Adherence Monitoring Requirements

Cigna Sleep Management Program

Adherence Monitoring


ResMed Airview




Required Equipment

All DME providers participating in the Cigna Sleep Management Program must provide customers with equipment standards that at a minimum include either Philips (Respironics) or ResMed PAP Therapy

Devices equipped with modem technology for adherence monitoring purposes. All PAP Therapy

Devices must be equipped to provide both usage and efficacy data monitoring. Examples of these types of devices would include the Philips Respironics System One Remstar Auto Device or the ResMed S9

AutoSet Device.

Therapy Adherence: Monitoring Requirements

Depending upon the PAP Therapy Equipment utilized, you will be required as a partner in the Cigna

Sleep Management Program provider network to:

1. Enter your patients into your Airview account for ResMed equipment, or your

EncoreAnywhere account for Philips (Respironics) equipment, AND

2. Provide Access to the Cigna Sleep Therapy Adherence Department to view, monitor and report on this data.

This document will provide the detailed instructions on how to enter your patients into your ResMed

Airview account and provide access to the Cigna Sleep Therapy Adherence Department. Please see the

EncoreAnywhere Adherence Monitoring Requirements Manual for Philips Respironics products.

All patients must be set up using wireless or hard wired modems. If the patient lives in an area with poor wireless coverage, then a hard wired modem will be required. If for some reason the patient’s environment is unable to support a hard wired or wireless modem, the patient must be provided a compliance card. The Cigna Sleep Therapy Adherence Department must be notified of this via the

Provider Set-Up Form. This should be by exception only.



Authorizing Access to the Cigna Sleep Management Program in Airview

Authorization requires a ONE TIME set up of a new Insurer. Once performed associating Sleep

Management Solutions as the physician and Cigna as the insurer must be added when entering new patients. Below are the steps to provide the appropriate access.

Creating New Insurance: Cigna Sleep

1) All patients set up as part of the Cigna Sleep Program are required to be entered into Airview with the insurer name of “Cigna Sleep”. This will require you to add this Insurer to your Airview account. This only has to be done one time.

2) Click on the Administration Menu, then click “Insurers”

3) Type in the name: “Cigna Sleep”, then click Save.





Creating the Patient Record

1) Log into your Airview account at

2) The patient record must be created with a monitoring schedule in Airview BEFORE the wireless

module is attached to the PAP device. This is critical to a successful modem communication.

3) Create the patient record as you normally would, clicking on “New Patient” and entering the Set

Up Date, Patient Name, Date of Birth, Monitoring Method, and Equipment Serial Numbers.





Associating the Correct Physician with the Patient Record

1) Click on “Patient details” menu after creating the new patient.

2) Select Add Physician

3) Type in “Sleep Management Solutions” and click search

4) You will see the Company Name and registered clinicians appear

5) Click on the COMPANY NAME and NOT the clinician



6) Click “Add” to provide the appropriate physician authorization to allow for data downloading and monitoring.



Associating the Patient with “Cigna Sleep” as Insurer

1) Click on “Patient details”, select “Insurance”, and “Add Insurer”.



2) Select “Cigna Sleep” under Insurer drop down, and click save.

Completion of the Patient Record

Complete the patient record by entering the prescription and modem information as appropriate.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: All patients authorized for PAP services by the Cigna Sleep Management

Program using ResMed Devices, will be required to be set up in Airview with the physician

association of Sleep Management Solutions AND the Insurance of Cigna Sleep. These two patient details are REQUIRED for proper data management.




Discontinuing Patient Monitoring

1. As a participant in the Cigna Sleep Management Program, patients will be required to maintain their modems for adherence monitoring for the length of the rental period.

2. Modems may only be discontinued under the following situations: a. Patient discontinuation from therapy b. After the PAP Equipment rental period c. If there is not adequate wireless coverage allowing for proper transmission of data to

Airview. In this case, you will be required to provide a patient with a data card to retrieve compliance information.

Summary of the Cigna Sleep Therapy Adherence Requirements

Therapy Adherence:

Therapy adherence is defined as a patient using their equipment for 70% of nights for at least 4 hours per night with improvement of apneic events as captured via efficacy AHI improvement from the baseline AHI. The data utilized for the therapy adherence determination will be taken from objective compliance data obtained via EncoreAnywhere or Airview, based upon the equipment utilized by the provider. The data obtained for the continued authorization of equipment will be the data obtained from the 45 th day post set-up through day 83. If adherent, an authorization extension will be issued for the remaining rental units.

Borderline Adherence:

1) If the patient has used their equipment for 55-69% of nights for at least 4 hours, or has used for at least 70% of nights for 3.00 to 3.59 hours a “borderline” authorization extension will be recommended yielding an authorization for 30 days.

2) If the patient has utilized their equipment less than the above and a material reconfiguration of equipment took place within the last 30 days (ex: pressure change, mask refit, etc…) a

“borderline” authorization extension will be recommended yielding an authorization for 30 days.

Non Adherence:

If adherence documentation does not exist, or the data does not demonstrate adherence as stated above, no authorization extension will be supplied.




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