Item No. 1
Working Voltage == 220-230 Volts
RPM / g – 100,000 RPM / 800,000g
Easy Protocol Set up; Low Noise Level.
LCD-Touch Screen Display.
Rotar Tracking Facility ; Password Protected ; User
Defined Programme Temperature 00 - 400.C
Speed Control +/- 10RPM –
Rotor Requirements :
Swing out with compatible tubes and adaptors.
(Please Quote Different Rotors with price individually Equipment should be supplied with two AC of 1.5
ton capacity)
Stabilizer : Good Quality Compatible and Robust.
5 Year Warranty / Guarantee for the main equipment.
User Lists and Other Detail
Different types of tubes/adaptors compatible to the rotors may be quoted with price mention
separately for each item.
Item No. 2
Server specificationIntel Xeon Processor E5 2630(6 Core) 2.3 GHz/1333 MHz/ 15 MB Memory 4 x 8 GB, HDD 3 x 300 GB SAS HDD, 2.5” Hot
Swap, Multi Burner, RAID 05 in built (M5110 e card + 512 MB Cache) + RPS x 2 HS Component: Power Supply, Fan
module, HDD Storage Bays: 16 x 2.5” hot-swap drive bays or 8 x 2.5” hot-swap drive bays 1 x media bay Intel USB port,
I/O Slots: Riser Slot , IX PCI Express 3.00 x 8 (FH./FL)+ 2 x PCI Express 3.00 x 8 (HF/FL) , IX PCI Express 3.00 x 16 (FH/FL) +
1 x PCI Express 3.00 x 8 (HF/FL), IX PCI-X(FH/FL) + 1 x PCI –X(FH/FL) + PCI Express 3.00 x 16 (HF/FL) with Key Board,
Mouse and 18.5” Monitor rack with complete accessory with three years onsite warranty.
Item No. 3
Specifications for Nanodrop
1. LCD Display
2. Wavelength range from 220 onwards upto 900 nm or more
3. Sample size less than 3 microliter
4. Wavelength accuracy 1nm
5. Measurement cycle time should be less than 10 seconds
6. Electrical requirement: 220-240 volts, single phase, 50Hz to suit local conditions
7. Data output can be obtained via a printer and desktop with (Intel i5 processor) should be provided for data storage.
8. The specifications should be supported with original quoted model and its original broacher.
9. 2 Years Warranty with on-site service as and when required
10. Should accompany with compatible voltage stabilizer
Item No. 4
Thermo mixer with 1.5ml Exchangeable block
System should be able to provide peltier driven heating and cooling, with mixing.
Temperature range: 15° below ambient to 100°C, with minimum setting of 1°C
Sample block design should be easily removable for cleaning or replacement.
Mixing frequency: 300-3000rpm
Instrument should be specifically designed to take care of cross contamination, by making sure spillage or lid wetting does not
happen even at very low volumes
6. Timing range from 1min to 99h
7. Block Temp.accuracy and uniformity should be less than 10 C
8. Heating Time required should be less than 15 min (from 20 0C to 100 0C)
9. A heated top should be optionally available to prevent condensation on the lid or walls of the tube.
10. Instrument should be able to recognize the blocks automatically and their respective speed and temperature.
11. Soft keys for easy access to program parameters should be present
12. System should be stable on work bench even at the maximum speed with minimum noise levels
13. The specifications of offered thermo mixer model should be supported by original broacher.
14. Warranty period minimum 2 years
Accessories should include
1. Thermo block of atleast 24 micro tubes in capacity of 1.5 ml.
2. Thermo block should be of atleast 48 micro tubes in capacity of 0.5 ml.
3. A voltage stabilizer from a reputed firm
Item No. 5
Details of specifications
Fully functional table top refrigerated centrifuge with rotors
Microprocessor controlled, Broad LCD display
Pre-cooling of rotor and chamber function
CFC free refrigeration system
Pulse/short run/ continuous run option and timer settings
Temperature set range -10 C to 40 C
Maximum speed 15000 rpm or more
Maximum g-Force/RCF 25000 g or more
Maximum volume 300 ml or more at a speed of ≥14000 RPM and ≥20000 RCF
Sound level <66 decibles
Safety features
i. Display of malfunctions like lid open, rotor imbalance, over speed, temperature shoot, abnormal rotor mounting. Power fluctuations etc.
ii. Rotor identification and error display
12. Rotors to be supplied essentially with machine (Prices of each item to be mentioned separately)
i. Fixed angle rotor for 24/30 X 1.5/2.0 ml tubes : max speed ≥ 15000 rpm & ≥ 25000g
ii. Adaptor for 0.2ml tubes (30no.) compatible for fixed angle rotor
iii. Fixed angle rotor for 6/8 X 50 ml tubes : max speed ≥ 14000 rpm & ≥ 20000g
iv. Adaptor for 15ml tubes (6/8no.) compatible for fixed angle rotor
13. Compatible servo stabilizer must be supplied essentially with the machine
14. Warranty on the machine and its essential accessories for a period of two years from date of installation must be provided and AMC charges for
additional three years must be given separately.
15. Indian user list (more than 10) with contact no. and telephone no should be provided.
16. Technical features described above should be supported by the authentic original company catalogue of the quoted instrument.
17. Vendor should provide income tax return for at least 3 previous years.
Item No. 6
Analytical electronic weighing balance
Weighing cap. -- 200-230 g
Readability --0.1 mg
Repeatability ---- ± 0.1 mg
--- ± 0.2 mg
Pan Size
---- 80- 100 mm
With stabilizer 0.5 KVa
Three year warrantee
1.List of govt organizations supplied
2.Company Catalogoue
Item No. 7
ELISA Reader along with colored printer
Detailed specification;
● Wave length range
400-1000 nm
● Photometric range
0.0-4.0 OD
● Filters
8 position filter wheel
● Linearity
≤1.0% from 0.0-2.0 OD; ≤2.0% from 2.0-3.0 OD
● Accuracy
± 1.0% or 0.010 from 0.000-3.000 OD at 490 nm
● Precision
± 1.0% or 0.005 OD from 0.0-2.0 OD;
● Resolution
0.001 OD
Light source
Tungsten halogen lamp average life hr. 3000 hr.
● Plate Types
96 well plate, plate height 16 mm. with flat, U, V shape bottom
● Linear shaking,
built in shaker, three speed (low, medium & high)
● Duration second
Stability & drift
< 0.10 OD at OD = 1 at 490 nm single wave length
● Read time
6 seconds at single wavelength, 10 seconds at dual wavelength
●Data output
onboard graphical thermal printer and USB 2 interface
Equipment should be stand alone
● Data storage
Calender / clock functions; 64 assay protocols
● print out report supported
● Motorized support for plate loading and retrieval
● Software;
High throughout analysis and reporting,
Comprehensive Curve- Fit Analysis, complex Kinetic Analysis
● 240 Volt, 50/60 Hz, Stabilizer 0.5 Kva
Optional- Coloured printer
● Three years warrantee; Three years service contract
Bid should be supported with company catalogoue and list of research organizations supplied
Item No. 8
Phase contrast Microscope with photo image device and thermostate.
Eye piece 10 X (Two pcs) with Diopter and eye guard, antifungal treated. Plan achromatic objectives 10X, 20X, 40X &
100 X (oil), Course and fine adjustment. Sextuple revolving nose piece with slot for POL/DIC slider. Condenser for
bright field, phase contrast and dark field microscopy or better. Illumination 12V, 100 W Halogen lamp / LED lamp with
inbuilt filters. Mechanical stage, ceramic coated. Digital controlled stage warmer (ambient to 500 C) device with
uniform distribution system. Digital Camera at least 5 mega pixel. Soft ware for capturing images, storage, image
enhancement and measurement. Computer branded processor i 7, 2GB RAM, DVD Writer, 320-500 GB or higher HDD,
17-18 inches TFT monitor along with UPS, fire wire, optical mouse and key board. Microscope & Camera compatable
should be from same manufacturer.
Accessories: (optional); Halogen bulb- Two; Eye piece 10 X-one;
Objectives 40 X, focusing telescope for phase contrast light, Immersion oil.
Item No. 9
Specification For Somatic cell Counter/Analyzer
Light Weight, portable (5-10Kg)
Analysis Time: <1min. per sample
Capacity: min.30 sample per hour
Measurement rang: min 10,000 upper limit; 30, 00,000 somatic cells/ml
Operating Temp.: 10 to 40°C
Sample temp.: 20°C to 60°C
Milk sample volume: 50 to 75µl in cassette
Repeatability: 7 to 10%
Power supply: 220v/50Hz
Minimum 1 year guarantee after installation on all parts.
The instrument should also work without computer
Facility for data transfer to an external Pc/Printer using USB connection
The tender should come with original brochure.
Optional: Rate for AMC for 5 years after the warranty period.
Cell counter win software and database kit for PC connectivity.
Cell counter will come in a bag with Battery.
2.0 KVA UPS of reputed make with batteries for minimum30 min back up.
This to declare that the specification list above, are generic in natures & does not reflect to any particular brand in manufacture.
Optional: Additional cassettes for 1000 samples will be required.
: Rate for AMC for 5 years after the warranty period.
ELISA Reader -Monochromator-Based Reader with following specifications
Detection mode
UV-Visible Absorbance
Read method
End-point, kinetic
Microplate types
1- to 384-well plates
(96 well and 384 well)
Data analysis software with Excel export
Control through USB or serial port
Wavelength selection
Wavelength range
230 - 900 nm, 1 nm increment
4 nm (230-285 m), 8 nm (>285 m)
Dynamic range
0 - 4.0 OD
0.0001 OD, 0.0010D
Monochromator wavelength accuracy
+2 nm
Monochromator wavelength
+0.2 nm
OD accuracy
<1% at 2.0 OD typical
<3% at 3.0 OD typical
Temperature control
4°C above ambient to 45°C (+0.5°C)
User Interface
On-board as well as PC control and support
UPS, dust covers and other required accessories
Item No.
Item No. 11
Biological microscope with digital camera with following specification:
1. Objective Lenses: quadruple objective revolving nosepiece. Plan Achromat 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x oil objectives.
2. Eyepieces: high eye point 10x eyepieces
3. Total Magnification: 100 - 1000x.
4. Focusable condenser
5. Focusing: Fine and coarse coaxial focusing.
6. Halogen illumination system.
7. With compatible digital camera.
Specifications of Gradient PCR machine with UPS
Gradient Block to accommodate 96 x 0.2 ml tubes / PCR plate / PCR strips
Minimum sample working volume : 10ul
Temperature control of the block : 4-99oC
Gradient Block over columns so that 12 temperature gradients can be run
Gradient selectable from 1oC to 24 oC across the entire temperature control range
Gradient temperature range 30-99 oC
Auto restart option in the event of power failure
Ability to store methods on external card for safety and multiple user capability
Should have memory to store at least 800 protocols.
Should have heated lid system
Temperature Uniformity : ± 0.5 oC
Temperature Accuracy ± 0.25 oC
Maximum block ramp rate ≥ 4.25
Display : Large display of set parameters showing real-time assay conditions with touch
Two years warranty on the machine.
Compatible online UPS with at least 30 minute power backup
Primer designing and oligo analysis software should be quoted as optional
Original catalogue must be provided
Item No. 12
Item No. 13
Specifications of Gel Documentation System
A high performance and easy to use digital imaging system for fluorescent and
colorimetric imaging for DNA, RNA and Protein gels equipped with 1. Dual-Wavelength Transilluminator with High and low intensity settings to view the
DNA/RNA gels
2. The transilluminator must have provision to slide in and out of cabinet as required
3. White light source for colorimetric applications such as Coomassie gels other
colorimetric assays
4. Imaging area of at least 20 x 25 cm.
5. Should support fluorescent and colorimetric detection methods based on dyes such
as Ethidium bromide, Coomassie Blue, Silver Stain, SYBR Gold, SYBR Green, Hoechst
Blue, SYPRO Red, Fluorescein and GFP
6. Should have metallic darkroom hood for chemiluminescence/fluorescence imaging.
7. High-resolution 12-bit CCD Camera with USB 2.0 computer interface and at least 1.4
Megapixel Resolution.
8. Should be capable of automatically correcting imaging artifacts
9. Should provide real-time imaging and analysis within seconds
10. Should have software controlled motorized lens to allows direct control of aperture,
zoom and focus.
11. Should have auto focus technology with pre-calibrated focus for any zoom setting or
sample height so that images are in focus at all times, regardless of zoom level or
sample position.
12. Should have atleast 3 modes illumination control i.e., Trans-UV, Trans-white and
Epi-white and at least 3-position filter holder
13. Should have software for image acquisition, documentation, and analysis including
features like densitometry, automated quantitative analysis of samples etc.
14. Data processing unit comprising desktop PC with a latest processor, TFT monitor at
least 19” size, 3 GB RAM and 320 GB hard disk, DVD writer and preloaded with latest
operating system software.
15. Compatible UPS with at least 30 minutes backup
Original catalogue must be provided
Item No. 14
Bench top incubator shaker
Bench top incubator shaker with temperature control range from 7°C above ambient to 50°C with accuracy ±0.1°C.
It should have orbital shaking.
Speed should be 50-350 rpm with accuracy of ±2rpm
It should have acceleration/deceleration circuit to prevent sudden starts/stops.
It should have timer up to 99 Hrs.
It should display speed, running time, alarm etc on display screen.
It should have alarms alert when speed or temperature deviate from set points.
The system should have port for data logging.
It should have automatic restart after power interruption.
It should stop agitation when chamber is open.
It should have universal platform and clamps to holds various flask.
It should be supplied with compatible stabilizer.
Operational voltage should be 220±20V
Should have two years standard warranty/from the date of installation
Should quote for the price of CMC/AMC per year after the expiry of standard warranty.
Should provide user list with phone no and e mail ID
Should provide brochure in original.
Item No. 15
Specifications for mini SDS and western blot apparatus assembly
Should have the capacity to hold at least 10-wells, gel of 1.0 mm thickness and should hold a gel size of approximately 8 cm x7 cm.
Should have integrated spacers with glass plates for ease of casting.
Should include atleast 5 sets of compatible glass plates (spacer plate and shorter plates), a casting stand and 2 casting frames.
Should include all the accessories of SDS-PAGE gel including sample loading guide, electrode assembly, tank, lid with power cables and mini cell buffer dam.
Should be a modular system to support blotting and electro-elutions also in the same system.
Should have output range of 10-300 V and 4-400 mA, fully adjustable.
Should have power of approx. 75W and time control of 001-999 minutes, fully adjustable.
Should have atleast 4 pairs of output jacks.
Operational voltage should be 220±20V
The power supply should be capable to operate four electrophoresis units simultaneously for identical runs with LED display.
Type of out put – constant voltage and constant current
Auto power up feature after power failure should be there.
Western Blotting System
Should hold the gel size of upto 7.5x10 cm.
Should be compatible with the mini-SDS-PAGE gel apparatus.
Should include all the accessories required for Western blotting including buffer tank, buffer cooling unit, electrode module, gel holder cassette, fiber pad and
lid with power cables.
Should have the capacity to run 2 mini gels simultaneously.
Should come with Color coded cassettes and electrodes to ensure proper orientation.
Should come with cooling unit.
Should be a modular system.
Should provide user list with valid phone no and e mail ID
Should provide brochure in original.
Should provide operational voltage 220±20V
Item No. 16
Deep Freeze (-80°C)
Minimum capacity of 360 litres.
Vertical/ upright model.
Should have at least 4 stainless steel shelves/ compartments.
Digital front mounted microprocessor control panel.
Preferably vacuum insulation.
Single handed door latch with lock facility.
Heavy duty low noise compressor.
CFC-free and HCFC-free refrigerants.
Should have alarm for temperature, filter clean, power out, system fail
Must have auto restart function after power failure
Warranty for 2 years after installation.
Instrument should be CE and UL/ CSA certified.
Air conditioner (1.5 ton) should be provided with the equipment.
Item No. 17
1. Specifications for Ultra Low Freezer (–80ºC)
1. Fully programmable microprocessor controlled VERTICLE (upright) type freezer with the minimum capacity of approximately 100 L.
2. Freezer temperature should be below –80ºC at room temp up to 32ºC.
3. Stage compressors working in a cascade for maximum heat removal and quick recovery to set temperature with at least 1°C increment at room
temp of 32ºC.
4. CFC-FREE, HCFC-FREE non flammable refrigerant compressor, should be capable to run on any voltage between 190-270 V.
5. Freezer should have at least TWO independent lockable compartments with inner doors and adjustable height stainless steel shelves to hold at
least SIX racks and 60 boxes of 2” in each freezer.
6. System should have high grade stainless steel interior and tough, powder coated exterior finish constructed on steel gauge.
7. Ultra thin vacuum insulation panel and silicon gasket on the doors for tight sealing to avoid formation of ice crystals and to reduce temperature
recovery time after door opening.
8. Audible and visible security alarms-for deviation from set temperature, power failure, probe failure, system failure, clean filter and door open,
9. Eye level display of temperature parameters should be there.
10. Freezer must have ISO 9001-safety requirements and IEC 61010 Electrical safety CE certified.
11. At least TWO years onsite warranty for complete equipment, TEN years warranty on Insulation Panel and FIVE years warranty on compressor
should be provided.
12. Freezer should be supplied with 3KV Compatible Servo voltage stabilizer with TIME DELAY FACILITY to restart after power failure.
13. INDIAN USERS LIST with contact address and telephone no. should be provided.
14. Technical features described above should exclusively be supported by authentic original illustrated company catalog of the
instrument/equipment quoted.
15. Vendor’s business record is to be authenticated by producing Income Tax Return for at least 3 previous years.
For smooth functioning, 1.5 ton split air conditioner to control ambient temperature should be quoted additionally.
Item No. 18
Chhana/Paneer preparation vat
Milk loading capacity: 40-60kg
Made up of high quality SS-304
Jacketed with provision of hot water circulation
Completely equipped with agitator, knife and other attachments
Digital temperature indicator.
Provision for controlling the temperature
Inbuilt heating system
Complete fittings and installation
Warranty: Two years guarantee/warranty
Photograph/diagramme: photograph of equipment along with all the detail specifications should be supplied.
User list: List of users with address, valid phone numbers and email Ids.
Item No. 19
Specifications for Electrophoresis unit- Vertical as well as Horizontal along with power supply-1 set
Double vertical Protein Electrophoresis system complete with:
Two gel running capacity
Gel Casting system, no tapes or grease
Detachable electrodes
Gel size of ~8 x 8 cm with two notched plates and two spacer plates with 0.75 mm, 1 mm and 1.5 mm spacer, comb with
10 wells and 15 wells of 0.75 mm, 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm thickness (two each)
Horizontal Electrophoresis system with:
Single cast mould to prevent leakage
Tape free gel caster along with casting gates and leveller
Detachable colour coded electrodes
Midi:Gel tank, capable of accommodating 13 x 13 cm, 8 x 10, 5 x 8 with combs having 5, 10, 15, 13, 26 wells of 1.0 mm
thickness and 3, 13, 26 wells of 1.5 mm thickness (Gel plates and combs of each type is required in pair)
Maxi: Gel tank capable of accommodating 8 x 20 cm with 10 & 18 wells comb of 1.0 mm (two gel plates and 12 combs of
each type are required)
Power Supply with:
5-300 V in 1 V step
200W maximum
Type of output: constant voltage or current with automatic crossover
Output terminals: 4 recessed sets in parallel
Timer: 0 - 999 minutes
Safety features: No load detection, ground leak detection, sudden load change detection, overload/short circuit detection,
auto power up after power failure.
(Gel plates and the combs other than standard accessories should be quoted separately)
Microscope with Digital Imaging facility
Item No. 20
Specifications :
1. TRINOCULAR Microscope with Infinity Optical System, with fine & coarse focusing adjustment, anti-mold/anti-fungal
treated interior optics.
2. EYEPIECE : A pair of wide field eyepieces 10x ( F.O.V : 20mm or better) with diapter adjustment in both the
3. NOSEPIECE : Quadruple revolving Nosepiece.
: Rectangular stage with specimen holder, stage should be provided with upper limit stopper.
5. OBJECTIVES : Plan Achromat 4x , 10X, 40X and 100X (oil) for phase contrast
6. CONDENSER : for Bright Field, Phase Contrast & Dark Field microscopy.
7. Microscope should be upgradable for Fluorescence microscopy.
8. ILLUMINATION SYSTEM : LED illumination with atleast 50,000 hrs life.
9. DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY system attachment (5 mega pixel CMOS camera) along with Image Analysis Software for arranging and
capturing images, live preview, dynamic image analysis image measurement point to point basic report system etc.
10. DATA COLLECTION and processing unit with Processor Intel i5, 2 GB RAM, DVD Writer, 500 GB or higher HDD.
11. Suitable power stabilizer.
Item No. 21
Food product Forming machine
Automatic Machine for forming products of different shapes and sizes from the mixture of variable amount of milk/coagulum
Forming of balls, nuggets, patties, biscuit like products etc.
Moulds for different shapes and sizes
Capacity to form 500 to 800 forms per hour
Hopper capacity- 5 to 10 kg
Facility to adjust weight of the products
All food contact area of high quality SS
Complete unit, easy to operate and clean
Complete fittings and installation
Warranty: Two years guarantee/warranty
Photograph/diagramme: Photograph of equipment along with all the detail specifications should be supplied.
User list: List of users with address, valid phone nos. and email Ids.
Item No. 22
Specifications for Analytical Balance along with Stabilizer
Built-in calibration mode with auto calibration on touch of a button
Capacity 150-210g with 90-120mm pan size
Tare range: Full to capacity
Readability: 0.001mg
Avereage response time: 5 sec or better
Wind draft shield; side & top opening shielding windows for easy pan access
Backlit digital display with sealed key pad
Operating voltage: 220 - 240V
Ambient conditions: 5 - 40°C; upto 85% humidity
Dust protection cover
Suitable voltage stabilizer
Original illustrated catalogue to support technical specifications & Users’s list
Two years on site warranty
Optional: USB2/RS-232 port computer interface with easy data transfer to Windows®XP/7 OS or better based PC.
Item No. 23
ELISA Reader with gradient filter cassette.
RESOLUTION: 0.001 Abs.
LIGHT SOURCE: Lamp Tungsten halogen with monochromator /Xenon with monochromator
OPTICAL SYSTEM: Grating Monochromator
WAVELENGTH RANGE: 370 nm to 850 nm standard continuously tunable
DETECTOR : Silicon Photodiode
INTERFACE TO PC: Software for bidirectional use
POWER SUPPLY: 230 +/-10% VAC, 50 Hz
Accessories: Halogen Lamps (Two)
UPS: 2 KVa
Warranty for 2 years after installation.
Compatible desktop Computer with printer: and requisite software (s) for data reduction, multi-reduction, multilevel transformations, cut-off & validation formulas, flexible reporting options with sufficient data storage capacity and
data output device.
Item No. 24
Specifications for purchase of Server
1. A server with Mac Pro Two 2.4GHz processor 6-core Xeon/64GB/1TB/Radeon HD 5770 1GB/SD with protection plan
2. It should be supplied along with 1.5 ton split/window air conditioner unit with appropriate stabilizer in order to maintain ambient
temperature while the equipment is functioning
3. Optional : Compatible UPS
Gel documentation system
Item No. 25
Specifications :
1. Gel documentation cabinet with 3 UV intensity (254, 302 and 356 nm) and white light illumination, with covered camera
2. Rollout transilluminator tray
3. High resolution (2 mega pixel or better) CCD camera, 12 bit image capture, motorized zoom lens,
4. Gel viewing window with UV blocking shield .
5. Advanced image acquisition and analysis software.
6. Desktop PC (Processor Intel i5, 2 GB RAM, DVD Writer, 500 GB or higher HDD.) and LCD monitor (22 inch) from
branded company
7. Laser Colour printer : 600 X 600 dpi resolution, colour print speed 8 ppm.
8. Compatible UPS
1. UV torch (302 or 356 nm)
2. Thermal printer: 256 high resolution, print speed 1.9 sec. , print size 3“ X 4“
Optical system
Infinity-corrected optical system
Plain stage 160mm(L) x 250mm(W), stage clips attachable
Attachable Mechanical stage with right-hand low drive coaxial
controls, stage movement: X=120mm, Y=78mm, with Petri-dish holder,
Terasaki- plate holder, and Slide glass holder, Stage extension plate,
power cord
Interference green contrast filter
Interference light balance daylight filter
Light source
6Volts 30Watt halogen lamp, built-in frosted and heat absorbing
filters, detachable illuminator, Aperture diaphragm
Detachable ultra-long working distance condenser (N.A. 0.3, W.D.
inclined 30°, interpupillary distance range: 48-75mm, tube length and
diopter adjustment by helicoid on left sleeve
Observation optical path: 50(binocular)/50(video port)
Plan Achromat 4x ( N.A 0.10 W.D. 18.5)
Plan Achromat Phase Contrast 10x ( N.A. 0.25 W.D. 10)
Achromat Phase Contrast 20X ( N.A. 0.40 W.D.3.2)
Achromat Phase Contrast 40X ( N.A. 0.55 W.D. 2.2)
Plan Achromat 100x oil optional
Wide field 10x. Field number 20
Two nos. 6volts 30 watt halogen bulb
Colour Digital
Camera System
Data Storage
Digital SLR camera having 12 million pixel resolution or more. 1 GB or
more storage card. AC adapter.
Intel core i3 Processor , 3.0GHz, 4 GB RAM , 1000 GB HDD, 19” TFT
Color Monitor, Windows 7, UPS
Item No. 26
Item No. 27
3D Perfusion Bioreactor
S. No.
Features of specifications
 Cell culture chambers consists of four independent,
autoclavable polycarbonate chambers that hold up to 10
scaffolds each.
 With Peristaltic pump with minimum 6 channels
 Aluminium base frame stand assembly for holding four
chambers, four glass reservoirs, four small glass bottles.
 Glass reservoirs for medium with caps and filters fittings:
minimum four
 Glass bottles with cap: Minimum four
 Chamber stand: One
 The chambers will be interchangeable and compatible with
3D Insert scaffolds ranging in size from 96-well to 6-well.
Within each chamber there is a 1.5 mm minimum distance
separating each scaffold. This distance, combined with the
offset fiber configuration, ensures the perfusion of media.
Chambers containing scaffolds can be easily removed and
The entire unit (except pump) is autoclavable and can be
used as a single-use bioreactor system
Warranty Period: Two years minimum
With required kits and Installation for smooth functioning of
the instrument.
One split AC (2 ton capacity): Reputed make, with 5 KVA
Stabilizers, with installation
Availability in the tender
Item No. 28
Digital Weighing Balance (02 Units)
1. Monopan Balance with Glass partitions on all sides
2. Capacity : 300 to 320 GM
3. Readability : 0.1 MG
4. Repeatability : 0.2 MG or better
5. Linearity : 0.3MG or better
6. Average response time : 3 seconds or better
7. Tare Range : Full to capacity
8. Display : LCD with backlit display
9. Weighing pan: Three side triangular weighing pan with at least 80mm dia.
10. Weighing modes: In grams, milligrams kilograms, OZ, Ib
11. Selectable application programs: Mass unit conversion by toggling, tare memory, net total, weighing in percent, counting, averaging
12. Internal Calibration
13. Must have RS 232 port
14. Balance must be ISO Certified.
15. Warranty of at least TWO years must be provided
16. Suitable stabilizer to be Supplied
Item No. 29
Specifications for Real Time PCR
1. Fully functional high throughput and fast Real-Time PCR system for qualitative and quantitative detection of nucleic acids, mutation screening
and SNP analysis.
2. It should be an open system capable of running different chemistries using TaqMan, Molecular Beacon, SYBR green etc.
3. System should have 96 well block in plate format to accommodate 0.1/0.2 ml tubes/strips/plate.
4. System should support reaction volume less than 30 µl.
5. Temperature range of thermal block should be preferably 4 to 99°C and temperature accuracy should be about ±0.20 to 0.50° C.
6. System should support fast PCR protocol with ramp rate of preferably 4°C/sec or more.
7. System should be capable of multiplexing with at least 5 different fluorescent reporters.
8. System should be pre-calibrated for detecting at least five dyes (FAM/SYBR Green, VIC/JOE, TAMRA, Texas red & CY5 or similar wavelength
9. It should have an LED or Tungsten Halogen excitation source with either photodiode or CCD or PMT detector.
10. The software must allow analysis of multiple gene expression. The instrument software must be capable of detecting and analyzing a different
gene, SNP or pathogen target in every well of the 96-well plate. Software should support performing Absolute quantification, Relative
quantification, Allelic Discrimination, Plus/Minus assays. Along with this system should be able to conduct High Resolution Melting (HRM)
experiments for genotyping and mutation scanning experiments. The HRM software must be provided essentially along with quoted system.
11. The vendor should have a functional laboratory and technical support team to support and troubleshoot problems.
12. System should be supplied with three years warranty on all part including excitation source (LED/lamp) and on-demand repair services as and
when required.
13. Installation, testing, validation, demonstration/technical presentation should be conducted. The vendor should provide comprehensive training
on the operation of the instrument, chemistry options and software. This training should be provided free of cost with all the consumables
required for demonstration.
14. The equipment should be supplied along with 1.5 ton (5 STAR rating) split air-conditioning unit with appropriate stabilizer in order to maintain
ambient temperature while the equipment is functioning.
15. The following accessories must be supplied with the equipment:
 Suitable on line UPS with a minimum 60 minutes power back up on full load.
 A desktop computer of a reputed make having following configuration: Processor-Intel Core i7 3rd gen., 4GB RAM, 500 GB HDD and at least
23 inch flat screen LCD/LED monitor and a color laser printer with a licensed Windows 7 professional OS and licensed original MS Office
 Start-up consumables (including plasticware & chemicals) for 1000 reactions.
16. Indian user’s list for the quoted models along with complete contact details including telephone no. & e. mail should be provided.
17. Technical features described above should exclusively be supported by authentic original illustrated company catalog of the
instrument/equipment quoted. Photocopy or computer print-out of catalogue will not be accepted.
18. Vendor’s business record is to be authenticated by producing Income Tax return for at least 3 consecutive previous years.
19. Optional accessories: Spare light source (LED/Tungsten halogen lamp) should also be quoted separately as optional accessories.
Item No. 30
Semi micro Balance
Capacity and Readability = 0-40gm to 50gm x 0.01 mg
Repeatability (Std deviation) - + 0.02 mg
Response Time (avg) = 3 Seconds
Tare Range = Full to Capacity
Display = LCD
Selectable weight Units = mg, gm
Power consumption = supplied by AC adapter
Sensitivity Drift (100 - 300C/500F-860F) = + 1 ppm/ 0C
Allowable Ambient operating Temp = 00C to 400C,
Built in RS-232 Interface = Yes
Pan Size (3 Side Weighing pan) = 70 to 90 mm inner Diameter
Warranty = 3 years manufacturer’s warranty
Optical system
Spectral Bandwidth
Light Source
Double Beam
1.0 nm
Tungsten – Deuterium light source
with change over automatic or user selectable
from 325 to 370nm
Silicon Photodiode x 2
Wavelength Range
190 to 1100nm
Scan Speed
3200nm/min or better
Response Speed
Fast, Standard, Slow
Photometric Range
-3 Abs to +3 Abs/0 to 600%T
+0.002Abs at 0.5Abs or more
Baseline Stability
2hrs after power on
Stray Light
0.05% (220nm for NaI,340nm for NaN)2)
Operating program
More than 15
Data storage
More than 5 sets at a time
Display Colour
LCD with backlit inbuilt
Quartz cuvette
2 pair
With Printer and serial interface
Power Supply
100-240V,50/60Hz, 200VA
Free at site
2 Years
The Instruments should come with suitable data notebook with following specification
:Intel core i5, core duo II
2.Operating system
:Window 7 or more
:13 inch or larger
4. Pixel
: min 1280x800
:4 GB minimum
6. Disc storage
:250 GB minimum
7. Processor speed
:2.0 GHz or faster
:Rate for AMC for 5 years after 2 years warranty period
The instrument is generic in nature
The instrument should also work stand alone without computer
Approx. Cost: 4.5 Lakhs
Item No. 31
Item No. 32
Specifications of Bio safety Cabinet Type-III
Bio- safety cabinet class-III
Should have total exhaust system with ducting.
Approximate interior Dimension (inches) of the cabinet : 25 H X 46 W X 24 D
Adjustable base stand with at least height of 30 inches.
All interiors and exterior should be of stainless steel.
Should have HEPA filters for supply and exhaust for particle size 0.3 microns.
Biological Safety cabinet should include the Zero Leak system, Drain Valve, Metal diffuser.
Work Tray should be easily removable for cleaning purpose.
Electronic airflow control system.
Should have florescent light and UV lights.
Vertical sliding view window w/8” working access and alarms.
Electrical circuits should have circuit breakers for safety.
Should include 1 electrical outlet and 2 service valves for air, gas or vacuum.
Provision of armrest for ergonomic comfort and glove port for transfer of hazardous samples and to avoid cross
Provision of Pass thru to provide easy transport of cultures and media without exposing to the environment.
ECM motor to increase filter life, lower energy costs and reduce noise and vibration.
Electrical requirement 230 V AV
Air Handling Unit (AHU) to provide temperature uniformity for handling mycobacterium spp.
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