Printronix | P6000 series | T3016 SprintJet Series

Industrial Ink Jet Printer
T3016 SprintJet
• Ink jet quality at only 1/3 of a penny per page!
• Load either cut sheets or continuous forms (up to three input tractors)
• Whisper-quiet 49 dB(A) operation
• Up to three times faster than comparably priced impact printers -
To understand Tally’s innovative SprintJet printer family,
you’ll need to give up any preconceptions about ink jet
printing. The T3016 ink jet printer is industrial-strength.
It is fast—2760 CPS. It is rugged and reliable with
workloads to 60,000 pages per month. The ink is
quick-drying and permanent. It accommodates single
sheets, up to three different tractor forms, and it produces
whisper-quiet, ink jet quality at less than 1/3 of a penny
per page.
With the introduction of the T3016 IGF, Tally revolutionizes
the world of bar code and industrial graphics printing.
The T3016 IGF is the only ink jet printer on the market
to offer line matrix emulations as well as QMS Code V
and PGL. And the T3016 IGF provides the only forms
overlay available in this class of product - SprintForm.
Say goodbye to expensive pre-printed forms, storing
them, loading them and wasting them when new forms
are needed. SprintForm is Tally’s unique electronic solution.
And now, T3016 or T3016 IGF output can be enhanced
with spot color!
up to 600 lines per minute, 2760 characters per second, 16 pages per minute
Installs seamlessly into legacy applications
Ideal for bar code, label & forms printing; QMS CodeV/PGL standard on IGF models
Cutting device and 10/100BaseT network connectivity optional
Spot Color optional for added emphasis
Long life, 3 billion character print head and 40 million
character ink cartridges
Fast drying & permanent ink
With intense speed, ink jet print quality and low cost of
ownership, the T3016 SprintJet printers deliver advantages
to the market never before possible.
• Print bar code labels, inventory lists, shipping
• Generate invoices or shipping documnets on the
fly with SprintForm on T3016 IGF
• Handles a wide variety of media sizes & weights
from tractor forms to single sheets
• High speed printing of bar codes and oversized
Print Cheshire®, correspondence, postcard mailers
USPS POSTNET ® certified
Straight paper path for reliability on long print runs
Ethernet 10/100BaseT connectivity available
Ink jet quality at less than 1/3 of a penny per page
2250/HR Standard AIAG Labels (2 up or across)
• Print prescription labels, patient charts and history forms
• Wide format, low-cost output on a wide variety of media
• High yield ink cartridge plus high capacity tractor
paper means minimal user intervention
• Whisper quiet operation at 49 dB(A)
Tally’s T3016 IGF SprintJet Printer Series: Tally innovation at its best.
The ONLY printer anywhere to combine:
• Ink jet print quality
SprintForm — The Benefits
• Save the expense and storage space of costly pre-printed forms
• Dot matrix paper handling versatility
• No more time wasted at the printer loading the right form
• Laser speed and quiet operation
• Make changes as needed—never use an obsolete form
• Zero processing time on downloaded forms
and NOW. . .
• On multi-part forms applications—process data once, print many
Line printer emulations. . .
The T3016 IGF (Industrial Graphics and Forms) features
the industry standard line matrix printer languages.
The following emulations are all standard in the T3016 IGF
(not expensive options) guaranteeing full compatibility
with your existing applications.
• Tally Line Printer
• HP 2564C
• Printronix P6000
• Epson FX 1180
• Genicom ANSI
• IBM Proprinter III XL
Industrial Graphics
and Bar Codes!
• QMS Code V
• Printronix Graphic Language (PGL)
• Generate 2,250 standard AIAG labels
per hour!
• Print on single sheets or tractor paper
Up to 10 different forms can be stored and merged in the T3016 IGF eliminating the
need for a server or host-based merge program. Network traffic is reduced and
throughput is improved. SprintForm is designed to fill all your forms printing needs:
Single part forms up to 16” wide
compatibility with legacy
systems while upgrading
to T3016 print quality,
print speed
and functionality
Sample 3-part form
Multi-part forms – process data
once, print many
Multi-format, multi-part forms
Check out the savings!
Cost to Print sample 3-Part Form
Media Consumables Total Cost
to print*
3-part NCR Form
A savings
of nearly
Electronic Form
printed on 21 PPM laser
Electronic Form
printed on on T3016
IGF with SprintForm
SprintForm is easy!
Forms are easily activated, listed,
printed and deleted via the
Windows-based T3016 IGF
SprintForm Overlay Manager
or escape codes.
T3016 Industrial Graphics
Sample output
SprintForm — Produce
High-Quality Electronic
Forms On-the Fly!
A simple way to integrate electronic forms into your business
and save HUNDREDS of dollars:
• No changes to current applications
• No expensive special software
For other environments, forms management
is available using the printer’s control
panel menu.
Once a form is activated, normal data is sent to
the printer as if a preprinted form were loaded. The T3016 IGF
takes it from there – automatically merging the data with the form.
Tally’s authorized resellers will work with you to develop and
download your customized forms to the printer.
Forms Activity
Contact Authorized
Tally Reseller
Overlay Manager
Control Panel
Escape Sequence
Create Delete Name List Activate/ Print
Tally’s T3016C SprintJet Printer Series: Tally introduces Spot Color
Add Emphasis with Spot Color!
Unique Printhead Design
With the introduction of the T3016C / T3016C IGF, Tally
is the first to incorporate color into industrial graphics
printing applications.
All T3016 models use two 128-nozzle Piezo print heads that
provide the extraordinary print speed and high resolution
output. The industrial strength Piezo print head has a
3 billion character life for long term reliable operation.
The use of spot color for industrial print applications is becoming
more common. Labels are easily grouped or differentiated by
color. Color highlights provide emphasis on reports, spot colored
logos, and make an impact on invoices and labels.
Sample Product
Less 20% discount
The T3016 ink cartridges are packaged in easy to replace
modules (40 Million character monochrome and 8 Million
character color). Tally’s proprietary oil-based ink produces
dark, high-quality images which dry to permanent in
less than one second.
Add the cyan
company logo to
your invoice or
identify the
negative numbers
of a financial
report with
RED text.
Black ink cartidge
Color ink cartidge
The T3016C incorporates a second slot to add a color ink
cartridge in addition to the standard black cartridge.
Color selections include cyan, magenta, yellow, green, or red.
Because one of the print heads is dedicated to color and one
is dedicated to monochrome, the print speed for the T3016C
/ T3016C IGF models is 300 lines per minute or 8 PPM. This
is excellent throughput for processing high-quality documents
with a splash of color and at a low cost per page.
The T3016C / T3016C Windows drivers allow easy selection of
spot color in documents. For the industry standard industrial
graphics languages and other legacy applications that have not
supported color in the past, Tally has added unique color
commands for easy implementation in all environments.
Although not designed for continuous color printing, the spot
color feature offers industrial printing users a truly unique
tool to enhance their output by adding a single color highlight.
The T3016 family of products offers ultimate in versatility. Various configurations can be ordered
from the factory to provide the ideal solution for your application.
Printer Model
(Specify at time of order.
Configured at Factory.)
Standard - see back specs
Standard - see back specs
Standard - see back specs
Line printer, industrial graphics
T3016 IGF*
T3016-2T IGF* Line printer, industrial graphics
Line printer, industrial graphics
T3016C IGF*
*Note: All models offer additional front tractor option — user installable
Graphics and Rear
Features & Specifications
T3016/T3016IGF SprintJet
Print Technology
Print Speeds
Print Head Type
Ink jet
Draft: 2000 cps at 10 cpi T3016; Draft: 1000 cps at 10 cpi T3016C
Two 128 nozzle Piezo print heads, 3 billion character life
Up to 60,000 pages per month
Monochrome: 1000 pages per hour, 16 pages per minute, 600 lines per minute
500 pages per hour, 8 pages per minute, 300 lines per minute
Draft, Courier, Roman, San Serif, OCR A/B, 15 Bar codes & scalable LCP font
Standard: 10,12,15,17.1, 20 cpi + elongated IGF: 5, 6, 6.67, 7.5, 8.6, 10, 12, 13.3, 15, 17.1, 20cpi
Standard: 2, 3, 4, -6, 8, 12 lpi IGF: 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12 lpi
360 x 360 dpi
Standard: Push tractor, front feed with straight paper path; manual front insertion for single sheets;
auto paper load, auto quick tear, full paper parking; AGA**
Optional: Automatic dual-bin sheet feeder, 190 copies each bin; second front push tractor (user installable);
optional rear tractor factory installed
Standard: Parallel and serial (auto-switching)
Optional: 10/100BaseT Ethernet (Novell & TCP/IP), Twinax, Coax, Twinax IPDS, Coax IPDS, RS-422, Current loop
Standard: MTPL***, IBM® Proprinter™ XL24e, Epson® LQ 2550, Epson LQ 2170 (ESC/P),
T3016 IGF: MT 660, Printronix P6000, Genicom Ansi 3.64, HP2564C, Epson FX-1180, IBM Proprinter III XL,
QMS CodeV, Printronix PGL
Ink Cartridges (monochrome), 40 million characters (color) 8 million characters
49 dB(A)
13.6"or 136 columns at 10 cpi
Width 3" to 16"
24.5" x 10.9" x 16.9", 41.8 lbs
AC 120V, 60 Hz and AC 230V +/- 10%, 50 Hz/60 Hz (selectable)
60 Watts (printing)
10,000 hours @ 25% duty cycle
+10ºC to +35ºC (temperature); 20% to 80% (relative humidity)
Second front push tractor, Ethernet, Current Loop and RS422 interfaces; paper cutter, printer stand,
pedestal cabinet, dual bin sheet feeder; rear push tractor factory installed
Character Density
Line Density
Graphics Resolution (V x H)
Paper Handling
Noise Level
Print Line
Paper Sizes
Physical (W x H x D)
Power Requirements
Power Consumption
** Auto gap adjustment
BSEN ISO 9001: 1994
Certificate No. FM 28149
10/01. Specifications subject to change without further notice, all product and brand names are trademarks of the respective companies.
Ultimate in high speed, quiet operation, and low cost of ownership!
*** Tally Printer Language
Main Tractor, Manual Front Insertion for Single
Sheets, User Installable Second Front Tractor,
Optional Rear Tractor installed at Factory
Main Tractor & Manual Front Insertion for Single Sheets
with User Installable Second Tractor in the Front
Basic Version, Main Tractor & Manual Front
Insertion for Single Sheets
Main Tractor & Manual Front Insertion with Optional
Second Tractor in the Front and Auto Dual-Bin
Sheet Feeder
Consultex Inc. / The printer Place
2140 South Dupont Drive, Anaheim, CA 92806 USA
Telephone (714) 634-8448, 1-800-243-3338, Fax: (714) 634-2193
Cost Per Page Comparison*
Serial Ink Jet
Thermal Transfer
Cost/cents ¢
T3016 Industrial Ink Jet
Serial Impact
Line Impact
T3016 with Manual Front Insertion
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