Performance on your terms.
A fire truck designed and built for one department may not be
the best configuration for another. So Pierce is partnering the
new VelocityTM chassis with the ImpelTM, a more price-conscious
base design with many of the advantages and options available
on the Velocity chassis. Impel begins with a base model
configuration, utilizing a medium-block engine to deliver
outstanding performance efficiency. The Impel includes default
half doors, a conventional console configuration, round headlight
bezels, optional chrome grille and a painted front end.
As part of the new generation of chassis,
Impel offers five key advances:
More Interior Space
More headroom, legroom and floor space; simply more space
overall for firefighters to maneuver quickly and efficiently.
Storage and Clutter Management
Integrated compartments keep books, manuals, radios and other
items within easy reach, but out of the way. The rotomolded
console enhances the functional organization of
the cab and is so strong it takes any abuse you give it.
Improved Visibility
With Impel’s single, bonded windshield, you get substantially
better visibility of the road, traffic and pedestrians.
Safety and Seats
The new Pierce PS6™ seats include double-length seat belts
and dual retractors, improved cushions and lumbar support.
Pierce also offers the industry’s first frontal air bags to keep
firefighters safer. Hands-free SCBA holders and integrated side
air curtains are optional.
Easier Maintenance
The Impel gives quick and easy access through both
the engine tunnel and through its fast access service tilt front
hood - designed to encourage routine preventative maintenance,
extending the life of the vehicle. It also includes Pierce's
exclusive tube-in-rubber transmission cooler, which is more
durable than conventional solutions and comes with a 3-year,
$10,000 collateral damage warranty and 5-year cooler warranty.
Engine Horsepower
345-425 hp
Allison EVS3000
Up to dual 340 amp
GVW Ratings
Front: up to 22.8k
Rear: up to 54k
Straight Axle
Optional, to 19.5k
TAK-4 ®
TAK-4® Standard
Cramp Angle
Up to 45° max
Frame Rails
13 3/8" / 33.98cm
Rear Axle Suspension
Leaf, rubber, air
- single or tandem
60" (70" opt)
Electrical systems, breakers,
components and modules
are easy to access and service
on officer's side of cab.
Impel’s single, bonded windshield increases visibility and reduces the risk of accidents. There is
no center post and, with the absence of outside curves, there is considerably less distortion to the
corners. (Shown with optional Pierce® one-eleven mirrors)
Easy access of fluid checks through the engine tunnel and Impel’s fast access service tilt front hood.
(Pierce® one-eleven opt)
Grille Surround
Painted (chrome opt)
Mesh Grille
Headlight Bezels
Round bright
finished ring (rect opt)
Operator’s Console
Barrier (full height opt)
Side Roll Protection
Frontal Air Bags
Electronic Stability
Steering Wheel
2-spoke only
Interior Finish
short version - switch
panels and cup holder
The ImpelTM chassis features
Pierce’s exclusive PS6™ seats,
the first custom-designed, safer
and noticeably more comfortable
seat in the industry, featuring a
7.5 degree angle of recline.
• Integral air curtains, seat belt
pretensioners and suspension
pull down
• Dual seat belt retractors and
double-length seat belts
• Hands-free SCBA holders
Three wiper blades clear at least 86% that’s 60% more - of the panoramic
windshield surface. Both wiper and
motor are quick and easy to replace.
Larger door handle.
(developed with LifeGuard
Technologies, a division of IMMI)
Painted (vinyl opt)
Command Zone
Black (clear w/LED opt)
Command Zone™
Color Display
Message display on
instr panel (color not available)
Another industry first for Pierce®,
Impel offers frontal air bags.
At Pierce, leadership means
building safety into every
apparatus we make. 360º
Protection From Every Angle
is a bumper-to-bumper focus
on firefighter safety. To, from
and at the scene.
Cab is available
in a wide range
of seating
for up to 10
Learn more about the Pierce Impel
Some features listed are options.
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