Top 10 Reasons to Choose a FireHawk® M7XT Air Mask

Top 10 Reasons to Choose a FireHawk® M7XT Air Mask
Top 10 Reasons to Choose a
FireHawk® M7XT Air Mask
Top 10 Reasons to Choose a FireHawk® M7XT Air Mask
1. FireHawk M7XT Air Mask Rescue Options
Every FireHawk M7XT Air Mask provides
Quick-Fill® URC for SCBA-to-SCBA
emergency transfilling. With MSA, every
SCBA is a RIT (Rapid Intervention Team)
• Carrier and harness is standard with large
side handles and central attachment
point to pull and rescue firefighters.
• Rescue Belt II System NFPA-compliant
emergency egress system is integral to
SCBA waist belt with 50-ft. Kevlar line and
rappelling hardware.
(Please see MSA Quick-Fill System Q&A
bulletin #0105-92-MC).
2. Ultra Elite® Facepiece Cross-Contamination Protection
Prevention of contamination of SCBA
components aids in protecting SCBA users,
as contaminated regulators shared among
firefighters can expose users to harmful
pathogens (SARS, hepatitis, flu virus).
• One-way check valve prevents crosscontamination of Firehawk® MMR.
• Helps to prevent regulator
contamination, even with individualissue facepieces.
(Please see MSA Bulletin #0105-52-MC
MSA MMR Cross-Contamination Study
for third-party laboratory test results.)
3. M7XT Accountability System for Fireground Management
System combines software with highperformance radio module and MSA’s
integrated PASS device field-proven
• System monitors vital statistics (PASS
device alarm, air pressure and thermal
alarms) of up to 100 firefighters, with
readings easily viewed by Incident
• System also features PAR timer and
two-way evacuation alarm.
4. FireHawk M7XT Air Mask Integrated PASS Device Alarm
RFI (radio frequency interference)
protection is an important factor in SCBA
electronics performance. MSA PASS devices
are RFI-protected, performing when you
need them most – both within high heat
environments and in the presence of
firefighter radios.
• PASS device exceeds NFPA 1981
requirements with patent-pending alarm
that gets LOUDER in the heat.
• HUDs (heads’ up display) with photo
sensor adjusts light intensity to ambient
light conditions.
• Buddy lights on air mask’s front and rear
enhance visibility.
• Four C-cells provide most departments
with more than a year of battery life.
(See Highlights of the NFPA 2013-Edition SCBA
& PASS Standards, bulletin #0170-02-MC)
PASS Alarm Sound Output vs. Temperature
The MSA M7XT becomes louder
at temperatures above 170°F
SPL (dB)
Compared to conventional PASS device
alarms, the M7XT PASS device alarm is
louder at any temperature above 170° F
and as much as 40 percent louder at 500° F.
M7XT PASS device provides critical
information such as time-remaining
calculation, cylinder pressure, battery
status, and thermal alarm, with information
available for download.
Temperature (F)
5. Light Weight
The MSA air mask is one of the lighter
SCBA on the market.
• Fully-equipped air mask [consisting of
facepiece, 30-minute high pressure
cylinder, I-HUD receiver, RIC (Rapid
Intervention Crew) fitting, carrier and
harness assembly] weighs only 20 lbs, 8 oz.
• In comparison, SCBA made with metal
back plates and less advanced design can
weigh upwards of 25 lbs.
6. Comfort and Ease of Use
Air mask back plate contours provide
lumbar support and spine relief for optimal
stability and weight distribution.
• FireHawk M7XT Air Mask back plate also
offers an optional swiveling lumbar pad
for freedom of movement during
crawling and climbing activities.
• Ultra Elite Facepiece’s wide sealing
surface and articulating component
housing also help to eliminate pressure
points and maximize comfort.
Firehawk MMR is offered in either slideto-connect (STC) or push-to-connect
(PTC) versions.
• STC offers ambient air stand-by position
until it is time to push-and-go on SCBA air.
• PTC provides ability to attach-and-go in
any regulator orientation with find
funneled (self-centering) attachment
point. Regulator shuts off
automatically when disconnected.
7. Extreme Air Flow
MSA SCBA allow for natural dynamic breathing, sustaining positive facepiece pressure under the most
extreme flow conditions. MSA air mask sustains zero to 640 lpm and back to 0 in two seconds.
8. Low Cost of Ownership
MSA air masks are constructed of the
fewest possible parts to minimize cost of
• Firehawk MMR is constructed of only
21 parts and requires no special tools.
• First stage regulator is constructed of only
14 parts compared to hundreds of parts
used in other brands.
9. Best Industry Service and Warranty
Because MSA manufactures many fire
service industry-leading products (Cairns®
Fire Helmets, Evolution® TICs, air masks, fall
protection, gas detectors, etc.), we attract
and retain the best fire service and support
distribution network, with more than 2000
MSA-certified air mask repair centers
(including distributors and fire
MSA’s Certified Air Mask Repair
Education (C.A.R.E.) program makes it
easy for customers to service their SCBA
and stay current with updates.
• Limited Lifetime Warranty offers
60-month electronics protection plan.
• Hassle-free warranty policy lets
distributors resolve issues quickly, then
follow up with efficient online claims.
10. Reliability That Your Life Depends Upon
You don’t have to take our word for it.
Hundreds of thousands of volunteer and
career firefighters (and their families)
depend upon MSA air mask reliability to
bring them home safely. There is no greater
reward for our years of dedication to the air
mask than earning the trust of firefighters –
with their lives.
Note: This bulletin contains only a general
description of the products shown. While uses
and performance capabilities are described,
under no circumstances shall the products be
used by untrained or unqualified individuals
and not until the product instructions
including any warnings or cautions provided
have been thoroughly read and understood.
Only they contain the complete
and detailed information
concerning proper use and
care of these products.
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