Trim Kit
Installation Instructions
Models: WDV500TKB, WDV600TKB, WDV500FSS
This trim kit is designed for use on the WDV/DVW and
WDVST/DVWST model fireplaces.
Kit Contents: Trim Kit Frame, (4) #8 x 1/2” Sheet Metal
Read these instruction thoroughly before beginning
Tools Required: Phillips screwdriver.
WARNING: Do not permanently remove existing
glass or glass frame! Fireplace will not function properly without glass or glass frame. (Operating without
glass or frame in place may cause carbon monoxide
(CO) to leak into the room.)
CAUTION: Allow fireplace to cool completely if it has
been in operation.
NOTE: WDV500/600TKB: The thickness of the noncombustible material to overlap the firebox is 1/2” to 1” max. Screws
Less than 1/2” noncombustible material would require
sliding the TKB forward in order to access control area
to change batteries.
NOTE: WDV500FSS: The thickness of noncombustible
material to overlap the firebox is 0-1/2” with the black Trim Frame
surround installed. Removing the black surround will al- WDV500TKB
low up to 1Z\x” of noncombustible material thickness.
Installation Instructions
These instructions are for both the TKB and FSS trims.
1. Remove the access door and glass frame from the unit.
Refer to Homeowner’s Manual.
2. The trim kit frame should be oriented so the tab with the
single round hole is in the upper left, and the
tab with two round holes is in the bottom right.
(These holes are for orientation purposes
only.) Slide the trim kit frame into the slots on
the face of the unit and push it firmly against
the facing material covering the unit. Secure in place with #8 screws included (two
on each side).
3. Replace glass frame assembly and access door.
Figure 1 \WDV500/600TKB
Black Surround can be rewdv trim
moved by unscrewing the
attachment screws from back
Figure 2 WDV500FSS
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78D0186 2/10 Rev. 3
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