EZ Screen Room | EZSR8OBBZ | Use and Care Manual | EZ Screen Room EZSR8OBBZ Use and Care Manual

Care and Maintenance
While most powder coat finishes are tougher and much more flexible than conventional solvent based
paints, they are about the same hardness as automotive paint, so they will scratch. To clean a powder
coated surface, use the same care and methods you would use to clean your car. Gently wash with a
clean, soft cloth and a mild detergent followed by a clear water rinse. Additionally, certain solvents can
harm powder coat finishes. Avoid contact with nail polish remover, paint or lacquer thinner, motor oils,
transmission and brake fluids or parts cleaning fluids. If any of these should contact the powder coated
surface, immediately wipe the area with a soft, clean cloth, and wash as described above.
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