TSD-MIX31RL 3 x 1 Mic/Line Mixer The versatile Atlas

TSD-MIX31RL 3 x 1 Mic/Line Mixer The versatile Atlas
TSD-MIX31RL 3 x 1 Mic/Line Mixer
The versatile Atlas Sound TSD-MIX31RL 3x1 mic/line mixer is ideal for
applications where paging, public address, and BGM music are required. Use as a
standalone remote mixer or in conjunction with Atlas Sound power amplifiers in
applications such as conference center meeting rooms, football stadiums, gymnasiums,
and other areas requiring versatile, multi source mix control.
The unit includes two mic/balanced line inputs via removable Phoenix
style connectors and a stereo summing dual RCA input. Switchable
phantom power is provided for both mic inputs to facilitate condenser
microphones. The high quality, low noise internal mic preamps ensure
clarity and quiet operation without unwanted coloration. A 12dB / octave high pass filter
@ 125Hz also is available on each input to minimize bass rumble and low frequency
Priority paging can be accomplished via contact closure or VOX trigger on Input 1
(mutes input 3 only). Remote level control feature allows use of the Atlas Sound AAVC10K (or equivalent) decorative wall plate control for convenient remote adjustment of
either the entire mix bus or input 3 only (typical BGM input).
A variable output limiter provides system protection by reducing clipping and distortion which is especially useful when mixing multiple mics and/or line sources with varying
The TSD-MIX31RL is highly efficient and meets Energy Star standards as one 24V DC
power supply (available separately) can power multiple Atlas Time Saving Devices. Tech
Two (2) Balanced Mic/Line Inputs
High Gain (50dB) Microphone Preamps
Switchable 24V Phantom Power
One (1) Unbalanced Summing Dual RCA Line Input
Vox Sense and Contact Closure Priority Mute of Ch3
Variable Output Limiter
Remote Level Control
12dB/Octave Low Cut Filter @ 125Hz
Input Signal & Peak Indicator LED's
High Gain Output for Driving Long Balanced Lines
Separate Ground Connections
Removable Phoenix Style I/O Connectors
Security Covers Included for All Front Panel Controls
Meets Energy Star Standards
Unbalanced Input Impedance 10KO
Input Level 316mV (-10dBV) = 2V (+6dBV) Balanced Output
Balanced Input Impedance 1.2KO Balanced, 600O Unbalanced
Phantom Power 24VDC Defeatable
Low Cut Filter 125Hz/12dB Defeatable
Line Input Level 1V (0dBV) Balanced 2V (+6dBV) Balanced Output
Mic Input Level 46dB Gain 10mV (-40dBV) Balanced = 2V (+6dbV) Balanced Output
Output impedance 300O Balanced, 150O Unbalanced
Line Output Level 1V (0dBV) In = 2V (+6dBV)
Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz (+/-1dB)
THD .06% & 1kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio Line to Line 85dBV
Signal to Noise Ratio Mic to Line 70dBV
24VDC Power Requirements 60mA
Height 1.5" (3.81 cm)
Width 4" (10.16 cm)
Depth 2.5" (6.35 cm)
Weight 6oz., .165kg
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