icr touch - salop cash registers

icr touch - salop cash registers
Touch screen software for Hospitality and
ICRTouch has been designed to be easy to use and maintain. Helpful prompts guide
operators through each sale, with messages displayed throughout to keep the operator
informed as to what is going on. Reports are similar to conventional cash registers and
with it's built in back office, X and Z reading functions, an end of day report can
easily be taken at the touch of a button. Programming and file maintenance also
follows a similar structure to a cash register with it's built in program modes.
Designed primarily with bars and restaurants in mind, features like the graphical table
plan option showing the status of the tables - e.g. green is free and blue has had a bill
issued. The number of covers also is shown on the table. Split checks and bills are
taken care of by simply highlighting the items to be separated and touching the arrow
keys. An advanced price level scheduler allows very powerful promotions and happy
hour features.
In a modern system, security is always a big issue, so with features like server sign on
using iButtons, magnetic cards or pin numbers, the ability to track individual servers
activities, and even the ability to view the electronic journal for a specific servers
transactions, pilfering can be cut to a minimum.
Industry standard PC architecture allows easy inexpensive add-ons, such as kitchen
printers, bill printers, customer displays, integrated network, card readers, bar code
scanners etc.
Other advanced features include EFT accreditation to allow processing of credit cards
and an on line interface which exports & imports standard CSV files, that can be used
to interface with 3rd party back office software.
Promotional Features
Happy Hour Function
All products can have up to 9 prices. These prices can be individually selected to
‘kick in’ automatically on a particular day and time during the week.
This can be used to attract customers during the quieter periods during the day. For
example you could make the price of your draught beers £1.00 a pint during 5 and 6.
PLU reporting shows sales for individual price levels, so loss calculations can be
made for these periods.
Customer Loyalty Option
Customer loyalty is easily incorporated using inexpensive magnetic swipe cards.
Various loyalty schemes are available including discounts and points collection.
With the discount schemes, 5 different discount rates are presetable for different
groups of products, for example food could get a 10% discount, alcohol only 5% and
no discount awarded to tobacco.
Spend history is kept for all customers, and this can be set to print on their receipts
Security Features
Clerk Security
Various secure options for clerk signing on are available;
Secret number logon, means that clerks can logon onto the till using a 1 to 5 digit pin
Magnetic swipe card, clerks can logon onto the till by swiping their magnetic card
through a card reader
iButtons, clerks logon to the till by pressing their iButton against the receiver
The electronic journal can be printed out for individual clerks, this means that you can
see all sales/transactions that a particular clerk has made on the till, and maybe pull
them up on anything suspicious.
The clerk detail tracking report can be used to give information about how many
times the No Sale button has been used, or how many corrections have been done etc.
This facility can also be used to track how many of a particular item has been sold.
This useful facility can be used to encourage clerks to actively sale products, for
example pushing the sauces with steaks.
Other Security Features
Other security features include compulsory closed drawer, the till will not function if
the drawer is open. And drawer open alarm, if the drawer is left open for a period of
time, and alarm will sound to alert other members of staff or management.
The electronic journal of any till can be viewed remotely from any other till, hand
held waiter terminal or back office PC whilst it is being created. This allows you to
view what is being rung into the till, against what is actually being given out by the
Printing Options
Wide Choice of Printers
A large choice of printers is available, ranging from 2 colour dot matrix printers to
high speed thermal printers.
Thermal printers can have graphical logo printed on the top of the receipt.
Dot matrix slip printers can be used for printing customer bills and cheques.
Printers can be shared throughout the network, meaning many terminals can use 1
receipt printer, thus cutting down on overall cost and space.
Floating Clerks
Clerks can ‘float’ across the networking, meaning sales can be started on one
terminal, and then if required carried across to any other terminal in the network.
Centralised Checks/Tables
A central database is used for Checks, Tables and Tabs, ie one terminal contains all
information about open tables, checks and tabs. Any transactions done to the check
tracking file are fetched from the ‘check tracking master’ and then sent back again
when the sale is finished.
Remote Printer Sharing
Remote printers are easily shared across the network, meaning many terminals can
share one receipt printer, for issuing receipts and printing reports. The same principle
is used for sharing kitchen printers, for printing orders to the kitchen from any
Automatic Program Change Broadcast
Any product file changes done on any terminal in the network is automatically
broadcast down to all other terminals in the network.
Inline Collection of Reports
All reports can be collected and printed out from one terminal, showing the figures for
all terminals added together in one easy to read report.
Remote Journal View
The journal roll of any till can be viewed remotely from any other till, hand held
waiter terminal or back office PC whilst it is being created. This allows you to view
what is being rung into the till, against what is actually being given out by the staff.
File Maintenance
Easy Programming
ICRTouch is very simple to program. It comes with an easy to use ECR type
programming interface with on screen QWERTY keyboard.
No More Handwritten Keyboards
Keyboard text is automatically updated, when products are changed. This means no
longer to keyboards have to be printed out every time product changes are made. No
longer are items crossed out on keyboards, and overwritten by hand.
Automatic Program Change Broadcast
Terminals do not have to be programmed individually, any program changes done on
one terminal are automatically sent down the network to all other terminals.
Restaurant Features
Graphical Table Plan
A graphical display of your restaurant can be displayed. This shows at a glance what
tables are open, and who are about to leave. Tables can be opened and sale items
added to them easily from here, by pressing the table that you require.
Split Table Facility
‘Can we pay separately please?’ No longer do you have to run separate bills, tables
can be easily split into individual sales when the customer wants to pay.
Attractive Bill Printing
Bills can be printed out on high speed thermal printers, with a graphical logo of your
establishment at the top of the bill.
Handheld Waiter Pad
ICRTouch has a wireless handheld terminal that can be used for taking orders directly
at the table. See PocketTouch2 for more details
PocketTouch 2
Wireless Waiter Pad
Lightweight, handheld COLOUR touch screen, using Windows Mobile operating
system, (Pocket PC)
Speeds up service - Orders are automatically transmitted via the latest RF technology
to the relevant kitchen and bar printers
Reduces incorrect or illegible orders
Increases customer spend
Developed by ICR, which means an unequalled level of integration with the rest of
the EPOS system
Advantages of PocketTouch2
More time
Service specialists are able to remain just where they are needed most: with the
guests. The result is less wasted effort, no crowding around a terminal - and more
time to take orders, generate sales and help customers.
More turnover
Time savings mean that waiters serve more people, and pay more attention to guests.
Projected over the whole year, individual diners having an extra item or beverage
makes a huge difference; sales increases of at least 10 percent are the norm. What's
more, incorrect and missed orders become a thing of the past.
More customer satisfaction
Word soon gets around that guests prefer establishments that use PocketTouch2.
Orders are served faster, there's no waiting for the bill and guests simply enjoy good
food, good drinks and excellent service. When guests are happy they spend more, visit
more often and recommend you to others.
More savings through greater efficiency
In most restaurants, 80% of sales are made in 20% of the time. More efficient serving
processes and greater continuity at the bar and in the kitchen are therefore invaluable.
Fast, accurate billing at the diners' tables is another advantage: all meals and drinks
are registered with precision, and a clearly itemized bill appears from the terminal at
the touch of a button. Nothing is missed and no payment errors are made.
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