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amaha pianos offer an unparalleled playing and listening experience
possible only from a company that combines the precision of leading-edge
technology with the genuine care of skilled craftspeople.
All Yamaha pianos are produced with the same cutting-edge machine and
handcrafting technology at state-of-the-art, ISO-certified factories. Tuning,
regulation, voicing, and inspection are performed by expert technicians who
ensure that the tone, touch, and overall quality of these instruments meet
Yamaha’s strict standards.
In its “total approach” to piano-making, Yamaha retains complete control
over every stage of production; we even build much of the production
equipment ourselves. Rather than outsourcing parts production, Yamaha
designs, tests, evaluates, and manufactures all major parts in-house. This
allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality management and ensures
that the piano you select is worthy of the Yamaha name.
Another key element of the Yamaha advantage is our expertise in related
technologies. With well-established Yamaha credentials in fields such as
metallurgy, chemistry, and electronics—in addition to more obvious areas like
acoustics and woodworking—we can leverage extensive resources within the
company to raise the standards of piano-making and create ever-better
instruments that boast a steady stream of innovations.
The result is a piano that you can be sure was made to Yamaha’s exacting,
high standards.
Superb upright pianos born of precision quality management
Yamaha’s advanced production lines around the world
produce upright pianos with true Yamaha quality and
reliability for a lifetime of music enjoyment. From cost
performance manufacturing in Indonesia, to distinctive
natural finishing in the US, Yamaha's worldwide production
facilities combine legendary Yamaha craftsmanship and
rigorous quality control systems to ensure the superior
quality that means Yamaha.
Yamaha Corporation Piano Group
(Certificate No.: JQA 1549)
Iwata Plant (Certificate No.: EC98J1191)
Kakegawa Plant (Certificate No.: EC98J1099)
Kakegawa Plant, Japan
Beginning its production in Japan in 1965, the Kakegawa Plant has become
Yamaha’s world centre for upright pianos. Renowned for producing the
highly regarded U Series, a top choice among music professionals and
institutions, the Kakegawa Plant supplies pianos of unsurpassed quality.
Leading with the latest technology and the most advanced production
systems, Kakegawa has also become a technical support provider for
overseas Yamaha plants.
Models:T121, U1, U3, U5
P.T. Yamaha Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
P.T. Yamaha Indonesia in Jakarta
Unlike many other piano manufacturers,Yamaha Indonesia is able to
provide reliable, high quality upright pianos at uncommonly affordable
prices. Incorporating only Yamaha’s finest training, tools, and techniques
since its establishment in 1981, these popular priced models deliver the
excellent tone and quality that you’ve come to expect from Yamaha.
Succeeding at more than just piano performance and value,Yamaha
Indonesia has been recognised as an advanced production base with strict
commitment to quality and environmental protection, earning the coveted
ISO 9002 certification for superior quality control.
Models: C109, C113
Yamaha Music Manufacturing, Inc., (YMM)
Thomaston, Georgia, United States
YMM began manufacturing pianos in 1983, and soon expanded operations,
becoming a fully integrated plant by 1988. Manufacturing a distinctive line
of uprights,YMM produces natural finish pianos that are loved for their
rich warmth of sight and sound. Striving for nothing less than the utmost
quality and reliability,YMM ensures precision piano tuning with a
specialised tuning machine, and also conducts a thorough quality
management check before every piano shipment. Despite the recent
decrease in piano manufacturing plants in the United States,YMM’s success
Space-saving styling, satisfying
sound, and value-added features
like the ‘practise pedal’ make the
budget-friendly C109 a popular
choice for students and accomplished pianists alike.
148 cm
109 cm
54 cm
174 kg
Also available in Simulated Polished Walnut and Simulated Polished Mahogany
Polished Ebony
The C113T offers features common
to more expensive models, including superior sound, heavy-duty
pedals, front and rear casters, and
elegantly detailed cabinetry in a
choice of beautiful finishes.
149 cm
113 cm
53 cm
194 kg
Also available in Simulated Polished Walnut and Simulated Polished Mahogany
Polished Ebony
Offering refined performance and
quality for any home, church, or
school, the beautiful polished
mahogany T116 is designed to
please the ear and the eye.
58 cm
116 cm
152 cm
218 kg
Polished Mahogany
Using a U1-class scale design, the
T121 combines bright, clear tone
and refined good looks at a price
that makes it a real bargain.
60 cm
121 cm
152 cm
215 kg
Polished Ebony
U Series
A Yamaha Classic, Refined
Yamaha U Series upright pianos have long been a leading
choice for educational institutions, professional musicians,
and discriminating home pianists. Now, thanks to
comprehensive redesign, these Yamaha-standard
instruments are better than ever, with substantial
refinements in materials, construction, production processes,
and overall design. Today’s U1 and U3 models incorporate
an advanced scale design that improves tonal performance.
A floating support system improves the depth and character
of bass and mid-range tones in the U3 and U5 models, while
other modifications enhance strength and durability.
Incorporating a number of design concepts adapted from
Yamaha grand pianos, the U5 model has taken its place at
the very top of the U Series line.
Advanced scale design (U5)
Exclusive U Series Features
Advanced Scale Design
Refinements in all elements of sound production have given today’s U
Series a richer, more resonant voice with evenly balanced timbre across
the entire keyboard.
Lengthened music stand (U1, U3)
Soundboard and Frame
Special rib configurations add strength to the soundboard, while backposts
and other advances further enhance rigidity, resonance, and structural
Floating Support System (U3, U5)
A ‘floating’ attachment method, similar to that of grand pianos, allows the
soundboard to vibrate more freely, improving the depth and character of
bass and mid-range tones.
Specially Designed Hammers
U Series hammers use materials specifically selected for each model to
provide optimum tone production, response, and long-term durability.
Specially designed hammers
Soft-Close Fallboard
Soft-close fallboard
A damping mechanism, formerly used only in grand pianos, prevents the
fallboard from dropping abruptly onto the keyboard, guarding against
accidental injury or damage.
153 cm
121 cm
61 cm
228 kg
Also available in Polished Dark American Walnut and Polished Mahogany
Polished Ebony
65 cm
235 kg
Polished Ebony
Centre Pedal: Sostenuto
131 cm
65 cm
153 cm
131 cm
153 cm
241 kg
Polished Ebony
The Yamaha Silent Series™ adds a new option to traditional pianos:
privacy on demand! With a simple shift of the centre pedal, you can
silence the acoustic sound and hear the music you play through
headphones in superb digital reproduction.Thanks to a newly designed
sensor system, even the subtlest playing dynamics are captured and
reproduced with stunning realism. Now you can play or practise at any
time without disturbing others—a real advantage for families, urban
apartment dwellers, and late-night musicians.
Weight: U1-Silent 239 kg
Size: Same as models on pages
9 and 13, respectively
Simple, centre pedal operation
Polished Ebony
More than a Piano, a Complete Musical Entertainment System!
Since 1987,Yamaha has been a leader in integrating
advanced digital technology into fine traditional
acoustic pianos.These instruments combine state-ofthe-art electronic and mechanical components with
world-standard Yamaha acoustic attributes to deliver
an extended range of musical capabilities.The
Mark III XG Series upright pianos integrate a host of
new acoustic advances and cutting-edge digital
developments to offer an unprecedented range of
features and functions, along with the acoustic
excellence that has earned these innovative
instruments growing acclaim among performing
artists, educators, and music-lovers worldwide.
153 cm
121 cm
61 cm
261 kg
Weight includes external control unit.
Polished Ebony
Centre pedal: Silent operation
A Perfect Harmony of Technology and Tradition
The Disklavier DU1A combines the acoustic excellence of a Yamaha U1 piano
with the latest digital technology, opening up a new dimension in musical
performance and entertainment. Optical key, hammer, and pedal sensors can
record every nuance of performance into internal memory or onto standard
floppy disks. Drive solenoids can then reproduce this music exactly as it was
played, complete with key and pedal movement.
A new compact control unit, featuring an XG tone generator with nearly
700 voices, lets you enjoy playback of ‘live’ piano performances with
professionally arranged instrumental accompaniment—you can even compose
and record your own songs with up to 16 tracks of piano and digital
orchestration! The built-in CD drive can play back special ensemble CDs, including
those that contain audio data, allowing you to enjoy piano playback complete
with high-fidelity vocals and instruments. Playback controls can alter volume or
tempo, or transpose into other keys, and L/R capabilities let you record or play
back one hand at a time.There’s also a built-in Silent System™ that lets you ‘turn
off the sound’ to play, record, and listen through headphones.
Mark III Series Silent System control unit
Mark III Series control unit
Optical hammer sensor
Simple, centre pedal operation
New Ways to Play, Listen, Learn, and Enjoy
The Disklavier DU1A gives you new ways to express your creativity, improve your
skills and experience the joys of music. In addition to playback of pre-recorded
piano and piano/ensemble disks, the DU1A now offers synchronised playback of
professionally arranged MIDI piano files or major audio CDs.You can even record
yourself playing along with favorite songs from your own CD collection and play
back the performance in perfect sync. But the possibilities don’t stop there. Using
a video MIDI sync interface, you can synchronise recording and playback to multitrack audio recording devices and video cameras*. Use the DU1A as a personal
accompanist with remote control over volume, tempo, transposition, repeat, and
other functions. Equipped with MIDI and PC terminals, the DU1A allows you to
connect external MIDI equipment, take advantage of computer music software,
play music downloaded from the Internet, and more.
* Video cameras must be equipped with a LANC terminal.
A wide range of Yamaha
PianoSoft™ disks are available,
bringing ‘live’ performances of
legendary artists into your home.
Connect the Disklavier to
your computer for even
more musical possibilities.
Handy remote control
Disklavier DU1A Specifications
Functions & Controls
Sensor System
Sustain & Soft Pedals
Drive System
Sustain & Soft Pedals
Data Storage
Internal Memory
File Format
Removable Media
Control Unit
Main Display
Song Number Indicator
Function Indicators
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Playback Functions
Media Select
Song Select
Music Search
PianoSmart Sync
SmartKey Play
Playback Controls
Recording Functions
L/R Dual Recording
Silent System Controls
Time Signatures
Editing Functions
Utility Functions
Outlet Box
Ensemble Tone
Ensemble Parts
Voice Module Modes
Normal Voices
Drum Voices
Silent System
Silencing Mechanism
Piano Tone
PianoSmart Technology
SmartKey Capability
Power Source
Supplied Accessories
Optional Accessories
Single-beam, on/off optical sensors
Single-beam, four-point optical sensors
Incremental, position-sensing optical sensors
Self-calibrating solenoids; 16-note polyphonic
Trapwork-integrated solenoids; incremental response
16 MB flash memory disk
Standard MIDI File (format 0, format 1)/E-SEQ
3.5" 2DD (720 KB), 2HD (1.44 MB) floppy disk or compact disk
24-character x 2-line LCD
7-segment, 2-digit LED
CD and floppy disk
Power, Host Select (MIDI, PC1, PC2, Mac)
227 x 87 x 180 mm (9" x 3 1/2" x 7")
2.2 kg (4.8 lbs)
MIDI In/Out, AUX In/Out, (R, L/Mono),
Headphones x 2, To Host (serial port), To Piano, CD Control, Audio/
Analog MIDI In, Foot Controller
Speaker jack, AC outlet
Advanced Wave Memory 2 (AWM2)
32-note maximum
676 total (480 selectable)
21 kits total (11 selectable)
Set at A = 440; tunable ±50 cents in 1-cent steps (in unison with
digital piano tone)
Motor-driven hammer shank stopper; centre pedal activated
AWM2 digital stereo sampling (CFIIIS concert grand);
16 MB wave memory w/sustain pedal resonance effects
32-note stereo sampling/64-note stereo
Local AC current
Wireless remote control unit w/batteries, PianoSoft sample disk, blank
3.5" HD floppy disk, owner’s manuals, HPE-170 headphones, audio
cable (stereo RCA to stereo 1/4" plug)
FC-4, FC-5 foot switches, FC-7 foot controller
Title Entry
Floppy disk, memory disk, CD
Rev/fwd, song by song; numerical selection
Rev/fwd, w/ or w/o sound; direct by time or measure
Disk, song, random, segment A ~ B, segment A ~
9 disk groups, 99 program sets, chain play, timer play
MTC-linked playback with audio, MIDI and video sources
Software-assisted learn-to-play system
L/R part select, auto start, space playback
11 levels (0 ~ -10)
-50% ~ +20% in 1% steps
±24 semitones (2 octaves) in 1-semitone steps
Balancing volume of ensemble voices and piano
Keyboard cancel, pedal cancel, pedal count-in
16 (including 2 for piano)
Separate L/R or assignable split point
1/4, 1/6, 1/8, 1/12, 1/16 of a quarter note
Sync MTC-linked recording with audio, MIDI and video sources
On/off (w/pilot lamp)
3 modes, depth control
30 ~ 400 beats per minute
1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 8/4, 9/4
Audible (tick, on/off, volume controllable in Silent mode), visual (LEDs)
Mix, move, copy, delete, transpose
Copy, sort, delete, type convert (SMF, E-SEQ, earlier Disklavier), time
format convert
Format, copy, type convert
Current time display, time/date stamp for recording
Disk: up to 64 characters
Song: up to 32 characters
Descriptions and photographs in this brochure are for information purposes only.
Yamaha reserves the right to change or modify products or specifications at any time without prior notice.
As specifications, equipment, or options may not be the same in every locale, please check with your Yamaha dealer.
Printed in Japan on recycled paper
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