MicroNet | SP676C | Buy a Micronet 16 Port Gigabit switch or a 5 port POE switch and get

Micronet 150mbps wireless
router: SP916NL
Buy a Micronet 16 Port
Gigabit switch or a 5
port POE switch and
get a 150 MBPS wireless
router absolutely free
RRP $79
Micronet 16 Port Gigabit Switch
with 4 mini-GBIC slots: SP676C
Micronet Gigabit Smart Switch delivers wire speed Gigabit
performance and web-based management functions, suitable
for high performance workgroups and server applications.
With 16 10/100/1000Mbps RJ-45 ports and 4 shared mini-GBIC
slots for fiber optic connection, it provides a perfect solution
for huge data transmission and preserves the great flexibility of
network infrastructure.
Dealer Buy: $329.31 + GST
Micronet 5-Port PoE Switch with
4 PoE Port’s: SP6005P4
Dealer Buy: $156.18 + GST
The SP6005P4 PoE Switch, is specifically designed for
SOHO/enterprise and high-power-demand markets.
The SP6005P4 supports IEEE 802.3af and pre-802.3at
standards for Power over Ethernet (PoE) with the
maximum power delivery up to 48 Watts. That makes
it suitable to various applications that demand for
remote power feeding and meet high level requirement
for power. In addition, the SP6005P4 is equipped with
DIP switch for per-port PoE enabled/disabled. It
effectively helps allocate power for connected devices
and enhances network management.
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