Hawk V-LiTe16 - Vantage Film

Hawk V-LiTe16 - Vantage Film
Hawk V-Lite16
High Speed Anamorphics for 16 mm
Vantage introduces a set of five
entirely new lenses for 16 mm
production. The new lenses are
designed from scratch and deliver
ultra high performance:
and manufac­ture lenses that were both small in size and
grand in performance. What we came up with was a
design concept that fascinated us as both simple and
elegant: What if we used cylindric lenses with an extremely small radius? This would let us minimize the aerial
distance between the lenses and pack them tightly into a
small, short housing.
V-Lite16 14 mm/T1.5
V-Lite16 18 mm/T1.5
V-Lite16 24 mm/T1.5
V-Lite16 28 mm/T1.5
V-Lite16 35 mm/T1.5
45 mm/T2.2
55 mm/T2.2
65 mm/T2.2
80 mm/T2.2
V-Lite 110 mm/T3
V-Lite 140 mm/T3.5
Once we had ensured that such deeply curved lenses
could be manufactured, optical calculations went into
force. “To achieve a minimum lens size I did some
intricate finetuning”, explains Hawk Chief Optical
Scientist Dr. Anatoly B. Agourok. “Not only did I optimize
the shape of the optical elements, I also managed to
reduce their number. Plus, I used ultra-thin glasses with a
high refractive index and set even stricter manufacturing
tolerances than I usually do.”
Perfect simplicity combined with
maximum functionality was what
we had in mind when we designed our new small and lightweight range of Hawk® V-Lite16
The challenge we set ourselves
was not an easy one. Until now
no 16 mm anamorphic lens had
existed: Shooting spherical
16 mm always required a com­
promise between negative size
and very short, flat lenses. This
uncomfortable trade-off we wanted to make a thing of the past.
Along with six of the regular Hawk V-Lite anamorphics the new 16 mm
set covers the wide range
from 14 to 140 mm.
None of the proven approaches to lens design, how­ever,
would lead us to the extremely compact S16 anamorphics combined with the full-blown quality we aspired
to. So we began to explore undiscovered ways to design
The result of our efforts is a range of strikingly compact,
lightweight S16 anamorphic lenses. Reduced to their very
essence they are smaller than most spherical lenses on the
market. Still
they offer the
T1.5 – High Speed for Super 16 Anamorphic
same stunning
Fully open the new Hawks give you 100% more
performance as light compared to the 35 mm anamorphics. This
supports the use of low grain film stock with meour new-genedium ASA settings. Additionally large geometric
ration Hawk®
apertures create a shallow depth of field – a major
V-Plus Anacharacteristic of true anamorphic capturing.
morphics. At
long last, DoPs
and camera
operators have
the choice of
working with a
small S16 lens
which is just
as good as its
full-size 35 mm
The new lenses are available in two versions:
Hawk V-Lite16
Squeeze for Normal 16
This format delivers classical anamorphic images with shallow depth
of field. It can be combined with all existing Hawk Anamorphics.
Hawk V-Lite16
Squeeze for Super 16
This format uses the full S16 negative area. The emotional impact
lies between anamorphic and spherical capturing.
Along with the new Hawk lenses Vantage developed anamorphic viewfinders for the Arriflex 416® cameras.
Also, the PSU video assist systems have been upgraded to desqueeze the 2x or 1.3x images.
Made in Germany by Vantage Film GmbH
For further information contact Vantage Film, Phone +49 961 26795, Fax +49 961 62983, www.vantagefilm.com
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