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Epilepsy Warning
Please read before using this game or allowing your children to use it.
Some people are susceptible to epileptic seizures or loss of consciousness when exposed to
certain flashing lights or light patterns in everyday life. Such people may have a seizure while
watching television images or playing certain video games. This may happen even if the person
has no medical history of epilepsy or has never had any epileptic seizures. If you or anyone in
your family has ever had symptoms related to epilepsy (seizures or loss of consciousness) when
exposed to flashing lights, consult your doctor prior to playing.
We advise that parents should monitor the use of video games by their children. If you or your
child experience any of the following symptoms: dizziness, blurred vision, eye or muscle twitches,
loss of consciousness, disorientation, any involuntary movement or convulsion, while playing a
video game, discontinue use IMMEDIATELY and consult your doctor.
Precautions to Take During Use
`` Do not stand too close to the screen. Sit a good distance away from the screen, as far away as
the length of the cable allows.
`` Preferably play the game on a small screen.
`` Avoid playing if you are tired or have not had much sleep.
`` Make sure that the room in which you are playing is well lit.
`` Rest for at least 10 to 15 minutes per hour while playing a video game.
Installing the Game
Starting the Game
Complete Controls
What’s New?
Help System
Premium Features
Setting Up Your First Game
Playing the Game
Team Menu
Transfers Menu
Club Menu
Career Menu
National Team
Match Day
Player Development
FIFA Manager 11 Online
Main Menu
Bonus Race
Transfer Market
Performance Tips
customer Support
LIMITED 7-DAY Warranty
Installing the Game
Note: For system requirements, see
To install (disc users):
Insert the disc into your disc drive and follow the on-screen instructions.
If the Autorun menu does not automatically appear, launch the installer manually in Windows® 7,
Windows Vista® or Windows® XP by opening Start > Run, typing D:\AutoRun.exe in the text box,
then clicking OK (substitute the correct letter of your CD/DVD-ROM drive if other than ‘D:’).
Once the game has installed you can launch it from the game’s AutoRun menu or by locating the
game through the START menu.
To install (EA Store users):
Note: If you’d like more information about purchasing direct downloads from EA, visit and click MORE ABOUT DIRECT DOWNLOADS.
Once the game has been downloaded by EA Download Manager, click the install icon that
appears and follow the on-screen instructions.
Launch the game (once it is installed) directly from the EA Download Manager.
Note: If you’ve already purchased a title and would like to install it on another PC, first download
and install the EA Download Manager on the other PC, then launch the application and log in with
your EA account. Select the appropriate title from the list that appears and click the start button to
download the game.
To install (third party online users):
Please contact the digital retailer through whom you purchased this game for instructions on how
to install the game or how to download and reinstall another copy.
Starting the Game
To start the game:
Games on Windows Vista or Windows 7 are located in the Start > Games menu and on earlier
versions of Windows in the Start > Programs (or All Programs) menu. (EA Store users must
have the EA Download Manager running.)
Note: In Windows Vista Classic Start menu style, games are located in the Start > Programs >
Games > Games Explorer menu.
Welcome to FIFA Manager 11 – the entire world of football management at your fingertips. Take
on one of the most challenging jobs in the world as you immerse yourself in the most authentic
management simulation on the market.
Visit for all the latest FIFA Manager 11 news, tips and forum discussions.
Complete Controls
FIFA Manager 11 is mouse-driven. When the mouse arrow changes to an icon of a pointing
hand with a plus sign, right-click to access further details (you can also view helpful tooltips by
hovering your mouse over certain on-screen information). Most popup screens can be closed
when you simply right-click anywhere outside it.
What’s New?
If you are already familiar with the FIFA Manager series, this section gives you an overview about
the most important changes of the latest version.
New Level System
The player level on each position is now split up into a level for the position and the player skills.
You can now train players more effectively for specific positions.
New Morale System
Keeping a high morale across all your players will be a big challenge, since they are strongly
affected by their surroundings and when they are happy they will not stayed satisfied for long.
A completely revamped interface will now let you manage your tactical settings directly on the
pitch. You can also save your favourite formations together with the preferred line-ups for each
Transfer Market
Other clubs won’t have you enjoying success for long, since they will be in aggressive pursuit of
your best players. Will you sell them for big money, or potentially deny them the opportunity to
sign the contract of their lives elsewhere and risk having unhappy players in your team?
Quick Find Widget
A new widget allows you to quickly find all competitions and teams with just a few clicks.
South America Cup
A new challenge for national team managers! Take over one of the South American teams and
lead them to the continental title!
Cup Draws
Enjoy a new and polished cup draw system!
New Player Details
A new Player Details screen makes all the information even more accessible. A position overview
lets you know where a player’s strengths are at a glance.
Youth Contracts
Youth players expect adequate offers for their start into a pro career. If you want to sign your
future stars, you will have to offer more than just pocket money.
Historical Data
FIFA Manager’s huge database is extended by even more historical data from leagues, cups, and
national team competitions.
World Cup Mode
Re-live the excitement of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in South Africa! Do you have what it takes
to achieve what Team Spain did for the first time in their history, and crown your team champions
of the world?
Live Season
Acquire this brand new Premium feature to keep up-to-date with all major leagues. Download
regular updates and start your game with real world data throughout the whole season!
Extended Online Mode
New feature for the online mode keep up the excitement of competing against other managers
over the internet. This includes a fantasy draft system, sponsor missions for all teams, an updated
player search and much more.
Help System
FIFA Manager 11 comes along with a new kind of help system which will give you a lot of advice how
to use every feature in the game, together with a number of hints. Look for this icon in the game:
On most screens it can be found on the upper right. Click on the icon to open the help for the current screen.
Some help texts even contain links to other screens. Click on the links to open the connected screens.
Since you can access help on how to use each screen in the game, this manual will serve you as
a guide through the screens and options and provide in-depth information.
Premium Features
FIFA Manager 11 introduces the option of acquiring exclusive Premium Features, such as Live Season,
Full Team Control, and extended Online features. These features are marked as ‘Premium’ in the manual.
Main Menu
The main menu offers the following options:
Start Game
This lets you start a new game or continue a previous one.
Start New Game
Start a completely new game and manage your favourite teams with up to four players on one
PC. You can select from over 160 different leagues, with about 40,000 original players in the
database. You can be the coach and the manager, and you might even own your team or be a
part of your squad as a player manager.
Continue Last Game
Continue your latest saved game.
Load Game
Load a game of your choice from all the ones you have previously saved.
Each time you start a completely new game, FIFA Manager 11 creates a saved game with the
current settings. Using this option will thus load the game you have created previously, so you
can start from scratch again, without having to do the set up once more.
Start Online Game
Select the START ONLINE GAME option in the start menu and follow the on-screen instructions to
start the FIFA Manager Online mode.
World Cup Mode
Select this option to play the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in South Africa. This is a special game mode
that focuses solely on the tournament.
Live Season
You can start a new game with current real-world data! Register for this feature in your EA
account and you can download updates with the latest data at regular intervals.
Manager Extras
Match Prediction
Simulate any game, any time with the Match Prediction tool. Choose whether to use an existing
saved game or a newly generated database as the basis for your match(es). Follow the in-game
help for further details about this exciting feature.
3D Highlights
When you play matches in 3D Match mode, you can save your highlights of the game and watch them
See who participated in the development of FIFA Manager 11.
Adjust the standard game settings to your personal preferences. You can change audio and video
options here.
Leave FIFA Manager 11 and return to your desktop.
Setting Up Your First Game
If you are new to FIFA Manager 11, take some time to have a look at all the options you are
offered in the game, to be sure it looks and plays the way YOU want it to be. Remember to use
the Help System if you are unsure about the meaning of any of the options.
When you come to the country selection, take a second to consider the performance of your PC. If
you select too many countries, this will noticeably reduce the speed of the game, since it takes a
lot of time to calculate the effects for all teams in the world, including youth teams.
Player Level and Talent Stars
For an easier start, leave the DISPLAY GENERAL PLAYER LEVEL AND TALENT STARS option
activated on the Select Game Mode screen, which shows the overall level and the talent of all
players. This enables you to quickly estimate his strength in each position, without having to
check all the player’s skills. Note that you cannot activate this option during the game!
Manager Appearance
This screen lets you define your appearance in 3D Match mode, as a player as well as a manager.
If you enable the cutscenes in 3D Match mode, the camera might display your manager reactions
to the match from time to time.
Playing the Game
If you have little or no experience playing the FIFA Manager franchise, check out the information
in this chapter. However, even experienced players might find some useful information in this
guide. During the first season you will get a regular Help screen that contains useful hints to
improve your gameplay. You can have another look at these hints if you click the Help icon under
Your starting point is the News Centre in the main menu. This is where you will get mails from
your staff or other sources concerning the whole game world. Many news will have a blue
Hyperlink behind the text. Click on this Hyperlink to directly go to the relevant screen. Click on the
blue information button at the top left now to find out more about the main menu.
Assigning Menus to Hotkeys
To assign a menu to a hotkey (F1-F8), press and hold SHIFT and press the appropriate key when
the menu is on-screen. Then, to access that menu at any time, press the relevant F-key again.
Right-Click on Menu Entry
If you right-click on a specific entry in the main menu (e.g. TEAM > TRAINING), you can open this
screen directly by right clicking on the menu caption (TEAM) from then on.
You can place a number of widgets, containing many useful pieces of information, around
your main menu screen. To do so, move the mouse next to the main screen until a transparent
rectangle appears. Then click the right mouse button and choose from the available widgets to
place it there. Use the ‘Navigation’ widget to select five screens you want to assign to a quick
Depending on the resolution of your monitor, you might not be able to see the complete menu at
once. To scroll the menu, move your mouse to the borders of the screen.
Welcome to your Club
You should first get to know your team better. To do this, select TEAM > FIRST TEAM. This shows
your current team and formation as it would be used if there was a match today. Right-click the
name of a player and then select PLAYER DETAILS. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the information
you see there, we’ll focus on the left part of the screen first. This contains the skills of the player.
Player Details
A player’s Level is a good indication of how well he is likely to play in a match. The overall level is a
combination of the Position Level and the player skills, with emphasis on the Position Level. Click the
dropdown above the player skills and select POSITION LEVEL to show the player level on all available
If you have activated the DISPLAY PLAYER LEVEL option on the Game Mode screen, the overall
player level for up to six positions are indicated on the top left. You can use this value to quickly
evaluate a player. A player’s Talent represents his expected development. It is indicated by gold
stars, worth two talent points, and silver ones, worth one. For example, 3 gold stars and 1 silver
star add up to 7 Talent points. Players with a high talent will most likely show a faster training
progress. The maximum Talent value is 10. On very rare occasions a player with a Talent of 11
will appear, who is determined to be a player of the century.
You can cycle through all players in the list by using the arrows on the upper right. Take some
time to have a look at all your players, to get an idea about their strengths and weaknesses. Find
out more about the player skills and other details in the in-game help. Now let’s take a look at
your line-up and the tactics! Close the Player Details by pressing ESC or by clicking the red button
on the top right.
Use the upper dropdown above the pitch to select a formation for your team, and drag the players
on or between the pitch and the table to assign them to new positions. Note that the overall level
will probably change on different positions, since it depends on the player’s Position Level and
skills. If you are not sure about the line-up, you can leave it to one of your assistants by clicking
on ASSISTANT. In this case, he will create a team that best uses the strengths of the players,
although it might be biased by his personal preferences. Use the dropdown above the table to
display various data about the players. Now click the TACTICS button below the table.
The best players of the world will have a hard time winning a game if they do not play as a team.
It’s your responsibility to make them do just that!
If you open the screen for the first time, a Wizard will help you to choose up some of the basic
settings. You can open the Wizard again by clicking the icon on the lower left. Click the COMPLEX
checkbox to see all available tactical settings for your team. You can change the settings by either
using the arrows on the pitch, or by using the dropdown controls for each tactic.
Use the buttons on the upper menu bar to change the display to the INDIVIDUAL ORDERS. These
are split into Orders (default) and Running Routes. In the individual orders, right-click a player
to change his settings. In the running routes display, each player has a defensive and offensive
arrow that determines his position if either the opponent or your own team is in control of the ball.
Drag the arrows to a new position to change the settings.
Click the buttons OFF, BAL, or DEF, to automatically select an offensive, balanced, or defensive
formation for your team. Right-click on one of the numbers next to these buttons to open the
In Depth:
If you start a season at a new club, most managers have a formation and system in mind that
they would like to play, for example, to put high pressure on the opponent team and play with
risky, direct passes. Or they might prefer a save system, with most of the players being in the own
half, and long passes to the attackers once the ball is gained. You should decide what system
suits you best and see what the current squad can do to fulfil your scheme. This should be a
long-term decision for the next few years, so you should also look for matching players that might
be available in the upcoming seasons. On the other hand, lots of managers are hired during the
season, so there is hardly a chance to change the current squad. This will mostly mean that you
have to make the best out of the current squad, but you must also plan in advance for the future.
Click the OK button to close the tactics screen.
Contracts and Transfers
Most probably you will not be completely satisfied with your current squad. There might be
some serious gaps in certain positions, or players just do not live up to your standards. Select
Existing Contracts
You will now see an overview of your First Team. Players who are highlighted in an orange colour
possess expiring contracts. If these are important players, you should think about offering an
extension. To do so, right-click on a player and select EXTEND CONTRACT.
You will first see a general evaluation of the player, including his expectations and possible
interested clubs. If the player is interested in an extension, click the OK button to open a new screen
in which you can make your offer. A basic proposal with the most important factors is already
selected. Click the ADD/REMOVE button to change additional bonuses and clauses. On the bottom
you can see the Assessment of the offer, which is an indicator of how likely it is that the player will
accept the new contract.
If you are satisfied, click on the green button to make the offer. In most cases the player will think
about it and get back to you in a few days time.
Tip: Altering the contract duration can influence players. Young players with potential may
speculate about getting better offers from other clubs and thus only want to sign for a short
duration. A long contract, on the other hand, can be good for older players who are happy to play
for your club for an extended period of time.
You could also make a Quick Offer to a player if you select the according entry in the context
menu when you right-click on a player. This only sets the basic details of the contract without
much further ado. Moreover, you can release a player from his contract (saves money, but costs
you some compensation fee), and change his transfer status.
Transfer Status
`` Only Adjust Transfer You set the basic transfer demand for the player. This serves as a
Requirements: guideline for teams that are interested in a transfer.
`` Listed for Loan:The player is put onto the transfer list for loan. This option is mostly
used for young players who should gain match experience in lower
leagues. Players cannot be loaned out if their contract is running out
at the end of the season.
`` Player for Sale:The player is put onto the transfer list for sale. A player who signed a
contract (extension) in the previous 90 days is not available for sale.
`` Not for Sale:Defines that you do not want to sell a player, and that incoming
offers must be extremely high. This option is not available for players
who have a fixed release fee in their contracts.
It’s unlikely you will hardly be able to acquire each player you need from your own youth team, so
it’s time to take a look at the transfer market. Thus, select TRANSFERS > TRANSFER MARKET.
The transfer market is a list of all players that have been put onto the transfer list by their clubs,
which will be a huge number now. If you display the overall level of the player, you should sort the
table by overall skill first, to get a quick overview which players might be a good addition for your
team. Click on the “Level” column to sort the table. If you have found a suitable player, right-click
on his name and select OFFER TO BUY (in some cases, only a loan spell is available). If the player
is willing to join your club, you will get into transfer negotiations with his current club. You always
have to reach an agreement with the club first, since the player still has a valid contract and is
therefore bound to the club. The most important factor is the transfer fee, but you can spice up
your offer with some bonus payments. The indicator at the bottom lets you roughly know what
the other club is thinking about the offer. Click on the green button if you want to submit your
offer. When you have finally reached an agreement with the club, you will be allowed to make a
contract offer for the player. This works the same way as for your own contract extensions.
In Depth:
Very often teams have a priority transfer for a season, which they spend big parts of their budgets
on. Try to identify the positions you need to upgrade most, and put your resources into realizing it.
The transfer window, that is, the time when transfers between clubs are allowed, is opened twice
per season. The first window is open from July to the end of August, and the second window is
open in January. Note that you can set the desired time of the transfer in the negotiation window
with the club. If the current date is beyond January, you can only choose the end of the season
as the time for the transfer. When a player contract is expiring at the end of the season, you can
directly approach him and offer a contract for the next season, since his old club is not eligible to
get a transfer fee anymore. Free agents can be transferred at any time.
Search for Players
You didn’t find the player you were looking for? Try a player search! Click the PLAYER SEARCH tab
and then hit the SEARCH CRITERIA icon on the lower left.
When you use this screen, you should have a rather clear picture of what you are looking for, since
there might be hundreds or thousands of players if your search criteria are not narrow enough.
Take some time to have a look at all the options provided, and use the in-game help to get more
information about the features. If you are happy with the selection of your search criteria, click on
the green button to see what we can find. The table will now display all players that match your
criteria. Some players might be left out, because you do not know enough about them. We’ll find
out more about this soon. The table can only contain 250 players. If there are more, this will be
indicated by a little text. In contrast to the players on the transfer market, the players listed here
might not be easy to get, and the clubs will probably refuse a transfer. Nevertheless, you can still
try to make offers if you have found a good one.
Transfer Preparations
If you are interested in a player, you can make an impression by talking about him prior to any
negotiations. To do so, click on TRANSFERS > TRANSFER PREPARATIONS. Click the FIND button
to open a new screen and select an area, country, and league, and then a player from the list.
Back in the Preparations screen, select one of the options on the right to interact with the player.
If you talk about him before you start negotiations, the player will be more willing to sign a
contract. The downside of this is that other clubs may also become interested in a transfer. Do
not take this lightly and talk about every player you might sign one day, because your credibility
will drop if you do not stick to your word.
Transfer Status
Click on TRANSFERS > NEGOTIATION STATUS to get an overview of ongoing and past
negotiations, together with a tendency of the outcome.
Did you notice the “Popularity” column in the player search table? This is a value between 0 and
10 and tells you how much you know about the player, with 10 representing perfect knowledge
of his football skills. Try to find a player with a Popularity of 0 and open his Player Details. You will
see some basic information and a lot of ‘?’. This is because you practically do not know anything
about this player. Now find some more players with a slightly higher Popularity and check out
their details. Note that the information about the skills gets more precise with each step, and
some details are uncovered at certain steps. To find out more about scouting, click on TRANSFER
Scouting is your way to uncover the details of players and find new stars before other clubs do. If
you have started the game with a big enough club, you should already have some scouts on your
payroll that are now sitting around and waiting for an assignment. (If not, check out the “Staff”
section below to find out how to acquire new scouts.) Click on the ASSIGN NEW TASK icon in
the Status column of a scout. A new screen with the available missions opens. Select ‘General
Scouting’ to tell the scout to do a broad search for players who fall into a specific category, and use
the filter options to narrow down the kind of players you are looking for. Do not narrow down the
search too much; otherwise the scout will come back empty handed. On the other hand, if you do a
too broad search, you might get a list full of useless players. An overall level that roughly matches
the average level of your first team within a range of 5-10 points might be a good starting point for
a search. On the other hand, if you have come to the conclusion that you are looking for a specific
type of player (e.g., a defensive minded midfielder between 20 and 25 years with a Shot Power of
at least 80 points), try to adjust the scout settings that way. When you have set your criteria, click
the green button to send the scout on his mission.
The scout list table will now contain an entry of how long the mission will take. Journeys to other
countries or continents will take a longer time than trips to your own country. When the time has
passed, you will get a notification in your News Centre. Return to the Scouting screen to check the
Your First Date
It’s time to get some proper dates! Therefore, select TEAM > CALENDAR. This is where you see
the scheduled events for the complete season – matchdays, training camps, or a season opener.
One of the first events of a season is the beloved training camp, to increase the players’ fitness.
Right-click on one of first days of July in the calendar, then select Team > Training Camp. A
screen will show you all possible targets for training camps. Open the in-game help to see what
your options are and select a target for your camp. The selected day will be the first day of your
trip. As soon as the camp starts, you will have the option to focus on specific training targets.
You might also want to schedule some friendly matches to prepare for the season. However,
some opponents for friendlies only become available when the season has progressed some
days, since they too have to plan their season. Return to the calendar in a few days, then select
Team > Friendly. You will see a list of available opponents from which you can pick one. This is
possible even when you are in a training camp.
Find out more about the various events in the Calendar section of the manual below.
Reserve Team
Your First Team is not all there is. Click on TEAM > RESERVE TEAM to have a look at your second
squad. Depending on the number of leagues you have selected, you might have a full squad or only
a few players here. Reserve Teams play in lower leagues or in separate leagues on their own. If
you want to create a separate league, you can check this option in the game start sequence, when
you select the leagues to be simulated. Most of the options work like the ones in the line-up for the
First Team. If your Reserves do not play in a league, you can still check the Status tab to see how
they are doing.
Normally, players do not like to be in the Reserve Team, since they want to play as high as
possible. If you come across players with a low Morale, check whether they might be suited for
the First Team, as well, because they might think that they deserve it. You can move a player to
a different team by either using the context menu (right mouse button), or by moving them on the
TRANSFERS > CONTRACT > SQUAD SELECTION tab. Note that most players will lose morale if
you move them to the Reserves, if you did not talk to them about it before.
Youth Teams
Your pro team would have a bleak future without some future stars. Click on TEAM > YOUTH TEAM to
check the future of your club. Youth teams are separated into four age groups. In the first season all
players who were born between January 1st 1992 and December 31st, 1993, are eligible to play in
the 17/18 years team. The respective range for the other teams is moved by two years each, so that
players in the 11/12 years team must have been born until the end of 1999 to be part of the team.
Check the in-game help for further information about the options.
Select TEAM > TRAINING to enter the Training screen. Each week you have to distribute the
training workload onto seven different areas. In the pre-season this will most likely be Fitness, but
depending on your personal preferences and the state of the season, the focus will change.
If your team lacks energy, you should increase the time of Recovery. Some free days help to boost
the morale of your players. Make sure to put some variance into the schedule, since a repetition
of always the same plans negatively affects the players’ morale.
You can set training plans for up to three training groups, for the goalkeepers, and for the Reserve
Team. Moreover, you are able to set individual training targets for the players, which will result in
a steeper increase in their training progress.
Move players to different training groups to increase the effectiveness of the training, and create
long-term-plans for the complete season.
You can also set individual long-term trainings plans for each player. Open the Player Details page
and click on TRAINING OBJECTIVES on the left to define the next training targets.
You don’t feel capable of handling all this stuff at once? Or you want to focus on specific aspects
in detail? No problem – leave the rest of the tasks to your assistants! Click on CLUB > STAFF to
check your existing staff members or hire new ones. The level of the staff members should be
about as high as your average player level; for top clubs, you can even hire extremely good staff
(level 90 or higher).
Use the SEARCH tab to look for new staff. An assistant manager is one of the most important
members, since he can improve the player skills, and he enables you to create separate training
groups. A General Manager can take care of your daily business, whereas Scouts are invaluable
to discover new talents for your squad.
To make an offer to a potential staff member, right-click his name and select MAKE OFFER. You
will get a response a few days later.
Use the ASSIGN TASKS tab to select the missions for your assistants. Note that many staff
members have an influence, even if you take over the tasks yourself. For example, a good General
Manager will increase the probability that players will sign fair contracts.
Other Screens
With all the information so far you are on a good way of handling your team, although there are
a multitude of other options in the game. The following chapters provide an overview of the
remaining screens in the main menu, followed by a description of the matchday. Have a look at
the in-game help for further information.
Club Details
To view further information on any club in the game, right-click its name or badge to view its
Club Details screen.
Use the following tools, displayed as icons on the upper right, to simplify your life as a manager.
View up-to-date information on your league and everything else in the world of football.
Access in-depth information about players and teams.
Note: You will sometimes come across entries labeled “N/A”. This means “not available” and
often appears in statistics when a club that would be shown there is not simulated in your current
Tournament Status
This screen gives an overview and detailed statistics of the current national team tournaments.
Match Analysis Tool (MAT)
The Match Analysis Tool provides an extensive breakdown of all the games played in 3D Match
European Map Stats
View continent-wide statistics at a glance.
Player Search
This contains an overview of all players in the game world.
Search History
Review all the players and clubs you’ve previously accessed details on.
Playing a Match
The easiest way to learn about playing matches is to schedule a Friendly.
To set up a Friendly:
1.Click TEAM > CALENDAR. Right-click on a free date and select Team > Friendly. Select an
opponent from the list, choose whether you would like the match to be at Home or Away and
click the green thumb icon. You might also have a mail asking whether your assistant should
take over the job. If so, you can safely give the permission now.
2. Click the continue button until the day of the match arrives.
`` A red hand icon means you must read important emails before continuing.
`` A yellow team sheet icon means that you must amend your line-up before the match.
3. On the day of the match, click the whistle at the bottom-right of the screen.
4. In the Select Match Mode screen, choose 3D MATCH for your first match and click the tick icon.
After a short introduction, the match begins.
Note: For more details on playing matches, see Match Day on p. 29.
Top Menu Bar
The menu bar at the top of the screen contains the four main tabs – TEAM, TRANSFERS, CLUB,
and CAREER. These provide quick access to the most important areas of club information.
Team Menu
Team > News Centre
Stay informed about what’s new at your club. Here you will receive e-mails about completed (or
failed) transfers, the condition of your players, the club’s financial status, and much more.
Team > Calendar
This menu allows you to schedule all sorts of proceedings at your club and offers an overview of
upcoming events.
Team Events
Training Camp
Hover the mouse over the different locations to view information on what effect each camp is
likely to have on your team.
Short-Term Camp
A Short-Term Camp only lasts two days and doesn’t have much effect on players’ skills but can
have a big impact on their confidence and morale.
If you choose to book a friendly, a list of all interested clubs is displayed.
Join three other teams in a Mini-Tournament.
Indoor Tournament
An Indoor Tournament can only be scheduled in the winter during a period where there are no
matches for at least three weeks. You have to provide the prize money but may recoup some of
your outgoings through ticket sales.
Testimonial Match
If a player who has rendered outstanding services to the club ends his career, you should
consider organising a testimonial for him.
Start of Holiday
You can now decide when your players’ holidays begin. The main advantage of a long holiday
is the extended rest period for your players. However, the trade-off is that you won’t have the
opportunity to improve their skills through training or schedule new events.
Team Spirit
Emergency Meeting
If team spirit has fallen apart and results aren’t going your way, it may be time for an Emergency
Meeting. These can’t be scheduled in advance.
Go to Restaurant
Inviting the players out for a team dinner always boosts morale.
Players Party
A Players Party is a good way of improving team spirit.
Christmas Party
It wouldn’t be Christmas without a party! This usually improves team spirit.
Theme Park
Boost morale by visiting a Theme Park.
Big Birthday
Arrange celebrations for your milestone birthdays.
Open Discussions
Schedule an open discussion once every season with your players to get valuable feedback about
the state of the team.
Youth Player Day
Support your Youth Department by scheduling a Youth Player Day once a year (after which, you
get the chance to sign up the most promising player).
Sponsor Day
The sponsors are one of the most important sources of finance for the club, so it makes sense to
show your appreciation by scheduling at least one Sponsor Day per season.
Fan Club Day
Host a supporters club meeting to try to increase your Fan Popularity.
Open Day
Open Days take place before the first match of the season, allowing interested parties to take a
look behind the scenes at your club.
End of Season Party
A party at the end of the season is usually a good way to increase your club’s popularity and, if all
the hard work has paid off, to celebrate your triumphs.
Club Anniversary
Organise a Club Anniversary every 25 years to commemorate the founding of your club.
Player Awards
Give players a morale boost by hosting an awards ceremony that pays tribute their performances
for your club.
Team > First Team
Set up every aspect of your first team, including line-up, tactics and player roles.
A player’s current circumstances (e.g., injuries) are indicated by icons in the Status column. See
the table below for definitions:
Player waiting for work permit
Player should be fit for next match
Player injured
Player not eligible to play in
international competition
Player not from European Union
Player not from Europe
Player will be banned if he receives
another yellow card
Player banned due to yellow cards
Player banned due to 2nd yellow card
Player banned due to red card
Player suspended
Player not eligible to play in league
Player has signed a contract
Player is absent
Click the chess piece icon to assign Roles (e.g. captain, corner kick taker, etc.) to your players.
For assistance with picking the team, click the book icon to define general selection rules.
Automatic Substitutions
Define substitution rules that will automatically be carried out when specific conditions are
fulfilled during a match.
Open a new screen to set detailed tactics for your team.
See an overview of your team’s performances in their league and cup competitions.
Team > Reserve Team
Note: Reserve Team screens are identical to First Team ones.
Rules governing reserve teams vary by country. If your reserves don’t currently play in a
league but are allowed to gain promotion to one, click the STATUS tab to find out how they are
performing (e.g., how many points they’ve earned and how close they are to promotion, if it’s
Team > Youth Team
This part contains an overview of all your youth teams, ranging from 10 to 19 years of age.
Team > Training
Set the training distribution for the teams or training groups, and give individual training targets to the
Tips: While improving the Fitness of your team you must keep an eye on their Energy. If players
are low on Energy they cannot improve their Fitness and will most likely suffer due to exhaustion.
Low Energy also reduces skill development and increases the chance of injuries.
Players in smaller Training Groups generally progress at a quicker rate.
Team > Dressing Room Chemistry
All players have certain expectations for the seasons, partly on their own, partly because you have
made some promises to them. Use these screens to keep an overview can change the promises to
the players.
Note: You can only activate and deactivate a Team Promise twice each season.
Tip: Making promises early in the season has a greater effect than doing so later on.
Transfers Menu
Transfers > Contracts
There’s more to running a football team than playing the game itself. Many other areas of the club
need to be managed, including player transfers and hiring staff.
Transfers > Transfer Market
This is the place to go if you’re looking for new players to boost your team. The following options are
Buy Player
Permanently acquire a player for a fixed transfer fee and a contract duration and a salary that has
to be negotiated.
Loan Player
The player is loaned out for time to be specified (most until the end of the season). In most cases
the clubs will split the salary. Some additional options can be negotiated.
Player Exchange
Sometimes it makes sense to swap two players, so it’s a win-win-situation for clubs and players.
If the other club is interested in an exchange, you can select one player to offer. Depending on the
market values, you might have to offer some financial compensation in order for the deal to take
Offer Player
If you want to get rid of a player (or to loan him out), right-click on a player name and select
OFFER PLAYER TO CLUB. If a player is already transfer listed, you can’t offer him to specific clubs.
Take on Trial
Right-click a player and select TAKE ON TRIAL to take a player on trial for one week (if the option is
Agent Inquiry
Use this option to investigate the possibility of a transfer. The agent reports back after a few days,
providing you with an estimation of the player’s contract demands and the amount of investment
you would have to make.
Work Permits
Players from outside the European Union require a work permit before they are eligible to play in
England or Holland. They must be playing for a national team in the top 70 of the FIFA rankings
and must have played at least one match for their national team in the previous season. When
these conditions are met, it takes two-to-four weeks to obtain the work permit.
Transfers > Transfer Preparations
Use the options to interact with a player before you start contract negotiations. Players might be
flattered by a distinct interest in a transfer and therefore demand less salary.
Transfers > Negotiation Status
This screen provides an overview of current and previous negotiations.
Transfers > Co-operation
Both small and large clubs can profit from Co-operation Agreements. Big clubs get the chance to
discover talented youth players with an eye to signing them, while smaller ones can loan big-time
players who aren’t getting matches.
Transfers > Scouting
Hire scouts and send them on specific missions to find out more about potential additions for your
team. The following table contains an overview which information about a player is revealed at
what popularity level.
Information Uncovered
Only basic player data, like Age, Nationality, Height, Weight etc.
Foot, Main Position.
Languages; current and previous injuries. All skills are rounded to steps of 20
(i.e. the nearest value of 0, 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100).
Player Type, Second Position (if available).
Condition, Energy, Third Position. Skills are rounded to steps of 15.
Fitness, Confidence, Morale.
Discipline, Fourth Position.
Market Value, Talent, Tactical Education, Character, Fifth Position. Skills are
rounded to steps of 10.
Sixth Position
Skills are rounded to steps of 5.
All information available
Club Menu
Club > Staff
Staff members provide invaluable assistance in the day-to-day running of a club. See the
following table for an overview of all staff positions and what they can do for you:
Assistant Manager
Handles line-up selection and training for
the First Team; suggests potential signings
and alternative positions for current players.
Amateur Coach
Handles line-up selection and training for
the Reserve Team.
Youth Coach
Handles line-up selection and training for the Youth
Teams; looks into potential youth player signings.
Goalkeeper Coach
Handles training for goalkeepers.
Fitness Coach
Increases player fitness.
Team Doctor
Cares for injured players; reduces injury periods.
Enhances energy recovery of players.
Increases mental skills of players; reduces
disputes within the team.
General Manager
Handles club finances, negotiates with
sponsors, signs other staff members.
Marketing Manager
Increases merchandise sales.
Construction Manager
Handles construction of stadium, club
facilities and Youth Camps.
Director of Football
Negotiates transfers and contracts, arranges
training camps and friendly matches.
Fan Representative
Handles contact with fans.
Helps to increase Media Status.
Negotiates staff compensation.
Handles specific area-related injuries such
as bone, muscle and knee injuries.
Increases injury prevention.
Increases knowledge about players from
other teams.
Note: The number of staff members you can hire is dependent upon the size of your office
building. To enlarge it, go to CLUB > CLUB FACILTIES and click EXTEND CLUB FACILITIES.
Club > Financial Status
Only a financially healthy club can flourish in the long term. Use the Financial Status menu to
monitor these aspects of running your club.
Club > Stadium
Create the arena of your dreams! Use the stadium editor to build grounds for your First Team,
Reserve Team and Youth Team.
Tip: Visit to find stadiums created by players all around the world and
to check out how to implement them in your game.
Club > Club Facilities
This screen deals with your local club facilities, the stadium infrastructure, and your Youth
Extend Club Facilities
Click EXTEND CLUB FACILITIES to improve your grounds with new amenities, pull in additional
income through cinemas, restaurants and hotels and plant trees and shrubs.
Buying Buildings
Click the left-hand icon to view all available Building Types. Click a Building Type icon to view all
the available buildings in that category and hover your mouse over a building to view information
about its costs and effects.
Club Centre
Media Centre
Training Grounds
Research Facility
Youth Department
Medical Department
Theme Park
Buying Land
Sooner or later your club grounds won’t be able to accommodate all the facilities
you want to build. To purchase new land, click the middle icon and then click-anddrag on the map to mark the area you want to buy. If you acquire land containing a
building, you also gain the building and its benefits.
Destroying Buildings
Sometimes it’s necessary to create space for new buildings. To destroy a building,
click the right-hand icon and then select the building you wish to destroy.
Upgrading Buildings
Click the Upgrade Building icon (if available) to improve an existing facility.
Shut Down Buildings
You can shut down buildings temporarily in order to save their running costs. To do
so, click the building on the map and then select the icon on the left-hand side of
the Toolbox.
Reactive Buildings
To reactivate a building, click the Reactivate Building icon.
Club > Merchandising
Use this screen to interact with your fans, buy and sell local or overseas merchandise articles,
and change the colour and style of your kits.
Special Merchandise Offers
Check your News Centre regularly for special offers on products. If you find one, click SPECIAL
OFFER to negotiate with the salesperson making the offer. The discount currently being offered
is on the right-hand side of the screen with your current (higher) discount demand on the left.
To increase the likelihood of a deal, either reduce your demand or increase the amount of stock
you’re willing to purchase. The closer the hands on the screen are, the nearer you are to a deal –
but beware, you only have one minute to come to an agreement.
When playing in multiplayer mode, two players may occasionally be sent the same offer and
must both negotiate simultaneously. To do this, both players can either use the mouse or the first
player can use A/D while the second player presses J/L (to increase order/decrease demand).
Tip: You won’t receive special offers if there’s no capacity in your club shop.
Tip: A good Marketing Manager and a high Media Status will increase your chances of receiving
special offers.
Special Products
Creating merchandise commemorating events in your club’s history is a good way of raising
income. When such an opportunity arises, an email arrives in your News Centre. To order
commemorative merchandise, click SPECIAL PRODUCTION and select the type and amount.
Remember, the sooner you order, the higher the discount!
Tip: Before making a decision on opening a Fan Shop abroad, consider your International and
National Prestige, the population of the country in question and the FIFA ranking of both your
country and the country you are considering selling your merchandise in.
Club > Ticketing
Set admission fees for each stand in your main stadium.
Club > Sponsoring
You have several sponsorship options when trying to boost your income. These include Primary and
Secondary Sponsors, selling Ad Boards and selling the Naming Rights of your stadium and stands.
Club > Achievements
View your club’s best players and take a look at your trophy collection.
Career Menu
Career > My Career
This screen provides you with an overview of your managerial career.
Career > Personal Life
Even a top-flight manager has time for pursuits outside his day-to-day work. Access information
on events in your personal life and your current personal wealth, or choose to learn a new
Note: You can switch off the simulation of your private life in the game start sequence.
Career > Player Career
If you play 3D Matches in Action mode, check out your achievements on this screen. You can also
start a career as a Player Manager here by clicking WORK AS PLAYER MANAGER.
Career > Watch Other Matches
You can observe complete competitions in Videotext Mode or watch specific competition matches
and the matches of specified clubs in 3D Match mode.
Career > Career Options
This screen provides an overview of the manager status of other clubs, and possible future
opportunities, if you want to work somewhere else.
Tip: If you contact clubs about vacancies, you run the risk of the press finding out about your enquiries.
The following options are available from the Options menu.
Options > Save
Create a quicksave game of your current progress (you can also do this by pressing F9).
Options > Save As
Specify the name of your saved game file using the textbox and click SAVE GAME (if the name
already exists, the previously-saved game is overwritten). To delete a saved game, click its name
and select DELETE GAME.
Options > Add New Player
You can add new players to your game (up to a maximum of four) at any time. The new player
must enter their personal data and select a club to manage.
Options > Retire
Players can retire from the game at any time (as long as more than one player is playing). If they
aren’t replaced by a new player, their club is taken over by a simulated manager.
Options > Game Options
This lets you change several game and interface options.
Options > Preferences
Adjust the game preferences to your personal likes.
Options > Audio Options
Configure Audio Options and select songs for your playlist.
Options > 3D Options
Set the default visual settings for 3D Matches using the drop-downs on the left of the screen. If
you are using Action mode, you can configure your gamepad or keyboard using the dropdown on
the right.
Options > Simulation
This feature lets you simulate a game until a specified point in time, allowing you to see how it
develops before intervening. Your assistants take over your tasks for the duration of the simulation.
Options > How Do You Play?
This screen contains information about your playing style and your current game.
Options > Back to Main Menu
Use this option to return to the main menu.
Options > Quit to Windows
Use this option to quit FIFA Manager 11 and return to Windows.
National Team
If you want to take a job as a National Team manager, either select a country at the start or wait
for offers during the course of the game. Use the team flag button on the left-hand side of the top
menu bar to switch between your club and national teams. The National Team game menu is very
similar to the club main menu so only the differences are listed below:
Team > Calendar
You can only arrange Friendlies in the National Team Calendar screen (possible dates are marked
with your national team’s flag).
Team > Training
National Team training is only available a few days prior to matches and during tournaments.
Nominations > Squad
Your main job as a National Team manager is to put together a powerful team for upcoming
matches. The left side of the screen lists all available players while the present squad is detailed
on the right. Click a name in the Player List to move him into the Squad and click a Squad player
to remove him. For help, click ASK ASSISTANT.
Nominations > Retired Players
This is a list of all players who have retired from the National Team. If you’re lucky, you may be
able to convince a player to return by clicking on his name.
Match Day
Select Match Mode Screen
If you’re playing at home and you have more than one stadium, select where you want to play the
game using the drop-down at the top-left of the screen. Then, choose how you want to view the
upcoming game (see Match Modes below).
If you’re playing in 3D Match mode, you can select up to five other matches to watch by selecting
3D MATCH in the drop-downs next to the fixtures on the left (click the sheet icon behind the teams
to view match previews). You can also choose a player to use in Player Career mode (assuming
you’re not locked to a single player) by selecting him from the Player Career drop-down on the
right-hand side of the screen. If you’re playing in Text Mode, you can select up to three Additional
Teams (depending on the number of active users) to be displayed in detail during the match.
Note: If more than one user is playing, click the tabs at the top-right of the screen to switch between players.
Note: If you choose to watch a match in Videotext or Text Mode, the selection applies to all players
in a multiplayer game. Selecting Instant Results and 3D Match mode can be done individually.
Note: If any of the teams has an incomplete line-up, you will not be able to choose 3D Match mode.
Note: If two user-controlled teams meet, only the manager of the home team will be able to
control a player in the match.
Full Team Control:
Activate Full Team Control to be able to control each player of your squad during the match! Open
the EA account management and register for Full Team Control.
Match Modes
3D Match
Follow all the action as it happens in 3D Match mode. To view a toolbar showing general game
information, move the mouse towards the top-left of the screen. Click the Tactics icon next to
your team bar to alter your match strategy.
Move the mouse to the bottom of the screen to bring up the options bar. Carry out substitutions,
alter the tactics, check statistics, and affect the game by shouting orders onto the pitch.
Manager Shouts
This feature lets you indirectly take part in the game. There are 15 shouts available; hover the
mouse over the icons to see a description. Click on the icon or press SHIFT and the respective
hotkey to use the shout. Most of the shouts will affect the player who controls the ball, but there
are also some tactical shouts for the defensive behaviour or for the team in general. In most
cases, but not always, the players will follow your commands. Have a look at the referee status –
if you overdo it with the shouts, he will ban you from the match!
`` Highlight Detail:Lowering this setting activates the Highlight Mode, which describes
most of the scenes as texts. When a good chance or a goal happened,
the game switches back to 3D Match mode.
`` Match Speed:There are four match speeds at your disposal. You can also calculate
the rest of the match at high speed by clicking the Hare button. Click
the Turtle button to return to normal speed.
`` Camera:Several cameras are available to watch the match from all angles. You
can also use the number keys 1 to 0 to change the camera. To activate
the Custom camera, press 7, then press NumPad 2/8 to adjust its angle,
NumPad 4/6 to rotate it and + or - to zoom in or out. NumPad 5 resets
the view to a standard bird’s eye perspective above the pitch.
`` Player Names:
Displays the names of the players.
`` Player Info:
Cycle between different sets of information about the players.
`` Replays:
Activates replays after match highlights.
`` Cinematic Views: Activates cut scenes when the match is stopped.
`` x1 Speed Final 1/3:If you have increased the match speed, the game will slow down to
normal speed when the ball is in either attacking third of the pitch.
`` Go Live 80th Minute:The game automatically uses normal speed and live mode from the
80th minute onwards.
Note: Press R to change the radar’s levels of transparency during a match.
Behind Goal
Custom Camera (use NumPad to control)
+ / - Zoom
4 / 6 Angle
2 / 8 Elevation
Bird’s Eye
Manager Shouts
(Use CTRL + Hotkey for second user)
Pass Left
Pass Forward
Pass Right
Hoof It
Square It
Change Sides
Out of Bounds
Manager Shouts (Continued)
(Use CTRL + Hotkey for second user)
Slow Down
Forward Run
All Out Attack
Other Hotkeys
F1 / F2
Substitutions and Tactics
Open Substitution Screen for Home / Away
Toggle Replays on/off
Toggle Cut Scenes on/off
Display Player Names
Cycle Player Info
Change Match Speed
Toggle Replay
The Tactics and Line-Up screens are similar to those mentioned earlier in this manual, but with
fewer options. If you schedule a substitution, it will only be carried out when the game has
Note: If you take off a player you are controlling in Action mode, you cannot control the sub
you’ve brought on for him.
Press F11 during the match (when running in Highlight mode, set to FULL MATCH first) to switch
to Replay mode. To save a highlight, set its start and end points by using the slide-bar to play
through the match and clicking the Set Start and Set End icons. Then click the Save Highlight
icon to save the chosen clip. You can review saved highlights in the main menu. Press ESCAPE to
return to the match.
Text Mode
Follow every match via a live ticker, which describes all the action and builds up the atmosphere
throughout the season, reflecting on current standings, specific events, and much more!
If you have chosen to view multiple matches, click the SINGLE MATCH tab to view one match at
a time and click the arrows to switch between them. To view all the important information from
your featured match in one place, check out the window at the top left of the screen. Select the
CONFERENCE tab to see an overview of all matches today.
Watch match events as they happen in the window on the left of the screen and toggle between All
Events, Highlights, Goals, Subs and Cards by clicking the tabs. Keep an eye on the grey ‘chances bar’
under the team names to see how good each scoring opportunity is (the bigger the bar, the better the
To make substitutions without leaving the screen, select the TEAM tab and drag and drop your
sub into the team. To alter your match strategy, click the TACTICS tab. For more detailed data,
click the green VIEW STATS CENTRE icon. Click the OPTIONS icon to adjust the game display to
your needs.
Use the arrows to click through the widgets at the top right of the screen. These include a variety
of information from the attendance to advice from your Assistant Manager.
Manager Shouts
Use the icons between the two windows to carry out manager shouts. Unlike 3D Match mode,
they do not have a direct effect on a scene, but alter the way your team plays. Check out the
referee status in the referee widget to make sure you are not banned from the game. The TAKE
CONTROL option is only available when you are leading with at least two goals, your overall team
level is at least 5% higher than the opponent, and your team has a normal or positive state. A
shout affects a match as long as it is disabled, or until another shout is used.
Videotext Mode
Use the sliders at the bottom right of the screen to set the Match Speed and decide on the pause
length after a goal. To give yourself the option of making changes during the game, tick the Stop
At Half-Time and Stop At Forced Substitutions options. Enable the AUTOMATIC SUBSTITUTIONS
option to carry out substitutions as defined in the line-up screen.
If you play a multiplayer game and participate in different competition, click the tab of the
respective competition on the top left. Click your team to open the substitution screen.
Instant Results
This is the quickest way to simulate a match. If you want to stop at half-time to make tactical
changes, to stop the match following a forced substitution, or to enable automatic substitutions,
check the relevant option on the screen.
Click TALKS during half-time to take stock and try to change your team’s attitude with a pep-talk
– or a dressing down. Choose a different approach with individual players using the Player Talk
drop-down or deliver a Team Talk to rally the whole squad.
Player Development
General Development
Player Development is more variable than in previous versions of FIFA Manager. Players with good
potential receive a bonus in training and learn more during a match. Players who have reached
their peak, meanwhile, find it harder to improve. Therefore, when trying to improve your team
without spending too much money on the bigger stars, try to find players with good potential.
Consider the following when looking for players:
`` The talent of a player is of utmost importance. Highly talented players have a high probability
of showing good development and even mildly-talented players have a chance of developing.
`` Look for players at small clubs that show good development despite unfortunate
circumstances. Moving to a big club might give them the push they need!
`` Long injuries can have an impact on the development of players, especially young ones. When
a player younger than 20 has already suffered multiple long-term injuries, he is very unlikely to
develop, despite his talent.
`` Be careful with transfers of players younger than 18. There is an increased probability that
they will suffer from a change in environment (especially players from a Youth Camp). You can
reduce these effects by building a Boarding School on your club grounds.
Player Skills
The following table provides an overview of the most important skills for out-field positions:
Most Important Skills
Central Defender
Tackling, Man Marking, Headers, Jumping
Left/Right Defender
Tackling, Man Marking, Acceleration,
Speed, Robustness
Left/Right Wing Back
Forward Runs, Acceleration, Speed, Work
Rate, Crossing
Tackling, Man Marking, Headers,
Speed, Jumping
Passing, Long Passing, Tackling, Man Marking
Defensive Midfielder
Passing, Long Passing, Tackling, Man Marking,
Work Rate
Central Midfielder
Technique, Creativity, Passing, Long Passing
Attacking Midfielder
Dribbling, Technique, Creativity, Touch, Forward
Runs, Acc., Speed
Left/Right Midfielder
Crossing, Acceleration, Speed, Technique, Passing
Left/Right Wing
Crossing, Touch, Forward Runs, Acceleration, Speed
Central Forward
Finishing, Headers, Touch, Acceleration
Finishing, Forward Runs, Acceleration, Speed
FIFA Manager 11 Online
Select the START ONLINE GAME option in the main menu to play online with your friends!
Before you can start playing online, you need to register a user name for the game. Click the
CREATE ACCOUNT button on the login screen and follow the onscreen instructions to create your
account. The in-game help system is also available in online mode.
After logging in you will be taken to the lobby, where you can start or join new games, continue
previously saved games, change your personal settings, view the Highscore list and your won
trophies, buy and use action items, or add users to your friendlist or to your ignore list.
Creating a New Game
In the Games tab, click the HOST GAME button. Your game will get a standard title with your user
name, but you can change the title, if you like. If you want your game to be password protected,
activate the PASSWORD PROTECTED option, enter and confirm the password. Only users who
know the password can enter your game. Choose the league to play from the dropdown menu.
If all users are ready, the host can launch the game by clicking on the START GAME button. There
is a maximum of 8 players per game.
Check the in-game help for more details about the game options.
Join Game
All games of other users that are currently available are listed in the CURRENT GAMES table in
the Games tab. To join a game, click the respective row and then the JOIN button. If the game
is password protected, you will have to enter the password before you can join the game. The
current participants of the game are shown below the table.
Hit the REFRESH button to get a new games list from the server.
Filter Options
There are a number of options to filter the games list:
`` Only Show Public Games: Games that are password protected do not appear on the list.
`` Show Full Games: Games that already have the maximum of players appear on the list.
`` Show Started Games: Games that have already been started appear on the list.
`` Only Games With Friends: Games without any users on your friendlist do not appear on the list
`` Only Show Games in Language: Only games that use the selected language appear on the list.
`` Game Includes Team to Select for a User: Only games that have the selected club available
appear on the list.
The number of currently displayed and overall games is shown below the games table.
Accept Invitation
If a host has sent you an invitation to join his game, you will get a notification icon in your lobby.
Click the icon to see all current invitations. If you want to accept the invitation, select the game
from the list and click on ACCEPT.
Continue a Saved Game
Each game is saved automatically at the start of each week. If you are the host of the game, you
will see a list in the Saved Games table on the Games tab. Click the RESUME button to continue the
game, and you will be taken to the pre-game screen. As soon as the host has resumed, the game
will appear in the Saved Games list of all players who have participated in the game. If at least
half of the players have confirmed that they are ready of proceed, the host can continue the
game. All players who are not available at this time are replaced by AI managers. However, they can
join the game again afterwards.
Highscore List
Playing FIFA Manager 11 Online will reward you with lots of Manager Points for the worldwide
Highscore List. To see a detailed list of the manager points, right-click on your manager avatar
during a game (to be found on the lower right), then left click on the MANAGER POINTS OVERVIEW
FIFA Manager 11 Online comes with a number of trophies that you can win throughout the game.
Click the arrows on the top right to cycle through the pages. Note that you only receive most of
the trophies when you play multiplayer games!
Use this screen to add users to your friendlist or ignore list.
If you want to send a message to one of your friends, select the name from the list, enter the
message in the Chat window and click on SEND. The receiver will get a notification of your
message. You can follow the message history in the Chat window.
Use this tab to change your personal settings. After changing your settings, click the APPLY
CHANGES button to confirm.
Premium Features:
Get the Premium online features to unlock an Avatar Editor which you can use to create your own
custom Avatar from various items.
Action Items
Get an overview of your current action items, which you can use during a game. Click the BUY
button to swap manager points for new items.
Enter one of the default room to chat with your friends and other users. You can only participate in
one room at the same time.
Main Menu
FIFA Manager 11 Online progresses in turns of one week. At the start of each week you are taken to
the main menu where you can change your line-up and tactics, look after the player contracts, set
your training for the upcoming week, change your ticket prices, or extend the infrastructure of your
Manager Office
This is the place to change your line-up and the tactics. Choose a formation from the dropdown
menu above the pitch and swap players by dragging them to their new positions.
Click the Tactics tab to change the orders for your players.
Players with the Leadership special skill will have positive effect on the level of the team part
they are playing in, and on the team as a whole. However, too many leaders will have a contrary
effect, since the hierarchy of the team is disturbed.
Each week provides five slots for your training sessions. Fitness, Recovery, and Team Tactics
are trained for the complete team, whereas training for Overall Skills and Special Skills works for
individual players.
Check the players’ training progress on the Individual Training tab. Overall Skills and Special
Skills are trained in steps of 5 stars each. When the progress bar is complete, it takes only one
more step until the player reaches the next higher level or acquires the Special Skill.
If you schedule an overall or special skill training session, only players who have the matching
individual training target have a chance of a training progress increase. Young players and those
with a low level have a higher probability for increases. Each day’s training results are displayed
in the week progress.
Hint: The lower the energy of your players, the higher the effect of Recovery days.
Financial Centre
This is where you keep an overview of your budget and extend your stadium and facilities.
The Financial Status keeps you up-to-date with the current budget. Each booking throughout the
season is listed in the booking journal. Make sure to reach your season objectives, or your board
might cut your budget!
Use the Infrastructure tab to extend your Manager Office and Training Grounds. Each extension
comes with a new bonus for your club.
The Stadium tab is the place to extend your stadium and set your ticket fee. The table of home
matches provides an overview of all matches and gives an estimation of the next home crowd.
You can use the Transfers screen to look for additions to your squad, and to sell players you do
not need any longer.
Use the controls below the table to filter the players you are looking for. Hit the PLAYER SEARCH
button after adjusting the controls to update the list. To make an offer for a player, open his player
details screen and click the TRANSFER OFFER button. A high offer will increase the probability
that the club will put the player onto the transfer list. However, you will not be the only club who
is eligible to make offers! On the other hand, you can make direct offers for players from other
human managers.
Premium Features:
Get the Premium online features to unlock additional filters, which help you narrow down your
search for a specific level or age range, Special Skills, and positions.
Set a required position with a minimum level to indicate that you are looking for a specific type
of player. This increases the chance that other clubs will put matching players onto the transfer
Click the SHOW OTHER TEAMS button to get a list what other teams are looking for.
The Squad tab gives you the option to put players onto the transfer market, or to cancel their
contracts. Note that you can put a player onto the market only once per half season.
Sponsor Missions
Sponsors will now give special missions to all teams, and the winners are awarded additional
budget. Some of these missions are risk versions, where you can choose after each match
whether you want to collect the bonus, or try to raise it in the next match. Click the SPONSOR
MISSION icon in the main menu after you have been notified of a new mission to check the
current status.
Action Items
Use this screen to manage and play your action items in the game. Misc and main menu items
can be played directly if you select them and click on USE ITEMS. You can select up to three items
each to be used in the next transfer market and match. To do so, drag the items to the respective
slot on the right side. Click the BUY button to acquire new sets of items.
A number of statistics are available for you to view. If you are looking up the results, set the new
matchday or group and click the REFRESH icon to get the information from the server.
Premium Features:
Get the Premium online features to unlock additional statistics, like Best Rated Players, Injuries, or
Most Expensive Squads.
The options are separated into options for all users and options which can only be changed by the
host. Check the in-game help for a detailed description of the options.
Club Info
Right-click on the badge of any club in the statistics bar to open an info screen with many details
about the club.
Premium Features:
Get the Premium online features to unlock a Club Record tab which shows the table development
and achievements of the past years.
Manager Info
Right-click on your manager avatar on the lower left to open detailed information about your
manager career. Use the dropdown menu in the header to see the details of other managers.
Click the icon for the manager points overview to see a list of how your manager points that you
have won in the current game are distributed onto the various areas.
You can change your friendlist and send messages to other users by using your friendlist in the game.
You can chat with all players that are currently in the game. If you want to send a private message,
enter a ‘/w’ or ‘/t’, followed by a space, the name of the user, and the text you want to send.
Bonus Race
Players who quickly finish their turn are rewarded for their speed. After each turn the players
collect points for the bonus race, depending on the order they have finished the turn. A player
who wins the bonus race gets an additional budget from the board. The number of points that are
distributed, and the number needed to win the race depend on the number of players.
Transfer Market
Transfers take place in an auction style. Each player can join an auction, but you have to make
sure that you can not only pay the required transfer fee, but also the salary for the remaining
season! There are two different bidding systems which the host can change during the game. On
the one hand there is an open auction with increasing bids; on the other hand there are hidden
bids, where each club can make one secret offer for the player.
Use your action items on the main transfer screen to take effect for the next auction.
The Next Match tab provides an overview of all upcoming matches. Normally you will watch your
own match. However, if you have a free day (e.g. when there are cup competitions you do not
participate in), you must select one of the other matches to watch, in case at least one human
manager takes part in the competition.
Click the Line-up or Tactics tab to make some last minute changes to your team. However,
changing the line-up will have a negative effect on the condition of players who were supposed
to be in the starting 11, and now find themselves on the bench or even on the grandstand. You
should therefore make sure to think about your line-up in the main menu, even if this costs you
some points for the bonus race!
To change the line-up during a match, drag a substitute player onto a player in the starting 11,
upon which a substitution indicator will appear behind both players. To change your formation,
select a new system from the dropdown box above the line-up. To change your tactics, open the
tactics tab and alter the current settings.
There is a limited number of actions you can carry out during a match, which can be altered by
the host of the game (normally it is 10 actions). Each substitution, formation change, or tactical
change is counted as an action. A substitution of an injured player is not counted as an action.
Select an action item from the Items tab to make use of it during a match.
Note: The game server is synchronized every minute of the match. Depending on your
connection speed, you might experience a little delay between your actions and the actual result
in the match.
Hint: Have a look at the Energy of your players! Low Energy values reduce the overall player
level (although the altered player level is not indicated on the screen).
Post-Match Effects
Some players might get additional training progress from playing a match. Young players with
a relatively low overall level who have played many match minutes have an increased chance
of getting another training star. Thus, it will pay to give these players some match practice! The
effects screen will only occur when there are any new training stars to distribute. If players have
played a number of matches on a new position, there is a chance for them to acquire it as a new
secondary position, so they do not get a penalty for playing an unknown position anymore.
Performance Tips
Problems Running the Game
`` Make sure you meet the minimum system requirements for this game and that you have the
latest drivers for your video card and sound card installed:
For NVIDIA video cards, visit to locate and download them.
For ATI video cards, visit to locate and download them.
`` If you are running the disc version of this game, try reinstalling DirectX from the disc. This is
typically found in the DirectX folder on the root of the disc. If you have Internet access, you can
visit to download the latest version of DirectX.
General Troubleshooting Tips
`` If you have the disc version of this game and the AutoPlay screen does not automatically
appear for installation/playing, right-click the disc drive icon found in My Computer and select
`` If the game is running slowly, try reducing the quality of some of the video and sound
settings from the game’s options menu. Reducing the screen resolution can often improve
`` For optimum performance when playing, you may like to disable other background tasks
(except the EADM application, if applicable) running in Windows.
Internet Performance Issues
To avoid poor performance during Internet play, be sure that you close any file sharing, streaming
audio, or chat programs prior to entering gameplay. These applications can monopolize your
connection’s bandwidth, causing lag or other undesirable effects.
This game uses the following TCP and UDP port(s) for Internet play:
TCP ports: 9946, 15450-15499, 42124
UDP ports: 3659, 6000
Please consult your router or personal firewall documentation for information on how to allow
game related traffic on these ports. If you are attempting to play on a corporate Internet
connection, contact your network administrator.
customer Support
If you have trouble with this game, EA Technical Support can help.
The EA Help file provides solutions and answers to the most common difficulties and questions
about how to properly use this product.
To access the EA Help file (with the game already installed):
Windows Vista and Windows 7 users, go to Start > Games, right-click the game icon, and select
the appropriate support link from the drop-down menu.
For users on earlier versions of Windows, click the Technical Support link in the game’s
directory located in the Start > Programs (or All Programs) menu.
To access the EA Help file (without the game already installed):
1. Insert the game disc into your DVD-ROM drive.
2. Double-click the My Computer icon on the Desktop. (If the My Computer icon is not visible on your desktop, you may need to click the Start button and then click the My Computer icon).
3. Right-click the DVD-ROM drive that has the game disc and then select OPEN.
4. Open the Support > European Help Files > Electronic_Arts_Technical_Support.htm file.
If you are still experiencing difficulty after utilizing the information in the EA Help file you can
contact EA Technical Support.
EA CUSTOMER Support on the Internet
If you have Internet access, be sure to check our EA Technical Support website at:
Here you will find a wealth of information on DirectX, game controllers, modems, and networks,
as well as information on regular system maintenance and performance. Our website contains
up-to-date information on the most common difficulties, game-specific help, and frequently
asked questions (FAQs). This is the same information our support technicians use to troubleshoot
your performance issues. We keep the support website updated on a daily basis, so please check
here first for no-wait solutions.
Support centre Contact Info
If you need to talk to someone immediately, call our Technical Support team (Monday through
Friday 8 AM – 5 PM PST):
Telephone: US 1 (650) 628-1001.
Note: No hints or codes are available from Technical Support.
CUSTOMER SUPPORT - Here to help you!
Problem? Question? If you are having problems with your game, we are here to help.
In Singapore, contact:
In Hong Kong, contact:
TEL)+65 6 462 2549
TEL)+852 3166 6006
FAX)+65 6 466 7623
FAX)+852 2110 9801
E-mail/MSN IM:[email protected]
E-mail:[email protected]
Service Time: Am 9:30 - Pm 5:30
Service Time: Am 9:30 - Pm 6:00
(Monday-Friday, Excluding Public Holidays)
(Monday-Friday, Excluding Public Holidays)
Limited 7-DAY Warranty
Note: The following warranties only apply to products sold at retail. These warranties do not apply to products
sold online via EA Store or third parties.
Electronic Arts Limited Warranty
Electronic Arts warrants to the original purchaser of this product that the recording medium on which the software
program(s) are recorded (the “Recording Medium”) are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period
of 7 days from the date of purchase. If the Recording Medium is found to be defective within 7 days from the date
of purchase, Electronic Arts agrees to replace the Recording Medium upon receipt of the Recording Medium at the
address at the rear of the document, together with a dated proof of purchase, a statement describing the defects,
the faulty media and your return address. This warranty is limited to the Recording Medium containing the software
program that was originally provided by Electronic Arts. This warranty shall not be applicable and shall be void if, in the
judgment of Electronic Arts, the defect has arisen through abuse, mistreatment or neglect.
This limited warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, whether oral or written, express or implied, including any warranty
of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and no other representation of any nature shall be binding on
or obligate Electronic Arts. If any such warranties are incapable of exclusion, then such warranties applicable to this
product, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the 7-day
period described above. In no event will Electronic Arts be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages
resulting from possession, use or malfunction of this Electronic Arts product, including damage to property, and to the
extent permitted by law, damages for personal injury, even if Electronic Arts has been advised of the possibility of such
damages. Some states do not allow limitation as to how long an implied warranty lasts and/or exclusions or limitation of
incidental or consequential damages so the above limitations and/or exclusion of liability may not apply to you. In such
jurisdictions, the Electronic Arts’ liability shall be limited to the fullest extent permitted by law. This warranty gives you
specific rights. You may also have other rights that vary from state to state.
Returns Within Warranty Period
If the product was damaged through misuse or accident, this 7 day warranty is rendered void.
If you have any queries on warranty replacements or user-damaged discs, please contact your respective countries’
Customer Service contact number (Refer to Customer Support).
© 2010 Electronic Arts Inc. EA, EA SPORTS, and the EA SPORTS logo are trademarks of Electronic
Arts Inc. Official FIFA licensed product. “© The FIFA name and OLP Logo are copyright or trademark
protected by FIFA. All rights reserved.” Manufactured under license by Electronic Arts Inc. The
Premier League Logo © The Football Association Premier League Limited 1996. The Premier
League Logo is a trade mark of the Football Association Premier League Limited and the Premier
League Club logos are copyright works and registered trademarks of the respective Clubs. All are
used with the kind permission of their respective owners. Manufactured under license from the
Football Association Premier League Limited. No association with nor endorsement of this product
by any player is intended or implied by the license granted by the Football Association Premier
League Limited to Electronic Arts. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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