Whirlpool | Freezer EV150 | User's Manual | Whirlpool Freezer EV150 User's Manual

August, 1998
Whirlpool Refrigeration
Defrost Drain Icing Up
No Frost Models EV200 & EV150
Water running onto freezer floor and then freezing.
Not enough heat radiating into defrost drain area to keep
ice from building up during defrost.
Remove ice from freezer floor and defrost drain area and
install Heat Shield Kit #4357284. See Figure 1.
Evaporator Cover
Ice in Drain and on
Freezer Floor
Drain Trough
The kit contains the following:
4 each Nylon Ties
1 each Heat Shield
3 each Aluminum Pop-Rivets
1 each Instruction Sheet
The instructions listed below are more detailed than those
included in the Heat Shield Kit:
NOTE: To replace the heat shield, the evaporator mounting plate must be removed.
1. Remove evaporator cover and ground wire.
2. To remove the evaporator mounting plate perform the
following steps.
a) Disconnect wiring to fan motor and defrost heater and free wiring from retainer clips.
b) Remove defrost bi-metal and fan assembly from
evaporator mounting plate.
c) Remove thermostat sensor from the two retaining clips.
d) Remove air blocks from both sides of the evaporator. NOTE: Do not discard these. They must
be reinstalled later.
e) Remove the two mounting screws securing the
evaporator to the mounting plate.
f) Remove evaporator mounting plate screws. Gently swing the left side of the evaporator out, and
carefully slide out the mounting plate. The glass
defrost heater is still mounted in the heat shield.
3) To replace the heat shield on the evaporator plate
perform the following steps:
CAUTION: Special care must be taken when handling the glass defrost heater element.
l Hold the heater assembly by the insulated end
caps. Touching the glass with your fingers will
deposit salt on the glass and cause early failure.
l Be careful not to pull the end caps off the glass
tube. The end caps are not sealed to the glass
a) Cut the wire ties and carefully remove the heater
from the heat shield.
b) Using a side cutter cut the inside part of the (3)
pop rivets that secure the heat shield to the evaporator mounting plate. Remove and discard existing heat shield.
c) Flatten the bottom section of evaporator mounting plate to at least ¼” from the back freezer wall.
See Figure 2.
d) Install the new heat shield using (3) aluminum
pop-rivets (included). NOTE: If a pop rivet tool is
not available, small aluminum or stainless steel
screws (obtained locally) can be used. Do not
use steel screws. They will rust.
e) Re-install heater element into the new heat shield
using the (2) nylon ties.
4) Re-install evaporator mounting plate, evaporator,
components and wiring.
5) Re-install ground wire and evaporator cover.
6) Bend forward the bottom section of the evaporator
cover approximately 30° but not to protrude past unit
drain trough. See Figure 2.
Side View
Mounting Plate
Evaporator Cover
Heat Shield
(3) Pop Rivets
Bottom View
Flatten ¼” Max.
from Freezer Wall
Bend Forward
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