Product Catalog

Product Catalog
Product Catalog
Controllers are the “brains” of every Control4® system, which uses the Control4 operating
system and Director software to control all of the devices and settings in your system.
Control4® Home Controller HC-200
Ideal for providing in-room control and on-screen navigation for every TV in
the home, powering single-room systems, or serving as support controllers in
larger systems.
• A versatile and perfectly-priced controller to introduce home automation
and control to anyone
• Intelligent control with multiple IR and serial outputs
• Small form factor that’s easily hidden behind most flat panel displays
Control4® Home Controller HC-300
Increased performance capabilities make whole-home automation simple
and scalable.
• For the cost of a typical universal remote, the HC-300 delivers theater and
whole-home control
• 720p HD on-screen interface
• Intelligent control with multiple IR and serial outputs plus RS232
Control4® Home Controller HC-1000
A high-performance dedicated primary controller for large systems.
• Turbo-charge your home entertainment experience in large systems
• Offers 500GB of on-board digital audio storage
• 4 USB ports for interfacing with external digital media sources
Control4® IO Extender
Easily add more control capability to your new or existing home-control system.
• Extended IR and serial outputs plus 8 additional contacts and 8 relays
• Flexible rack or wall mounting options
You’ll always feel right at home with the intuitive, easy-to-use Control4 user interface,
which looks the same on every Control4 device.
In-Wall Touch Screens
Elegant design, intercom capability and full connectivity, priced for every
room of the house.
• Sleek look and feel with edge-to-edge capacitive glass and low-profile
mount make these a visually stunning, total-control solution
• Optional intercom functionality lets you chat, monitor or page between
in-wall touch screens
• Available in 5” and 7” sizes
Tabletop Touch Screen
Convenient control right where you need it.
• Large viewing area features 16x9 WVGA screen
• Ideal for nightstands, a home office, or the kitchen counter
• AC or Power over Ethernet, and WiFi or Ethernet connectivity
Portable Wi-Fi Touch Screen
Touch screen control on the go.
• Large viewing area features 16x9 WVGA screen
• Dedicated buttons quickly control volume, change channels and navigate
A/V component menus
System Remote Controls
Total control in the palm of your hand.
• The SR-250 features a high-visibility screen and backlit keys for easy use in
any lighting conditions
• Single button press on the SR-250 to turn on your A/V gear so you can
start watching or listening to your favorite movies or tunes
• Access your on-screen interface or use the SR-250 list navigator to
conveniently control your system from the palm of your hand
• SR-150 available without an LCD screen
Control virtually anything with one-touch ease.
• In-wall or tabletop options in multiple colors, with up to 6 physical buttons
• Customizable LED colors for visible status updates
• Custom engraved buttons on the 3- and 6-button keypads
• Works with existing electrical wiring and the ZigBee™ wireless network
• Unlimited configuration options provide control over lighting scenes, music
volume, security and energy settings
Multi-Room Music
Design a home theater masterpiece, a killer multi-room music solution or just get rid of all
the remotes on your coffee table.
Speaker Point
Send music wired or wirelessly to any room in your house.
• Enjoy high-quality audio in a few rooms or all of them with 1 analog input
source, 1 speaker output zone and 1 line-level output zone
• Create a distributed audio solution in situations where pulling speaker wire
through walls is costly or impractical
4-Zone and 8-Zone Amplifiers
Powerful audio performance in multiple audio zones from distinct
music sources.
• 60W or 120W of high-quality sound
• Advanced parametric equalizer capability drives professional quality sound
• Full matrix switching, independent input gain control and volume
limiting capabilities
Multi-Tuner with XM Radio
Experience the power of traditional or satellite radio.
• Broadcast up to 3 simultaneous audio sources, including 2 AM/FM and an
optional XM satellite radio stream
• View channel, artist and song information on your touch screen or
on-screen interface
Audio Matrix Switch
Bring audio sources together for distribution throughout your home.
• Enable up to 16 different audio sources in 16 different zones
• Full matrix switching capability and independent gain control in each zone
Media Player
Enjoy excellent video quality and independent room control.
• Supports multiple digital media formats including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV,
M4V, WAV and more
• Automatically upscales video to 1080p over HDMI
Dock for iPod
Access your iTunes library through your Control4 system and play songs,
artists or playlists where you want to hear them.
• Enjoy your iTunes movies on the big screen
• Share your favorite artists or playlists with the control and flexibility of a
multi-room music solution
Control4 dimmers and switches easily replace existing light switches, or plug into outlets to
offer complete control of your lights and electronic equipment without construction hassles.
Wireless Dimmers and Switches
Enjoy affordable smart lighting throughout your entire home.
• Turn standard light switches into a smart lighting solution by simply
swapping out in-wall dimmers or switches, no special wires needed
• Create lighting scenes for security, energy management, special events
and daily usage patterns
• Customizable LED lights for visible status updates
Wireless Outlet Dimmers and Switches
Instantly make any household plug-in part of the Control4 system.
• Turn any standard outlet into 2 smart outlets
• Small form factor with secure mounting
• Built-in dimming capability on the dimmer, and power current sensing on
the switch
Advanced temperature control is a simple and affordable addition that also provides real
energy savings.
Wireless Thermostat
Easily add advanced temperature control to respond to the outside
temperature, season, event or time of day.
• Bi-directional communication with all Control4 interfaces
• Stand-alone functionality
• Up to 6 customizable set points per day
Fireplace Switch
Control the temperature and ambiance in your home.
• Make your gas fireplace an automatic part of your heating and
cooling settings
• Control the fireplace as part of customized lighting scenes
Security and Software
Enjoy added peace of mind with integrated door lock control.
Baldwin Home Connect ZigBee Deadbolt Lock
Bring home automation to your front door.
• Satin Nickel, Venetian Bronze, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Distressed Oil-Rubbed
Bronze, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome and Polished Brass finishes
• Easily replace standard “dumb” deadbolts with these revolutionary
tapered deadbolt design with full 128-Bit encryption security to become
an integrated part of any security scene in your home
Kwikset® SmartCode™ with Home Connect Technology ZigBee Deadbolt
and Lever Locks
Add enhanced security and convenience to any Control4 system.
• Includes SmartKey Re-key Technology with BumpGuard Protection,
revolutionary tapered deadbolt design, full 128-Bit encryption security
• Satin Nickel, Venetian Bronze, and Polished Brass finishes to match
any décor
Control your home from your smart phone, iPad, or anywhere you have an
Internet connection.
Control4® MyHome
Manage your Control4 system from your favorite devices.
• Turn your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, tablet or PC into an on-screen
interface to manage your system
• Control your entire system, access music and movies by cover art, and
even view images from the cameras around the house using the familiar
Control4 interface
Control4® 4Sight
Monitor and manage your Control4 system from anywhere you have an
Internet connection.
• Anywhere, anytime access with 24x7 home monitoring and control from
anywhere you have a web connection
• Receive security or event alerts no matter where you are, and have the
power to control locks, lights and more over the internet
Every home is unique
At Control4, we pride ourselves on delivering personalized control and automation
solutions for everyone. In order to maintain the highest level of customer service
and satisfaction for our customers, we require that all Control4® solutions be
custom-installed and/or serviced by an authorized Control4 Dealer.
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