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Now featuring Prophix 11
Flexible and
powerful tools
to analyze the health
of your business
Financial and
operational planning
Create more accurate budgets with far less
labor and gain a deeper understanding
of the factors that drive your profitability.
Budget top-down, bottom-up, or a
combination of both. Save each iteration.
Easily analyze and review previous
versions. Add collaborative comments
and supporting details to budgets. Build
forward-looking views that incorporate
historical and plan data in order to model
and evaluate unlimited scenarios. Manage,
protect, and analyze those scenarios
using tools that Prophix has prebuilt
to automatically compare variances
between budgeted figures and actuals.
Create fixed asset, personnel, and
operational expense plans using a variety
of prebuilt calculations and attributes.
Communicate objectives and automatically
incorporate high-level assumptions into your
budgets. Measure, analyze, and validate
your strategic plans against results. Prophix
integrates seamlessly with your existing G/L,
ERP, and BI systems, allowing for the rapid
analysis of transactional details. Additionally,
Prophix delivers the capability to plan
for operational activities, tracking nonfinancial metrics for any industry, product,
customer, or service. Plan at any level and
for any business driver, including inventory,
costs of goods sold, and revenue, or at
the customer, product, or program levels.
-end functio
Low cost of o
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Prophix’s executive dashboards and
scorecards display the precise information
that authorized team members need in
order to understand the organization’s
true financial health. See where you’ve
been, and analyze what you need to
do differently to reach your preferred
destination. Identify issues, investigate
outliers, and create action plans to meet
company objectives. Build accurate and
actionable sales plans. Automatically
integrate final sales results into monthly
reforecasts and planning scenarios.
Oxley, GAAP, and IFRS. Track and
analyze aggregate data. Process
intercompany eliminations. Add
new reporting hierarchies, entities,
currencies, line items, journal entries,
recurring adjustments, or consolidation
processes without IT support.
See your company’s
financial future and
adjust accordingly
Empower your team and help them
make better decisions by providing
authorized users with accurate, up-todate data in its most convenient form.
Prophix is packed with numerous standard
report templates: both financial and
cross functional. Easily view supporting
details. Quickly create custom reports
and export to multiple formats, including
Excel, Word, PowerPoint and PDF files.
Financial consolidation
Prophix enables streamlined, transparent,
and collaborative consolidations. Multiple
levels and sub-levels are supported. Data is
continuously validated and cross checked.
Period-end, average, and historical foreign
exchange rates import automatically.
Create, schedule, design, and
run business rules using the
point-and-click interface.
Comply with Sarbanes“We found a flexible performance
management application that
not only allows us to work more
efficiently, but also gives us the
transparency to make better
business decisions.”
Prophix crunches numbers with ease
and gives you the tools you need to
drive your business: automatic variance
breakdown, graphical trend analysis,
and complete data cross-examination.
Drag and drop financial and nonfinancial measures without risking data
integrity and security: a task that’s nearly
impossible using most other systems.
Combine high-level, big picture analysis
with detailed functional group analysis.
Prophix Mobile
Work online or offline. Providing access to
live data from anywhere, Prophix Mobile
eliminates down time. Analyze and respond
to your numbers with financial information
and performance metrics at your fingertips.
Secure on-demand reports offer a personal
touch, allowing you to review your
updated data through the comfort of the
iPad’s interface. Save, share, or print as
needed. Prophix Mobile is purpose-built
for the iPad, incorporating gestures and
swipes, with no web browser required!
—Denise Feece
Director of Operational
Accounting & Corporate Planning,
Coleman Cable, Inc.
Detailed Planning Manager
Planning Manager
Featuring the best of both relational
and OLAP technology, Detailed Planning
Manager (DPM) offers a purpose-built,
unified planning tool to handle the
range of planning cases that businesses
demand, including personnel planning,
CapEx, and sales incentive compensation.
DPM contains a powerful calculation
engine that streamlines formerly
manual processes.
This allows users to capture qualitative
details (e.g., job titles, benefits packages,
or vehicle types) and quantitative
details (e.g., hourly rates, base salaries,
or miles per gallon) and use these
variables to drive calculations and
model complex business problems.
Reap the benefits of a
powerful planning engine
DPM helps end users to create itemized
strategies for the development of
projects and for the tracking of fixed
assets and personnel information. In
such environments, users can import
detailed information into the system
and tie this information to specific
accounts. This functionality creates
a more secure ecosystem and a less
process intensive maintenance schedule.
In other words, customers have more
reliable data that they can translate
into actionable information, and they
can generate the output from this
data in a shorter period of time.
“The cost of the solution really
intrigued us. Prophix was very
competitive and met our
requirements for automated imports,
custom report formatting, email report
distribution, and drill through to source
data in our AS/400 legacy system.
Prophix offered the most benefits
and an all-in-one solution that could
expand to further uses in the future.”
­ Joe Spyhalski
Manager of Costs and Budgets,
Automation drives
business benefits
Prophix automatically consolidates all
relevant data, providing your organization
with a single source of financial truth.
The solution eliminates repetitive tasks,
lowering your costs and freeing up
time for planning and analysis.
Plan for the future with
pinpoint accuracy
DPM allows users to plan and report at
the sub-ledger level (e.g., by employee,
sales rep, fixed asset, investment,
project, or insurance policy). G/Ls
and ERPs don’t enable this level of
planning, which can provide tremendous
value to the office of finance.
Move between sub-ledger details and
summary financial reports to understand
the impact of your decisions. For example,
see how adding a new asset affects
the company’s cash flow and balance
sheet. Budgeting and planning based
on detailed information saves your
organization time and money. Let’s be honest. Some employees consider
requests from finance to be a distraction.
They also complain, however, that finance
dictates unrealistic targets. Prophix solves
both problems. No one asks for data
that they can obtain automatically.
The solution’s Workflow engine automates
communication and maximizes efficiencies,
allowing users to assign individual tasks
and common due dates. Plus, everyone’s
contribution is documented, with their
comments and concerns recorded. Prophix
enables true collaboration: everyone
pulling in the same direction, contributing
to the organization’s financial success.
Workflow Manager
Simplify collaboration by tracking information as
it flows through your organization. Enable users in
every department to participate. Easily identify and
remove bottlenecks. Issue email alerts throughout
the process. Reduce overall cycle times. Provide
more accountability, ownership, and control.
Automate repetitive
tasks like currency
conversions, report
distribution, and
budget processes
to avoid errors
and save valuable
company time.
Process automation
Our patent-pending InfoFlex tool
allows users to perform large scale
calculations without complex scripting
language. Calculate a ‘first pass’ of
your plan by copying historical expense
data and increasing it by an inflation
factor. Easily allocate costs to activities,
products, and/or customers. Perform
profitability analysis. Quickly adjust
data to analyze multiple scenarios.
Document distribution
Collaboration is imperative, but some
information is sensitive or confidential.
Quickly and easily set access rules for
every team member using dropdown menus. Prophix features
integrated security, maintained
throughout all modules,
screens, and reports.
If you have disallowed an
employee from seeing
certain information in a
specific report, he or she
cannot accidentally
see the data. Data
entry templates ensure
that everyone can
contribute, without
seeing confidential
information that
other employees
have entered.
Monitor performance
Performance scorecards and dashboards
graphically monitor key performance
indicators. Quickly identify problems, seek
explanations, and drill down to analyze them.
Implement solutions and get back on course.
Use the simple
menus to
schedule tasks.
Model Manager
Prophix not only automates day-today operations, but large parts of the
implementation. Working in other systems,
creating the business model can take days
or weeks, sometimes requiring the services
of an expensive consultant. Using Prophix’s
Model Manager and intuitive wizards,
users can import, modify, and create a
business model in hours or even minutes.
Import Wizard
Enterprise systems that cost millions of dollars
claim to ‘eliminate information silos’, but these
complex and oftentimes unwieldy applications
aren’t necessary. Prophix can provide all of the
accurate, up-to-date, and relevant data that
you need from other systems. Best of all, you
can use the intuitive graphical import wizard
to integrate these ERP or G/L systems without
IT involvement, and then use the scheduler
to ensure that current data uploads when
you need it. Creating a single source of
financial truth is easy and economical.
Schedule any task automatically, without
IT involvement, using the Process Manager.
Use the drop-down menus to automate
your reporting process, publishing to
SharePoint, and automatically distributing
reports to authorized users daily, weekly,
bi-monthly, monthly, or yearly.
Prophix Extensions for
Microsoft SharePoint
Prophix quickly and easily integrates with
Microsoft SharePoint and other systems that
you use each day, serving as an accurate,
up-to-date ‘single source of truth’ for all of your
financial data. Prophix Extensions integrates
report publishing, budget data entry, and
workflow collaboration. Extend your SharePoint
investment without additional resources.
“With Prophix’s centralized solution,
I make data available using security
permissions rather than emailing
forty different budget files and
collecting forty back.”
—Ron Martin
Director of Budgeting and
Financial Reporting,
Feeding America
Prophix Extensions for
Microsoft SharePoint
Simple budgeting packages can help
small firms. Fortune 500 companies
have large IT departments capable of
supporting complicated, rarely used CPM
functionality. Prophix, however, provides
the best value for everyone else with a
powerful, affordable CPM solution that
requires virtually no expensive IT support.
High-end functionality
Prophix contains powerful, advanced
features commonly found in systems
that cost twice as much or more.
Advanced revenue planning features
include integration with sales and marketing
databases; reporting and margin analysis
by customer, product, and sales channel;
consolidated reporting of gross margin,
net sales, dollars, and units; automatic
integration of sales plans with consolidated
financial reports; and a complete audit trail
that helps to ensure regulatory compliance.
Advanced multi-currency features include
use of period-end, average, and historical
foreign exchange rates, and the ability to
reconcile the disparate effect of currency
adjustment on your income statements
and balance sheets using GAAP or IFRS.
Dozens of powerful tools allow you to
slice and dice your data. Use the patentpending Delta Analysis tool, unique to
Prophix, to automatically generate plans
with the variance you desire. Spread
data across time periods, business units,
and regions. Perform sophisticated
trend analysis, what-if analysis,
and year-over-year comparisons.
“The speed at which our
data is pulled from our G/L
into Prophix is really impressive.
Having this data in a user-friendly
application streamlines our
reporting process, which is what
we were missing before.”
—Kristy Chapman
Financial Planning and Reporting
AAA Western and Central New York
A true multiuser system
at a price you can afford
In order to maximize the value of each
employee’s contribution, they need
to harness the power of your CPM
solution: inputting their knowledge
and learning from the analysis. Prophix
has powerful collaboration features
commonly found in more expensive
systems. Automatically manage workflow,
secure data, and distribute reports.
Plan personnel. Manage compensation.
When revenue varies from plan, give
employees a ‘heads up’. Let them
explore potential changes. Consolidate
their changes. Analyze and discuss the
overall impact, all while your official plan
is locked in. Avoiding unpleasant surprises
dramatically increases buy in. Prophix
offers continuous and collaborative
corporate performance management.
Rapid implementation
It’s easy to get Prophix up and running
quickly because our customers
don’t need IT support. Control system
functions–like data integration,
business modeling, and report design–
using simple drop-down menus.
Users get up to speed quickly with the
solution’s spreadsheet-like interface that
people find intuitive and easy-to-use.
Low cost of ownership
Prophix costs less to acquire. It is simple to
set up, manage, and use. The ability to
perform complicated functions without
IT, including modifying your chart of
accounts and integrating data from other
systems, makes Prophix cost effective to
implement and operate. Prophix saves
its customers tremendous amounts of
time and money while providing the
full spectrum of CPM functionality.
“Prophix is a great company whose
software has grown in lockstep with
our expansion over the years. I’m
really happy to share their message.”
—Melissa Harrell
Corporate Controller
Educational Services of America
Business benefits
Prophix empowers financial professionals,
automates routine tasks, and provides
tremendous value across the financial
and operational levels of its customers’
businesses. Users enjoy a wealth of
benefits, including the ability to:
Eliminate spreadsheet
Spreadsheets feature numerous problems.
They’re error prone. They have inconsistent
data. Creating complicated formulas
wastes time. Managing workflow for multiple
users is tedious and inefficient. Roll ups and
consolidations are a nightmare. Performing
sophisticated analysis is virtually impossible.
Prophix eliminates all of these problems.
Improve collaboration with
nonfinancial employees
Prophix allows you to securely provide
financial data to everyone who needs
it. Authorized users can interact with
reports using the simple drag-and-drop
interface: slicing and dicing data, drilling
up, and drilling down. During planning
and budgeting sessions, Prophix
documents everyone’s contribution–
connected or remote–and records
their comments. These workflow and
automation tools maximize efficiencies,
saving time for everyone involved.
Reduce operating
costs and speed up
financial processes
Prophix is easy to implement and operate.
So easy, in fact, that it reduces the need
for expensive IT support and allows you
to work significantly faster, shortening
planning, budgeting, and reporting cycles.
Create a single source
of financial truth
Use the drop-down menus to integrate
Prophix with your other G/L, ERP, and
BI systems and automatically schedule
uploads. Creating a single source of
financial truth with no IT consultants and
no expensive systems integration is easy.
Accurate, current financial data is always
at your fingertips. So are the tools that
you need to analyze the information
that matters to your company.
“[Prophix’s software] is userfriendly and comprehensive. The
system allows us to complete all of
our reporting, forecasting, budgeting,
dashboards, and ad hoc analytics in
a real-time format.”
­ Aaron G. Atkinson
Chief Financial Officer
Wacom Technology Corporation
Create strategic
As the old management adage
states, “You can’t manage what
you don’t measure.” Prophix enables
you to create measurable targets
for all of your strategic plans.
Forecast more accurately. Respond
faster to changing market conditions.
Prophix enables true continuous planning:
strategize, set targets, measure results,
analyze variances, restrategize, adapt
your plans, and reforecast. Powerful
automation tools—and easy to use
wizards—help you through every stage,
maximizing your productivity.
Develop better strategies
and improve execution
Philosophically, running your organization
involves a two-step process. Step one,
figure out what you need to do. Step two,
do it. Prophix allows you and your team
to securely plan, analyze, and manage
all of your financial details. Graphical
scorecards and dashboards enable you
to monitor your performance in real time.
“We looked at Hyperion
upgrades, but we chose
Prophix for its combination of
price, simplicity, and power. The
product offers functionality across
the board. Most of all, we realized
that we could expand our Prophix
solution over time based on the
needs of the company.”
—Ben Wheeler
Assistant Controller
Myriad Genetics
The industry agrees
Analysts and others recognize
Prophix’s power, ease-of-use,
and low cost of ownership.
Prophix ranked #420 fastest
growing company in North
America on Deloitte’s 2013
Technology Fast 500™
Technology Fast 500, conducted by
Deloitte & Touche LLP, provides a ranking
of the fastest growing technology, media,
telecommunications, life sciences, and
clean technology companies—both
public and private—in North America.
Prophix wins bronze
Stevie International
Business Award in 2013
Prophix was named the winner of a
Bronze Stevie ® Award in the Customer
Service Department of the Year Computer Hardware, Software, &
Services category in the 10th Annual
International Business Awards.
The International Business Awards are
the world’s premier business awards
program. All individuals and organizations
worldwide—public and private, for-profit
and non-profit, large and small—are
eligible. The 2013 IBAs received entries
from more than 50 nations and territories.
Prophix Software positioned
in the Magic Quadrant for
Corporate Performance
According to Gartner, “Corporate
performance management supports cost
optimization and growth initiatives. CPM
is a suitable fit for nearly all organizations,
and should be a priority initiative for CFOs.”
“We believe our position on the quadrant
is a reflection of our commitment to
innovation, our customer-centric approach
and the increasing need by companies
for CPM solutions that support both costoptimization and strategic growth,”
said Paul Barber, President and CEO
of Prophix. “We believe this is a great
illustration of our continued growth and
penetration into the mid and upper midmarket arena. 2014’s appearance marks
the fifth year in a row for Prophix.”
Built on the Microsoft
SQL Server stack
Prophix is built upon open, industry-standard
technologies: an architecture that easily
integrates with your existing infrastructure.
Prophix protects your IT investments and
will continue to work with your system as
you incorporate future technologies.
Unified and scalable
Prophix is unified; all solutions have
common features including role-based
security, Workflow, process automation,
and patent-pending analytic functionality.
Prophix is scalable; it will grow with you
as your company grows. Multinational
organizations depend on Prophix for CPM:
one company, with hundreds of users,
in different time zones around the world,
collaborating securely and economically.
“CPM software from Prophix
turns the office of finance into a
value-added department-one that
continually provides insight to the rest
of the organization.”
—Paul Vickers
Vice President, Finance and
PARTEQ Innovations
Accelerate your ROI
Seamless data
Prophix is built on industry standard
Microsoft SQL Server technology,
allowing for 100% integration with
Microsoft products like SharePoint,
Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Open
database connectivity allows easy
integration with virtually any database.
OLAP and ETL (Extract, Transform,
Load) allow you to slice
and dice your data any way you
need. Prophix integrates with a
multitude of ERPs and G/Ls via
ODBC, flat file connections, and
data warehouse systems.
Powered by Microsoft
Prophix takes full advantage of Microsoft’s
widely adopted and fully supported
technologies. Integrated security is ensured
through Active Directory. SmartClient and
.Net technology minimize deployment and
maintenance costs. Prophix is powered
by the world’s leading analysis engine,
Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.
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