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M4 Fiber
Design, manage and expand your fiber network
with one easy-to-use system
Mapcom provides the first and only product that can fully integrate fiber and
copper management tools into one easy-to-use system. With M4 Fiber you have the
ability to manage fiber networks alone or in conjunction with your copper plant.
Complete optical budget construction, splice connection management and analysis
of all fiber strands within a sheath.
Fiber Module Functionality
Plan future FTTx and long-haul fiber routes
Design passive and active optical networks
Create graphic splice diagrams
Manage mid-span splices with splice schematics and
dynamic fiber counts
Edit strand data
Show physical strand availability
Enter OTDR readings to identify GPS coordinates
Trace through multiple segments of fiber on
multiple maps
Automatically calculate fiber lengths within tax districts
Manage electronic/passive equipment connections
Generate optical budget reports
Create a seamless link between inside and outside plant
Splice FTTH connections automatically
Track fiber-slack loops
Rack Builder / Inside Plant Tools
Rack, bay and card tools
Template library for vendor equipment
Patch panel and connector tracking
Splitter management
Customer premise equipment tracking
Fiber Field Manager
• Compatible console for viewing Fiber in the field
• View all aspects of the fiber network
• Display racks, patch panels and splice enclosures
• Initiate traces and highlight paths
• Run fiber make-up and capacity reports
• Redline changes and field work
A Visual Approach to Fiber Management
M4’s enhanced fiber tools facilitate the design, implementation and
management of networks. This module allows providers to manage fiber alone
or to integrate with their copper, managing both networks simultaneously in a
consistent, accurate format.
Within M4, fiber networks are shown on a geographic map from the point of
origin in the central office to the customer’s premise and all points in between.
It provides instant views of available fiber and capacity and features a complete
set of customizable reports showing both accessible and in-use fiber.
Added features include: easy-to-use splicing tools, including restoration reports
tagged with splicing priority, fiber assignment information and color-coded splice
diagrams. Built-in fiber fill, optical budget and node capacity reports augment
M4 Fiber plant management capabilities.
Mapcom Systems, Developers of M4 Solutions | (800) 745-MAPS
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