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Waves G|T|R
Guitar Tool Rack Bundle for Pro Tools|HD Systems
New Feature Highlights
• Hardware Guitar Interface designed with PRS
Guitars offers superior input signal
• New, proprietary sampling method for
unmatched realism
• Flexible amp plug-in with multiple amp,
cabinet, mic, mic placement, and tone options
• Easy, drag-and-drop stomp box plug-in with 23
classic and original effects
• TDM format
• Up to 96 kHz sample rate with Pro Tools|HD
Accel systems
The Waves G|T|R (Guitar Tool Rack) hardware and software
bundle was designed to provide a level of sound quality previously
unattainable with guitar amp emulation software.
With a hardware guitar interface designed
by Waves and Paul Reed Smith Guitars, an
amp plug-in with multiple amp, cabinet, mic,
mic placement, tone, and drive options, and a
plug-in that features an extensive collection
of vintage and original stomp box effects, the
Waves G|T|R bundle gives engineers, producers, and guitarists an indispensable tool for
achieving the very best tone and feel directly
within the industry-standard Digidesign ® Pro
Tools® environment.
Hardware Guitar Interface
Developed in partnership with Paul Reed
Smith Guitars, the Waves/PRS Guitar Interface retains the guitar’s full dynamic range
and harmonic spectrum while optimizing the
signal for your digital audio workstation. The
interface transforms the unbalanced guitar
signal to a low-impedance, balanced signal
with less hum, so you can input the best
possible sound. Custom-designed circuitry,
high-quality components, studio-grade jacks,
and superior wiring help to maintain your tone
at this critical point in the signal path.
Waves Amp lets you choose from a wide
range of amplifiers, cabinets, mics, and mic
placement to craft the perfect guitar tone.
Amps are categorized by level of distortion,
with presets for Direct, Clean, Edgy, Drive,
Crunch, Hot Perfect, and Modern tones.
Presets are normalized to produce similar
loudness at any drive setting. Though each
setting opens with tone and drive controls set
to a sweet spot, you have complete control over
bass, middle, treble, presence, and drive knobs.
The face of this small, unobtrusive box includes a 1/4" guitar input jack, gain control,
LED indicators for signal, power, and battery
level. The back panel includes a balanced
XLR and unbalanced 1/4" balanced outputs,
ground/lift switch, and power jack. The Guitar
Interface can run with an AC adapter or two
batteries for maximum mobility.
For each plug-in instance, you can choose
two separate amp/cabinet/mic setups. Route
the signal from one amp to two cabinets to
generate full-bodied blended tones, or create
unique stereo cabinet combinations. Select
from a full range of amps and vintage speaker
boxes, then choose from six different mics,
either on- or off-axis. Reverse the phase of
either cabinet for even more tonal options.
Waves Amp
In developing the Waves Amp plug-in, Waves
used entirely new, proprietary sampling methods for delivering unmatched realism. Waves
created special test signals to reproduce the
character, extreme dynamics, and frequency
range of guitar signals, then measured output
at different volume levels to capture the nonlinear distortion and harmonic overtones of
many real-world systems.
Waves Stomp
When you’re ready to sweeten your tone, turn
to Waves Stomp — a collection of 23 classic
and original stomp box effects accessible
from a single easy-to-use, drag-and-drop
plug-in interface. Open up a two-, four-, or
six-station PedalBoard to get started. Select
stomp boxes from a pop-up menu at the
bottom of each station. Rearrange the order
of pedals simply by dragging and dropping
any stomp box to any position. Waves Stomp
automatically changes from mono to stereo
and back if needed, depending on the order
of effects.
Waves Stomp includes four types of effects.
Distortion effects, including Overdrive, Fuzz,
Distortion, Buzz, and Metal, can take your
tone from a vintage growl to sharp modern
drive. Modulation pedals, which can be controlled manually or synchronized to the host
application, let you add flanging, phasing,
wah-wah, “vibrolo” (a combination of vibrato
and tremolo), and octaver effects. Waves
Stomp Dimension effects include a delay,
room-emulation reverb, spring reverb, and
“Lay-D” delay with reverse and pitch-shift effects. Finally, the Waves Stomp Basics group
gives you the gating, compressing, and EQ
boxes you need to finely sculpt your sound.
Waves Stomp effects are fully automatable,
enabling you to create dramatic effects that
change over time. Use the automation capabilities of your Pro Tools software to control
any parameter, or add an outboard MIDI
controller (such as an expression pedal) or an
external control surface for real-time control.
Waves Tuner
The G|T|R bundle also includes the Waves
Tuner plug-in for precise tuning directly from
within the Pro Tools interface. The Tuner offers chromatic and guitar tunings, including
several alternate tunings. A lit arrow lets you
know which way to tune, while a highlighted
note tells you which note you’re tuning. The
tuning reference can be adjusted plus or minus 6 Hz from 440 Hz.
The Professional Choice
Whether you want to emulate your favorite
classic amp/cab/stomp box combination
or create completely new tones, the Waves
G|T|R bundle gives you a myriad of options,
all of which deliver outstanding sound quality.
With complete integration into the Pro Tools
environment, the G|T|R bundle offers essential
tools to engineers, producers, and guitarists.
System Requirements
• Digidesign-qualified Pro Tools|HD or
Pro Tools|HD Accel system
• iLok USB Smart Key (included with Pro
Tools|HD systems), Internet access, and
a free ilok.com account
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information and system requirements,
including the latest Digidesign Development PartnersTM plug-in information
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For more information about Waves,
visit www.waves.com.
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