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User Manual
Thank you for buying Mini Music Box Energy™ Z200. We hope you will
enjoy using it.
A Radio-MP3 player that accompanies you everywhere with your music.
With rechargeable lithium battery and loudspeakers, you will listen music
with your USB pen drive, SD/MMC memory cards or even any external
player like MP3/MP4 player.
We recommend reading this user manual in order to enjoy the product in a
safe way and with its best features.
≥≥ Do not expose your Energy™ Z200 to strikes, dust, moisture or high
≥≥ Do not use abrasive or corrosive cleansers.
≥≥ Deep the device clean and without dust with a soft and dry cloth.
≥≥ Do not disassemble the device. Any repair work must be performed by
qualified Energy Sistem Soyntec’s technical personnel.
≥≥ Keep distance to water or moisture that may be harmful to both the
amplifier and speaker driver.
≥≥ Be sure to keep your Energy™ Z200 off when you do not use it.
≥≥ Recharge the Energy™ Z200 battery when it is completely empty.
≥≥ Do not interrupt the charge process till the Energy™ Z200 battery is
completely recharged.
1. Power switch on/off.
2. Volume control.
3. Input: Select the input signal.
4. Mode.
5. Backward.
6. Play / pause.
7. Forward.
8. LED lights.
9. USB port.
10. Line-in.
11. SD/MMC card slot.
12. USB power plug.
13. Hole for stand.
14. Lithium battery cover.
15. Gap for the strap.
≥≥ SD/MMC card reader: plays MP3 files from SD/MMC cards with
capacity up to 16 GB.
≥≥ USB memory decoder: plays MP3 files from USB memory drives with
capacity up to 16 GB.
≥≥ 2.0 loudspeakers with acoustic enhancement system.
≥≥ Total output power (RMS): 5W.
≥≥ Frequency response: 90 Hz ~ 20 KHz.
≥≥ S/N ratio: >80 dB.
≥≥ FM radio function.
≥≥ 3.5 mm "line-in" port.
≥≥ Rechargeable lithium battery.
≥≥ USB battery charger.
≥≥ Mini Music Box Energy™ Z200.
≥≥ Rechargeable lithium battery.
≥≥ Audio cable: 3.5mm.
≥≥ USB 2.0 cable for battery charge.
≥≥ Stand.
≥≥ Hand strap.
≥≥ User manual.
Install the universal BL-5V lithium battery in the Energy™ Z200 rear side
(14) by matching the connection pins and close the battery cover.
In order to recharge the battery, switch off the Energy™ Z200 device and
connect the mini USB connector of USB cable into the battery power plug
(12), then connect the other end of the USB power cable into a free USB
port of your computer or other recharge device by USB.
If you connect the USB cable with Energy™ Z200 while it is turned on, the
device will be powered by USB, but the battery will not be recharged.
During the charging process, the red LED will keep on (8). When the
battery becomes completely charged, the charging process will stop and
the red LED will switch off.
Switch on the Energy™ Z200 with the power switch on/off (1) and start to
enjoy it.
IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to keep the battery with its best features,
it’s highly recommended not to recharge the battery till it is completely
empty. By the same way, do not interrupt the charging process till the
Energy™ Z200 battery is completely recharged.
Energy™ Z200 play files in MP3 format from SD/MMC cards or USB
memory sticks. You can listen also the radio FM with it or even connect an
external audio player device (like MP3 player or laptop) and amplify the
sound in its loudspeakers, thanks to the “line-in” connector.
During the radio function and line-in function, the green LED (8) keeps on.
While playing MP3 files through USB memory sticks or SD/MMC cards, the
green LED (8) will blink, indicating the MP3 reading status.
For selecting between different functions, press the INPUT button
(3). This will help you to select between the available functions of the
connecting devices such as USB, SD/MMC, Radio and Line-in.
Before to use the radio function, the Energy™ Z200 must search the
available radio channels and will save them in the internal memory. It is not
necessary to repeat this search unless change of location or modification
of the signal of radio stations.
To search the radio channels, press and keep pressing the play/pause
button (6) for 3 seconds. This will search and save all the radio channels
in the device internal memory.
To select different radio station channels, just press the forward button
(7) or backward button (5). The radio channels will appear in the same
order as they were saved.
IMPORTANT NOTE: For the radio function, it’s recommended to not have
any USB or SD/MMC external memory connected, this could diminish
the reception quality of Energy™ Z200. If you wish to improve the
reception quality of radio, connect the 3.5 mm audio cable or the USB
power cable, using anyone of them as an antenna receptor.
To use the Line-in function, connect the audio cable in the line-in plug (10)
with the output of other audio device, like MP3 player or laptop.
In line-in function, the Energy™ Z200 is in speakers’ mode. In this mode,
the menu buttons from (4) to (7) will be inactive. But you will be able to
modify the sound volume by volume control button (2) of Energy™ Z200.
Besides, if you adjust the volume or equalization from the external device,
this changes will apply to the Energy™ Z200 reproduction.
To play MP3 files, insert an external memory such as an USB stick or a SD/
MMC card in the corresponding slots: (9) & (11) respectively.
When you introduce one of these external memories in the Energy™ Z200,
the device will active that memory automatically and will start to play the
MP3 files.
If you switch off the Energy™ Z200 or remove any external memory,
the instant of the reproduction will be saved in the internal memory of
Energy™ Z200. By this way, when you insert again the same external
memory, the reproduction will continue in the same instant that you left
To change the song, use the forward and backward buttons. If you want
to skip to the next folder, press and hold the forward button (7) for 3
seconds. By the same way, if you want to skip to the previous folder, press
and hold the backward button (5) for 3 seconds.
To fast forward in one track, press the Mode button (4) and hold the
forward button (7) for 3 seconds. This will advance the track in x 4 speed.
When you release the button, the reproduction will continue normally.
To fast backward in one track, press the Mode button (4) and hold the
backward button (5) for 3 seconds.
The MP3 files and folders, as contents in the external memories, will be
read in alphabetical order. By this way, you can control the order of
contents by the names you assign to the MP3 files and folders. We
suggest copying and sort by the method mentioned in a folder on your
computer, then copy the entire folder at once into the memory to be used
in the Z200.
Energy Sistem Soyntec S.A. warrants its products to be free from defects
in materials and workmanship at the time of purchase.
The warranty period is 36 months from the date of purchase for Speakers.
1. Visit the Support section at and
select your product to view the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). The
solution to your problem is very likely to have been already published
there. You will also be able to download user manuals, user guides,
drivers and updates.
2.If you cannot find an appropriate solution in the Support section,
you may send us your enquiry or warranty service request by email:
3.Alternatively, you may prefer to contact the distributor from which you
purchased the product, presenting the purchase receipt or invoice.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
© 2010 by Energy Sistem. All rights reserved.
All company, brand and product names are trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective companies.
Manufacturer Name: Energy Sistem Soyntec S.A.
Address: Pol. Ind. Finestrat C/ Calpe Esq. C/ Alicante S/N, 03509 Finestrat (Alicante) SPAIN
Tel: 902 388 388
Fax: 902 119 034
NIF: A53107488
We declare under our own exclusive responsibility the product compliance:
Energy Sistem® Mini Music Box Energy™ Z200
which concern this declaration, with the norm(s) or other(s) formative(s) document(s).
Applicable standards:
EN55013: 2001+A1:2003+A2:2006
EN55020: 2007
EN61000-3-2: 2006+A1:2009+A2:2009
EN61000-3-3: 2008
Manufacturing country: China
Certificate CE 1011075, Date 22th November 2010
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