Panasonic KX-DT543 Phone User Guide

Panasonic KX-DT543 Phone User Guide
Panasonic KX-DT543 Phone User Guide
To make a call………….Inside the office- press intercom key, lift handset and dial extension number or
Press their key on your phone if programed
Outside the office-lift handset, and dial the number.
To answer a call………...If phone is ringing, lift handset and talk.
If your phone is not set to ring, lift handset, press the rapid flashing
line key, and talk.
HOLD KEY……………Press the HOLD key. Line key will flash green. To return to the call, press
flashing line key. Note: pressing HOLD twice puts call on exclusive hold.
CONF………………This key is used to create a conference call. To use, place or receive first call.
While you are talking to your party, press the CONF key (conf key will flash) .
To conference in an internal phone, press their key on your phone if programmed.
If no key is programmed, just dial their three digit extension number. Announce
the conference and tell them to lift up their handset. Now press the CONF key. A
tone will be heard and the conference call is now established. To conference two
outside callers, place or receive first call. Press the CONF key (conf key will
flash). Now dial 9 plus the outside number of the second party. When they
answer, announce the call then press the CONF key. A tone will be heard and the
conference call is now established.
REDIAL……………....Lift handset, then press the REDIAL key.
(Last number redial)..…The last number dialed from your phone will be dialed.
AUTO DIAL/store .. This key is used to access system speed dials if your company is using them. To
use, lift handset, press the AUTO DIAL/store key, and dial the three digit system
speed dial number.(000-999)
TRANSFER key………While talking to an outside party, press TRANSFER, then dial extension
number. To complete the transfer, announce the call then hang up (you do not
have to announce the call). To cancel the transfer, press green flashing line key
instead of hanging up.
STORE ……… ….This key is used to store entries while programming speed dials or spare keys.
MESSAGE key……….Lift handset and press MESSAGE key. This will call the voice mail or the
person who turned on your MESSAGE light.
SP-PHONE…………..(Speaker phone) allows hands free communication on internal and external
calls. To use, Press an unlit line (SP-PHONE light will light), dial phone
number. To switch to the handset, just lift the handset. To switch from the
handset to SP-PHONE, press the SP-PHONE key then hang up handset.
FLASH/RECALL……This key is used to access telephone company features.
AUTO ANS/ MUTE…While talking to an internal or external caller, you can press this key to mute
the Handset or the hands free mic. The light on the MUTE key will flash
when muted.
AUTO ANS/MUTE…If the light on this key is lit while your phone is not in use, your phone is in
Auto Answer mode. When auto answer mode is active on your phone, you will
be able to hear and respond to internal calls without lifting the handset.
FWD/DND………….This key is used to turn on, turn off, and to program the call forwarding and
(On Admin Phones) do not disturb feature. The key will light when either feature is active.
PAUSE………………This key is used to insert a pause into a system speed dial or personnel speed
dial when programmed.
Voice Mail...................Voice mail transfer key. While on an outside call, press The VM key, then
dial the desired mailbox number or press their key on your phone and hang up. .
This will put the caller into their mail box to leave a message. You may also press
this key to access your mail box. If pressed during a direct incoming call, the
caller will be placed immediately into your mail box to leave a message.
VOLUME………..This key is the square one with arrows in the middle of your phone. While using
your handset, you can adjust the volume up or down. While using the
speaker phone, you can adjust its volume up or down. Also, while your phone is
ringing, you can use this key to adjust the ring volume up and down.
Note: be careful, you can turn the ringing volume completely off.(display will
show RNGOFF){display phones only}
PROGRAMING…..1) While on hook, first press the program key. (on display phones, this key is
located under the word PROG in the display). 2) Then press a spare line key. 3)
Now dial the Digit “2” (This tells the system that this is a speed dial) Then dial the
digit “9” (This tells the system to grab an outside line) Then dial the number just
as if you were calling them. Finally, press Enter or the AUTO DIAL/STORE key.
Note: To program a spare line key for an internal number (ie. Intercom 207),
do the following instead of step 3. Dial the digit “1” followed by the
extension number.
DISPLAY……….OUTGOING CALL LOG-stores the last 25 numbers dialed from your phone.
FUNCTIONS…...INCOMING CALL LOG-stores the last 25 incoming phone numbers (with CID)
EXTENSION NUMBER DIRECTORY-used to find and call other internal phones.
SYSTEM SPEED DIAL DIRECTORY-used to find and dial system wide
programmed phone numbers (not used on all systems)
PERSONAL SPEED DIAL DIRECTORY-used to find and dial preprogrammed
numbers from your phone.
Note: Only numbers programmed with a name assigned will show up in any of the
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