infotec IS 2135 / IS 2145
Digital network
The efficient centralised solution: copier,
printer, fax, scanner, document server
infotec IS 2135 / IS 2145
Future proof
Whether copying, printing, faxing or scanning,
the IS 2135 and IS 2145 have been designed to
sit at the heart of your network. And thanks to
state-of-the-art web-based document
management, both systems deliver tangible
time, money and space savings.
Flexible interfaces guarantee seamless
integration into any IT environment and open
up new and more efficient communication
paths, such as the scanning and distribution
of documents as email attachments, LDAP
support and paperless, serverless fax dispatch.
Both the IS 2135 and IS 2145 also provide
professional finishing and outstanding output
The IS 2135 and IS 2145 are essential,
productive office solutions which deliver both
short and long term benefits to your business.
Fast and economical digital copying:
• IS 2135: up to 35 pages per minute
IS 2145: up to 45 pages per minute
• Up to 600 dpi resolution, 256 grey scales
• Powerful sorting and finishing options
• Flexible paper supply up to 3,550 sheets max.
• New environmentally friendly polyester polymer
toner for brilliant output quality
Network printing at an economical copying price:
• Up to 35/45 pages per minute
• Printing up to A3 format - including duplex
• Driver interface optimised for popular office
• Job spooling, job binding
(with RPCS - Refined Printing Command Stream)
• Flexible interfaces:
Ethernet 100 Base-TX/10 Base-T,
parallel bi-directional
Options: Wireless LAN IEEE802.11b, USB 2.0,
Bluetooth or FireWire IEEE 1394 x 2 port, 6 pin
Network-based fax communication:
• Multi-port: up to 3 super G3 lines
• Paperless, serverless faxing, fax forwarding via email
• Internet faxing
• Up to 2,000 quick/speed dials
• New LAN-fax combined with printer/scanner and
fax module: cover page editing and address book
Black & white scanning up to 600 dpi
• Scanning in TIFF, TIFF-F, Multipage, PDF, JPEG
• Network scanning with ScanRouter
• Scan-to-HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
• Scan-to-email with LDAP-support; no additional
server or software required
• Scan-to-folder without installation of additional
• TWAIN driver
Central document management across
the entire network:
• State-of-the-art web-based document
management with WebImage Monitor
• Merging of file formats from different applications
into a single print job
An efficient office environment
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Printing at copying price
The optional printer/scanner module transforms both the
IS 2135 and IS 2145 into fast network printers. The result
is significantly higher output speeds than conventional
printers plus document processing and finishing - and all
just as economical as copying.
LDAP: unlimited address book access
LDAP technology delivers unlimited address book access
by connecting directly to a company's central address
book. Addresses are accessed instantly and there is no
need for local address book maintenance. Numerous
search criteria mean email addresses are quick and
simple to find, even for new recipients.
RPCS: Versatile user-interface
RPCS has been specifically developed to print from
popular office applications and
can be custom-adapted to suit
specific document management
needs. Just a click on the relevant
RPCS symbol starts the print job,
including all finishing functions.
Printer languages include PCL5e,
PCL6 and optionally Adobe PS 3,
allowing printing from all popular
operating systems.
Seamless network integration
Universal interfaces allow platform-independent
interaction between different applications:
• Standard, bi-directional parallel interface for direct
connection to the workplace PC/print-server and
standard Ethernet 100Base-TX/10Base-T for integration
in existing networks
• Optional interfaces for optimum flexibility: Wireless LAN
IEEE802.11b* or Bluetooth* for wireless communication,
FireWire IEEE 1394* x 2 port, 6 pin for setting up
a separate network, USB 2.0*
• Support for standard network protocols such as TCP/IP,
IPX/SPX, AppleTalk SMB and NetBEUI (only with
SmartDevice Monitor)
* Only one optional interface can be installed
RPCS driver
Job binder
New page
+ header and footer
+ page numbering, new
+ finishing
Print system
The document server:
optimise work-flow
Archiving, management, storage, duplication, repeat
printing, searching, deletion and forwarding of files
and documents, combining or merging of files or file
formats into one print job - the integrated document
server and the software package make the long
awaited digital office a reality.
Test printout, confidential printing and electronic
sorting further expand the document server's
State-of-the-art web-based document and device
management across the network
The systems' enhanced WebImage Monitor interface
provides easy access to documents via a clearly
designed user-interface, without the need to install
additional software.
Alter network settings, manage, process, forward,
delete or print files stored on the document server all
from a standard web browser such as Internet
Explorer or Netscape. Manage an email address book
and monitor the job log or machine status directly
from the workplace PC, without having to invest in
and install additional software. Plus view, print,
download, forward or delete incoming fax messages.
The WebImage Monitor brings document control right
to the desktop.
A new way to scan
The optional printer/scanner module turns the systems
into real network scanners with a scanning speed of up to
36 (TWAIN driver) or 52 (ScanRouter, scan-to-folder, scanto-email) pages per minute at 600 dpi.
Scan-to-HDD: via the document glass or the ARDF,
paper-based documents can be converted into digital
data, and saved directly to the hard disk for further
processing as TIFF, MultiPage-TIFF, JPEG or PDF files.
Digital technology
High quality input and output (copy and print 600dpi),
extensive range of editing functions, diverse stamping
functions, electronic sorting, text, text/photo and
photo modes, multiple special functions
Scan once - print many
Protects the source document - consistent output
quality, reduced sound level
Touch-screen LCD display
Simple and convenient function control, clear textbased operator guidance
Innovative GW architecture
The central control unit can be extended to include
fax, printer and scanner functions
Powerful software
Convenient document management directly from
the desktop
Browser-based WebImage
No need to install additional software:
- Reading, printing, deletion and downloading
directly from the document server via the pc
- Reading, downloading, printing and deletion
of incoming fax messages
- Address book control for scan-to-email
- Network settings, job log, machine status
- Security settings: password, access control, IPP
Document server
20 GB hard disk
- Intelligent management (scanning, storage,
archiving and distribution) of files and documents
across the entire network
- Access from every connected PC
- Combine copy and print jobs
- Merge files and documents from different
- Extended print functions: confidential printing, test
print, electronic sorting
Automatic document feeder
Up to 80 source documents can also be read
in batches
Duplex unit
Automatic double-sided copying and printing
at up to 35/45 pages per minute
Paper capacity up to 3,550
Non-stop printing and copying - including large
print runs
Paper feed from up to 6
different trays (incl. bypass)
Flexible material usage. Up to six varieties of paper can
be processed simultaneously in a single copying job
Online finishing
Three different finisher models allow brochures to
be produced with a central fold and saddle stapling,
traditional stapling, sorting and punching, in both
copy and print modes
User Defined Pages
Assign different trays to different pages or sections
to output a single document in a variety of media
Flexible operating systems
- PCL5e, PCL6 and Adobe PS 3 (optional) guarantee
printing from all popular Windows, Mac and Linux
- RPCS supports Windows applications
Printer/scanner module
- Up to 600 dpi network scanner, scan-to-HDD,
scan-to-email, scan-to-folder, without additional
- Seamless integration into any IT environment
thanks to flexible interface
- Cross-platform printing
LDAP support
Link directly to a central address book – search by
department, word end, word start and more
Enhanced fax module
Confidential send and receive, double-sided
transmission (with ARDF and memory expansion), as
well as integrated telephone directory functions (up
to 2,000 fax numbers), fax forwarding and more
Scan-to-email: scanned data is sent as an email attachment
to any email address*.
Scan-to-folder: scan documents to any shared folder on
the LAN for fast, simple distribution*.
Paperless and serverless fax dispatch
The fax option offers efficient network-based fax
communication. The multi-port allows simultaneous use
of up to 3 lines. Incoming fax data can be stored in the
SAF memory, or forwarded to any email address, without
an additional server. The WebImage Monitor or
DeskTopBinder allow fax data to be viewed, deleted,
printed (WebImage Monitor only) directly from the
desktop or downloaded onto a PC.
PC faxing
The optional printer/scanner and fax modules include
a standard PC faxing function, which allows fax messages
to be sent directly from the PC via the LAN. This saves
printing the fax message before distribution. The LAN-fax
driver's processing function allows personalised cover
sheets to be created, and the LAN-fax address book can
also process CSV files, allowing import and export of
address book data.
Internet faxing
The optional printer/scanner and fax modules also add
Internet faxing capability. Internet faxing sends fax
communications over an established data network,
significantly reducing, if not eliminating, costly call
charges. Internet faxes and send/receive reports arrive as
email reducing the need for printing and, unlike regular
email, Internet faxes are received complete with
important header and footer information.
* No additional software necessary
Instant, increased productivity
Delivering outstanding quality, blistering performance
and unrivalled productivity, the infotec IS 2135 and
IS 2145 digital communication systems are highly flexible
and easy to use. Both systems offer web-based document
and device management as well as greater functionality
than comparable multifunction systems. The innovative
GW controller architecture (Ground Works) also means
basic digital copiers with integrated 20 GB hard disks can
be upgraded to allow multifunctional services such as
printing, scanning and faxing, as well as paperless and
serverless PC or LAN faxing.
Outstanding quality even when copying
The new polyester polymer toner produces razor sharp
output in the finest detail at up to 600 dpi and with 256
grey scales. Multiple digital editing and special functions
allow pristine results for virtually any task.
Non-stop performance
Save valuable time with scan once - print many.
Source documents are read only once and output from
the digital memory with a consistently high
reproduction quality of 600 dpi.
Blistering speed
Quick Start-Up timesaving technology ensures
exceptionally fast warm-up times and an incredible first
copy within 4.5/3.6 seconds (IS 2135 and IS 2145
respectively). The direct duplex process allows high
output speeds (IS 2135 35 ppm, IS 2145 45 ppm).
Numerous sets of documents can be scanned in no time
at all using the optional document feeder (ARDF).
Safe and secure
For securing confidential and classified information, the
new DataOverwriteSecurity function automatically
overwrites documents stored on the hard disk when the
print job is complete. With the HDD-erase function
enabled, the IS 2135 and IS 2145 deliver all the benefits
of digital technology with the added security of an
analogue system.
Continuous paper supply
Fast throughput demands a large paper supply. The
IS 2135 and IS 2145 boast two trays of 500 sheets and
a bypass of 50; 1,050 sheets as standard. Two
additional paper trays and a large-capacity tray
increase the paper supply to 3,550 sheets.
Versatile formatting
Electronic sorting ensures that sets of copies are
clearly separated; portrait and landscape formats are
assigned automatically. Automatic paper conversion
also allows print jobs in letter format to be
automatically converted to A4 - and vice versa - where
letter paper is not available.
Flexible finishing
As well as three optional finishers that each deliver
complex sorting and stapling options, the IS 2135 and
IS 2145 include new User Defined Pages functionality
(PCL only). Via a simple user-interface, this feature
allows multi-page documents to be output in a variety
of media by assigning different paper trays to each set
of pages.
Brochure production
With only a single mouse click on the RPCS printer
driver, the optional booklet finisher automatically
produces brochures with folding and saddle stapling.
Technical specifications IS 2135 / IS 2145
Copier specifications
Printer/Scanner module (optional)
· Flatbed scanner utilising CCD technology
· Electro-photographic dual laser
· New polyester polymer toner
· First copy:
· Power-CPU RM7065A, 300 MHz
· Prerequisite 192 MB printer memory
(128 MB additional memory)
· 20 GB hard disk (basic unit)
· RPCS, PCL6, PCL5e, Adobe PostScript 3 (optional)
· Network interface:
Standard: - 100BASE-TX/10BASE-T (Ethernet RJ-45)
- Parallel bi-directional IEEE 1284 (ECP)
Options: - FireWire IEEE 1394 or
Wireless LAN IEEE802.11b or
USB 2.0 or Bluetooth
· TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk SMB (auto switching)
NetBEUI (SmartDevice Monitor required for client)
· Special features: Job spooling, job binding
(with RPCS)
- Printer1 drivers
· Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP/NT4.0
· MacIntosh (PS3 option only) OS 8.6., OS X,
OS X Native
- Scanner specifications
· Scan-to-email, scan-to-folder, ScanRouter network
delivery server: 52 ppm (A4 LEF/Text/200dpi,
MH compression); TWAIN driver: 36 ppm
· Scan-to-email (2,000 email addresses can be
stored; LDAP support); scan-to-folder (up to 2,000
folders can be stored)
· Scan mode: text, text/photo, photo, grey scales
· Resolution: 100 to 600 dpi
· Single page: TIFF, JPEG; Multi-page TIFF, PDF
Digital copier
Laser printer
Document server
Super G3 fax
Copying: up to 600 dpi, 256 grey scales
Printing: up to 600 dpi
Scanning: 100 to 600 dpi, 256 grey scales
Faxing: up to 400 x 400 dpi
Output speed
· IS 2135: up to 35 A4 pages per minute
· IS 2145: up to 45 A4 pages per minute
Paper: capacity, formats and weights
· Standard:
· Options:
2x 500 sheets, A5 - A3, 64 - 105 gsm
50 sheets, A6 - A3, 52 - 163 gsm
A5 - A3, 64 - 105 gsm
2x 500 sheets, A5 -A3, 60 - 105 gsm
1,500 sheets, A4, 60 - 105 gsm
Output capacity (A4, 80 gsm unstapled)
· Standard: 500 sheets (with bridge unit 250 sheets)
· Internal stacker for fax output (optional):
125 sheets
· Finisher SR790 (option): 1,000 sheets
· Booklet finisher SR890 (optional): 1,000 sheets
· Multi-tray finisher SR880 (optional): 2,000 sheets
Document server
· Maximum storage capacity:
Copying: 2,500*1 pages, printing: 9,000*2 pages
scanning/faxing: 9,000*3 pages
· Functions: archiving, forwarding, repeat print, file
name change, file deletion, file processing,
documents merging, scan to document server,
Dimensions, weights, power supply
Size (W x D x H):
670 mm x 650 mm x 720 mm
< 79 kg
Power supply:
220-240V, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: < 1.5 kW
Electronic and mechanical counters
Software tools
DeskTopBinder V2 Lite, ScanRouter V2 Lite
SmartDevice Monitor for Client and Admin
LAN-fax M1, 1394 Utility
Printer utilities for Mac and TWAIN drivers
*1 ITUT No.4 chart, *2 Lyla chart, *3 ITUT No. 1/200dpi MMR chart
Special functions
· Text, photo, text/photo modes
· Edge/middle deletion, image rotation,
positive/negative centring, image brightness,
· Combining of source documents:
Simplex: 2 in 1, 4 in 1, 8 in 1
Duplex: 4 in 1, 8 in1, 16 in 1
Imposition of A4/A5 booklets
Convenience functions
· 100 user programmes (500 max. with optional
memory expansion)
· Electronic sorting, rotational copying and sorting
· 1 scan - multiple copies, test print
· Auto start, job pre-selection
· Automatic paper selection and page alignment
· Numerous stamp functions
· Pause/interruption, energy-saving mode
Options (Quantity at 80 gsm paper weight)
1 ARDF (DF76): 80 sheets
B6 - A3, 40-128 gsm
B5 - A3, 52-105 gsm
2 Platen cover, type 3800C
3 Paper trays (PS530) 2x 500 sheets
4 High-capacity tray (RT45) 1,500 sheets
5 1,000-sheet finisher (SR790), up to 50 sheet
stapling in up to 3 positions
6 Booklet finisher (SR890): 1,000 sheets A5-A3, up to
30/50 A3/A4 sheet stapling in 3 positions
A4 or A5 brochures: up to 15 sheets, 2-staple
saddle stapling
7 Multi-tray finisher (SR880) 2,000 sheets, up to 50
sheet stapling in up to 4 positions
· Hole punch unit, 2/4-hole
· Offset output, 250/125 sheets A4/A3
· Bridge unit (type 2045)
· Internal stacker for fax output (PT330), 125 sheets,
A5-A3, 60-105 gsm
· Printer-scanner module
· Fax unit type 2145, additional G3-module, 32 MB
SAF memory
Fax specifications (optional)
· Compatibility: ITU-T (CCITT) G3,
optional multi-port 3x G3
· Resolution:
8 x 3.85, 8 x 7.7 l/mm, 200 x 200/100 dpi (standard)
8/16 x 15,4 l/mm, 400 x 400 dpi (optional)
· Transmission time:
3 seconds (200x100dpi),
2 seconds with JBIG
· Scan speed:
approx. 0.43 seconds
(standard A4)
· Modem speed:
33,600 - 2,400 bps
· Compression method:
· SAF memory standard: 4MB (320 pages)
28 MB* (2,240 pages)
· Page memory (standard): 8MB
16 MB*
· Memory backup:
1 hour
· 100 user programmes (200 programmes max.)
· Speed dials, name dials (standard) 500, 1,200 with
JBIG module, 2,000 with printer-/scanner module
· 100 group dials, (500 numbers/group max.)
· Forwarding faxes to email; including forward
inbound faxes to a pre-programmed address;
create designated recipients; forward transmission
results to designated recipient
· Numerous convenience functions such as
fax stamp, TTI/RTI, CSI, dual access, forwarding,
confidential send and receive, double-sided
receive, LAN-Fax M1
*32 MB SAF memory required
IS 2135: approx. 4.5 seconds
IS 2145: approx. 3.6 seconds
Warm-up time: IS 2135: approx. 15 seconds
IS 2145: approx. 20 seconds
64 MB working memory, 20 GB hard disk
Copy pre-selection up to 999 copies (simplex and
Operator guidance via monochrome LCD display
Copier mode:
Text, photo, text/photo (print, copy, photography),
card modes, light colours, second generation
ADS (Auto Density)
Manual or automatic density selection
Zoom 25% to 400% in 1% steps
Enlarge/reduce in 12 fixed stages
Cover page function, separator for OHP
transparencies, stitching
Archiving (on integrated document server)
Job start while scanning in the source documents
infotec is a registered trademark of Danka.
Errors and amendments excepted. 02/2004
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