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ISSUE 112: APRIL 2017


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First class all the way


First class all the way

4 | On my mind

Paradise Lost?

T o say news of the closure of Paradise

Motor Homes came as a surprise is the understatement of the year (and last year too).

I’ve known the MacLean family for the better part of

20 years, through my previous life writing for other

RV publications, and have always held them and the business in high regard. From what I’ve been able to find online it appears the closure was brought on by a dispute over the ownership structure of the company and not due to financial pressures. Given the overall buoyant state of the RV industry and

Paradise’s long-standing position as a manufacturer of innovative and high quality motorhomes, the news was even more difficult to comprehend.

Whatever comes of the Receiver’s appointment, it is likely to be the only winner in this sorry situation.

All of us feel for the MacLean family, Paradise staff and suppliers, but especially for buyers with deposits paid and/or vehicles in build. My hope is the Receiver will be able to sort out the ownership structure, or find a buyer that can carry on the business to the same high standards. Time will tell…

Exciting Times

M alcolm and I attended the annual Covi

Motorhome and Caravan Supershow in

Auckland in mid March. It’s the biggest

RV show in New Zealand and as the name implies, motorhomes are the dominant species. That’s because motorhomes make up around 80-85 percent of recreational vehicles across the Tasman, and for motorhome lovers the Show is heaven.

The contrast between our markets is stark, with change here in terms of new models – never mind new makes – often seeming to happen at a glacial pace. Because NZ isn’t subject to the double-edged sword of Australian Design Rules (amongst other things) the brand and model choices are staggering.

I’ve heard some Australian industry people refer to

NZ as a dumping ground for excess/unwanted and second-rate European production, but the truth couldn’t be more different. Malcolm and I had a long chat with Bernhard Kibler, managing director of the

Hymer Group – Europe’s biggest RV manufacturer

(35% market share), who along with export manager

Andrea Kibler arrived on the opening day to launch the Hymer motorhome brand in partnership with

SmartRV. Hymer motorhomes sit at the top of the

Group’s multi-brand tree, and SmartRV has already established a booming business in NZ for the

Group’s mid and entry-level brands of Bürstner and

Carado. The Hymer Group also owns Canadian van-conversion specialist manufacturer Roadtrek, plus recently bought the UK-based Explorer Group, owners of Elddis (which has 11 percent of the UK motorhome market) amongst other brands. People like Bernard and Andrea don’t visit markets like

New Zealand – especially for a couple of weeks – if they’re just a ‘dumping ground’…

What’s fascinating about NZ is that local RV manufacturing was severely impacted by the tsunami of imports, and many jobs were lost and manufacturers did close down. However, other manufacturers took on their own lines of imports and were able to not only diversify, but reinvent, modernise and expand their own manufacturing and some now have order books full, 12 months out.

Meanwhile, motorhome sales are booming because buyers have enormous choices at all price points and I’d wager there are now far more jobs than ever in the NZ RV Industry. It’s difficult to believe such a different market exists just two and a half hours flying time from here. What’s not difficult to believe is that in the next year or two, sales of motorhomes in New Zealand will surpass sales here. These are exciting times indeed, and especially because by the time you read this we’ll be in America on our Route

66 Tour! Watch our Facebook Page for updates as we travel, and next issue for at least a brief account of how it all went. Safe travels until then!




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We are New Dealers for AVan and Sunliner campervans & motorhomes. We are confident in both of these brands and have been trialed & tested in our rental fleet with great feedback from our customers.

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Experience the Difference


We are New Dealers for AVan and Sunliner campervans & motorhomes. We are confident in both of these brands and have been trialed & tested in our rental fleet with great feedback from our customers.

We also offer a range of pre-owned campervans & motorhomes in a wide range of makes and models.

Expert Advice:

Our team are experienced in the RV and Automotive industry and can assist you with friendly, expert advice. We are avid campers ourselves and passionate about what we do.

Peace of Mind:

Complete Mechanical and Techician checks on all pre-owned units. All pre-owned units are sold with a Roadworthy and

Warranty* for your peace of mind. All New Campervans & Motorhomes come with Factory Warranty on the chassis, as well as the home.

Comprehensive handovers:

We ensure you know the ins and out of your new pride and joy before you take off on your adventures. Our team will complete a comprehensive personal handover with you when you take delivery. We can also equip you with a starter pack if required.

Your journey starts with us!

*T&C’s apply


1A Watson St, Wodonga VIC 3690

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D-Box modular camper for Land

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Roadside Eats: ANZAC Salute!

The history of ANZAC biscuits – and more…



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106: NOV 05 2016



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10 | On your mind

Win $50 for the best letter!

It’s only fitting that since Ed has his say in On My Mind, you should be able to have yours too.

If you have anything to say – or ask – just drop a line to [email protected]

and we’ll share it with our readers. We’ll also reward the most interesting, useful or thoughtful letter each issue with $50 to help you on your way.

Oldie but a Goodie…

A fter reading of people’s troubles with their Aussie built motorhomes with

European based van platforms about getting parts, etc, I am glad I bought my 2002

Toyota Matilda. I often get a bit of light hearted stick from friends with late model motorhomes about the Matilda, which is okay, but recently one of them had problems with the wheel bearings on the front of their vehicle. The result was waiting for the right parts for two weeks and also being off the road for that time, and the final cost of supply and fit around $1900.

I replaced the two front bearings last year before my trip with parts from Repco (in stock), and supply and fit in one morning was $352.

Needless to say, they haven’t given me too much stick after that!

The Matilda is built on a HiLux with still only

46,000 kms on it. We bought it from a lady who did the big lap when she got divorced and after that did short trips to Crescent Head in the main holidays. It had log books and was serviced vey 5000 kms. The interior colour and fabric in the living quarters we didn’t like, so my friend changed to Italian leather.

We originally had a HiAce by Discoverer, but it was too small. As for engine costs, we put a new Chinese copy of a Toyota engine in the old HiAce for $3000, with exchange, and had no dramas with it at all. I got it at

Chullora in Sydney through a wrecker. I had the Discoverer about another 2 years and sold it to a guy not far from me who still has it, and he waves when I go past. The only downside of the motor is it’s not suitable for LPG, but still suitable for Unleaded Petrol.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg, sounds like quite a rare beast you have there. Yes, prices and availability of some imported parts seem to be outrageous, and I have to say that’s why we bought Project Polly as a

Ford Transit: Parts are generally much cheaper and there are many after-market suppliers. I’ve never heard of Chinese-copy Toyota engines, so thanks for the heads up on them. This information might help other readers so I’m awarding you this issue’s

$50 prize, which you could set aside toward your next set of wheel bearings in another 15 years. It’s always good to plan ahead!

On your mind | 11

Fuel for Thought?

W e are close to deciding on our motorhome and one of the choices we have is the diesel-fuelled package of heater, hot water and cooktop. I know that iMotorhome has reviewed the cooktop in the

Trakka remote package and I’m wondering what your views are? If you were specifying a new motorhome, would you go for it? My reasons for considering it are partly to do with untethering from gas supplies, to free up a

(small) amount of storage space by having no gas bottles, to (marginally) reduce weight, and to make remote camping a little better. I would be interested in your thoughts.

Regards, Chris

Hi Chris, that’s not an easy question to answer. The diesel cooker takes a long time to heat up and cool down (and an age to boil a kettle), and puts quite a bit of heat into the kitchen area, which is good in winter but not in summer. It’s also difficult to accurately regulate and Mrs iMotorhome believes is better suited to reheating food than cooking from scratch.

However, the attraction of an LPG-free vehicle is strong and you can always carry a ‘lunch box’ gas cooker to quickly boil a kettle and/ or cook up a one-pot wonder, poach eggs or whatever. And of course you can always barbecue outdoors. Mrs iMotorhome loves to cook and if it were her choice she’d choose gas, although she concedes you get used to diesel (which is quite a bit more expensive than

LPG too). The bottom line is probably how much you enjoy cooking versus your desire for simplicity. Make your decision on that basis and it will be the right one!

Give it to me Straight…

I was wondering if any of your subscribers have advice regarding wheel alignments on motorhomes? I got four new tyres for my

(now Avida) Winnebago Eyre from a local tyre dealer and it wasn’t until he’d finished that he told me they didn’t have the equipment to do wheel alignments on motorhomes. I’ve rung around but so far haven’t been able to lock in a place that can do it. I’m wondering if your readers have advice or whether this has been covered in iMotorhomes and I missed it? I live in the Liverpool NSW area?

That’s an easy one Steve. Narellan Truck Align at 2/3 Campbell St, Narellan (believe it of not) is just down the road from you and specialises in heavy vehicle wheel alignments. They worked on Polly and you can read about that in Issue 105 (15 October 2016). Call them on

(02) 4647 1811 and tell ‘em iMotorhome sent you!

Regards, Chris

12 | On your mind


I have been looking at your magazine over the last couple of months and I have not seen anything on Swagman motorhomes. Why is this? I have a 28 ft Swagman 2010 (2810), bought 18months ago with 14,500 km on the clock. I was reading the article in the March issue about the A-class Tiffin and Concorde, and the

Swagman seems to have similar features (not as optional extras, (electric awning, solar panels, but no garage!) but not the German quality of build.

It is a bit of a mixture of Chinese truck, Japanese controls, American motor and is all electric but was built with no spare wheel! I’ve had to do some mods, like put on tyre inflation from the air bag system (6 new tyres now as I had a blowout) and I added another solar panel (405 watts now).

It is built for two and we both love it! I am retiring in about 18 months to be on the road full time for a few years, and we tow a 4x4 ute.

Kind regards, Neil.

Sadly Neil, Swagman hasn't been in production for some time (as I’m sure you’re aware).

However, they were the ultimate motorhomes in their day and the top of many people’s wish list – mine included. I think the ‘little’ Australis is still one of the best looking motorhomes ever made and I would still love to own a good one. The trouble is there is such a rarefied market for new vehicles in their class that local manufacture doesn’t make economic sense these days. All the best with your ‘project’ and if you’d like to send some photos and an overview of what you’ve done I’d be pleased to run it in the magazine. I know there are plenty of Swagman lovers and owners out here and it would be good to share the love!





14 | News



G old Coast-based luxury motorhome manufacturer Paradise Motor Homes closed its doors on Friday 10 March.

This followed the appointment of a Receiver due to a company ownership structure dispute.

No further information has been forthcoming and Paradise’s website is still operational, but carries no news of the closure. Calls go straight to a full answering machine. In late-breaking news it appears some staff have been able to stay on and work with the Receiver to complete and deliver customer orders. Watch for an update next issue


O n 8 march Fiat Chrysler Australia issued a recall notice for Fiat Ducatos with the 2.3-litre engine, manufactured between 19 December 2016 and 10 January

2017. The notice says the camshaft could potentially crack while the vehicle is in use, due to a non-compliance of the material during the production process. If that happens during use the vehicle could stop suddenly, posing a safety risk for the occupants and other road users.

Owners will be contacted by direct mail and should take their vehicles to an authorised Fiat dealer for an inspection and replacement of the camshaft.

iMotorhome believes the affected vehicles are likely to be the new Euro 6-compliant Multijet 2 engines. To read the recall notice and for a list of affected VIN numbers click HERE.


News | 15

I n February the publicly listed company

Apollo Tourism & Leisure became the biggest shareholder in


, which uses a similar business model to online accommodation specialist

Airbnb to enable people to hire out a motorhome or a caravan from private owners anywhere in Australia.

for disruption but we’re not seeing any of it at the moment,” he said.

Apollo also announced the complete acquisition of

Sydney RV Group

, in Sydney’s

West, for which it also paid $1.75 million.

Sydney RV, which is one of the biggest RV dealers in Australia, sold some 900 caravans and motorhomes during 2015-16.

Apollo has spent $1.75 million acquiring a

25 per cent stake in Camplify, set up in 2014 with original backers including the NRMA road motorists organisation and Artesian Capital.

Apollo chief executive Luke Trouchet said the deal gave the company a serious position in an emerging growth area that may in the future be a disrupter of its own business model.

“We’ve got a seat at the table. There is potential

“It was a nice fit,” Mr Trouchet said. It will be managed as a stand-alone operation by current general manager Norman Roe, who sold his

25 per cent stake for a mixture of cash and

Apollo shares. The other main shareholder was paid cash and is heading home to the United


16 | News


D ometic has extended the warranty period on a range of upright RV refrigerators.

Head of marketing, Justine Schuller, revealed an additional two years is now available under the Dometic Care program. “This takes the total warranty period to five years, which has never been available before, and gives owners the peace of mind they deserve,” she said. The free offer is available until April 30.

The Wirraway 260 SL

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Styled Layout !

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Wirraway is a dedicated family owned business striving for Motorhome excellence.

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New Website:


On The Road Wirraway 260SL Slideout Motorhome - 2012 © Rex Willmer


News | 17

The Wirraway 260 SL

With it’s Full Length Slideout Room & Apartment

Styled Layout !

From WIRRAWAY, “Australia’s Most Innovative Motorhomes”

Wirraway is a dedicated family owned business striving for Motorhome excellence.

Our Motorhomes are our passion! Every Wirraway Motorhome is handbuilt and designed by experienced motorhomers who know the importance of making life easier on the road.

New to our Range is the brilliant ‘live like a movie star’ Wirraway 260 SL, the latest in our 260 series; our EuroStyle 260 with it’s European styled interior and “The Motorhome of the Year”, the Wirraway 260.

Wirraway Motorhomes feature opulence, style and all the legendary design, electrical and construction innovations that are unique to all Wirraways.

Each Wirraway Model is unique! - All are a Must See!

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Virtual RealityTours

For details contact: Rob Tonkin - Wirraway Motorhomes, 6 Hynes Court, Mildura Vic 3500

Phone / Fax:

(03) 50 230 230




[email protected]


New Website:


On The Road Wirraway 260SL Slideout Motorhome - 2012 © Rex Willmer

T he Queensland Government has officially outlawed Wicked campervans portraying sexist, obscene and other offensive slogans. State Parliament passed new regulations to rid the Sunshine State’s roads of the offensive vehicles. The new regulations were expected to come into effect at the end of

March. Other states have applauded the move and are considering similar action. The new laws will allow the Department of Transport and

Main Roads to cancel a vehicle’s registration if the owners do not remove the offending slogans within 14 days of being advised to do so by the Advertising Standards Board.

Some caravan parks in Queensland and the

Blue Mountains Council in NSW have already banned offending campervans after complaints from families.

Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath said the

Government had acted on community concerns. “Many people across the community have been concerned for some time about the derogatory, sexist and outright offensive slogans and cartoons on the side of some commercial Queensland vehicles,” she said.

In the latest hearing, the Advertising Standards

Board has ruled that a Wicked campervan’s slogan proclaiming, “If sex is a pain in the a... you are doing it wrong” used strong and obscene language that was inappropriate. A parent had contacted the board, saying “I do not want my children reading such disgusting comments.”

18 | News



“As it is, there is no evidence of any caravan dealer in Queensland trading after 5pm

Monday to Friday, despite the ability to open until 9pm, due to no consumer demand at this time,” he said.

But the 23,000-member Australian Caravan

Club has welcomed the Sunshine State’s biggest shake-up of trading rules in 20 years.

M ajor changes to Queensland’s retail regulations will allow RV dealers to open seven days a week. However,

Caravanning Queensland, the Industry’s peak body, has warned the new hours could severely affect smaller businesses.

“Ninety-two percent of our members are against the decision, with increased trading hours severely impacting smaller dealerships,” chief executive Ron Chapman said.

“It was ludicrous that in a modern world where we have been able to buy groceries and even a boat on a Sunday, that people wanting to buy an RV in Queensland on the weekend have been restricted to Saturday only,” chairman Craig Humphrey said.

“The extra time will come in handy for potential RV buyers to take a good look and satisfy themselves that they are getting a good deal and a good RV.”

Mr Humphrey thought seven-day trading could benefit rural buyers and create more jobs.

He believed the current trading hours already “effectively” serviced the demand for recreational vehicles.

“So our club sees this as a win for RVers, a win for the dealers and a boost to employment,” he said.

“Extending trading hours would increase consumer costs due to increased overheads, negatively affecting the potential sales to be made,” he said.

Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace said the State’s existing “complex and costly” trading hours were holding back job opportunities and the economy.

Queensland sold more RVs than any other state in 2015, despite competing against others with larger populations and seven-day trading. Mr Chapman thought this proved there was no need to extend hours.

“No workers will be made to work any additional hours which could result from increased trading hours unless they have voluntarily agreed to do so,” she added.

Hitting the great outdoors this year?

Book a check-up appointment at motorhomedoctor.com.au

All makes all models

20 | News


mine of information on accommodation reviews.

“While star rating was polarising, it is disappointing to see the end of what is a valuable part of the marketing and business improvement mechanism for some,” association chief executive Stuart Lamont said.

T he Caravan Industry Association of

Australia has expressed dismay that

Australia’s motoring organisations, including NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RAA,

RAC, RACT and AANT, will abandon the accommodation Star Ratings scheme on June

30. A report in Caravanning News said it seems the programme has been overtaken by the digital age, where the click of a button delivers a

At the height of its success, there were 15,000

Star Rated properties, including many caravan parks. Australian Motoring Services chief executive Michael Reed commented, saying,

“Being Star Rated meant that consumers would always know what to expect from the accommodation they booked. We were always true to our message – the accommodation you expect should be the accommodation you get.”


around seven weeks to complete and finish in mid-April, weather permitting.”

T he popular Tiaro overnight rest area on

Queensland’s Bruce Highway, south of

Maryborough, has closed for a $150,000 revamp.

Council introduced overnight fees at the facility last year but they were abandoned after the local pub refused to collect the money. All mention of charges have now been blanked out on the site’s noticeboards. Improvements will include better drainage, a new concrete driveway to make entering and leaving the site easier, planting grassed areas around trees, fencing and footpaths linking to existing footpaths through the Tiaro Memorial Park.

Meanwhile, Council hopes travellers will continue to stop in Tiaro and use Petrie Park or nearby sites at Bauple or Rossendale Park, just outside Bauple.

“It will greatly improve the site which is already popular,” Fraser Coast Regional Councillor

Anne Maddern said. “The project should take

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Alongside our New & Pre-Loved vehicles, the BCMC Service Centre offers a full range of accessories and maintenance far your RV - making sure your travels are safe and in comfort.

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every aspect of camper trailers and their use. As with all of Collyn Rivers’ books it describes (in plain English) approaches that will work, not just that may work.

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(including the Sahara).

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The Camper Trailer Book covers buying, building and using camper trailers of every kind.

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RV solar system work as you had hoped - this is the book for you.

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Postage per book Australia $5.50, New Zealand A$7.50, all other countries A$12.50

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Western Plains Zoo

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iTech World

Australia’s leading solar power and satellite TV manufacturers! We stock the revolutionary In Flex and

Mini Flex panels, Plus our Complete

Traveler Satellite TV package is perfect for motorhomes.

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Wellington Shire

In the heart of Victoria’s Gippsland region. Come and enjoy our natural beauty, famous lakes, High Country and expansive beaches. Find

‘Experience 40 Great Things to Do’ on our website too!

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Find power anywhere with a REDARC


The E-Twow

Electric scooter for adults


The alternative to a bike!!

25km/h with a range of 40km in ideal conditions!

Super light too at 10.8kg

Folds away quite compact for small storage

Plug in and get 240 volt power on the go. Click here.

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hitches fully ADR compliant no swaying increased towing safety easy reversing offroad vans available

Nomadic Solutions

Nomadic Solutions - the original, quality constructed

‘lifestyletable™’ that is easily attached to the side of your motorhome. Now available in ‘mill finish’ for custom painting.

T: (02) 9011 8144

W: nomadicsolutions.com.au

5th wheeler specialist

S o u t t h h e e r r

C n n a

S m p p p p e e i i r r r r v v i i t t a n n s s

Tiffin Motorhomes

America’s favourite motorhome is now available in Australia! Tiffin

Motorhomes Australia is proud to offer the Allegro Breeze 32 to the

Australian market. Click through to find out why they’re fast becoming

Australia’s favourite too!

T: 0411 616 617

W: tiffinmotorhomes.com.au

Full & part fitouts

Hitop, Poptop and Reimo roofs

True custom­made conversions

Repairs & improvements

BYO van from Hiace to Sprinter




Store those additional items

up and out of the way

using our adjustable, transportable and modular storage system!

Over  11  years  cover   manufacturing   experience  Australia   wide.Free  Measure  &  Quote  Call  in  

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26 | Day Test: Sunliner Habitat



Sunliner’s new Habitat is made for remote living and total control…

by Richard Robertson

Despite it’s rough-road and remote-living aspirations the Sunliner Habitat is quite a big vehicle. It sits at the top of its new class in terms of execution and ability, and I believe it will be a winner. Unfortunately, bad weather scuttled our photo shoot so we’ve had to rely on supplied images.

W hen it comes to trying new things

Sunliner isn’t afraid of thinking outside the square. Witness the new Habitat: Not a true off-roader, Sunliner describes it as a long-range rough-terrain touring motorhome designed for the serious

RV traveller. If that’s you, read on…

“We are incredibly excited about this new

Motorhome,” said Nick Hunter, Sunliner’s managing director. “We spent 12 months in research and design, talking to our customers and to our dealers, and carefully studying how RV travellers want to travel. We listened to what the frustrations are in terms of motorhome design and worked to overcome them. The end result is our new Habitat, a motorhome for the serious RV traveller who wants to go further and stay longer.”

“Regarding design, there were four major considerations for the Habitat: the ability to get ‘off the grid’ for as long as possible; the types of terrain to be negotiated; storage capacity, and security while free camping,”

Nick explained.

Fresh Thinking

T he Habitat’s new approach to motorhome utility and design is obvious the moment you look at it. Its military grade appearance includes chequer plate lower body panelling, a black steel bullbar and heavy-duty rear bumper with highmounted spare wheel carrier, tubular steel side steps, BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A tyres, roof-mounted LED light bars on both sides and at the rear (plus one on the bull bar), and

28 | Day Test bright orange stencil-style decals. There’s also a bullbar-mounted aerial for the UHF

CB and a dash-cam, and all this is standard equipment.

Measuring 8.2 metres (26’ 11”) long, 2.5 m (8’ 2”) wide and 3.3. m (10’ 10”) tall, this is no shrinking violet. If you’re familiar with

Sunliner’s model line-up the Habitat is in the same size league as the Switch, but with

(as close as I can tell) a Pinto 443 floor plan, which I’ll get to later. Despite its size it lacks a slide-out, which is a good move given the potentially rough terrain it will encounter and the stresses that could place on the body structure. That’s quite apart from the potential for one to malfunction in an ‘inconvenient’ location.


The high-mounted spare wheel sits safely atop the steel rear bumper and is accessed via a wind-down carrier.


Close-up the Habitat cuts an imposing figure and looks even ‘tougher’ in the metal. Standard equipment level is impressive and well thought out.

Day Test | 29

The Habitat rides on the latest Iveco Daily

70C170 cab-chassis and has a 7000 kg

GVM derated to 6500 kg. Fortunately that still leaves a generous 1500 kg payload capacity. Just be aware you’ll need a Light

Rigid (LR) licence to drive it! Contrary to appearances there is no suspension lift; any increase in the Iveco’s already good ground clearance comes from the all-terrain tyres.

This model Daily comes with the singleturbo version of Iveco’s signature 3.0-litre

4-cylinder diesel, producing 125 kW and

430 Nm. Although Iveco offers a 150 kW/470 Nm twin-turbo option it really would be overkill. The reason is ZF’s Hi-Matic

8-speed fully automatic gearbox, which seems to have a ratio for every occasion and operates with silken efficiency. Given the Habitat’s all-road/rough-road ambitions this transmission choice is perfect, as an


The latest Iveco Daily has a modern and comfortable cab, while the standard 8-speed auto gearbox is a beauty.


The bull-bar, lights and CB are all standard, as is a dash-cam.

30 | Day Test


Rear stabiliser legs are a handy inclusion for camping stability. Note the heavy-duty tank guard.



BF Goodrich All Terrain tyres are an excellent choice, gripping well off-road and on, including in the wet. They also increase ground clearance slightly, which is an added bonus. automatic is better suited to loose/soft/ rocky conditions due to its smooth power deliver, which reduces the chance of wheel spin. Importantly, the Habitat comes with the Daily’s optional differential lock, which adds a considerable degree of ability in the above conditions.

Combined with the extra grip of the excellent BF Goodrich All Terrains (tyres I have extensive off-road experience with and can’t recommend too highly), the Habitat will likely go further than most owners will dare venture or find out. Impressively, these tyres are quiet on bitumen, grip well in the wet and are long wearing. Although BF

Goodrich is an American tyre manufacturer it’s owned by Michelin, a company that knows a thing or three about making quality rubber…

The Habitat blends practicality with style and comfort, but is never too singleminded…

Day Test | 31

32 | Day Test


A dventuring is what the Habitat is all about. For starters it has a huge 210 litre fuel tank (think an easy 1000plus km range), 400 litres of fresh water and enough electrical oomph for you to become a remote power station: 300 amp-hours of house battery capacity backed by 300 watts of solar, plus a 2.9 kW petrol generator included for good measure. And if you need to run your hairdryer and Nespresso machine a 3000 watt inverter will let you do both and more – at the same time!

Sunliner reckons the capacities provide at least five days of self-sufficient camping. Depending where you’re parked, however, the small 100 litre grey water tank will be the limiting factor if you can’t legally dump it, along with the 19 litre toilet cassette. Perhaps for this machine a 100-odd litre black water tank for the toilet would make more sense…

The Habitat has considerable external storage by way of a full-width rear boot that has a floor-to-ceiling section on the driver’s side said to be ideal for snow skis, fishing rods or even a surfboard. The boot is also pressurised via a fan to minimise dust ingress.

Sunliner says it has identified security as a matter of serious concern to customers who free camp. While a motorhome provides

There’s decent bench space and good storage in the well equipped kitchen. Note the black-finish mixer tap, plus a filtered drinking water tap.

Day Test | 33


Under the driver’s-side sofa lurks the excellent Tuma Combi diesel-fired hot water and room heater. Next to it sits a pair of 150 AH house batteries and a massive 3000 W sine wave inverter. Factor in the 2 x 150 W solar panels plus a 2.9 kW generator and the Habitat is a veritable mobile power station!


The comfy lounges convert to single beds, while with the table removed there’s easy cab access. There’s also plenty of entertaining room for when friends drop by… significant advantages over other RV types in this regard due to being able to jump into the cab and drive off, the Habitat takes things further. Much further. It comes with a new

Quick Evacuation mode that at the touch of a button turns on the LED flood lights, raises the rear stabiliser legs, retracts the electric awning and entry steps, and let’s you hit the road in around 90 seconds. Very clever. It also includes lockable water and generator fuel fillers, a security entry door and high-set windows.

Inside Story

T he Habitat is a four-seat four-berth

B-class motorhome. The floorplan features a pair of swivelling cab seats that integrate with two long sofas that double as single beds, while the main bed lowers from the roof above them. It has a mid kitchen (with the entry door opposite) and a

34 | Day Test

The main bed lowers electrically and can be left made-up, which is good!

You can sleep across the bed or lengthways, and with it raised half way the dinette seats become single beds, making this a true 4-berth/4-seat motorhome.

full-width bathroom, behind which is storage.

While certainly not ‘tough’ inside, the militarygrade theme continues with satin finishes designed to reduce dust appearance, plus things like satin-finished black taps and shower fittings (except the external shower, which oddly is a chrome domestic-style unit that’s been cleverly mounted inside a swingopen locker door). The rest of the decor is stylishly muted in a mix of earthy tones to reinforce the Habitat’s ‘serious’ nature, but with enough highlights to reflect the model’s upmarket positioning and inclusions.

The L-shaped kitchen is a good size while the choice of a big 190 litre 2-door 12 V fridge/ freezer is an excellent one, doing away with the hassles of LPG operation associated with traditional 3-way units. It also means much longer intervals between fills for the 2 x 4 kg gas cylinders that now only have to look after the cooking, as hot water comes from a diesel-fired heater that draws fuel from the

Iveco’s tank. The same unit also provides central heating when off grid, although you can also fire up the rooftop reverse cycle aircon as an alternative (and of course, for cooling in summer!).

A well proportioned removable table provides good dining space and can be left in place when you lower the roof bed, should there just be two of you onboard. The electricallylowered roof bed is 1.83 m x 1.83 m, which is bang-on 6 feet in the old language but a bit short for some people these days. Likewise the single beds are 1.83 m long, but 0.70 m wide. At the very rear, the bathroom is a good size and comes with a large, seperate shower cubicle. Additionally, across the rear wall are deep mirror-fronted cupboards with shelves and a half-height wardrobe. While total internal

Day Test | 35

The bathroom sits across the back and is full-width. Featuring a separate shower, a stylish hand basin and vanity (with black tap!), and lots of storage, it’s well laid out and very practical.

storage is a bit limited due to the drop-down bed, it should be fine for most buyers.

What I Think

B reaking new ground is never easy, but with the Habitat Sunliner appears to have pulled a winning rabbit right out of the hat (Bullwinkle would be pleased). The

Habitat is an innovative concept that’s well executed and I believe it will be a winner. It’s don’t-mess-with-me attitude is backed by considerable abilities yet softened by more than enough luxury. It’s also the first serious entrant in a new motorhome class that’s certain to become very popular. If you have remote travel ambitions without venturing too far off the beaten track, the Habitat could give you the control you desire to fulfil them, but without sacrificing comfort and convenience. How good is that?

36 | Day Test







Approved Seating











Tare Weight

Gross Vehicle Mass

Max Payload

Braked Towing Capacity


Overall Length

Overall Width

Overall Height

Internal Height

Roof Bed

Single Beds

Sunliner RV





Light Rigid (LR)

Iveco Daily 70C170

3.0 L 4-cylinder turbo-diesel

125 kW @ 2900-3500 rpm

430 Nm @ 1500-2600 rpm

8 speed automatic

ABS, ESP, Hill Start, EBD, dual airbags

210 L

4500 kg (approx)

6500 kg

1500 kg (approx)

3500 kg

8.20 m (26’ 11”)

2.50 m (8’ 2”)

3.30 m (10’ 10”)

1.95 m (6’ 5”). 1.85 m (6’ 1”) under roof bed

1.83 m x 1.83 m (6’ x 6’)

1.83 m x 0.70 m (6’ x 2’ 4”)





Entry Steps







12 V Sockets/USB Outlets

Air Conditioner

Space Heater

Hot Water System







Fresh Water

Grey Water

Hot Water







Thetford Triplex 3 burner, grill & oven


Stainless Steel

190 L 2-door Waeco 12 V compressor


12 V LED


Roof mounted reverse cycle

Truma Combi diesel

Truma Combi diesel

Thetford cassette

Separate cubicle

2 x 150 AH

2 x 150 W

2 x 4 kg

400 L ( 4 x 100 L)

100 L

10 L

19 L cassette

$185,000 plus dealer and on-road costs

Day Test | 37


• Innovations

• Capabilities

• Standard equipment

• Style

• Luxury


• Grey water capacity

• Limited internal storage


Sunliner RV

T: (03) 8761 6411

W: www.sunliner.com.au

Click for

Google Maps


Australian Motorhomes

31 Pacific Highway,

Bennetts Green, NSW. 2290.

T: (02) 4948 0433

W: australianmotorhomes.com.au

38 | Day Test

Go Further. Stay Longer

We listened, and built a long range, multi-terrain, touring motorhome. The Habitat is loaded with freedom finding features including a long range fuel tank, an extensive power system, increased water capacity, massive storage, higher ground clearance and a thoughtful security system.

The Habitat has arrived


40 | Feature


Mining company vehicle experience is behind every motorhome they build…

by Allan Whiting of

Outback Travel Australia

Feature | 41

4 x4 Motorhomes Australia is part of the

Bus 4x4 Group, the Brisbane-based motorhome-body builders on Iveco and Isuzu 4WD cab-chassis, and secondary manufacturer of 4WD Toyota Coaster and

Commuter vehicles.

Bus 4x4 Group also includes I-Bus Australia, which sells buses built on Isuzu truck cabchassis. In the last few years, Bus 4x4 Group has diversified from 4WD-converted mining transport vehicles to school buses, coaches, tour vehicles, campervan and motorhome bodies.

4x4 Motorhomes Australia predominantly concentrates on 4WD models of Toyota,

Isuzu and Iveco vehicles. The Isuzu and Iveco cab-chassis come with factory-fitted 4x4 drivetrains, but the Coaster and Commuter models require converting to 4WD before they are fitted with external motorhome modifications.

Converting to 4WD is second nature to this company since it cut its teeth – literally – in the

Australian mining environment. We can’t think of a tougher place to learn what works and what doesn’t, as drivers of mining company equipment aren’t noted for their loving care of machinery! Given the Bus 4x4 pedigree it’s unsurprising that motorhomes from this company are much sought after because of their body build, quality fit-outs and the freedom of outback driving almost without limitation.

Toyota Models

B us 4x4 Motorhomes converts new or used Toyota Coasters, as well as

HiAce vehicles from two-wheel drive

(2WD) to all-wheel drive (AWD), using inhouse designed technology with genuine

Toyota parts. The 4x4 conversion work is currently done in Brisbane, but there are a number of approved service centres in other parts of Australia. The conversions suit both manual and automatic versions of these vehicles, although the HiAce is only available in the super-long wheelbase

(SLWB) model.

The transition from a 2WD Coaster to an AWD motorhome starts by adding a lift-kit to the front and rear suspension.

Next, they add another Toyota differential up the front, which gets its drive from an AWD Transfer case. With this system there is no need to engage free-wheeling hubs to get off the road. The standard ventilated disc brakes from the Coaster are changed for an updated type, to

Feature | 43 accommodate the front drive axels. Callipers and disc pads remain as standard. A front prop-shaft connects to an AWD, two-speed transfer case that’s stirred by an electronic rock switch. At the back the drive axle is slung under the leaf-spring pack and with optional super-single tyres the ground clearance is increased to a whopping 230 mm. Also on offer is a High Lift 2WD Coaster that can be converted to a motorhome. The HiAce system is similar to the Coaster, in that it is also AWD, with independent front suspension.

When I test drove one of the 4x4 Motorhomes

Coasters on a quick spin around some of

Brisbane’s lesser-quality roads, I realised ride quality had been transformed from the standard Coaster’s rigid reaction to bumps.

The converted Coaster motorhome didn’t feel like it was riding almost a foot higher than the standard machine because handling was flat and predictable.


I-Bus Motorhomes

-Bus motorhomes can be supplied in two specification levels: the first is a generic I-Bus bus-based motorhome body on a frontengined Isuzu truck chassis. The second stage is a customised motorhome, including body modifications such as rear-mounted tyre and storage space, roof racks, brush bar, bull bar, tow bar and other accessories.

4x4 Motorhomes builds on three Isuzu 4WD cab-chassis variants: the 300 Series (75-155);

44 | Feature

600 Series (110-210) and 800 Series (139-

260). In addition, I-Bus 2WD motorhomes can be built on the 450 Series (87/80-190), right up to the 1000 Series (165-300).

I-Bus 4x4 motorhome bodies come with parttime or full-time 4WD systems and with super single tyre and spring suspension options.

Importantly, Isuzu spare parts and service for the engine and drive train are available at

Isuzu dealerships and service centres across


An Iveco Daily 4x4 Mini Bus built by Bus

4x4 debuted at the Sydney Bus and Coach

Show in November 2016. This vehicle, with its 24-ratio transmission and excellent ground clearance has the best off-road ability in its class. The body design was developed to include a motorhome option and Bus 4x4 is already processing orders for the motorhome version of the Iveco Daily 4x4. As with the

Isuzu motorhome range the finished product can be generic or fitted with similar options.

The larger models in the Iveco range – Tonto and Trakker – make ideal motorhomes and the

Trakker can be supplied as a 4x4 or a 6x6.

Iveco Motorhomes

B us 4x4 has had a long-term agreement to build bus and coach bodies on Iveco

Daily, Iveco ML 150, and Iveco Trakker vehicles. These models are very popular with mining companies and outback tour operators, and all of their engineered bodies can be built as motorhome bodies.

All Iveco 4x4 motorhome bodies come with factory 4WD systems and standard front, centre and rear differential locks, plus factory super single tyre options. Backed by Iveco, spare parts and service for the cab-chassis are available at all Iveco centres across Australia.

Feature | 45

Bus 4x4 Group also builds custom vehicles, including wheelchair-accessible models, so 4x4 Motorhomes can offer customised solutions for specific transportation needs. Two such custom vehicles were the Landace for a Perth customer and the LandCruiser Safari built for Emirates Resorts: both on the tough

Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series GX model.

prices are approximate and depend on the external contractor and the final layout and options. All include living, kitchen, shower and bedroom areas with vinyl flooring; cooktop, fridge, water tanks, hot water system, house batteries and an external awning. Slide-outs and extra body modifications can be planned at the motorhome body build stage.

Motorhome fit-outs

4 x4 Motorhomes don’t do internal fitouts, but can source them through reputed specialists who use cutting edge materials for innovative design, with ample storage and space.

Bus 4x4 warrants its motorhome body for 3 years while the fit-out warranty is dependent on the chosen contractor. For more information call 1300 BUS (1300 287 494) or visit the website here .

The most popular fit-outs fall into 3 types: the

Core Series, used predominantly for 6-7-metre vehicles and starting at $31,990; the Executive

Series, starting at $49,990, and the luxurious

Premium Series, starting at $64,990. All fit-out

by Richard Robertson

Feature | 47

S ometimes it’s only when you look back over your life that you realise just how far we’ve come. In this instance I’m talking about technology. For a kid who’d just turned 11 when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and who thought that soon he’d be living in a Jetsons’-style sky city and travelling eve-rywhere in a flying car, much so-called

‘progress’ has been a serious disappointment.

Yet computers, the Internet, smartphones and more have revolutionised our lives almost by stealth, and it’s usually only when looking back that you realise it. Sometimes, however, the future just arrives and slaps you in the face

– and the latter happened to me a few days before Christmas.

It arrived in the form of a couple if hours behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S. In case you’re not familiar with the brand, Tesla makes allelectric cars and the Model S is its flagship.

Made in America but eschewing the usual US love of bling, glitz and bad taste, the Model

S is a stylish, glamorous car of Aston Martinesque looks and performance. Visual and statistical appeal aside, it’s what’s under the skin that would bring a smile to any member of the Jetson family, even though it doesn’t fly.

Well, not yet…

Tesla is the brainchild of Elon Musk. South

African born but now described as a

Canadian-American businessman, 45-year old Musk is a genuine genius on a mission to

Elon Musk: A man on a quest to save the world…

48 | Feature

Musk’s Space X is already sending cargo to the International Space Station and launching satellites. Astronauts are next, both into orbit and then on to the Moon and Mars.

literally save the world. Using billions earned from the sale of PayPal, Musk started Tesla as a way to shake up the complacent and short-sighted auto industry; much the same as Steve Jobs did with the iPhone and telecommunications industry. Musk also has a rocket company – Space X – which has NASA contracts to send supplies and eventually people to the In-ternational Space

Station. That’s just a stepping stone because he’s on a bigger mission; one to put people on Mars within 20 years, thus reducing the chance of Humanity being wiped out by an asteroid impact, nuclear war or epidemic.

That’s what I mean about saving the world.

Terrestrially, Musk’s ambition with Tesla also includes revolutionising the global power industry though battery storage technology that captures excess solar power during the day and redistributes it at night. This will

(hopefully) eventually do away with polluting power stations and help save Earth’s environment. And then there are the non-polluting electric cars that will also help save the environment. Told you he’s on a mission!

Noble ambitions aside the Tesla Model S is a stunning car in its own right. It’s been such a success that Tesla has released an

SUV called the Model X and in 2018 we’ll get the Model 3, a compact and much more affordable electric car ‘for the masses’.

Apart from its near silent operation and supercar performance the Model S is a real driver’s car – unless you don’t want it to be.

That’s because it has Au-topilot and can literally drive itself. Trust me, sitting behind the wheel of a self-driving car is a life changing

experience – and I can’t wait for it to become part of my daily life. I also can’t wait for the day the technology spreads to motorhomes. The implications are enormous and it’s proof the future has ar-rived. Other auto manufacturers are being pulled kicking and screaming into an all-electric 21st century and it bodes well for all of us. I’ve seen the future and you know what? It has a very strong hint of Musk….

Plug & play: The all-electric Tesla S is also a computer on wheels. The enormous console screen has a myriad of display options and the car can drive itself to varying degrees, depending on the options chosen. Fully autonomous operation is one such option, but this is also a real driver’s car, for those who want the best of both worlds.

Feature | 49

50 | Feature

Or how a specialist German manufacture came up with something new by thinking inside the square… from New Atlas

Feature | 51

L ast year, German camping module specialist Ququq (pronounced Cuckoo) turned the Mercedes G-Class into a makeshift off-road expedition vehicle with the

G-Box. At the time, the company said it had a similar Land Rover Defender product in the pipeline. That was no lie. The D-Box, as it's called, was recently announced ahead of an official debut this June. The Defender driver now has a simple, affordable way of using their vehicle as a temporary home on multi-day expeditions.

We really liked how Ququq adapted its invehicle camping system for the G-Class to create a simple and affordable off-road expedition. The problem we saw with the

G-Box was that the G-Class itself really isn't a very affordable vehicle, so the overall price quickly jumps up into six-figure territory. The

Land Rover Defender is more affordable and is another icon in the off-roading world. The

D-Box adds overnighting capabilities within the Defender's footprint, offering a hardsided sleeping alternative to roof-top tents,

52 | Feature which Ququq recognises as the competition.

Additionally, the D-Box includes a kitchen, which doesn't come standard with any roof tent we're aware of.

The timing might seem a bit weird, seeing as how Defender production ended with much fanfare a year ago. But it's not as though

Defenders aren't still finding plenty of use out on the road and trail. Ququq estimates 70 per cent of all Defenders ever made are still out there motoring along, and whether you buy into that specific figure or not, it's safe to say the Defender is still a very popular and active vehicle for off-roading and overland expeditions.

What’s in D-Box?

T he D-Box’s 65 kg package includes a main storage box that secures down just inside the Defender's rear door. The fold-out mattress sits on top and stretches out toward the front seats during set-up, offering

1.95 x 1.25 m of sleeping space. The cooking amenities are simple but complete and include a slide-out with dual-burner stove and storage, a small worktop, 2 x 10-litre water jugs, and two bowls. The spouted water jug and bowl can work together as a simple sink.

The D-Box is made from water-resistant wood and reinforced with aluminium on the edges.

It measures 0.73 m x 0.42 m x 0.76 m and is designed to be carried to and from the

Defender by two people. Of course it will never rival a fully equipped off-road motorhome or campervan in amenities, but it won't come anywhere near those in price, either. It costs

€2,590 (just under NZ$4000) from the factory and will officially debut at Europe’s largest offroad show, the Abenteuer & Allrad in Bavaria, in June.

The bed is surprisingly long while the compact camp kitchen has all the basics covered. As a removable camping unit that adds versatility to the Defender the D-Box seems to be a winner.

Feature | 53

More in the Box!

iMotorhome notes Ququq also makes a range of similar modular camper kits for smaller European vans/people movers, which you can find by clicking here . Or click here to watch a video of how quick and simple the conversion is.


RV Friendly Towns

T he RV Friendly program is a Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia

Limited (CMCA) initiative aimed at assisting RV travellers as they journey throughout this wonderful country. An RV

Friendly Town™ (RVFT) is one that provides a certain number of amenities and a certain level of services for these travellers. When

RV tourists enter a town displaying the RVFT sign they know they will be welcome. Certain services will be provided for them that may not be available in other centres, and they will have access to a safe place to stay overnight and possibly for a longer period. To find out more about RV Friendly Towns and Destinations visit the CMCA’s website by clicking here . For an interactive map of all RV friendly Towns, click here. This month’s featured RV Friendly Towns are:

Travel | 55

Macarthur, Victoria.

M acarthur is a small, rural township 311 km west of Melbourne. It was named after General Edward Macarthur in

1857; however, prior to this it was known as Eumeralla, an Aboriginal term thought to mean ‘valley of plenty’. The town offers a small service centre including a pub, post office, chemist, rural supply store and milk bar.

Macarthur serves as a gateway to Mount

Eccles National Park, the home of the long dormant volcano, Mount Eccles. Within its crater lies the tranquil Lake Surprise and a variety of walking trails, including the Natural

Bridge and Lava Canal.

RV travellers can find a safe and secure parking area at Macarthur Recreation Reserve.

Powered sites are $10 per vehicle per night and a small donation is requested for use of unpowered sites. A dump point is located at the reserve, along with toilets, barbecues and a limited water supply. Pets on leads are also permitted.

Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

Casual Parking (near retail centre)

Long Term Parking

Short Term Parking

Dump Point

Potable Water

Mooney’s General Store

High Street, Macarthur

High Street, Macarthur

72hr, Macarthur Recreation Reserve, 5158 Port Fairy

Hamilton Road, $10 pvpn power, $5 for unpowered, pets on lead, toilets, limited water, barbecue

72hr, Macarthur Recreation Reserve, 5158 Port Fairy

Hamilton Road, $10 pvpn power, $5 for unpowered, pets on lead, toilets, limited water, barbecue

Macarthur Recreation Reserve, 5158 Port Fairy

Hamilton Road (Lat Long -38.0387, 142.0061)

Macarthur Recreation Reserve, 5158 Port Fairy

Hamilton Road

56 | Travel

Kambalda, Western Australia

L ocated 616 km east of Perth, Kambalda sits on the edge of a giant salt lake –

Lake Lefroy – a 40 kilometre salt pan that is rarely filled with water. Kambalda was founded in 1897 during the gold boom, but was completely deserted by 1908. The town was revived in the 1960s, however, with the construction of Australia’s first nickel mine.

Visitors can experience panoramic views of

Lake Lefroy or enjoy the local flora and fauna on the Red Hill Walking Trail to the lookout.

Both are well worth a visit for anyone stopping in town.

Free parking for RVs is available for up to 24 hours on Barnes Drive in Kambalda West.

A dump point, potable water and bins are provided at the site and pets on leads are also permitted.

Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

Casual Parking (near retail centre)

Short & Long Term Parking

Dump Point

Potable Water

Kambalda Community Resource Centre

Silver Gimlet & Salmon Gum Road, Kambalda

Phone: 08 9080 2111 www.coolgardie.wa.gov.au

Salmon Gum Road

24hr, Barnes Drive, bins, water, pets on lead, nil cost

Barnes Drive (Lat Long: -31.2071, 121.6217)

Barnes Drive, near dump point

Travel | 57

Port Lincoln, South Australia

S ituated on the Eyre Peninsula of South

Australia, Port Lincoln is 280 km west of Adelaide. The beautiful township overlooks Boston Bay and claims to be the

Seafood Capital of Australia, with local fisheries specialising in tuna, kingfish, abalone, mussels and oyster production.

Port Lincoln is a fantastic base from which to explore the nearby Coffin Bay National Park and Kellidie Bay Conservation Park. Water sports such as yachting, diving and game fishing are popular in the surrounding Spencer

Gulf as well as the Great Australian Bite.

RV parking is available for up to 72 hours at the

Axel Point and Billy Lights Point Boat Ramps.

Both sites are available for $10 per vehicle per night and provide access to toilets, bins and water. Site fees are payable to Port Lincoln VIC or Axel Stenross Maritime Museum. A dump point and potable water can be found on

Windsor Avenue.

Tourist/Visitor Information Centre

Casual Parking (near retail centre)

Short Term Parking

Long Term Parking

Dump Point

Potable Water

Port Lincoln Visitor Information Centre

3 Adelaide Place, Port Lincoln

Phone: 08 8683 3544 www.visitportlincoln.net

Tasman Terrace on seaside opposite Makybe Diva Statue;

Washington Street between Adelaide Place & Lewis Street

Axel Stenross Boat Ramp, toilets, bins, water; 72 hour,

Billy Lights Point Boat Ramp, toilets, bins, water, barbecue,

72 hour; both sites $10 pvpn, payable to Port Lincoln VIC or Axel Stenross Maritime Museum

Axel Stenross Boat Ramp, toilets, bins, water; 72 hour,

Billy Lights Point Boat Ramp, toilets, bins, water, barbecue,

72 hour; both sites $10 pvpn, payable to Port Lincoln VIC or Axel Stenross Maritime Museum

Windsor Avenue, locked at sunset & reopened at sunrise

(Lat Long: -34.7430, 135.8551)

Windsor Avenue

Gunning For Gunning!

A small town with a big welcome...

by Sharon Hollamby

You’ll find Gunning on the Old Hume Highway detour just off the freeway, in the Southern

Tablelands of NSW. It’s 275 km south west of Sydney and only 75 km north of Canberra.

Originally a coach stop and service centre, its main street was built wide to cater for horse and bullock drawn wagons, so parking is easy and plentiful.

I was fortunate to be able to chat with local

Leslie Birch about Gunning. Leslie is not only passionate about what is happening in her town today, but about the rich history

Gunning has to share: Murders, mysteries and heartwarming stories are all part of Gunning’s heritage and Leslie can tell you about them all. As a representative of the Gunning District association she is keen to let travellers know they are welcome to visit and to stay a while.

“If Barbour Park (a well known and popular freedom camping spot) is full there is plenty of room at the showground,” she said. Planned upgrades include a walking trail, cycling track

My Town | 59 and an outdoor gym. This all takes money of course, so get into Gunning and support the town that wants to support you. our residents, Keith Brown has written a book on the case,” she says proudly.

What’s Gunning best known for?

“Gunning is well known as one of the major centres of fine wool production in the world.

We are also part of the gold trail which runs throughout the region and we have sapphire hunting just 15 km down the road.”

“Our more modern claim to fame is the Picture

House Gallery and Bookshop, which is coowned by the famous Australian actor Max


When’s the best time to visit?

“Spring and autumn are beautiful here as all the trees in the main street are either in bloom or changing colours and it’s wonderful.” “Historically, when bushrangers roamed the area in 1840, the Whitten Gang killed John

Kennedy Hume, brother of Hamilton Hume.

The Hume brothers erected a tomb for their brother that is still situated in the Gunning cemetery.”

“A couple of years later, Lucretia Dunkley along with her servant Martin Beech, murdered her husband. The trial was held at Berrima and they were both executed a few days later. One of

What are the top things to see and do?

“Pye cottage is a must see. It is an original slab hut, donated to the historical society by the Pye family. In 1975 it was moved piece-bypiece from its original site in Dalton and faithfully rebuilt in Gunning. There are a lot of historic buildings here to explore including the old churches, courthouse and post office.”

What about major festivals and events?

“In February we have the Gunning show, which was a great success again this year.

April is when we take part in Hauling the

Hume: A huge convoy of historic vehicles drive from Sydney to Yass along the Old

Hume Highway raising money for charities along the way. In September we have a massive fireworks festival, and if you love markets the Lions Club has one on the last

Sunday of every month.”

Where’s the best place for coffee?

“Definitely the Old Hume Café, because I do love their coffee. They also do great burger and chips, or for something sweet try their crepes. The Merino is another great coffee shop but is a little more gourmet. Their smoked salmon and scrambled eggs are delicious, but personally the Old Hume is my favourite.”

What about the best places to eat?

“The Telegraph Hotel in Gunning has terrific cooks and is good value for money. The

Grazing restaurant in nearby Gundaroo is lovely if you are looking for something a bit more up-market.”

What’s good to see and do at night?

“A great and affordable family night out is the movies at Goulburn’s Lilac City Cinema. With adults tickets at just $9 you really can’t go wrong.”

How do the locals relax?

“Like any town we have a number of clubs; snooker, soccer, cricket and dancing to name a few. The swimming pool is a popular place in summer and the kids love the skate park. Our community is so proactive and that includes our youth. It’s thanks to the efforts of four young locals that petitioned and raised money that we have a skate park. Our future projects include a walking/cycling trail and an outdoor gym.”

Recommended Picnic Spots?

“Barbour Park is a great picnic spot and has a playground for the little ones. The skate park at the showground may appeal to those with older kids.”

“We do have walking trails, but we are hoping to expand on them and introduce an outdoor gym. At the moment you can do the historical walk around town, go for a swim at our lovely pool or even try out our skate park.”

Where are the best camping spots?

“Barbour Park has free hot showers, a playground, free barbecues, plus pets are welcome. When Barbour Park gets too busy the Gunning Showground is an excellent alternative.”

Do you have any specialised disabled facilities?

“We do have disabled toilets at the old

Courthouse and I think most of our shops are easy access.”

What about shopping with easy parking?

“We don’t have a big supermarket chain in town but Gunning Motors does have a minimart and great country hospitality. I work there on weekdays, so drop in and say hi! Gunning has a big wide street with very easy parking”

Do you have facilities for visitors wanting to keep fit?

Finally, what do you think makes Gunning special?

“It’s a little bit of country, close to the city, that we are lucky enough to call home. It’s not just the town though it’s the people, the atmosphere that makes it great. As Michael

Keaton from The Castle said, ‘How’s the serenity’.”

62 | My Town

Fast Facts

Gunning Visitor Information Centre

56 Yass Street Gunning, NSW

Casual Parking:

Ample parking in the main St

Short Term Parking:

Barbour Park, Adams Street Gunning

Donation box at the service station

Long Term Parking:

Gunning Showground, Copeland Street Gunning

Potable Water:

Barbour Park, Adams street, Gunning Showground,

Copeland street


Crookwell District Hospital, Kialla Road, Crookwell, Ph (02) 4832 1300


Gunning Community Care, 101 Yass Street, Gunning, Ph (02) 4845 1166


Goulburn Dental Care, 205 Auburn Street Goulburn, (02) 4821 2531


Gunning Motors and convenience store, 56 Yass Street Gunning,

Ph (02) 4845 1394

My Town | 63

64 | Roadside Eats

ANZAC Salute!

The humble ANZAC biscuit has a special place in all our hearts…

By Emily Barker

Roadside Eats | 65


NZAC Day is once more upon us and the history and importance of the biscuit that bear’s its name is something worth knowing. It’s a story of innovation, determination, courage and at the heart of it, love.

Father John Fahey, a Catholic padre serving on Gallipoli, was unim-pressed with army-issue biscuits. He wrote, “The man who invented the army biscuit was an unmitigated rascal. As an eatable there is little to choose between it and a seasoned jarrah board.” known as an ANZAC wafer or ANZAC tile, the original recipe was still a very hard biscuit.

Today’s version, however, is rather more palatable – and ideal for eating by the roadside with a cup of tea, while enjoying the freedoms those young men fought so valiantly to preserve. Lest we forget…

Concerned for their boys and with limited resources, mothers developed an egg-free nutritional biscuit with a long shelf life. That’s because transport options during World War

1 were limited and anything sent from home needed to survive the long ocean voyage, which could take two months or more. Also

66 | Roadside Eats

ANZAC Biscuits

You’ll Need…

• 1 cup rolled oats

• 1 cup plain flour

• 1 cup sugar

• 3/4 cup coconut

• 125 g (4 oz) butter

• 2 tablespoons golden syrup

• ½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

• 1 tablespoon boiling water


• Combine oats, sifted flour, sugar and coconut

• Combine butter and golden syrup, stir over gentle heat until melted

• Mix soda with boiling water, add to melted butter mixture, stir into dry ingredients.

• Take teaspoonfuls of mixture and place on lightly greased oven trays; allow room for spreading

• Cook in slow oven (150°C) for 20 minutes

• Loosen while still warm, then cool on trays.

• Makes about 35

Recipe Courtesy of the Australian Women’s Weekly ‘Beautiful Biscuits’

Roadside Eats | 67

68 | Mobile Tech

Eat, drink and be merry….

By Emily Barker

Mobile Tech | 69

W e all know that health and happiness go hand in hand – like a great wine perfectly paired with a delicious meal. The trick apparently is to create a healthy balance, which can take a little effort, a fair degree of moderation and often a little inspiration. The following is a brief collection of apps designed to do just that; to help you find, enjoy and carefully balance some of the best things in life!

Jamie Oliver’s Recipes

Cost: Free

Size: 48.8 MB

Platform: iOS & Android

Jamie Oliver has several successful apps available for both iOS and Android devices.

Sharing his no-nonsense approach to wholesome healthy food, he is a celebrity chef with a whole lot of passion for good food and health; minus the fad extremism.

He also values and promotes the benefits of a good meal that go beyond nutrition and practicalities. His dishes are wholesome, affordable, easy to prepare, delicious and often a little indulgent. Yet you don’t need to be a master chef to approach these recipes, just a healthy appreciation for flavour will do.

I’ve included this free app as a little colourful inspiration and motivation.

need not be a complicated, expensive or timeconsuming experience!

It only contains a small selection of recipes

(tasters) and these are updated each week, with 15 more seasonal recipes from his extensive collection. The complete app is valued at $10.99 and contains over 600 recipes and hours of video tutorials. This mini version is quick and fresh; there’s no getting lost or overwhelmed, so it’s perfect for instant inspiration or midweek meal planning. Each recipe is presented in easy to follow steps with relevant images. You can add ingredients to a very handy shopping list (divided into sections or aisles) and you can even email this directly to someone via the app itself. Overall this app is a fresh and vibrant reminder that great food

Vivino Wine Scanner

Cost: Free

Size: 168 MB

Platform: iOS & Android

Recently updated, this app is a very useful tool for anyone who enjoys good wine. At its core it uses label recognition software combined with an intuitive interface to identify wines and provide a variety of information specific to each wine. There are various apps of its kind available but none with the same degree of popularity or accuracy that’s credited to Vivino.

Containing various handy features it caters for

70 | Mobile Tech whose passion for appreciating, sharing and promoting good wine is abundantly evident.


Cost: Free

Size: 71.2 MB

Platform: iOS and Android

Perhaps it’s thanks to our varied multicultural roots or maybe it’s our modern global alertness, but one thing is certain: Australian coffee culture is now a rich and distinct part of our national identity. We might not recognise it so much ourselves, but like it or not we’re internationally recognised for it. We love good coffee, we grow, roast and brew great coffee and it seems we are on an eternal search wine lovers of all calibres – from professional sommeliers to casual connoisseurs and to those with no idea where to start.

This is a full-bodied, robust app with delicate notes of crowdsourced ratings; paired effortlessly with professional nonbiased specifics such as average price and vintage particulars. The interactive structure is strong yet not overwhelming, with a wide range of customisable features reminiscent of a well-balanced international enterprise

to find, enhance and sate our espresso experiences. As the American chain Starbucks belatedly found out, independently owned

Australian cafes already do this exceptionally well. Melbourne is world-famous for its coffee culture, with Sydney and Brisbane not far behind. If fact you would be hard-pressed to find a major town in Australia devoid of at least one good coffee shop. But where do you find the best coffee, especially when visiting a new town?

Enter Beanhunter – the app dedicated to fuelling our coffee obsession and brought to you by a united community of coffee lovers.

What began as an active website is now an interactive app that helps people find, share and even purchase great coffee throughout

Australia. Users leave reviews and ratings of their café experience including, but not limited to, coffee quality and presentation, atmosphere and service experiences. These ratings are proving very influential in what is a booming industry, with growers, roasters, brewers and café owners competitively vying for ranks, which is always great news for consumers. In terms of features this app is ambitious. Apart from the obvious search by location feature you can explore your local and national coffee world in detail, and view rankings, read articles and provide your own feedback. You can even join the coffee club and have speciality coffee delivered to your door on a fortnightly basis. At participating cafes in Melbourne you can also use the app to pay for your coffee, making Beanhunter the ultimate fusion of coffee culture and technology!

Mobile Tech | 71

72 | What’s On?

What's On?

a recovery breakfast for the overnight stayers.

Located 44km West of Richmond the Maxi Races are a proud display of local heart and heritage.

Our new, ongoing round-up of events across

Australia for the next three months. From food and wine festivals to music of all types, arts, crafts and more, there’s something for you somewhere, so get planning and get out there!



31-2 – Brisbane:

National 4x4 Outdoors Show,

Fishing and Boating Expo. Prepare for an actionpacked event for fishermen, boaties and outback tourers. With over 200 exhibitors, retailers and industry experts showcasing the latest in fishing, boating, camping, outdoors and 4x4 products.

1 – Maxwelton:

Maxi Races. Country racing at its best, experience true outback hospitality in this iconic event featuring horse races, fashions on the field, live entertainment, novelty events and even

7-9 – Julia Creek:

Julia Creek Dirt ’n Dust.

Offering visitors three jam-packed days of unique fun and entertainment. See the gutsy outback triathlon teams in action, back a winner at the

Artesian Express Outback Horse Races, or kick on late with nightly outdoor concerts and experience the spectacular Dirt n Dust Bullride sanctioned by

PBR. Real outback hospitality, festivity and fun!

13-17 Roma:

Roma’s Easter in the Country


Celebrating its 40th year this iconic event brilliantly showcases the history and lifestyle of regional Queensland. Offering a range of activities for the thrill-seeker, the cultural buff, and for those that like to take things a little more leisurely. Enjoy a long weekend in the experiencing the atmosphere and friendliness that Roma and the Maranoa has to offer.

What’s On? | 73 festivity as Quilpie kicks up her heels to celebrate this milestone. Held over four days there’s something for everyone!

15 Kenilworth:

Kenilworth Cheese, Wine and

Food Fest.

Showcasing the unique range of the

Mary Valley’s finest foods, liqueurs and wines.

Featuring a variety of food stalls, gourmet cooking demonstrations and wine and cheese tastings all day. Free fun for the whole family in this RV friendly town.

26-1 – Barcaldine:

The Tree of Knowledge


Featuring everything from goat racing to burnout competitions and all that’s country inbetween, including horse racing, live music, street parade and markets. Prepare for a long weekend of culturally enriched celebrations.


29 April-1 May – Maleny:

Maleny Wood Expo.

From Seed to Fine Furniture. Recognised as one of the best wood shows in Australia, come celebrate and support the sustainable timber industry, meet the artisans, learn the history, experience the journey from ‘Seed to Fine Furniture’.

21-22 – Eromanga:

Opening of the Eromanga

Natural History Museum.

Join the outback

Gondwana Foundation at the official opening of the Eromanga Natural History Museum. Witness the unveiling of the Australian Dinosaur Giants

Exhibition and a camp oven dinner under the stars.

Held over two days with a range of presentations held throughout. The Museum dedicates itself to celebrating the evolution, history and amazing diversity of the prehistoric and present day life of the Outback.

1 – Rockhampton:

Wholly Cow Month.

May is home to a month long celebration of all things beef. Enjoy a range of events, restaurant menus, recipe cards, tours and more from the Beef Capital of Australia.

21-23 – Nambour:

2017 South Qld Caravan,

Camping, Boating & Fishing Expo.

One of the region’s largest events, showcasing the latest in caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, boating, auto and 4x4 accessories, camping gear and outdoor accessories. With over 140 local and regional exhibitors displaying the latest products and services.

4-21 – Brisbane:


Anywhere Theatre Festival

Over 17 days experience 500 events and performances held throughout the suburbs of

Brisbane and beyond; comedy in alleys, fashion parades in backyards, poetry in bowling clubs, walking tours on bridges and more!

20-23 – Kenilworth:

and displays.

Sunshine Coast Ukulele

Festival - Tropulele 2017.

Held over four days, prepare for a vibrant, tropical fusion of Hawaiian culture and Ukulele celebration. Featuring a full program of guest artists, competitions, exhibitions

5-7– Woodford:

Woodford Didgeridoo


Celebrate the amazing didgeridoo in a

3 day festival held on 170 acres of privately owned bushland. This uniquely Australian event features internationally renowned artists showcasing the versatility of this ancient instrument.

26-30 Quilpie:


– Quilpie Centenary

Experience an outback party like no other. Enjoy genuine country hospitality and

5 – Mackay:

The Kings of Country.

Direct from the USA, and after sell out shows in North

America, Abstract Entertainment presents this unforgettable tribute to the biggest names in country music.

74 | What’s On?

5-7 – Townsville:

North Queensland Festival of One Act Plays.

Celebrating its 25th year, experience quality theatre featuring amateur actors and directors showcasing their talents to live audiences and adjudicators.

18-21 – Noosa:

Noosa Food and Wine.

Join food and wine enthusiasts from all over the nation as they descend on the heart of the Sunshine

Coast. Discover new flavours, great Australian wines, artisan foods, Australia’s leading chefs and producers, and much more in Noosa!

6 – Barcaldine:

Barcaldine Show. Showcasing local arts and produce, agriculture, livestock, machinery displays, market stalls and the traditional sideshow alley. Don’t miss it!

6-7 – Gympie:

Gympie Garden Expo.

Cultural Festival.

One for the green thumbs! Featuring two days of non-stop garden action this event will excite and inspire all gardeners. With displays, demonstrations, markets, plant clinics, competitions and much more.

7 – Cleveland:

Redlands and Bay Islands

A free community event featuring two stages of live international performances from a diverse range of nationalities.

With international food and cultural information stalls, educational displays and plenty of festivities.

18-21 – Gold Coast:

Music Festival.

celebration of Blues music, featuring internationally renowned artists including Ian Moss, Bonnie Tyler,

Ray Beadle, Kevin Borich and more. Held in the streets and venues of the Gold Coast!

19-21 – Hideaway Bay:


Join some of Australia’s friendliest Latin dancers at the Cape Gloucester Beach Resort for the annual Whitsunday Latin Festival! With numerous workshops and more this will be a weekend not to be missed!

19-21 – 1770:

Blues on Broadbeach

A free 4-day community

Whitsunday Latin

Captain Cook 1770 Festival.

on 24 May, 1770 at Bustard Bay. This award


25th annual festival commemorates Cook’s landing winning festival caters for the whole family with live entertainment, market stalls, Indigenous dancing and even fireworks on Saturday night!

19-21 – Toowoomba:

First Coat Festival.


Coat Festival is transforming the city into one of

Australia’s largest outdoor galleries. Join them over 3 days for large-scale mural painting by international, national and local artists, plus free side events like live music, art and more.

13 – Cooroy:

Cooroy Fusion Festival. Combining with the annual shows of The Noosa District

Orchid and Foliage Society and the Cooroora

Woodworkers Club. The result is a ‘fusion’ of great fun with fabulous food stalls, artisan market stalls, live entertainment & more!

13 – Cardwell:

Cardwell UFO Festival.

Cardwell claims to be home to a variety of extra-terrestrial activities. Come celebrate this annual festival filled with out of this world fun and activities. Highlights include an Alien Invasion costume party and share experiences at the ‘C-Files’ forum.

19-21 – Hampton:

Hampton Festival.

Set in the unique atmosphere of a high country village, enjoy a 3 day food and cultural extravaganza with an extensive events program creating an authentic

High Country experience.

26-28 – Port Douglas:

Port Douglas Carnivale.

An annual celebration of the tropics where you can “Taste, Watch, Dance and Play” in nature’s playground over four days and nights of fabulous events and activities.

17 – Agnes Waters:

1770 Art Show. Covering the categories of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and textile, with a prize pool of over

$7000, it’s one Australia’s premier regional art shows.

28 – Ingham:

Ingham Car Show and Shine.

Vintage and classic vehicles on display, swap meet and with fun for the whole family with entry prizes and free kids entertainment.

28 – Goomeri:

Goomeri Pumpkin Festival. Enjoy a ‘smashin’ fun filled day! Roll a pumpkin down

What’s On? | 75

Policeman’s Hill in the unique ‘Great Australian

Pumpkin Roll’, enjoy quirky, novelty pumpkin competitions, a variety of pumpkin flavoured delicacies, street parade and much more!


2- 4 – Yalboroo:

Happy Dayze Festival.

A community based alternative lifestyle gathering focused on music, art, family and the outdoors.

Experience an energetic combination of live entertainment, workshops and classes designed to bring you joy and wellness.

20-22 – Winton:

Outback Writers’ Festival.

An event for booklovers of all ages and held in iconic

Winton, home of Waltzing Matilda. Writers and readers come together to celebrate and exchange the telling of outback Australian stories. Hear award-winning and best-selling authors tell of their trials and tribulations of writing and successful publishing.

23-2 July – Maryborough:

Mary Poppins

Festival. A 2 week program with Maryborough’s heritage streetscapes transformed into scenes from the Poppins novels. The signature event is the

Mary Poppins Festival Day in the Park, featuring a range of live themed entertainment.

3 – Maryborough:

Relish Fraser Coast.

A delicious feast of culture and cuisine serving up celebrity chefs, gourmet tastings, cooking workshops, live music and art. Learn from talented chefs who proudly showcase the region with every dish.

23-30 – Winton:

The Vision Splendid Outback

Film Festival.

Held over 9 days & featuring 30 films, this festival is like no other. Celebrating

Australian film and culture under the stars, it combines a program of classic and contemporary

Australian films with special events, conversations and masterclasses with film makers, directors, actors and actresses, a kids club and special events.

4 – Townsville:

Townsville Eco Fiesta.

An annual free and inclusive event that encourages the community to become more environmentally and wide range of exhibitors, entertainment, ideas and inspiration!

5-11 – Maryborough:

Sunshine State Classic

Country Music Stampede.

A weeklong celebration of country music. Held indoors, this all-weather event is open to all ages and features a range of invited artists and walk-up performers.

24-2 – Beaudesert,

Scenic Rim Eat Local


A delicious showcase of local food, wine and speciality gourmet products from local farmers and producers. Held throughout various locations around the Scenic Rim region, just one hour’s drive from Brisbane.

26-2 – St George:

St George Yellowbelly

Country Music and Poets Festival. An annual week-long celebration of country music, bush poetry, food, drink, camping, fishing, friends and country hospitality.

7-11 – Coolangatta:

Cooly Rocks On 50s and

60s Nostalgia Festival.

An annual celebration of everything 50s and 60s. Music, dancing, cars, nostalgia and good old-fashioned family fun are all on the program, plus the iconic Cooly Rocks On street parade.

17-18 – Jondaryan:


Queensland Fiery Food

How hot do you like it? Experience a brand new festival dedicated to exploring and showcasing fiery food producers and their products. A weekend of hot and spicy foods, live entertainment and more!

30-2 – Laura:

Cape York Laura Aboriginal

Dance Festival. Held only once every two years this is a unique gathering of local and international traditional dancers. Located in remote Cape York

Peninsula, the festival Highlights and celebrates the many diverse communities, languages, songs, dances and stories of the region. Come along to share, respect, and celebrate our unity as a nation.

Witness the passing on of culture across the generations, along with showcasing the strength, pride and uniqueness of Aboriginal people.

30 – Charleville:


Half Way There - Charleville

On your way to the Big Red Bash and need somewhere to overnight? Call in at Charleville

76 | What’s On?

and enjoy a street party with food stalls and a whole lot more!

30-2 – Cloncurry:

Rockhana Gem and Mineral


Experience a little outback hospitality with this iconic and unique festival celebrating the rich gem deposits of central Queensland. In addition to gem and mineral displays enjoy live entertainment, kids activities and markets. its 40th anniversary as Australia’s premier Scottish

Highland Gathering.

30-2 – Stanthorpe:

Snowflakes in Stanthorpe.

Experience a winter festival in rural Queensland!

Held over 3 magical winter themed days at the

Stanthorpe ‘Snowgrounds,’ featuring a massive snowfield, ice-skating rink, market stalls, food, wine, vintage cars & live entertainment!

For more Queensland events

click here!


1 – Moruya:

Southeast Harvest Regional Food


Held every autumn to showcase the harvest of the southeast region of New South

Wales. Meet local producers and experience a range of displays and presentations on sustainable living and green lifestyle choices.


31-2 – Wagga:

Wagga Outdoor Adventure

Leisure Expos.

Featuring the latest model

Caravans, Campers, Motor Homes, Boats and

Kayaks, Camper trailers, new cars and more.

5-16 – Nundle

Go For Gold Chinese Easter


Annual celebration of Nundle’s history and the Chinese and European miners that helped form the town in the mid to late 1800s. Plenty to see, do, experience and enjoy!

31-9 – Orange:

Orange F.O.O.D Week.

Enjoy fine food and wine at the annual F.O.O.D. Week (Food of Orange District). A 10-day event showcasing the region’s fresh produce, elegant wines, gourmet products, talented chefs and superb restaurants and other delicious enterprises.

6-9 – Kandos:

Cementa17 – Contemporary Arts


A free four-day showcase of independent and experimental arts spread across Kandos.

Presenting the work of over 60 artists with a focus on arts, community and the environment.

9-10 – Ettalong.

NAB Central Coast Italian


Experience a little ‘culture on the coast’.

Enjoy vino, birra, coffee and the best of Italian cuisine all weekend, live music and plenty of entertainment.

31-2 – Thirroul:

Thirroul Seaside and Arts


A celebration of the arts and the seaside community. Support emerging and established local artists and showcasing the community. Enjoy art shows, sculpture exhibitions, photography exhibitions, wearable art exhibitions, peace poster exhibition, art in the shops, street art, the talent search, craft displays, a junior surf competition, carnival rides, dancing, and plenty of live music.

8 – Orange:

Eugowra Country Fair Markets and Lions Car and Bike Show.

Market stalls and Car and Bike Show held on the banks of the picturesque Mandagery creek in the historic village of Eugowra.

1 – Bundanoon

Highland Gathering Festival.

Out of the highlands mist emerges Brigadoon, the Bundanoon Highland Gathering. With 20

Pipe Bands, highland games, Tartan Warriors, largest event of its kind in Australia. Celebrating dancers, stalls and clan representatives this is the

8-9 – Maitland:

Hunter Valley Steamfest.

One of

Australia’s premier festivals of steam. Welcoming visitors from far and wide to experience all things steam; specialty steam train rides, vintage diesel rides, market stalls, road steam, mini steam train rides, displays from the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences and live entertainment.

What’s On? | 77

9 – Woodburn:

Carnivale Italiano.

A celebration of all things Italian, commemorating the rich and colourful history of the original immigrants who settled at New Italy.

10-18 – Hartwood

Campfires and Country

Music Festival.

Country music and bush camping; described as the people’s festival, hundreds of caravans, motor-homes, camper trailers and a sprinkling of tents gather here for the week to enjoy the entertainment and camping experience.

Celebrate a proud heritage with this festival.

Attractions include classic boats, vintage and veteran cars, the Lake Macquarie historical society display, the vintage farm machinery display, market stalls, quick n dirty competition, Wangi artists group exhibition, sail past and blessing of the fleet.

11-17 – Wagga

Wagga - Stone The Crows


A unique event designed specifically for grey nomads; packed full of live entertainment, quirky games and good times.

13-17 – Byron Bay:


Australia’s premier blues and roots festival, with six stages and more than 200 performances of the best blues, roots, folk, soul and world artists.

15 – Tilba

Easter Festival. Enjoy a fun filled annual street fair and Easter celebration within a picturesque heritage village bursting with community spirit.

14-17 – Wollongong:

Mustang Nationals.


Mustang Owners Club of Australia host the Annual

Mustang Nationals in Wollongong, over the Easter weekend. Club Members and enthusiasts from all over Australia and New Zealand gather to take part in a range of events culminating with the Mustang

Nationals Show and Shine.

16 – Narrandera

Rod Run.

Enjoy a fantastic weekend of beautifully restored vintage cars.

Featuring over two hundred vehicles on display,

‘Cruizin’ No Boozing’ in East Street on Saturday from 6pm to 10pm, and the Show ‘N’ Shine in

Narrandera Park on Sunday from 12 noon to 4pm.

14-15 – Maclean

Highland Gathering.

gathering from around the country.

A celebration of Scottish cultural heritage, Maclean is known as the ‘ Most Scottish Town in Australia’ and clans invade the town for the highland

18-25 – Canowindra

International Balloon


Enjoy the daily spectacle as over 20 hot air balloons take to the skies each morning and evening. Culminating with the Balloon Glow and night markets featuring local produce, wine, crafts and synchronised balloon show.

14-16 – Ulladulla


Blessing of the Fleet

An honoured tradition, kept alive by the area’s descendants of the original Italian fishing community and by the proud town in general. Join in for a weekend of festivities and fun!

21-23 – Hill End:

The End Festival.

Come up to ‘The End’ where it all begins. Annual festival of arts, culture and heritage in the historic village of Hill End. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience in an extraordinary place.

15-30 – Oberon:


Held annually, this spectacular garden display is not to be missed. Take in 160 acres of manicured gardens in full autumn colour.

15 – Corowa:

Mayfield Garden Autumn

Mcdonalds Corowa Australian

Billy Cart Championships.

Meet racing enthusiasts, experience country hospitality at its best and set yourself free to a world of racing!

21-23 – Lithgow:


An arts festival exploring the relationship between humans, metal and identity. Held annually at the Lithgow

Showgrounds it brings together artists, designermakers, blacksmiths, performers of all kind, musicians, steampunkers, historical re-enactors, machine enthusiasts and hobbyists from all over

Australia and the World.

15-16 – Toronto:

Lakemac Heritage Festival.

22 – Thredbo:

High Country Wine and Cheese


Chase cheese to glory or experience the thrills and spills in Thredbo’s second annual cheese

78 | What’s On?

rolling competition. Free wine and cheese tasting, live music and a great atmosphere.

22 – Bermagui

Bike Show.

Putting the ‘Fun’ back into fundraising with an event born from mateship.

Featuring a Show and Shine, Hot Rod exhibits with live music, auctions, raffles and trade stalls.

22 – Temora:

Horsepower Ariah Park.

A two day event for ridden and harnessed horses hosted at the historic village of Ariah Park. In addition to the range of traditional equestrian events, browse market stalls, craft demonstrations and displays.

28-30 – Narrabri:

Abrogator Drovers Campfire.

Held at the Boggabri Showgrounds this annual event welcomes all who travel. Featuring the

‘big campfire’, camp oven cooking, shearing demonstrations, tours of the district, bush poets, craft stalls, whip cracking, antique machinery display, bush bands and much more.

28-7 – Tamworth:

Taste Tamworth Festival.

The premier food event on the region’s annual calendar, celebrating its growers, makers, chefs and diners in 10 days of events that include the Warehouse

Pop-up Bar, Taste in the Park, The Long Lunch and Farm Gate Trail.

28-30 – Thredbo

Jazz Festival.

In its 29th year, experience a three day celebration of Jazz music and great food and wine set in picturesque

Thredbo in the heart of the spectacular Snowy


29 - Tumut:

Festival of the Falling Leaf.

Celebrate autumn in Tumut with its iconic annual festival.

29 Apr-14 May Singleton:

Singleton Festival.

An annual celebration of all things food, wine, music and art. Festival features a two week program packed with loads of events to stimulate the mind and spirit.


29 April-14 May – Singleton:

The Singleton


is an annual celebration of all things food, wine, music and art. The Festival includes a two week program packed with loads of events to stimulate the mind and spirit.

28 April-7 May – Tamworth:

Taste Tamworth


Experience this premier annual food event celebrating growers, producers, chefs and diners with 10 days of events that include a Taste

Pop-up Bar, Taste in the Park, The Long Lunch, and Farm Gate Trail!

1 May-30 June – Hunter Valley:

Hunter Valley

Wine and Food Festival.

A festival so large it encompasses two whole months! The festival showcases the Region’s unforgettable wine and food culture, with more than 70 epicurean events and activities!

29-30 – Kiama:

The K.I.S.S. Arts Festival.

Experience a sprawling and bustling pop up harbour side shanty town, crammed with festivities, mini venues, food stalls, outdoor stages, circus drop zones, raft races and hundreds more exciting, quirky and hugely entertaining things to do.

4-14 – Scone:

Scone Horse Festival.

Scone is the Horse Capital of Australia, so come celebrate this community’s pride and its equine industry.

The festival includes events that showcase the versatility of the horse and the important role they play in the local area.

4-7 – Glen Innes:

Australian Celtic Festival.

Australia’s hallmark event of Celtic celebration attracting clans, national groups, pipe bands, dancers, artists, and spectators from across

Australia and abroad.

6 – Denman:

Upper Hunter Wine and

Food Affair.

It’s the Hunter’s best street party, showcasing local craft beer, cider, wines and delicious food! What more could you ask for? How about live entertainment and plenty of atmosphere!

5-6 – Wollongong:

Illawarra Autumn Jazzfest.

Experience two and a half days of musical

What’s On? | 79 celebrations where locals, musicians and music lovers gather to share a common love of jazz music!

community street party! Featuring atmospheric live entertainment, markets, street theatre, gourmet food and cider stalls!

5-7 – Nimbin:

Nimbin Mardigrass.

Experience the culture, colour and creativity of Nimbin with this unique festival focused on supporting cannabis law reform.

21 – Echuca Moama:

Flavours of Echuca

Moama Festival.

A unique regional boutique festival that’s proudly 100% locally grown, made and produced. Catch a Paddle Steamer shuttle service along the Murray River and experience a day of fun and foodie festivities!

5-7 – Kangaroo Valley:

Arts in the Valley


A three day festival of music, sculpture and art in what’s described as Australia’s most beautiful valley.

21 – Evans Head:

Beef Meets Reef.

Beef Meets

Reef is a huge celebration of seafood, salt air and beef skewers for all the family. Come taste the local offerings of scrumptious Reef and Beef while entertained by dancing, live music, farm animals, cattle display and much more.

21 – Laurieton:

Slice of Haven Food and Wine

Festival. Thirty minutes south of Port Macquarie, experience a food and wine festival by the river.

More than 80 stallholders from the hinterland to the coast will present their finest produce and culinary creations.

6-7 – Narooma:

Narooma Oyster Festival.

Held in the heart of Australia’s Oyster Coast, celebrate the Region’s oysters, its growers, natural beauty and exceptional seafood, wine, dairy and organic produce. Featuring live entertainment, cooking displays and lots more!

6-7 – Bulga:

Bulga Beats Festival.

Bulga Beats is an exciting music, market and arts festival focusing on community and promoting local regional produce.

27 – Narooma:

Australian National Busking


Celebrating the rich diversity of Australian music culture, this free festival is bringing back music to the streets and to the people. Features a huge variety of styles and performers including blues, jazz, pop, rock, folk, country, bluegrass, indigenous, multicultural and classical.

7 – Gunning:

Collector Village Pumpkin


A colourful and traditional community fair that celebrates rural life and the harvest season, using a unique pumpkin theme!

12-14 – Culburra Beach:

Burradise Festival.

A grass roots festival run by locals to promote and share their picturesque region. Enjoy a weekend of music, art, culture and, above all, fun!

20-30 – Casino:

Casino Beef Week.

Let the country come to town! Experience an energetic and vibrant show from a united community. The 11 day festival is packed with events all with a unique focus on the Australian beef industry and life on the land.

20 – Batlow:

Batlow Ciderfest.

Community spirit is alive and flowing in this end of harvest

28 – Camden:

2017 Macarthur Rotary Ramble.

For those that love an outdoor adventure, join in and raise money for charities with this competitive treasure hunt crossed with The Amazing Race!

26-28 – Hawkesbury:

Orchids Out West 2017.

An orchid fair that brings together several local

Orchid societies for a bloomin’ good time!


2-11 – Port Macquarie:

Hello Koala Festival.

A new annual 10 day event focused on Australia’s most iconic animal. Offers an exciting program of creative events and activities for all ages encompassing the June Long Weekend. Check it out for all the details!

80 | What’s On?

3 – Lennox Heads:

Love Lennox Festival.

Come join in the celebrations of a proud community!

Designed to showcase and recognise the local region, it’s a street party with a festival atmosphere.

1-4 – Wingham:

Bonnie Wingham Scottish


4 days of festivities celebrating the region’s rich Scottish heritage. With an action packed programme, clans from all over the country descend on the town of Wingham to enjoy a variety of traditional and themed events.

10 – Taree:

EnviroFair. A community event held annually to raise awareness about environmental protection and the local environment. Enjoy a funfilled family day of entertainment featuring music, dancing and performance artists, food stalls, innovative market stalls and more.

10 – Moree:

Talmoi Picnic Races.

The final leg of the Golden Triangle Bush Races, the Talmoi

Picnic Races are set to be huge this year. One of Australia’s oldest picnic race meetings is celebrating a century of racing. Come and join in the fun!

8-12 – Grenfell:

Henry Lawson Festival of


Celebrating Grenfell’s most famous son,

Henry Lawson, and in its 60th year, this festival is one not to be missed! Enjoy a family weekend of entertainment and arts with something for everyone. Includes national competitions and exhibitions in verse, short story, photography, art, and even porcelain.

10-12 – Jervis Bay/Shoalhaven:


Coast Winter Wine Festival.

Held over three days this wine extravaganza includes fine food, winemakers’ dinners, market stalls, wine education talks, vineyard tours and so much more.










8-12 – Port Stephens:

Blue Water Country and

Blues Music Festival.

Held in various locations and including a premier line-up of established country music artists. Enjoy free entertainment all weekend with great named acts and some of

Country Music’s rising stars!

9-12 – Perisher Valley:

Peak Festival Perisher.

Celebrating the opening weekend of the 2017 snow season, the Peak Festival features 4 days of concerts held in several unique venues throughout the Perisher snowfields!

9-12 – Hay:

Hay Mini Nationals. An annual event celebrating its 50th anniversary. Mini enthusiasts bring their vehicles from all over Australia to attend this event and Say “G’day” to Hay in their own special way!

9-12 – Brunswick Heads:

Old and Gold

Festival. Discover collectables, antiques and abundant second hand treasures. With 4 fairs and over 80 garage sales, environmental displays and activities, there’s something for everyone!

9-11 – Denman:

Rosto Merriwa Festival of the Fleeces.

Experience a unique Australian festival celebrating local produce, producers and the country lifestyle. The highlight is the Rosto

Olives Running of the Sheep, with over 200 sheep wearing red woollen socks. Beauty Narelle!

M oss



M t Scan zi Rd.



Up pe r K

Ri ve an r R d.








P ce






Beach Rd.

lan gatt a for est



7 6



Bo lo ng

R d.







43B Scotts Road

(off Upper Kangaroo River Rd),

Kangaroo Valley 2577 www.yarrawaestate.com

02 4465 1165


310 Princes Hwy,

Gerringong 2534 www.roseleavineyard.com.au

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Yalwa l Rd.


11 Willowvale Road,

Gerringong, 2534 www.crookedriverwines.com

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Cellar Door

Vineyard 10-13 – Corowa:

Country Music Roundup.

BBQ Facilities

B640 Princes Hwy, Berry 2535 www.silosestate.com

02 4448 6082

Coaches & Mini-buses

Disabled Facilities


Wine Tours


11 Coolangatta Road,

Shoalhaven Heads 2535 www.mountainridgewines.com

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Pr inc es

H igh wa y sound of country music!



1335 Bolong Road,

Shoalhaven Heads 2535 www.coolangattaestate.com.au

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11 – Kempsey:

South West Rocks Running






Cnr Bolong & Back Forest Roads,

Shoalhaven Heads 2535 www.twofigs.com.au

Formally the Macleay River Marathon, i i

02 4448 5003





Bangalee 2541

i i



i i

02 4446 0170




i i


58 Washburton Road

(off Slaughterhouse Road)

local charities and community groups.






Milton/Ulladulla www.cupitt.com.au

02 4455 7888




11-12 – Coonamble:


Coonamble Rodeo and


For further information


Running for over 60 years this is the largest combined Rodeo/Campdraft in the

Southern Hemisphere. Over a thousand cowboys and girls, and 4000 spectators transform the showground into an explosion of riding action.

11 – Cowra:

Queen’s Birthday Bonfire and

Fireworks Spectacular.

Celebrate the Queen’s birthday with a huge bonfire and spectacular

What’s On? | 81 fireworks display! With live entertainment for both young and old, it’ll be a crackling good time!

11 – Thredbo:

Thredbo Long Lunch. Celebrating the opening of the ski season, the Village Square transforms into a dining room for an afternoon of celebrations, with an alpine styled buffet menu, live music, great company and delicious champagne!

12 – Walla Walla:

Walla Walla Show N

Shine and Swap Meet.

Whether you are a car enthusiast, bargain hunter or just looking for a great day out, the Walla Walla Swap Meet and

Show n Shine will have something for you!

24-25 – Gunning:

Gunning Patchwork


Held each year on the last weekend in

June, and timed to break the monotony of winter.

Welcomes beginners and experts alike with good food, fun and friendships as well as high quality tutorials!

4-24 – Lovedale:

Hunter Valley Wine Festival.

Set to be the biggest on record the festival brings together the region’s best wineries, along with beer and cider tastings, and fine local food and entertainment in a family-friendly atmosphere.

17-18 – Pokolbin:

Cheese Lovers Festival.


2-day festival pays ‘homage to fromage’ in its all flavours, textures and forms. With a range of

‘cheesy’ competitions, live entertainment and beer, wine and cheese workshops, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

30-2 – Ballina:

Ballina Fine Wine and Food


Presenting 3 events over 3 days and showcasing the best produce, products, restaurants, culinary expertise and entertainment the region has to offer, along with premium wines, craft beer, cider and spirits.

For more New South Wales events

click here!

17-18 – Grenfell:


Workshop Weekend.

Celebrate Henry Lawson’s

150th birthday and the

60th Henry Lawson

Festival of Arts. Offering a huge range of workshops including story writing, drama, weaving, photography, lead lighting, painting, singing, verse and more!

17-18 – Avoca Beach:

Central Coast Craft Beer and Cider Festival.

In its 5th year this festival showcases a huge variety of craft beer and cider varieties. Beer enthusiasts, cider connoisseurs, craft novices, and home brewers can come along and discover their new favourite brew!

24 – Katoomba:

Winter Magic Festival.

Local artists, musicians, dancers, drummers, choirs and stalls take over the town and transform it into a

‘magical’ world of fun and community spirit. Come celebrate and enjoy the wonderful world of winter.




– Yarra Valley Wine and Food Festival.

Set amongst the vines at Rochford Wines in Victoria’s premium wine district, wine and food lovers alike can enjoy the Yarra Valley’s finest wines, produce and food, as well as locally brewed cider and beers at the two-day festival.

29 Mar-2 Apr

– Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

Held at the World Heritage

Listed Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton

Gardens, the annual show is set to return with an explosion of colour and design. Remaining after 20 years the largest annual flower and garden show in the Southern Hemisphere.

24 – Lismore:

Lismore Lantern Parade


An annual festival held on or around the longest night of the year: the Winter Solstice.

It celebrates art and nature with arts, crafts, workshops, regional cuisine, a spectacular parade, lanterns, parade bands, street theatre, music, carnival dancers, illuminated puppets, fire art and pyrotechnics!

30 Mar-1 Apr

– Melbourne International Coffee

Expo 2017.

A must attend industry event featuring displays, exhibitions and presentations from world class authorities.


– Corryong: The Man from Snowy River

Bush Festival. A unique celebration of bush folklore, skills and traditions uniting mountain riders, poets, artists and lovers of the Australian

High Country and pioneering spirit. Bringing

82 | What’s On?

together people from around Australia as well as international visitors to celebrate traditional high country and bush culture and in particular the imagery created by AB Banjo Paterson’s and

Australia’s most famous poem “The Man from

Snowy River”.

2 – Melbourne:

Wine and Cheese Fest.

It’s all about good wine, good cheese and a few other of life’s pleasures!

8-9 – Bendigo:

St. Erth Apple Festival.

Presented by Diggers Gardening club, explore a heritage fruit orchard and discover the hidden secrets of heirloom fruits and vegetables.

20-23 – Carlton North:

Australasian Quilting


Experience the world of quilting and its all of its colourful characters and fabrics.

Sign up for convention classes or just browse the displays.

29 - Wandiligong

Nut Festival.

Indulge all the senses at Australia’s only nut festival. Enjoy a lively market focusing on food and crafts, cooking demonstrations, presentations and activities. Taste roasted chestnuts, crack hazelnuts and walnuts, sample local wines and beers, talk to producers and chefs and enjoy live music.


5-21 – Various locations:

High Country


An autumn celebration of the finest food, wine and beer in Victoria’s spectacular north east.

The 10-day event program showcases the best food, wine and craft beer at over 40 events that celebrate collaboration and innovation.

6-7 – Beechworth:

Beechworth Drive Back In


Presented by the Beechworth Old Cranks

Motor Club, this rare, classic and vintage car and motorcycle show is one of the region’s most popular, with participants coming from across

Victoria and interstate.

6 – Belgrave:

Jazz on Puffing Billy.

Hop aboard the historic Puffing Billy for a fun-filled journey through the Dandenong Ranges to the historic

Packing Shed. Enjoy live jazz, fine wines, and a delicious three course meal!

6-7 – Clunes:

Clunes Booktown Festival.

When an entire town turns into a living bookstore only wonderful things can happen! A festival dedicated to celebrating books and the stimulating conversations and ideas that come from them!

6-7 – Lake Goldsmith:

109th Lake Goldsmith

Steam Rally. Step back in time to a world of blacksmiths, steam engines and vintage machinery. Held twice a year, this is a fun filled historical event showcasing steam and oil engines and their associated heritage.

11-13 – Ballarat:

World Sideshow Festival.

Described as extreme Circus, the world of

Sideshow is an exciting and entertaining form of live theatre. Over three massive nights experience the best sideshow artists from around the world showcasing their talents.

12-21 – Melbourne:

Good Beer Week.

Discover the global beer revolution at this 9 day festival held at venues and locations throughout Melbourne and

Victoria. From intimate tastings and beer launches to beer breakkies; there are over 100 separate events showcasing beer!

19-21 – Camperdown:

Robert Burns Scottish


An action packed weekend of music, dance and poetry celebrating the regions unique

Scottish heritage!

20 – Bendigo:

Vesak Festival of Light.

A vibrant and colourful multicultural celebration of peace and harmony inspired by Buddha’s birthday.

16-21 – Myrtleford:

La Fiera, Italian Festival.

Experience a vibrant and delicious celebration of

Italian culture. Passion mixed with art, culture and heritage creates a joyful atmosphere of fun the

Italian way!

27 – Ballarat:

Beers, Beards & BBQ.

Take a step back in time to a heritage celebration like no other!

Whisky masterclasses, beard and moustache competitions, craft beers and a gourmet barbecue!

What’s On? | 83

18-27 – St Kilda:

St Kilda Film Festival.

Supporting the Australian Film industry and promoting new and established talent, this festival is a comprehensive overview of the national short film industry.


1 - Ventnor:

Phillip Island Small Farm and

Lifestyle Expo.

Showcasing the very best of rural and leisure life, take a sneak peek into the world of small scale farming and the country lifestyle that the region offers. a traditional grape stomp and barrel rolling competition, and plenty of fun and festivities.

23-25 – Rushworth:

Waranga Winter Film

Festival. Held at the Rushworth Shire Hall utilising vintage drive in theatre equipment. Experience a winter weekend of film wonders!

25 – Melbourne:

Italian Wine and Food

Festival. Celebrating Italian wine & food culture in

Australia with traditional artisans, quality wineries, renowned chefs and personalities. Explore Italian wines taste food, coffee and beer, plus feast on authentic Italian pizza, pasta and snacks.

2-11 – Melbourne:

Melbourne International

Jazz Festival.

An annual, world-class jazz festival held in concert halls, arts venues, jazz clubs and throughout the streets of Melbourne. Celebrate as the city comes alive with the spirit of jazz!

9-12 – Portarlington:

National Celtic Festival of


Experience Australia’s largest and most diverse celebration of Celtic music and culture.

Enjoy Celtic music of the highest quality, from traditional to contemporary styles and much more besides!

23-25 – Kilmore:

Kilmore Celtic Festival. A winter festival of music and dance held in tribute to Kilmore’s early Celtic settlers. One of the many great Celtic Festivals in Australia, it includes folk and Celtic music, markets, musical instrument workshops and dance.

For more Victorian events

click here!


10-11 – King Valley:

Weekend Fit For a King

Wine & Food Festival.

Showcasing the King

Valley and its Italian heritage with local and seasonal homemade food, hospitality and fine wines. Indulge in unique cellar door experiences, live entertainment and genuine hospitality!


1-7 – Adelaide:

Tasting Australia.

Take your place at the table and experience the flavours of the region! Held over a week at various locations, this festival is a showcase of local producers, products, and culinary talents.

10-12 – Heathcote:

Heathcote on Show.

Showcasing the region, its producers and products. Enjoy a weekend of fine wine, food and fun! Expect a warm welcome, red wines, vertical tastings, winery dinners, long lunches, masterclasses, music, vintage launches, and much more!

7 – Torrensville:

Kodomo No Hi Japan Festival.

Adelaide’s largest Japanese Festival, held annually since 1995. A celebration of the cultural and social links, it’s a great day to enjoy Japanese music, performances, craft, food, martial arts and much more.

10-12 – Glenrowan:

Trails, Tastings and Tales

Food and Wine Festival.

Celebrate the Queen’s birthday in gastronomic style with this deliciously decadent festival showcasing the spectacular High


11- Rutherglen:

Rutherglen Rotary Country


Experience true hospitality with this classic country fair. With over 300 stallholders offering a variety of local produce, craft and food,

18-27 – Adelaide:

Dreambig Children’s Festival.

Grab the kids or grandkids and experience a fun-filled program of arts. The largest festival of its kind in Australia, Dream Big offer children and their families an unforgettable experience of creativity and artistic exploration.

84 | What’s On?


9-24 – Adelaide:

Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

A major event in the international and Australian arts calendar. The Festival has garnered a reputation of highlighting the best local, national and international artists through an eclectic program of classic & contemporary performances.

For more South Australian events

click here!



3-6 – Nannup:

Nannup Music Festival.

A vibrant weekend full of fun and entertainment for the whole family. Showcasing national and international musical talent and offering a diverse program of concerts, workshops, dance and activities for people of all ages and musical tastes.

5 – Denmark:

Summer Music – Jazztrix.

An afternoon of opulent music, food, wine and beer, set in the Rockcliffe Winery.

5-6 – Perth:

2017 Community Fair

. Celebrating

30 years of bringing the community together, the

Rotary Club of North Perth is proud to present the 2017 Hyde Park Community Fair. There is something for everyone at this year’s event, including live entertainment, arts and crafts, market stalls, rides, kids activities, car show, demonstrations, popup bar, food and more!


8 – Albany

Wine and Food Festival.

Celebrate the local produce of the Great South with a range of great wine, local food, craft beers, spirits and more. Enjoy live music, sideshow coffee sessions, guest chefs and cooking demonstrations.

8-9 – Perth:

Buddha’s Birthday and

Multicultural Festival 2017.

A two day worldwide celebration of the birth of Sakyamuni Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. The festival aims to promote the message of ‘Respect and Tolerance,

Consensus and Openness’, promote harmonious co-existence amongst people, and provide visitors an insight into Buddhist teachings and philosophy as a way of life to bring about peace and happiness.

12-18 – Kulin:

Blazing Swan.

An official Burning

Man Australia event. A week long yearly arts based social experiment in temporary community dedicated to self-expression and self-reliance.

21-21 – Pinjarra:

Fairbridge Festival.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary, The Fairbridge Festival of inspired music returns with more of the music and camaraderie that patrons know and love all packaged up together in a magical weekend escape that will feed your soul.

27-30 – Perth:

Perth Garden Festival.

Bursting with colour, the Perth Garden Festival delights visitors with inspirational landscape show gardens, plant sales, a daily seminar program featuring some of Perth’s best horticultural experts, hands on workshops and activities, live demonstrations with abundant live music and entertainment.


26 April- 21 May – Perth & Surrounds:


Comedy Festival.

Held over 4 big weeks the festival kicks off with the lavish Gala event, Perth’s biggest night of comedy. Featuring performances from the finest Australian acts, the biggest international stars and much, much more!

5-7 – Perth:


Along with all your favourite attractions, SEXPO


2017 will be showcasing technology and products that will pave the way for the next 20 years in the adult industry. Come

What’s On? | 85 and experience adult virtual reality, virtual reality gaming, robotics and sex tech.

6 – Mundaring:

Hills Fabric and Craft De-Stash.

This is the swap-meet you have been waiting for!

Buying or selling; all fabric, buttons, lace, beads, ribbon, stamps, paper, wool, knitting needles, sewing machines, patterns and all manner of craft materials welcome!

23-25 – Manjimup:

Truffle Kerfuffle.

The Truffle

Kerfuffle offers a range of events including master classes, farmers markets, truffle hunts and farmers kitchen; various gourmet dining opportunities and a line-up of Australia’s most loved chefs.

For more Western Australian events

click here!

13-14 – Geraldton:

Quaff Food and Wine Expo.

Described as a celebration of life, this two day

Lifestyle Expo showcases food, wine, beverages and lifestyle products from all over Australia, with a special focus on products sourced in the bountiful

Midwest region.

20-21 – Midland:

Antique and Collectors Fair.

For all the avid antique collectors and casual browsers alike. Offering multiple tables with china, glass, figurines, memorabilia, tools and much much more.

26 – Mandurah:

Melbourne International

Comedy Festival Roadshow.

Buckle-up Australia and prepare to laugh, the Melbourne International

Comedy Festival Roadshow is on the road once again home delivering the freshest and funniest from Australia’s largest comedy festival!


30-16 – Derby:

Derby Boab Festival.

Two weeks of unique and varied events to celebrate the Kimberley lifestyle and culture. Experience magnificent scenery, awesome tides, friendly locals, aboriginal art and culture, live music, fine food and feel part of a vibrant community.



8-9 - Hobart:

Spiegeltent Hobart.

The very best in comedy, cabaret, theatre and music has been hand-picked for the 2017 program with something to tempt everyone.

24-29 – Burnie:

Targa Tasmania. Targa Australia run the world’s largest, longest and hardest tarmac rally event. Described as the ultimate tarmac rally it attracts teams and sponsors from all over the world!


4-6 – Carrick:


Tasmania’s premier agricultural event, boasting the second highest attendance of all agricultural field days in Australia.

Featuring over 700 exhibitors, ag equipment, food fun and more, there is sure to be something for everyone!

2-5 – Leonora:

Golden Gift Carnival.

See a small town transformed by elite athletes competing for a prize pool of over $50,000! Enjoy a festival themed

3 days packed with fun for all. Additional events include dirt track horse racing, fireworks, market stalls and live entertainment.

20-21 – Hobart:

Tasmanian Red Wine Weekend


If you’d like the opportunity to meet the heart of the Tasmanian wine industry this is your chance as more than 20 of Tasmania’s best producers come together to celebrate the end of vintage with all things red and warming!

3-4 – Albany:

Albany Classic Motor Event. This spectacle of historic motorsport presents a wide variety of cars from vintage wire wheels, postvintage and classics as well as open wheel racers and big cube muscle cars.

86 | What’s On?


9-12 – Bay Of Fires

Winter Arts Festival.

An annual festival celebrating the arts with 4 days of music, exhibitions, markets, films, artists & fire. The festival includes the Bay of Fires Art Prize, an arts market, film arts, and exciting events from White

Sands to St Helens.

11-20 – Darwin

Heritage Festival.

Presented by the National Trust NT, The Australian Heritage

Festival is Australia’s biggest annual communitydriven heritage festival. Celebrating Australia’s cultural heritage, through talks, tours, exhibitions and events across the NT.

22-23 – Darwin:

Territory Taste Festival.

On the

Darwin Waterfront, celebrate local produce and talent with two days of cooking demonstrations and master classes combined with a fabulous entertainment program and family-focused activities.

14-16 - Huon Valley:

Huon Valley Mid-Winter

Festival. This mid-winter festival has its roots in the ages-old tradition of scaring nasties out of cider apple trees. Kings, queens, processions, giving gifts to the trees, shouting, banging, fire and candlelight are all part of the tradition. Combined with abundant cider, entertainment and feastworthy food it’s a weekend not to be missed!

8-21 – Hobart:

Dark Mofo.

Mona’s midwinter festival, Dark Mofo is an annual pilgrimage south celebrating the dark through large-scale public art, food, film, music, light and noise. Highlights include major exhibitions at Mona and the Tasmanian

Museum and Art Gallery, a public art playground at Dark Park, international music shows at The

Odeon Theatre, MAC2 and Federation Concert

Hall, the annual City of Hobart Dark Mofo Winter

Feast, and the Nude Solstice Swim!

24 – Georgetown:

Steampunk Tasmania

Festival. Steampunk Tasmania Festival aims to create a playful integration of George Town’s seemingly disparate cultures of industry and heritage, delivering a distinctive, out of this world steampunk experience!

28-30 – Alice Springs:

Wide Open Space


Shrouded in mystery and lyrical fantasy this is a unique Central Australian festival. Celebrating Australian art and culture through visual and performing arts; program includes burlesque, circus, roving, spoken word, experimental and hilariously fun local and interstate acts. The visual arts program provides festival folk with immersive spaces, installations, projections, and live painting to put the ‘twinkle’ into the party.


6-7 – Darwin:

Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival.

creativity of this unique community!

A creative and interactive community festival on the beachfront and at various locations across Darwin.

Kicking off with a night of live music and dance, explore and celebrate the culture, heritage and

6 – Noonamah:

Noonamah Tavern Rodeo.

Prepare for an action-packed evening of bull riding,

Saddle Bronc’s, barrel racing, freestyle motocross, burn out competitions, a mechanical bull and live music!

13-14 – Humpty Doo:

Fred’s Pass Rural Show.

Everything you’d expect from a rural show and a whole lot more – in true Territory style!

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20-21 – Darwin:

Orchid Spectacular 2017.

The largest Orchid show in Northern Australia.

Enjoy the displays, demonstrations, bargain stalls,

Devonshire teas, hot food, raffles plus much more.



20 – Darwin:

Bass in the Grass.

An annual all ages event featuring some of Australia’s best talent, held in a safe and friendly environment at the picturesque Darwin Amphitheatre.

What’s On? | 87

17-19 – Pine Creek:

Pine Creek Goldrush

Festival. Join in as Pine Creek celebrates its rich gold rush history. A range of activities includes the art exhibition and prize night, ‘My Camp Oven

Rules’ cooking competition, damper making, gold panning and more!

26-28 – Darwin:

Garrmalang Festival.

Darwin’s premier three day Aboriginal and Torres Strait

Islander cultural festival celebrating music, dance, art, cabaret and theatre. This festival acknowledges the traditional Larrakia people and celebrates the diversity of the Top End.


9-12 – Alice Springs – Finke:

Tatts Finke Desert

Race. Described as the most fun you can have with a helmet on, the Tatts Finke Desert Race is an off road, multi terrain 2-day race for bikes, cars, buggies and quads through desert country from Alice Springs to the small Aputula (Finke) community. The “Finke” as it is commonly known, is one of the biggest annual sporting events in the

Northern Territory, with the reputation of being one of the most difficult off-road courses in one of the most remote places in the world.

24-27 – Borroloola:

Borroloola Show Day. You won’t get more remote than Borroloola! Aptly nicknamed the ‘WayOutBack’ agricultural show it’s a true outback experience like no other! Bullriding and broncos, carnival rides and cookery competitions. Watch the locals kick up some dust as they kick up their heels!

For more Northern Territory events

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31-9 – Canberra

District Wine Week.

Held throughout the Canberra wine district, this week long event showcases not only the region but also the quality wines on offer. Featuring an exciting program of wine dinners, tastings and themed events.

23-26 – Alice Springs:


Alice Springs Beanie

Originally organised as a market to sell beanies crocheted by Aboriginal women in remote communities. It has blossomed into a celebration of art, artists and community values, promoting women’s culture and the humble beanie as a regional art form.

13-17 – Canberra:

National Folk Festival. Join the celebration of traditional and contemporary folk life at the National Folk Festival with a program designed to inspire, enliven and entertain.

Featuring over 200 acts representing diverse styles including acoustic, blues, roots, bluegrass, world,

Celtic, traditional, gypsy and country in a program including music, dance, spoken word, film, circus and traditional crafts, there is something for everyone.

9-11 – Barunga:

Barunga Festival.

An important and long running community festival. This festival hosts music, sport, traditional arts and cultural activities. Showcases the Katherine region and supports & celebrates remote indigenous communities. It’s one not to be missed!

10-11 – Darwin:

Greek Glenti.

Experience the culture, food, wine, dance, music and contributions of Darwin’s significant Greek community at this fun and vibrant cultural festival.

18-7 May

– Canberra and Region Heritage


Held over a massive three weeks with a theme of ‘Questions and Change’ and featuring over 100 events, most free, you can enjoy tours, open days, dances, talks, dinners, markets and more. The festival raises awareness to the ongoing need to conserve the region’s natural, historic and

Aboriginal heritage.

88 | What’s On?

25 – Canberra:

Anzac Day at the Australian

War Memorial.

Experience a day of national remembrance at the heart of the nation. A day for all Australians who served and died in war and on operational service. The spirit of Anzac, with its qualities of courage, mateship, and sacrifice, continues to have meaning and relevance for our sense of national identity. The Australian War

Memorial, in close cooperation with the Returned and Services League of Australia ACT, will host the following: Dawn Service, National Ceremony, and

Last Post Ceremony.


17 – Kingston:

Winter Glass Market.


Winter Glass Market is a free full-day celebration of glass and glass-making, revealing the power of glass and light and featuring market stalls, activities, demonstrations and the Hindmarsh Prize exhibition.

27-7 – Canberra:

Canberra International

Music Festival. Experience performances that are challenging and uplifting, at times thoughtprovoking. Always moving, and always of the highest quality. It could change the way you think about live music.


1-7 – Canberra Region:

Canberra and Region

Heritage Festival.

Held at various locations and with over 100 free events including tours, open days, dances, talks, dinners, markets and more.

Raising awareness to conserve the natural, historic and Indigenous heritage.

For more ACT events

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1-7 – Canberra region:

C anberra International

Music Festival. Held throughout Canberra in venues specially chosen for their acoustic properties, enjoy world class live music from a range of internationally renowned classic and contemporary artists.

13-16 – Acton:

Banff Motuntain Film Festival

World Tour.

The world’s most prestigious mountain film festival is coming back to the

National Film and Sound Archives. Direct from

Canada this festival showcases the most enthralling mountain adventure films produced!

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Apr 25-30





South Queensland

Caravan, Camping,

Boating and Fishing Expo

Nambour Showgrounds,

Bli Bli Rd, Nambour. Qld. 4560

• Open 9:00-5:00 daily (4:00


• Parking: Free

• Adults: $10

• Seniors: $8

• Kids: Free with adult

2017 NSW Caravan,

Camping & Holiday


Rosehill Racecourse

James Ruse Dr, Rosehill

NSW. 2142.

• Open 9:30-5:00 daily

(4:00 Sunday)

• Parking: Free

• Adults: $25

• Seniors: $20

• Kids: U16 Free with adult

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May 12-14 MAY






Cairns Home Show and

Caravan, Camping and

Boating Expo

Cairns Showgrounds Corner

Mulgrave Road and Severin

Street, Cairns. Qld. 4870.

• Open 9:00-5:00 daily

• Parking: TBA

• Adults: $10

• Seniors: $8

• Kids: U16 Free with adult

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