Microsoft Dynamics GP Advanced Management

Microsoft Dynamics GP Advanced Management
Microsoft Dynamics GP
Advanced Management
Realize your business vision with confidence
“Our assets have grown to nearly $1.8 billion. Yet headcount in the accounting
department has remained the same. Microsoft Dynamics GP allows us to grow
without adding new positions.”
— Elizabeth Chege
Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union
People drive business success
It’s your people who drive results, regardless of your industry or the size of your organization.
Growth and success depend on providing everyone in your business— the CEO, management and
teams, individuals—with ready access to the systems, information, and tools they need to work at
peak performance.
But you know that. And we know it, because we’ve worked directly with our customers to design
Microsoft Dynamics® GP Advanced Management, a solution that bridges the gap between
business process automation and the way people really work.
Microsoft Dynamics GP Advanced Management equips people at all levels of your organization to
keep pace with the competition and manage changing markets, unique requirements, and the full
range of business operations.
Built to work like and with the 2007 Microsoft® Office System and Microsoft technologies, this
mature, flexible solution offers proven success, deep functionality, and continuing innovation. You
can fuel productivity from the start—and help maximize your investment in a unified Microsoft
platform and industry-leading customization tools.
Rich capabilities automate and connect the full range of your business operations. You’ll have
the power to meet demanding, industry-specific requirements, collaborate and communicate
through Web portals, and transform data with reporting and business intelligence tools that reach
all your people, whether they’re working in Microsoft Dynamics GP or other applications.
Just as important, your solution can grow with you into the future. You can add unlimited users
and enhance your solution with capabilities designed to meet the most complex business needs.
At all times you’ll be backed by a community of local certified partners, all dedicated to helping
you take advantage of a solution that frees your people to focus on business performance, rather
than the systems that make your business run.
Move forward with confidence.
“While the processes were new, the skills were not. Everyone in the department
knew how to use Outlook and Excel so training on Microsoft Dynamics GP was
minimal and completed quickly.”
­— Elizabeth Chege
Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union
A solution that’s familiar to your people
Do you want a business application that your
people already know how to use? Our user
interface has the look and feel of the Microsoft
Office System, so whether employees are
working in Microsoft Dynamics GP or the
Microsoft Office System, they’ll feel at home.
The Microsoft Dynamics RoleTailored™ interface
intuitive task panes can help them focus on
their key responsibilities, rather than on chasing
information and juggling applications. Equally
important, Microsoft Dynamics GP frees people
to make the most of the applications they use
every day.
Give employees fast access to relevant
information and tools with the Role Center,
a home page tailored to real jobs within your
company. You can work out of the box with more
than 20 role centers that span Sales Manager
to Accounts Payable Clerk to IT Developer, and
then further personalize the home page to meet
individual needs.
Simplify the tasks people perform every day.
Microsoft Dynamics GP helps people perform
tasks quickly and intuitively with the Action Pane,
an intuitive command bar that appears across all
navigation lists. Inspired by the 2007 Microsoft
Office System, Action Panes make it easy for
people to sort and filter records and perform
multiple tasks from within a single window.
Help eliminate the need to juggle applications
and save valuable time with Smart Tags that
enable quick access to Microsoft Dynamics GP
data from Office applications, including access
to customer, vendor, inventory, general ledger
account, and employee information.
Smooth integration with the Microsoft Office
System makes it easy for people to analyze
information in Microsoft Office Excel®, populate
Office Word form letters and other documents
with up-to-date information from Microsoft
Dynamics GP, and send customer statements and
invoices through Office Outlook®.
The Role Center delivers a
personalized home page that
enables people to work with
the information and tasks most
relevant to their jobs.
Empower people to work faster
and smarter with Action Panes,
an intuitive, graphical command
bars that appear across
navigation lists.
“In the long run, using the same products and technologies makes it easier for
AirTran IT specialists, and makes the entire company run more cost effectively
since we’ve become a Microsoft one-stop shop.”
­— Kim Meredith
IT Program Manager
AirTran Airway
Fits with your existing Microsoft systems
You want your people to focus on your business,
not your IT systems—that’s why we designed
Microsoft Dynamics GP to work with Microsoft
products and technologies. You can adapt
your system to meet changing business needs
at minimal cost. Your IT staff will be instantly
familiar with business software built on your
existing Microsoft infrastructure.
Microsoft Dynamics GP provides the
foundation and flexibility that help ensure
smooth deployments, server-side updates,
and efficient, cost-effective integrations and
customizations. In line with our mission to
deliver people-ready solutions, our security
model is tailored to roles and tasks, enabling
better auditing and reporting and simplifying
Bring together information across systems and
applications. Using the tool that works best for
you—Microsoft BizTalk® Server, eConnect, or
Web services—you’ll have the ability to integrate
data from virtually any source, connecting
people with the information they need to make
decisions and drive growth.
Extend the reach of business applications,
information and processes to employees,
customers, and partners through Windows®
SharePoint® Services. Step up to Microsoft
Office SharePoint Server 2007 and gain search
and collaborative networking capabilities that
empower people to find and use Microsoft
Dynamics GP information and business
information stored in other systems.
If your organization works with multiple,
industry-specific systems, our Certified
Independent Software Vendor (ISV) community
offers integrations that integrate information,
reduce data entry, and deliver deep visibility
across front-office and back-office solutions.
Examples include integrations for customer
relationship management, retail, and
warehouse management systems; mobile
devices; and solutions such as Microsoft Office
PerformancePoint™ Server 2007.
Scale to meet changing needs with a solution
built for growth. Powered by Microsoft SQL
Server® and Windows Server®, Microsoft
Dynamics GP has proven scalable in customer
environments from a single desktop PC to
more than 1,000 workstations. Virtualization
capabilities help eliminate the need to install
applications on each user’s desktop.
Individual users and administrators can
personalize the solution by adding new
windows and fields themselves. Developers can
also extend the solution further using industrystandard tools. Without the need to touch
Microsoft Dynamics GP code, developers can
modify the solution to meet unique business or
industry requirements, or choose from hundreds
of ISV add-on products.
“The end-to-end integration automates tasks that were once manual. Employees no longer have to re-enter
information from online orders into the system each evening. That information is automatically captured.
The new system has lessened labor and increased efficiency across the board.”
­— Denny Dunn
Director of Operations
Laser Pros International
Fuels your business productivity
Do you want a solution that fits with the way
people actually work? Microsoft Dynamics GP
is designed to help employees, partners, and
customers get more done, faster, with connected
information and processes. Our goal is to fit realworld business processes and fuel the teamwork
that can take your business forward.
Along with a solution that people will
want to use, Microsoft Dynamics GP offers
mature, proven functionality that automates
and integrates financial management and
business operations— including distribution,
manufacturing, field service, and project
management. By helping ensure all your business
processes work together, you can increase
efficiency and performance, deliver superior
customer service, and improve relationships with
partners and suppliers.
Take advantage of Web-based capabilities to
improve agility and build employee, customer,
and partner satisfaction. For example, you can
reduce paperwork and data re-entry, and help
managers work more effectively, by allowing
staff to take a wide range of tasks online—
from routine timesheets to complex purchase
requisitions. People across the organization can
work from remote locations with portal-based
access to information and applications. Equally
important, customers and partners can quickly
access relevant information through securityenhanced extranets.
Drive efficiency and accuracy with flexible
workflow processes that are built on the
Windows Workflow Foundation in Office
SharePoint Server 2007. Automate key business
tasks, including notifications and approval
routings for purchase orders, sales quotes,
financial series batches, and sales credit limit
overrides. And with Office SharePoint Server
2007, you can extend workflows to processes
outside of the Dynamics GP system.
Monitor business processes and information
to prevent fraud and maintain tight control.
Simplify reporting compliance with SarbanesOxley requirements by automating sign-offs in
an auditable, traceable manner. Maintain checks
and balances with automated processes and
clear separation of roles and tasks.
Specific industry requirements? No problem.
Our authorized resellers and ISVs provide
industry specific extensions to complement the
unique requirements of worldwide industries—
from complex manufacturers and wholesale
distributors to state and local governments,
not-for-profit organizations, the healthcare
industry, and more.
“We have a clearer picture of our operations across the board because
Microsoft Dynamics GP provides superior access to the data. It’s a huge
benefit for us at corporate headquarters.”
­— Clarence White
Chief Information Officer
Salvation Army
Enables confident decision making
Without the right information, your people can’t
make informed, accurate decisions. That’s why
we’ve designed a solution that provides business
information in contexts that make sense for
individuals. Your total solution delivers insight
that reaches everyone in your organization,
whether they’re working in Microsoft Dynamics
GP or other applications.
Provide access to real-time data that can easily
be analyzed in familiar tools such as Office Excel,
the reporting tool people use every day, with
no need to log into Microsoft Dynamics GP.
Decision makers at all levels can work with
Office Excel to access and analyze relevant data
and transform that data into decision-driving
information, including refreshable, presentationquality reports.
Proactively manage changing business
conditions. Equipped with personalized, realtime business alerts and list-based inquiries,
work teams and management stay current and
informed about changes such as stock shortages,
large balances past due, or budget overages.
Improve planning with drill-down, inquiry, and
reporting tools for operations, revenues and
spending, and sales trends. Your solution also
includes pre-defined SQL Reporting Services
reports. People can easily modify these reports or
quickly build new ones to meet specific needs.
Store reports for local and remote access and
viewing on Office SharePoint Server 2007 or on a
network or desktop repository. When you deploy
Microsoft Dynamics GP with Office SharePoint
Server 2007, you’ll enable people to search and
retrieve data from across all your systems—
including reports, Microsoft Dynamics GP
data, and documents in multiple formats and
e-mail messages.
Publish reports at the right time, for the right
people, with flexible scheduling and delivery
options. Microsoft Dynamics GP also offers
personalized report navigation for the reporting
options people use most often. Users can
select every type of report from the Microsoft
Dynamics GP Report List—including SQL Server
Reporting Services and Office Excel reports—
customize them as needed, and then store them
for one-click access, whether they’re working in
the system or in another application.
Centralize budget management, control
budgeting processes, and create accurate
projections with Microsoft Forecaster. Report on
budget forecasts and actuals, and track historical
planning changes with the ability to lock down
specific forecasting areas.
Meet advanced requirements for analytics,
scorecards, and planning. Microsoft Dynamics
GP provides an extended integration to Office
PerformancePoint Server, a comprehensive,
flexible business intelligence solution. You
can create strategic plans, sales forecasts, cost
allocations, and budgets that work for everyone
in your organization, and then reuse critical plans
on an ongoing basis.
Microsoft Dynamics GP Advanced Management
Take hold of a broad-based, flexible solution designed with you in mind. Business Ready Licensing offers a comprehensive
set of functionality at a simple user-based price. Additional functionality is available for purchase to accommodate your
unique business requirements. Contact an authorized reseller for specific pricing and availability in your area.
Financial Management
General Ledger with AFA
Maintain all of your financial journal entries and budgets with a double-entry
accounting ledger.
Analytical Accounting
Analyze financial data by whatever criteria you require for greater reporting flexibility and
extensibility. Track financial data by different dimensions, such as region or profit center, without
adding to your chart of accounts.
Fixed Asset Management
Improve financial control and put company assets to the best possible use with tools for tracking,
analyzing, and manipulating fixed assets.
Intercompany Processing
Set up and maintain relationships so that revenues or expenses incurred in one company can be
tracked as “due to” or “due from” amounts in other companies.
Multicurrency Management
Process transactions in multiple currencies including invoices, checks, statements, packing slips,
and much more.
eExpense *
Streamline expense processes and eliminate paper receipts. Through a hosting provider, eExpense
enables employees to submit expense reports in an online environment, using simple checklists
and templates with pre-populated data.
Audit Trails *
Verify the accuracy of financial statements and help ensure regulatory compliance with tools for
capturing, archiving, and tracking data and transactions from their original point of entry in the
accounting system.
Electronic Signatures *
Set up preventative authorization controls that can be activated at any place in the system where
data is changed.
Encumbrance Management
Locate and track budget information, query current or historical encumbrances, and streamline
period-end and year-end reporting processes.
Grant Management
Not-for-profit and public sector organizations can automate grant management processes to
track funds more easily, demonstrate accountability, and help attract future funding.
Account Level Security
Enhance security and account views by allowing users to enter, edit, and view information from
a reduced account set, based on the access granted for General Ledger accounts on a per-user
Bank Reconciliation
Reconcile from your checkbook ledger to the bank’s records through a single, automated process.
Two versions are available for international needs.
Cash Flow Management
Customizable views and forecasting tools enable you to control, predict, and monitor inflows and
Payables Management
Automate routine and complex Accounts Payable tasks with real-time statistical history, easy
reconciliation, account control, payment scheduling, and tracking.
Receivables Management
Control your accounts receivable with automated processes for invoices, receipts, finance charges,
and statements, including the ability to analyze customer activity.
Quickly transfer information between Receivables Management and Payables Management to
create a customer record that uses information already available in a vendor record, and vice versa.
*Separate Purchase
Financial Management
Refund Checks
Print refund checks for customers with credit balances, automatically debiting the customer and
updating the ledger.
Collections Management
Minimize collections workload, improve your cash flow, and reduce bad debt expense with
customizable information views and automated bad debt management tools.
Electronic Document
Delivery *
Organize and schedule the e-mail message delivery of invoices, credit memos, and other sales
documents to your customers in XML, HTML, Office Excel, or PDF formats.
Electronic Bank Management Streamline set-up, entry, maintenance, and reconciliation for all transactions that appear on your
bank statement—including payments to creditors, cash receipts from debtors, and bank charges.
Electronic Funds Transfer
from Payables Management
Securely transfer payments by transmitting your payables to the bank after you’ve processed
Electronic Funds Transfer
from Receivables
Transfer sales batches with associated payments and automatically generate an electronic file for
banking transfers.
Lockbox Processing
Automatically import and apply customer payment information from a lockbox transaction file
provided by your bank. Lockbox Processing provides reliable receivables information, improved
funds availability, and greater fraud protection.
Safe Pay
Safe Pay generates an electronic file of authorized checks and voids to the bank, enabling banks
to confirm the authenticity of a check number and amount before payment.
Revenue/Expense Deferrals
Simplify deferring revenues or distributing expenses with the ability to make entries for future
periods within General Ledger, Receivables Management, Payables Management, Sales Order
Processing, Purchase Order Processing, and Invoicing.
Combine Microsoft Dynamics GP with Office SharePoint Server 2007 to create document and
batch approval workflows, including multiple approvers and levels of approval, delegation, and
*Separate Purchase
Business Intelligence and Reporting
Office Smart Tags
View Microsoft Dynamics GP data from Office Word, Office Excel, and Office Outlook. For
example, you can drill into information stored within Microsoft Dynamics GP from an Office
Outlook email.
Receive automatic reminders, personalized to your specific needs, when conditions change.
SmartList Builder*
Microsoft Dynamics GP users can gain quick access to vital information with more than 200 builtin SmartLists. They can also use SmartList Builder to create personalized SmartLists and Office
Excel Reports.
Office Excel-Based Reports
Create refreshable graphs and reports with Office Excel for real-time data access.
Analysis Cubes and Analysis
Cubes Library
Produce analytical views of key business metrics through automated report building and OLAP
queries. Take full advantage of SQL Server to enable people to analyze updated, integrated
information from multiple angles and formats.
Business Intelligence and Reporting
SQL Server Reporting
Services Reports
Reduce the time it takes to create reports—and take full advantage of your data—with
customizable SQL Reporting Services reports.
Report Writer
Work easily with a built-in reporting tool to modify more than 400 Microsoft Dynamics GP reports,
or create new reports.
Microsoft FRx®
Gain control of your financial reporting process. This robust reporting tool gives you
comprehensive, boardroom-quality, customizable reports that are easy to create, distribute, and
use. Advanced capabilities let you drill down into transaction detail and translate statements into
multiple currencies. One named user license included; additional available at extra cost.
FRx Report Manager
Organize multiple financial documents in a single-file, presentation-quality report book.
FRx Report Server
Run more reports quickly by automating the production of reports in a scalable, high-speed
reporting environment. One report engine included; additional engines available at extra cost.
FRx WebPort
Publish, store, and manage Microsoft FRx reports and other relevant documents on a securityenhanced Web site. One named user license included; additional licenses available at extra cost.
FRx Report Launcher*
Select pre-existing reports, specify output options, and generate the reports you need, all on an
on-demand basis, with the ability to drill down to transaction detail level while maintaining the
original report design.
Crystal Reports Professional*
Transform Microsoft Dynamics GP data into presentation-quality information with Crystal Reports
Professional, an industry standard reporting tool. One named user license included; additional
licenses available at extra cost.
Microsoft Forecaster
Forecast accurate budgets and gain control of the entire budgeting and planning process.
Coordinate plans dynamically and collaborate easily with your management team. One named
user license included; additional licenses available at extra cost.
Solution Accelerator for
Compliance Management*
Effectively manage internal financial controls to help meet compliance objectives for your
*Separate Purchase
Supply Chain Management
Sales Order Processing with
Advanced Invoicing
Automate the sales ordering process to improve customer service, control fulfillment and
invoicing, and minimize shipping and labor costs.
Extended Pricing *
Create flexible pricing options and rules for customers, including standard and personalized
percentage-off, value-off, and net pricing options. Implement date-sensitive functionality for
sales and promotions.
Order Management
Give salespeople and customers security-enhanced access to online information that allows them
to place and update orders via an out-of-the-box, business-to-business portal.
(Runs on Business Portal)
Inventory Management
Monitor inventory stock levels and costs and set prices on a customer-by-customer basis to stay
competitive, speed fulfillment, and build loyalty.
Bill of Materials
Increase productivity with fast, flexible tracking of components and subassemblies used in light
manufacturing and similar production and assembly operations.
“We have gained not only a complete financial management system
but a complete vision for where we’re going.”
­— Sharaky Abdul Azim
Chief Financial Officer
Arabian Oud
Supply Chain Management
Advanced Distribution*
Smoothly tailor distribution to control speed, accuracy, and costs; for example, create userdefined sales fulfillment process flows, define process holds, and ensure that all drop-ship line
items meet requirements.
Advanced Picking *
Help improve visibility, reduce overhead, and increase accuracy for tailored picking routines that
meet each site’s business requirements, bin sequence, or method of operation.
Available to Promise
Help ensure the right inventory is available at the right time to meet customer needs, make firm
delivery promises, and boost profitability.
Purchase Order Processing
Manage commitments and build lasting vendor relationships with automated purchasing and
approval processes, flexible extended pricing, and blanket purchase orders.
Landed Cost
Track and update the true cost associated with an inventory item and then automatically assign or
modify costs as items are received.
PO Generator
Automate purchasing by generating a suggested purchase order, with order point or minimum/
maximum settings that determine quantities needed based on purchasing, sales, and inventory
Requisition Management
(Runs on Business Portal)
Help increase productivity and reduce paperwork by enabling employees to enter purchase
requisitions online for manager approval and transfer to Purchase Order Processing.
Returns Management
Generate RMAs from historical customer invoices, service calls, or manually; generate RTVs or
depot work orders; and automatically transfer items from the returns warehouse to the main
*Separate Purchase
Manufacturing Bill of
Build better, more flexible bills of materials to maximize your production efficiency including
engineering, manufacturing, configured, archived and even super bills that manage all options
on the configurable products you produce.
Manufacturing Order
Efficiently track and manage the entire cycle of order processing, including detailed production
costs, work orders, routings, outsourcing, and work center definitions.
Master Production
Gather information from sales forecasts to form a single, comprehensive production schedule and
automatically create manufacturing orders.
Material Requirements
Ensure proactive planning, smart procurement decisions, and precise adjustments to production
with flexible planning and analysis capabilities in addition to viewing material requirements and
vendor information,
Capacity Requirements
Planning *
Establish and measure overall work capacity, as well as compare established capacity—defined
through work center calendars, employee, and machine efficiencies—with the amount of work
you want done, defined through routing times, manufacturing order requirements, and other
Engineering Change
Management *
Control changes made to items and bill of materials with sign-off controls for greater
organization and communication.
Job Costing*
Deliver a view of production profitability by capturing all costs related to a job when they occur
and consolidating them within a central location that’s easy to access and manage.
Quality Assurance*
Design testing procedures of incoming materials, helping ensure that you start with the quality of
raw materials you require and reduce manufacturing delays, rework, and scrap.
Sales Configurator*
Efficiently incorporate information from various modules—including Inventory Control, Bill of
Materials, Routings, and Sales Order Processing—and generate manufacturing orders for the
configured items.
Sales Forecasting *
Effectively collaborate between operations and sales, aggregate demand and create precise,
forward-looking projections by leveraging the power of Materials Requirements Planning.
*Separate Purchase
Project Management
Project Accounting
Maintain tight control over project direction, costs, execution, and budget; support resources
effectively; and ensure accurate billing and accounting through tight integration with financials,
inventory, and accounts receivable.
Project Time and Expense
Capture, review, and approve project time sheets and expense reports through the Web, enabling
prompt, accurate customer invoicing and efficient reimbursement for out-of-pocket employee
(Runs on Business Portal)
Service Management—Field Service
Service Call Management *
Efficiently enter customer service requests; dispatch technicians; manage parts, labor, and
miscellaneous charges; bill customers for time and material services and consolidate service call
Contract Administration
Extend the services you provide to your customers with contracts for support, maintenance,
and repairs. Improve services through automated billing, flexible contract administration and
maintenance, profitability tracking, and item history from inception to retire.
Preventive Maintenance*
Track customers service needs for scheduled proactive maintenance and forecast purchasing
and scheduling requirements. Coordinate open service requests with upcoming preventive
maintenance calls.
Depot Management*
Repair items sold to customers with workstation controls to manage the process, provide billing,
and update the contract.
Field Service Anywhere *
Empower technicians to keep track of service calls while working in the field, using mobile devices
and laptop PCs to log, receive, prioritize, and respond to service calls—with the assurance of
automatic data synchronization with Microsoft Dynamics GP.
Field Service Suite for
Business Portal*
Using the power of Office SharePoint Server 2007, give customers secure access to online
information that allows them to enter service calls and returns, as well as check meter readings
with just an internet connection.
*Separate Purchase
Human Resource Management*
Payroll – US
Automate payroll processing, equip staff to handle complex payroll requirements, and offer better
service to your employees while reducing necessary overhead costs.
Advanced Payroll
Extend Payroll capabilities with Pay Policy Manager, Labor Accrual Manager, Advanced Labor
Reporting, and Payroll Hours to General Ledger functionality.
Federal Magnetic Media
Help maintain full compliance with government reporting requirements by generating Federal
Magnetic Media files.
Payroll Connect
Automate data transfer from ADP/PC Payroll for Windows into General Ledger, using a turnkey
solution that eliminates the need to re-enter data.
Payroll Direct Deposit*
Add payroll funds to employees’ bank, savings and loan, or credit union accounts through an
automated clearing house (ACH) file.
Human Resources
Attract and retain top talent and offer employees better services with customizable hiring
processes, scheduling, pay rates, and performance evaluation tools.
Advanced Human Resources
Extend Human Resources with Benefit Lifecycle Manager, Certification, License and Training
Manager, and Employee Health and Wellness functionality.
PTO Manager
Manage complex and changing vacation and sick time policies quickly and accurately with an
automated process.
HRM Self Service Suite for
Business Portal
Reduce paperwork and avoid double entry by enabling employees to view and update personal
information from a Web browser.
Benefit Self Service for
Business Portal
Reduce paperwork and manual entry with moving benefit processes online, including yearly
benefits, change of status, and more.
(Employee Pay, Profiles, Recruitment,
Skills & Training, and Time &
*Separate Purchase
Collaborative Workspace
Business Portal
Empower employees with security-enhanced access to Microsoft Dynamics GP applications,
information, and processes through a single, Web-based portal.
Windows SharePoint
Enable users to locate information quickly and efficiently, as well as work with others more
productively in an online environment. This product is included with Windows Server® and is the
platform for Business Portal.
Microsoft Office SharePoint
Server 2007 *
Built on the Windows SharePoint Services foundation, Office SharePoint Server 2007 offers
advanced capabilities for centralizing, organizing, aggregating, and sharing information. A wide
range of collaboration features include integration with Microsoft Office System applications and
specialized document-specific libraries, such as the Office PowerPoint slide library.
Dynamics Client for Office *
This affordable bundle of modules is sold on a named user basis and includes Business Portal, FRx
WebPort, HR Benefit Self Service, and FRx DrillDown Viewer™. Options for Windows SharePoint
Services and Office SharePoint Server 2007 are also available.
*Separate Purchase
“One of my favorite aspects of heading Olympia Chemicals is the opportunity I have to
help my employees perform better. I chose Microsoft technologies for that reason.”
­— Mustafa Monnoo
Chief Executive Officer
Olympia Chemicals
Configuration and Development
Security Management
Manage user security by roles and tasks effectively with straightforward configuration windows
and broad audit reporting processes.
Field Level Security
Control access to data throughout Microsoft Dynamics GP by managing security restrictions on
individual data fields, windows, and forms.
Process Server
Improve system performance by offloading and distributing processor-intensive tasks to idle,
under-utilized, or dedicated process servers and freeing up personal computer resources.
Automate load balancing to efficiently utilize system resources.
Integration Manager—
Migrate data to Microsoft Dynamics GP using this integration tool during your implementation
(available for use for 240 days following purchase).
Integration Manager—
Import data from other systems on a one-time or continuous basis into Purchase Order
Processing, Sales Order Processing, and Inventory modules.
Integration Manager—
Financials, Payroll, and
Project Management *
Import data from other systems on a one-time or continuous basis into Financial Management,
Payroll, and Project Management modules.
Personalize your system without a developer’s expertise by easily creating additional windows,
notes, macros, and more for storing and displaying additional information.
Modifier with Visual Basic for Modify the appearance and functionality of any Microsoft Dynamics GP or Dexterity-based thirdApplications*
party window, add new fields, change global resources to affect the entire application, and attach
VBA code for less complex business logic.
Developer Toolkit (Visual
Studio Tools, eConnect, and
Web Services)*
Connect external applications and extend and personalize Microsoft Dynamics GP with Visual
Studio Tools, Web Services, and eConnect, which provides an industry standard .NET and
composite application development platform and connectivity to Microsoft Dynamics GP.
Software Development Kit
Comprehensive documentation provides an outline of the Microsoft Dynamics GP data model
including development examples that give developers a map For creating customizations and
integrations. Table designs, transaction flows, database diagrams, and version change documents
are included.
Country -Specific
For some regions, additional features are available to meet country-specific legal requirements.
Additional Languages *
Microsoft Dynamics GP is available in International English, US English, French-Canadian, and
Latin American Spanish languages.
*Separate Purchase
Software for Today and Tomorrow
Choose the solution that fits your
needs with Business Ready Licensing
Get the right solution, at the right time, at the
right price. With Business-Ready licensing,
you can choose from two editions—Business
Essentials and Advanced Management—as
well as from add-on components. By offering
straightforward purchasing and upgrade
options, Business Ready licensing helps save
time, reduce unnecessary costs, and free you
to add capabilities when the time is right. This
simplified approach and predictable path
for growing your solution helps protect your
investment and minimize disruption to your
business when you upgrade your system—
helping to ensure a low total cost of ownership.
Help secure continuing value with the
Business Ready Enhancement Plan
Available worldwide to Microsoft Dynamics GP
customers, the Business Ready Enhancement
Plan ensures smooth upgrades, updates, and
maintenance support that help you stay current
with the latest technologies and compliant
with regulatory changes. The plan includes all
upgrades, service pack updates, and Regulatory/
Tax updates, along with investment protection,
lifecycle support, and much more. Equally
important, you can reduce training costs,
get more out of your solution, and increase
productivity with CustomerSource, a self-service
portal that offers unlimited online training, a
Knowledge Base, downloads and updates,
and newsgroups.
Work closely with a partner who
understands your business
Dynamics GP solution to fit your specific type of
business. Your local Microsoft Certified Partner
can provide expert support for implementing
your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution and help
your company benefit from a rich ecosystem of
offerings. They can help you meet specialized
needs across a wide range of industries and
make it easy for you to conduct business without
Ensure efficient, predictable
implementations with Microsoft
Sure Step
Get your solution up and running quickly with
Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step, a straightforward
methodology that includes tools and services
designed to ensure reliable implementation,
migration, and upgrades. Working together, you
and your Microsoft partner can take advantage
of a proven approach that works across the world
to help speed time to deployment and minimize
risks and costs—whether you’re deploying
Microsoft Dynamics GP at a single location or
across multiple sites and regions.
Maximize your investment
opportunity with Microsoft Financing
Whether you need software or a more
comprehensive package that includes services
and hardware, Microsoft Financing and finance
solutions partners help make technology
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the solutions you need now and free up your
corporate credit lines for other investments.
Tap into the global network of Microsoft
Certified Partners with the industry and
technical expertise to help you adapt a Microsoft
You’ve built the business you want.
Now take your vision further.
Microsoft Dynamics is a line of business management solutions that automate business processes and
help improve financial, customer relationship, and supply chain management.
Delivered through a network of Microsoft partners, these integrated, adaptable solutions work like
and with familiar Microsoft software to streamline processes across an entire business.
For more information on Microsoft Dynamics GP Advanced Management, contact an authorized
reseller, visit, or email [email protected]
U.S and Canada: 1-888-477-7989
Worldwide: +1-701-281-6500
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