chico area recreation and park district (card)

chico area recreation and park district (card)
545 Vallombrosa Ave.
Chico, CA 95926
Phone (530) 895-4711
Fax (530) 895-4721
League roster must be submitted to the CARD office or on-site Field Specialist before the first game
Schedules, Standings, League information is all available at
It is every player’s responsibility to know the rules and abide by them. It is also every player’s responsibility to respect and cooperate
with the officials. It is the responsibility of the team manager to insure proper behavior on the part of his/her team’s fans. The team
manager is ultimately responsible to the CARD staff for all of the above. All infractions will be governed by the Players Code of
The objective of CARD Sports Leagues is to provide the opportunity for participants to benefit from quality a leisure time activity
which encourages fitness, healthy competition, fun and fellowship in the form of organized sports. Friendly competition and good
spirited rivalry are expected. However, Officials and Facility Supervisors are CARD employees and will not tolerate verbal abuse or
physical threats from or amongst players, coaches or spectators. Inappropriate conduct can result in penalties ranging from game
ejection to lifetime suspension. The Official or Facility Supervisor may forfeit games if either team's participants or supporters act in
such a way as to interfere with proper conduct of the game.
Conversations with officials will be kept to a minimum. Team managers, and only team managers, may address the officials.
Managers may only address matters of rule interpretation or essential game information and must do so in a courteous manner. Any
verbalization directed toward an official other than that outlined above, will result in technical foul and possible dismissal from the
No jewelry (rings, watches, necklaces, earrings, etc.) may be worn during the games (safety). Length of finger nails, if deemed
dangerous, will be removal of player from that game.
A player with a bloody injury or blood on his/her uniform must leave the game. The player may not return to the game until the
wound is no longer bleeding, the wound is covered or the uniform is changed.
1. Player Eligibility
a. Players may not play on two teams in the same league. Penalties for playing with an ineligible
player include forfeiture from game being played at the time the issues is brought to CARD staff
attention (i.e. the game official or Field Specialist) and suspension of the team manager for the
team’s next game.
b. Men must be 40 years of age at the time of play in the men’s 40+ league.
Teams may have up to (2) players on their roster between the ages of 35-40.
Players must have a picture ID with date of birth on him. If another manager questions his
age, an ID check will be made. If you do not have ID you will not play.
2. Uniforms
a. Teams must have matching uniform tops with numbers required on the back of uniforms
b. If two teams have the same color uniform top, the home team will wear the colored uniform and the
visiting team will make the uniform adjustment.
c. Goalkeepers must wear colors that distinguish them from the other players.
3. Equipment
a. A player shall not wear anything that is dangerous to another player.
b. All players must wear shoes or soccer cleats.
c. All soccer cleats must meet FIFA standards (molded, studs or screw-ins)
e. All players must wear shin guards. NO Exceptions
4. Game Play
a. Slide Tackling: Slide tackles are allowed in Men’s 11 a-side league ONLY. Slide tackling is NOT
permitted in the 7 a-side divisions. A free kick will be awarded to the player being tackled. This is
treated like a high kick. A foul will be called for sliding in the open field. EXCEPTION – A goalie
may slide in his own goal box to gain control of a ball that is not controlled by its opposition (loose
b. Charging: A player shall be penalized for charging an opponent in a dangerous or reckless manner,
or using excessive force. An allowable fair challenge for the ball is where players make shoulder to
shoulder contact: in an upright position AND within playing distance of the ball, AND have at least
one foot on the ground AND their arms held close to their body. All of the conditions have to be
present for it to be legal contact.
5. Fouls and Misconduct:
Misconducts are ruled in cases where officials can no longer control players in question. All team
managers are responsible for team players.
a. Yellow Card (formal warning): Player must give name to referee. Player not giving name to official
will receive a red card and penalty will fall to the team manager.
b. Red Card (ejection): Player must give name to referee and is suspended from further play in that
game and for at least the next game. Some ejections will warrant more than a one game suspension.
If a player is ejected for receiving a red card while on the field, the team must play down a player. If
a player is ejected from the game while on the sidelines, the team may still play with a full
c. Red cards are to be used with discretion.
d. It is the official and manager’s responsibility to make sure player gives name.
e. A player who intentionally attempts to or actually kicks, trips, jumps at, charges violently, charges
from behind, strikes, holds, pushes an opponent, or intentionally handles the ball shall be penalized
by a direct free kick.
f. A player committing less flagrant violations such as dangerous plays, obstruction (screening out) or
unsportsmanlike conduct, will be penalized by an indirect free kick.
g. Foul and/or abusive language directed towards a player or official will result in a definite caution or
possible ejection from game depending on severity.
h. No trickery may be used to get around the terms of the above. If trickery is used, the referee shall
caution the player for ungentlemanly conduct and award an indirect free kick from the place of the
i. Misconduct: a player having received a second (2nd) caution will be shown the yellow and the red
cards simultaneously.
j. A player who accumulates two (2) Yellow Cards (cautions) during the game must leave the field and
may not return. Player may be substituted for by a bench player so the team does NOT have to play
a person short.
k. A team manager or representative who uses an illegal player, or non-rostered player in a game, will
be suspended from the teams’ next game and the game currently being played at the time of the
infraction will result in an automatic forfeit. A second violation will result in the suspension of the
team manager/representative from the program for one year.
l. Fights - one-year suspension from time of infraction is possible.
11 A-Side Rules
1. Rules
a. Current FIFA rules will govern play. Except where CARD rules apply.
2. Participants
a. All games must start with a minimum of seven (7) players at the scheduled starting time. Teams
who are short players will have the game forfeited and play a practice game. Forfeited games will
not be re-scheduled. This should help keep games on schedule.
b. Coed: Under no circumstances should men outnumber women on the playing field. The game
should start with eleven players, however no more than five men may play the field. The goal keeper
can be of either gender.
One male is needed to constitute a Coed game.
3. Game Time
a. The game will consist of two 35-minute halves with a five-minute rest period between halves when
two games are played. If three games are to be played on a field, halves will be 30 minutes.
b. No overtime periods will be held. The game will end in a tie. For Playoff games, “Golden Goal”
will apply: first goal in a 5 minute extra time wins the match for the scoring team. If the game is still
tied after the extra time, penalty shootouts will be used to determine the winner.
7 A-Side Rules (CARD – Revised Spring 2013)
Game Time
a. Games will consist of two 25 minute halves with a five minute half time.
b. No overtime periods will be held. The game will end in a tie.
c. For Playoff games, “Golden Goal” will apply: first goal in a 5 minute extra time wins the match for
the scoring team. If the game is still tied after the extra time, penalty shootouts will be used to
determine the winner.
a. Current FIFA Rules will govern play with modifications as stated herein.
b. Kick-Ins are used instead of a throw-in when the ball goes out of bounds. Opposing players must be
three yards away and cannot move to block the kick-in.
c. Any foul committed in the goal area (rectangle) that would normally result in a direct kick will
result in a penalty kick. The referee will use his/her discretion on issuing a caution or ejection on a
penalty kick.
d. All free kicks are Indirect, except for penalty kicks and corner kicks.
e. All drop-kicks, throws, and goal kicks taken from the goal area must either touch another player or
the ground before crossing midfield. A goalkeeper can trap the ball and kick it over the halfway
line if he/she never possesses the ball with his/her hands.
f. If, after possessing the ball with his/her hands, a goalkeeper chooses to drop the ball within the goal
area and dribble out of the box, it is then considered a live ball and the goalie can play the ball
wherever he/she chooses, including beyond the halfway line.
g. Under no circumstances should men outnumber women on the playing field. The game should start
with seven players, however no more than three men may play the field. The goal keeper can be of
either gender.
If a team is short men, they can play five women and two men or six women and one man; however
a team may not play seven women. One male is needed to constitute a Coed game.
h. Players who receive a caution or ejection will give their names to the referee. If a player refuses,
the game will be terminated and the player’s team will forfeit.
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