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www .nzindoorbowls.co.nz - New Zealand Indoor Bowls
Our bowling season generally begins in March of each
year and concludes about September, but varies from club
to club and around the country. Most clubs meet once a
week and play games of various varieties.
There are social games of singles, pairs, triples and fours as
well as championship games for people who want to play
more competitively. There are also games and competitions
for new players, under 18 year olds and Senior Citizens.
Men and Women of all ages play together and against oneanother, but sometimes there are mixed pairs or single
gender tournaments.
We have social visits both to and from other clubs where
you get to meet and mingle with many people. There are
many ‘open’ tournaments held by local clubs, associations
and districts, which many of our teams play in and all club
members are invited and encouraged to participate in.
On the competitive scene you may get the chance to
be selected to play in Club, Association and/or District
Representative sides. You may even be lucky enough one
day to play for the North/South Island or New Zealand!
There are also the NZ National Championships held each
year in the second week of June and entry is open to all
bowlers - no qualifications required.
National Championships
We hope you enjoy your bowls
and may you enjoy our friendship.
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Please give your name, address and phone number
to our secretary so you can be contacted about future
club activities.
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To find out more about the game, see our website
www.nzindoorbowls.co.nz for:
• The Basics of Indoor Bowls Manual
Laws of the Game
Latest News and Results
Upcoming National & District Events
NZIB Executive, District, Club & Coaching Contact Details
History of the Game & Archived Results
Equipment and Supplies
Children, Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins,
Friends, Workmates—Anybody can play this wonderful game. Men and Women of all ages play Indoor Bowls and we also
have visually impaired members and bowlers who play from
their wheel chairs. Indoor Bowls is truly a “Game for All”.
The game is played indoors on a green woollen or synthetic
mat approximately 6.7 metres long and 1.8 metres wide. The
object of the game is to get your bowls to stop on the mat
closer to the jack than any other players/teams bowls. The
jack is a small white round ball about 50mm in diameter.
It can be played as a serious competitive sport or purely as
a social activity. No uniform or equipment is needed by the
players—hence no financial outlay to start.
Bowls are delivered from within the bowling square which
should be treated like a chute. i.e. Bowls can not be delivered
over the sides, but must be propelled out the front of the
square. While delivering the bowl no part of your body can be
in contact with the mat.
The only requirement is that you wear flat soled shoes
(this is a precaution to prevent damage to the bowling
mat). However, a foam pad to protect your knees is highly
recommended if you choose to kneel while bowling. Club
coaches are also available (at no cost) to help you get started
as well as District and National Coaches.
The Bowls appear round, but have slightly flatter sides, which
enable it to run like a wheel. Because the running surface has
a slight camber, it will not go straight all the way. This camber
will cause it to curve gradually to one side. The bowl has ring
markings on the sides. This clearly shows the running surface
and also indicates the ‘bias’ side.
Games are played in teams of 2, 3 or 4 people or as singles. In a game of Singles each player has 4 bowls to play, while in
Pairs they only have 3 bowls each and in Triples and Fours all
players have 2 bowls each. Bowls are played alternatively by
opposing team players in their turn.
The toss of a coin (at the start of a game) decides which team
(or player in Singles) goes first. The game commences with
the delivery of the jack.
Auckland Representative Aimee McCartain
A Game for all
The jack is bowled to the
far end of the mat, then
the players (in turn) will
endeavour to get their
bowls closest to the jack.
The closest ones to the
Jack score the points.
When all bowls have been
delivered this is termed as
an “end played”
Games are played for a
set length of time (e.g. 30
minutes) or a set number
of ends. The side with the most points at the conclusion of
that period wins the game.
Graham Low Coaching
In team games each player has a designated position in the
team. For example in a Fours team you have a LEAD, TWO,
THREE and SKIP (bowls played in this order). Generally
the Skip is the most experienced player who will guide the
The club coach will guide and show you the best ways of
holding the bowl and how to play it. They will also show how
to get into the best position to bowl. As with many other
sports such things as grip, body position, rhythm & timing
are all important. Proficiency in these skills is only obtained
by practice.
Paul Psaila
& Grant Rayner
National Pairs
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