hotels,
MTUs/MDUs, and a wide variety of retail locations. The Controller support
wired, wireless, or hybrid networks. It is an all-in-one solution for larger
locations using its built-in high powered Access Point, with 200 mWatt
transmit output, and 4 dBi omni directional antennas, for a total output of 27
dBi. The Controller will automatically adjust to almost any foreseeable
subscriber configuration, and adapt to support that subscriber automatically
and transparently. Subscriber access can be authenticated via Local User
Database or RADIUS Authentication, and printing, web browsing, and email
are automatically configured and supported by the gateway as well. Pricing for
the WC-3000 will dramatically lower your infrastructure costs, making
previously unreachable venues affordable and increasing your Return on
Plug and Play Wireless Connectivity
Controller Adapts to Subscriber Laptop Settings
The wireless subscriber can access the Controller with no change to his/her
existing IP related settings, such as IP address, subnet mask, default gateway
IP address, or HTTP Proxy in his/her notebook computer. No matter what
settings the subscriber has in the notebook computer, the subscriber always
can access the Controller.
Corporate and ISP mail servers often will not accept E-Mail from another
network. With the Wireless Controller 3000 Subscriber’s outgoing SMTP server
requests can be redirected to a SMTP server specified by administrator, so the
subscriber can send out their email without changing the E-Mail configuration
in their notebook computer.
2006-2007 ValuePoint Networks, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Customized Branding
Subscriber experience can be branded for each venue
The venue owner or system integrator can customize the branding and
messaging for each HotSpot. Login pages, messages, and advertising can all
be configured to match the Café, Hotel, or Airport experience.
Flexible User Authentication
Secure authentication based on industry standard or Local User Database
Subscriber authentication on the WC-3000 Controller can be configured for the
industry standard RADIUS AAA. RADIUS allows you to control multiple sites
from a single NOC, or purchase authentication services from a third party
billing provider.
RADIUS authentication also allows support of Wireless
Roaming services such as Boingo, GRIC, or iPass.
Advanced Local Authentication
Authentication can also controlled totally within the Network Controller 3000
using a local user database of 512 username/password accounts. Unlike the
typical primitive Local Authentication feature on HotSpot Gateways, WC-3000
local accounts are richly manageable by account start and end dates and
access time. And after their initial login, subscribers can be given access to
the network without needing to revalidate their account.
Café Account
Customers can be given free access to the Network for a defined period, after
which they would have to purchase more time to continue to browse or access
the network from their laptop. This is ideal to allow free “use but don’t abuse”
access to draw customers into the venue.
Branded Terms of Service
The Terms of Service feature allows the Administrator to upload images and
text to create a custom branded Terms of Service agreement. Users will have
to agree to the terms before being granted access. It is ideal for public venues
that do not want to charge for service but want to have more security than
using `No Authentication`
Walled Garden and Advertising
Free Access and Promote your Partner Sites
You define a select list of web sites that can be accessed without subscriber
login, in order to promote your public access venue and drive interest. This
can significantly raise your awareness and help sign up new users.
The WC-3000 allows you to define a list of web sites for advertising purposes.
These sites are displayed to the user on occasion to allow certain sites to be
promoted. This gives your revenue sharing opportunity with your partners.
2006-2007 ValuePoint Networks, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Security and Management
Highly secure and manageable
In addition to Radius-based authentication, the WC-3000 provides SSL login,
and VPN pass-through.
The Wireless Controller 3000 is easy for administrators to manage through the
Web-based interface. The Web-based management is client-independent and
is done by securely authenticating the administrator over SSL. In addition, a
sophisticated Syslog server is built-in to log events and enable automated
Secure Management via Back End Interfaces
XML combined with SOAP allows rich, full featured, and secure control and
monitoring of the Network Controller 3000.
The WC-3000 SOAP interface
works today with Hilton’s HSIA Authentication, AuthDirect Tollbooth,
DataValet, LogiSense, Thinwires, V-Link, and Wandering Wi-Fi.
High Powered 200 mW and dual 4 dBi Antennas
200mWatt output and high receive sensitivity
The Wireless Controller 3000 includes a high-power 200mW Access Point, and
dual 4 dBi omni directional antennas to cover larger locations. It is fully
compatible with an 802.11b or 802.11g clients, ensuring the usability with any
Wi-Fi equipped device.
Broadband Internet Connection Support
The WC-3000 provides feature rich networking capabilities including DHCP
Server, DHCP Client, PPPoE, DHCP Proxy, and HTTP Proxy. This means the
WC-3000 can connect to any DSL, cable, T1, or other broadband service
available, offering you the widest range of choices.
The WC-3000 also features four 10/100Mbps RJ-45 Fast Ethernet ports. This
allows additional access points or other network devices to be supported
without adding more hardware to your installation.
2006-2007 ValuePoint Networks, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Technical Specifications
• IEEE 802.11b
• Dual 4 dBi omni directional antennas
• 200mW output at SMA connector
• Range: Up to 1000 feet (300 meters) indoor
Auto-IP supports any network configuration
IP Multicast
SMTP Redirection
Multiple VPN Connection Support
Dynamic DNS
DHCP Server, Client, and Relay
NAT (RFC 1631)
Transparent HTTP Proxy Server
• 20 Concurrent Users
• 512 user local database
Secure HTML Login Page (SSL)
Extensive System Log (Syslog) Monitoring
IP and MAC address pass-through and blacklist
VPN pass-through (IPSec/PPTP/L2TP)
Web-based management
Local or remote firmware upgrade
Hours of service control for public venues
LAN Device Monitoring and Management
XML/SOAP secure management
Customizable Firewall
Real-time session list
Remote management IP control
GRE tunneling
Local Services and Branding
• Walled garden
• One Time or Time-based Advertisement URLs
• Standard or Customized Login, Welcome, Terms of Service, and Logout Pages
User Authentication and Accounting
‘Captive Portal’ Login Page Redirection
Backup, Restore, and Export Local User Database
Local User Database for Name/Password Logins
Advanced Local Account Management
ICOA TollBooth™ Authentication
Logout Window Timer Control
Café Account - Time-limited free access
RADIUS client
HiltonFamily™ HSIA Authentication
Simple “Terms of Service” Login Option
• 4 Switched 10/100M Fast Ethernet LAN ports
• 8 x 4 x 1 In. / 2.4 Lbs.
• 1 10/100M WAN port
• 0-55° C operating temperature
Certification and Approval
• FCC part 15 Class B
• CE Mark
• VCCI Class B
• UL
• One year parts and labor
About ValuePoint Networks
ValuePoint is a manufacturer of Wi-Fi products for service providers, small and
medium sized businesses, and the shared access market. ValuePoint’s
products are designed for the unique needs of Service Providers, Wireless
ISPs, Billing Providers, and Venue Operators in the burgeoning mobile access
space. For more information on ValuePoint’s Rugged Access Points and
Wireless Gateways, please visit us online.
2006-2007 ValuePoint Networks, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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