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HANNIBAL is a secure ISDN
(Integrated Services Digital
Network) telephone designed to be
capable of protecting voice and data
over EURO ISDN up to TOP
Its design is based on the BRENT
wideband telephone – developed
by CESG as the lead product of a
programme to meet UK
government’s need for an interdepartmental secure speech
system well into the 21st
HANNIBAL has been developed
from BRENT to satisfy the needs
of a wider market in Europe and
beyond. HANNIBAL retains the
user-friendly features of BRENT
that combine reliable security with
convenient operating procedures.
The addition of a RED ISDN S0
bus gives HANNIBAL the
flexibility to connect directly to
compatible commercial
equipments while maintaining
secure functionality and dialthrough capability.
HANNIBAL’s user-friendly
operation allows secure calls to be
established automatically when a
Secure Telephone Key (STK) is
inserted in each equipment.The
unique user STK provides secure
call authentication and ensures low
key management overhead.
• HANNIBAL is equipped with a
RED ISDN S0 bus, which provides
a transparent connection to the
• HANNIBAL can also be used to
provide secure dial-up
connectivity between LANs.
• HANNIBAL uses both ISDN B
channels, providing a dedicated
speech channel and a secure
64kbit/s data port, or two
secure 64kbit/s data ports,
which can be operated
simultaneously. Independent
network operation and
encryption are provided on each
user channel.
• A unique Call Bypass Monitor
ensures only selected D channel
signalling messages are passed to
the network.
• Commercial EURO ISDN S0
interface compatible equipment,
plus applications such as ISDN
video conferencing and personal
computers may be connected
directly to HANNIBAL.
• Call progress information
supplied by the network is
displayed on the LCD, and
presented to the user application.
Additional features
Single key dial, last number redial, mute
button, International Telecom approval.
Operating Modes
- user prompt messages
• Plain or secure voice.
- call status messages
• Secure Data.
• Fast dial keys.
secure voice mode.
• Two 64kbit/s secure data-ports.
• Ringing speaker volume control.
• 18 fast dial keys.
Simple User Interface
User Features
• Fully automatic secure call set-up.
• Non-Secure or Secure speech
mode operation.
• Two row by forty character backlit LCD display for:
• Rapid call and crypto set-up (less
than 3 seconds).
- remote party authentication
• No loss of speech quality in
• On-hook dialling.
• BABT approval for connection to
the public network.
Technical Features
• RED S0 bus.
• RED data-port interface to V.11 at 64kbit/s.
• External mains power supply unit.
• Operating voltages 110-220 AC 50-60Hz.
Security Features
• Self synchronising cryptographic algorithm utilising public key techniques.
• Protects voice and data up to TOP SECRET.
• Unique encryption variables are generated between phones for each call.
• Erasure of all crypto data on removal of STK.
• Security fixing point on base.
• Tamper resistant construction.
• Operating Temperature 0°C to +40°C.
• Storage -40°C to +70°C.
• Humidity 90% non-condensing.
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